Child of Love

Walking back to his quarters with the Captain and Tuvok, Chakotay slowed his pace so that Tommy little frame could keep up.

Tommy gripped Cha's big finger in his little hand fearing that if he let go of him, Cha would disappeared from his sight, tugging on his hero's hand waiting for Cha to look at him.

Feeling a tug Chakotay looked down at Tom, "Tommy?"

Craning his neck to look up at him saying, "I called for you and ship told me it was 'abl' to 'ompl' what did 'hat mean Cha?"

Crouching down so that he was at Tom's level Chakotay asked, "Tommy did you use Cha?" At Tom's nod he carried on, "Tommy the ship doesn't know me as Cha."

Confused Tommy asked, "Why not?"

Grinning Chakotay explained, "Cha not my name, It's Chakotay."


Chakotay smiled saying, "I think Cha will do love don't you?"

Throwing his little arms around his neck Tommy nodded saying, "You're Cha."

Kathryn smiled at the exchange of her Commander and Pilot, Placing a hand on Chakotay shoulder saying, "Computer acknowledge Tommy voice command." Looking over at him she explained to him, "Tommy say something now and the computer will know it's you and then we can get the computer to acknowledge Chakotay's shortened name for you."

Looking over at her, Tommy asked, "What shall' I say?"

Janeway smiled at him saying, "That was enough for the Computer to know it's you, Now say Chakotay name."

Looking over at Chakotay Tommy said, "Cha."

"Computer confirm  Commander Chakotay name as spoken by Tommy."

"Confirmed and saved."

Kathryn straighten up saying, "It's all done Tommy, when you call for Chakotay again the computer will tell you where he is."

Not use to grownups paying attention to his needs before he shyly smiled up at her whispering, "Than' you Capt'"

"You're most welcome Tommy, Now let take this show to Chakotay quarters shall we?" 

With a nod Tommy waited for Chakotay to stand up, holding his hand out for Chakotay to hold.

Standing up with the help of Tuvok Chakotay noticed that Tommy was holding his little hand out to be held reaching over he grabbed Tommy with a smile, swinging him up and sitting him on his shoulders.

With a squeal of delight Tommy clutched Cha's hair in his hands as they set off to their quarters.

Setting off at a jog Chakotay called out over his shoulder, "Race you to our quarters Captain. Hold on Tommy here we go." 

"Wee Giddy up." Tommy giggled as the trotted off.

Kathryn called out after them, "You cheated Chakotay." All she got was a laugh. "Mister you're in for it now." With that she took off after them glad that there was none of the crew to see her acting like a kid.

Tuvok watch them as his Captain and friend let her hair down having Tommy around seem to be a good thing if it got her and the Commander acting like they don't have a care in the world.

Tommy glance over his shoulder when he heard the Captain moving closer gripping Chakotay's hair tighter, Tommy called out, "Faster Cha, Kat catchin' up to us."

"Hold on Tommy we're nearly there." Chakotay told him as he picked up his pace.

Gripping Cha's hair a little tighter giggling in glee as they made their way towards their quarters.

Kathryn called out, "Tommy here I come."

With a grin Chakotay spun around catching her off guard as she tried to pass him, "Oh no you don't." Lifting Tommy off his shoulders saying, "Go on Tommy, I'll hold her till you get to the doors."

Kathryn wriggling about trying to break Chakotay hold on her, "You don't play fair Chakotay."

Without the others noticing him Tuvok walked pasted without a glance or stopping he carried on till Tommy called out, "Cha! Tuvok." 

Without another word Tommy took off after him just as he caught up to Tuvok one of his arms shot out and swept him up, "Oh no you don't Tommy."

Giggling and wriggling trying to break free Tommy tried to call out, "Cha.......hel'...... caugh'.... Hic...... hic......"

Chakotay released the Captain with a smile saying, "Mister Tom seems to have a case of the hic ups."

"What gave that way?" Kathryn asked as she smooth her uniform down, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear as they joined Tuvok and Tommy.

Wide eye Tommy reached out his arms for Chakotay to carry him, "Cha Hic what hic is hic 'his hic?"

Smoothing Tommy's hair as he said, "Just a case of the hic up Tommy. It will go away."

Snuggling into Chakotay Tommy rested his head on his shoulders saying, "No hic Doc?"

With a smile Kathryn said, "No Tommy."

Fighting the urge to close his eyes, Tommy nodded his head as his eye lids drooped shut.

Janeway whispered, "He's asleep."

Heading to his quarters at a calmer pace Chakotay entered and walked to his room placing Tommy on the bed he pulled down the covers picking Tom up again he place him in the middle of the bed, where he was sure that he wouldn't fall off the bed, slipping Tommy's shoes off his tiny feet, Chakotay covered him placing a kiss on his forehead he whispered, "Sweet dreams little one."

Tiptoeing out of the room Chakotay placed a statue in the doorway so the door wouldn't close all the way and that he can hear Tommy if he called out.

Walking over to the replicator asking, "Would you like anything?"

Kathryn said, "Coffee please." 

"Tea Vulcan blend thank you Commander."

"Coffee Janeway blend, Vulcan tea, Hot Chocolate Chakotay special."

