Child of love 9

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Walking into the mess hall after his shift spotting Chakotay in line prodding the food items, checking if it had any meat in before dishing it up on his plate, hearing a giggle coming from one of the tables he looked over to see his Captain bounce their form Helmsman on her knees and making faces at him was weird to say the less, but Harry remember when he came from the other Voyager * Being a Star Fleet Officer, weird was part of the job. * he had seem many weird things since being in the Delta Quadrant but seeing his best friend as a child topped the cake. 

Their normal controlled Captain, nothing seem to faze her unless something happened to Tom Paris then the Big guns came out, not to say that she wouldn't do the same for all of the crew was never in question, she has pulled out them out, but when it came to Tom that was a different barrel of apples, Janeway had a soft spot for him.

With Tom and him her mothering instincts came out in full force not so much with him but with Tom it amazed him how she would change when Tom entered the room if he didn't know better he'd say that she was in love with him. 

Joining Chakotay in the line he asked, "What looks good Commander?"

"Not sure Harry, Neelix over with the Captain, I'm trying to figure out what half of this is." Chakotay carried on poking the food calling out, "Neelix where is the vegetarian food?"

Jumping up from the chair he was sitting in rushing over gushing "Sorry Commander it's out the back I didn't bring it forth." Rushing around the counter Neelix carried on saying, "He sure is a little charmer Commander."

Looking over at Harry with confusion written over his face, "Who a charmer Neelix?"

"Why Tommy is who did you think I meant?"

"Ugh sorry Neelix, yes he sure is isn't he?" 

Placing a tray of food in front of him, Neelix said, "I can't believe how his father could treat a sweet child like Tom like he did. Between you and me, some people aren't cut out for being parents."

"Yes Neelix you're right some people don't deserve to be parents now if you will excuse me I better go and fed Tommy before I become one of them."

Walking away with a tray full of food, he knew that he's have a fight on his hands with Tommy over some of the food but he needed to eat.

Placing the tray on the table while saying, "Ok Tommy time for some food I know that a lot of this you won't know but you have to eat it all."

Looking at the food Tommy screwed up his face wisely not saying a word looking over at Harry who had joined them to see what he ate and what he didn't.

Picking up his fork, he got a small amount of food onto the tines, taking a nibble off the fork once the his taste buds kicked in his bites were bigger, "This is yummy Cha!"

Shocked at Tommy telling him that leola root strew was yummy, Tom Paris hated Leola root strew along with every other crew member on Voyager, watching in stunned silence as Tommy shoveled fork full into his mouth.

Once his plate was clean Tommy wiped his chin with the napkin sitting on the table in front of him not aware that he had a whole table watching him till Naomi spoke up, "Tommy did you really like that?"

Surprised at the question Tommy frown at her asking, "Yea why?"

"No reason."

Climbing off his seat, Tommy climbed up onto Harry's lap picking food off his plate as he chatted about his day, "You beam the bed in the wrong roo' Har. You think I'm gonna sleep in the sitting room?" 

With a grin Harry explained to him, "Sorry bout that Tommy, you see I've never step foot in Chakotay quarters to know where to place the bed."

"It's alrigh' Tuvok and Cha are gonna move it later."

Looking over at Chakotay Harry asked, "Would you like some help moving it?"

Before he could answer Tuvok cut in saying, "Yes we would Ensign. Would after dinner suit you?"

"That would be fine."

Warily watching Seven as he was told her name was from the corner of his eye he wasn't quite sure how to handle her, like the Doc she was serious, so he did the thing he did when he wasn't sure of, he ignored it till he could work a way around it, even at three he learnt that was the easiest way to handle things.

Stilling picking food of Harry's plate Tommy decided to explore this new home of his slipping off Harry lap, Tommy looked up at Chakotay asking, "May I be excused?"

Looking down at him with a grin, "Tommy where do you think you going to go?"

"I'm gonna go 'ploring Cha." Tommy told him with his hands on his hips.

"Exploring huh?" 


"With who Doodle bug?" Chakotay asked him.

"Me big boy, I 'plore all the time at 'ome."

"I hate to burst your bubble Doodle bug but this isn't earth."

Stamping his foot in frustration, "Me know that Cha, that's why I wanna 'plore Voyage' to know my new home so I don't get lost."

Trying to sound stern Chakotay told him, "Tomorrow we'll explore the ship together, You're to young to go about by your self, you understand that Mister?"

Tom stared at Chakotay the words dislodging a memory, an older him standing in front of an older version of his father. Shaking his head to clear it of the memory he was sure wasn't his since he was only three and the other him was about ten.

Mournfully Tommy nodded, "Yes Cha I understa'." 

Sitting on the floor at his feet Tommy pulled a toy out of his pocket to play with till Chakotay was ready to leave.

Ten minutes later Chakotay looked down at Tommy playing with a grin, "Doodle bug you ready to go home?" Chakotay didn't know why he kept calling Tommy Doodle bug but it seem to suit him and Tommy didn't complain about the nick name during their time together he had be searching for a suitable nickname to call him in private, Tom had shorten his name to Cha or Chak or even Tay but Tom's couldn't be change no matter now many times he had tried.

Grinning up at him having forgotten his frustration from before with a gleam in his shining blue eyes Tommy, jumped to his feet holding up his hand to be held as they walked back to their quarters.

Swinging Tom up into his arms Chakotay said, "I'll see you all later, I think a certain little fellow needs to be cleaned up and ready for some sleep."

Hearing the word bath Tommy wriggled trying to get free with a yelp, "Me don't need bath." 

Tighten his grip so Tommy wouldn't fall saying, "Tommy you got more food on you than in your stomach look at your face." Chakotay told him with a grin.

Wiping his face with the back of his hand smearing the juices around his chin and cheeks pulling his hand away with a smile, "There done all clea' Tay."

Mussing up Tommy hair with his free hand saying, "That doesn't look right Doodle Bug you've just made a bigger mess."

With a pout Tommy leant towards him saying, "Still have to take that bath?"

With a grin Chakotay nodded saying, "Now say goodbye to everyone." Looking over at Tuvok and Harry saying, "Give me half an hour to give Tommy his bath and to settled him down then come over."

Tuvok nodded, "We will be there Commander." 

"See you then, come on Tommy lets go home." 

With a wave Tommy called out, "Bye bye hope to see you all soon."

Chakotay with Tom in his arms walked out of the Mess hall with a chorus of goodbyes and with Tommy waving to everyone as they left.