When his order appeared Chakotay placed them on a tray that he kept beside the replicator.

Walking over to the couch placing the tray on the low table sitting in front of the couch, placing the right beverage in front of Janeway and Tuvok before sitting down in his favorite chair, he knew that Kathryn and Tuvok were waiting for an explanation for what happened, blowing at his drink to cool it before taking a sip giving himself some time to figure it out in his head. 

What happen had left him dazed and confused, staring into his drink lost in thought jumping when he felt someone touch his arm spilling his drink down the front of his uniform jumping up trying to pull the fabric from his skin.

Jumping up from her seat, Kathryn spotting a sponge sitting on the table walking over to the table picking up the cloth stunned that a touch on the arm would make her friend jump like that handing the slightly damp cloth to her First Officer, "Sorry about that Chakotay."

Grabbing the cloth from her hand with a thin smile saying, "That Ok, It give me an excuse to have a shower this week." 

At her shocked looked his grin grew bigger, "Got ya." Wiping off the front of his uniform, "If you'll excuse me I'll go and get out of these clothes." Walking over to his room tapping the statue with his foot so he could get the door open entering his room he checked on Tommy who was still asleep curled up in a ball with Bluey firmly tucked in his little arms, smoothing Tommy's hair back off his forehead stilling when Tommy stirred moaning then settling back into sleep, removing his hand not wanting to wake him Chakotay headed for his dresser opening one of the drawers pulling out a pair of black pants and white shirt walking into the bathroom.

Tuvok while waiting for the return Chakotay asked, "Captain what happened?"

Turning so that she faced her friend replied, "I'm not sure Tuvok I hope that Chakotay can clear up the rest of it, somehow I'm not sure that he can."

"You are correct Captain, Chakotay seem confused about all of this." Tuvok looked at her saying, "What happened on the bridge to bring Commander Chakotay home?"

Looking thoughtfully at her long time friend before saying, "You know that the weird thing?" With a frown she thought back to what happen, "Once Fki of the T'pad that what they were called, saw Tom he changed it seem he knew just what happened to Tom, He called Tommy a Ka'tel and told us to guard Tom with our life's and what happened to him was a rare and special thing to happen to outsiders, that all I can sort out of this jumble of mess, I'm hoping that Chakotay can finish explaining what he knows."

From the doorway, Chakotay spoke up, "No much more than what you do Captain, it's all surreal to me, one minute I was getting ready to go to the bridge and the next I was on their ship." Striding over to his chair sitting down, he carried on with his tale, "I didn't have time to get my bearing before T'ki, I think that was his name, herded me to F'ki who then ordered me to be taken to J'up whoever or whatever that is, That all I know, it confused the hell out of me it seem that when F'ki saw Tommy that when it all confused me his attitude changed even my name was changed I was unsub then I'm Ji'ki which in their language means guardian to Ka'tel and an honor to be blessed as one." Chakotay went quite as he thought of his close brush with whatever they had planned for him with a shudder he was sure that whatever it was he wouldn't have liked one bit, looking over at the others he said, "It seems that Tom has saved my life once again."

Tuvok nodded his agreement saying, "Yes it would seem that he has, speaking of Tom I have found a two officers willing to help us in our other problem."

Kathryn looked at him asking, "Who?"

"Crewman Jeanette Kofoed and Ensign Samantha Wildman it seems these young ladies have been helping Tom out on other times. Tom is close to both woman and Crewman Kofoed is dating one of the suspects involved."

Chakotay sat in thought then asked, "Isn't she a Marquis?"

"Yes Commander is was one of your crew members she works at Con and put aside her anger at him right at the beginning and has been his friend ever since. Tom tries to keep her at arm lengths but like Harry Kim she wouldn't let him between her and Ensign Wildman they have patched Tom up when he refuses to go to the doctor."

Janeway nodded saying, "Crewman Kofoed works Gamma shift doesn't she?"

"Yes she does." 

Chakotay asked, "Is she still dating Tem?"

"Not that I know of she is with Karl Jackson he is a minor player in what is happening he a Star fleet and hates Tom because of Caldik Prime, it seem that his best friend was one of the officers who died there."

Stunned Kathryn pounded her fist into her leg saying, "What will it take to get them to understand that Caldik Prime was not Tom's fault that Tom was not the pilot of that shuttle that he was framed for it and to damn hurt to log the reports?"

Early on Tuvok and she had studied all the report surrounding Caldik Prime and discovered a cover up within Starfleet concerning Caldik Prime they didn't have all the facts but what they did have confirmed that Tom didn't have anything to do with it, it seem he was unconscious and fighting for his life when his report was handed in and the finger pointed right at Owen Paris.

If the upper fleet looked into it like they were meant to they would have came to the same conclusion they did Tom was innocence of any wrong doing, they would have found that Tom wasn't the pilot that day he was piloting the flight home from Caldik Prime it was a Cadet Ju'lk who was the pilot.


 I've alway thought that there was a coverup over Caldik Prime so this is not with Cannon this is just what my idea of what happened there way off base I know but that the thing with writing Fanfic you can put your ideas in or the way you see things Kimbo.