Child of love 6


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Chapter 6

Chakotay was jerked awake to a sound, they hadn't heard in a while Red Alert. Jumping out of bed he rush about to get dress, calling over the Comm, "Chakotay to Neelix?" 

"Neelix here"

"Can you come to my quarters and keep an eye on Tom?"

"On my way, Neelix out"

Tom watched wide eye as Chakotay rushed about, till he heard the door swish open letting Neelix in, Tommy listened as Chakotay told him, "Neelix will stay with you till I get back." Then he was gone in a flash of light. 

Tom looked at Neelix who was tapping his chest, "Neelix to Captain Janeway?"

"Neelix I'm busy here."

"Captain, I think Commander Chakotay has just disappeared."


Neelix wandered into the sitting room, so Tom couldn't hear what was being said, "I arrived at his quarter to take care of Tom, while he was on the bridge and he left in a flash of light."

Neelix heard her say, "Tuvok, did you get a reading at all?"

'Checking affirmative at 0300 there was an energy surge in the Commanders quarters.'

"Neelix, I'm sending Seven down to check for more readings."

"I'll look out for her, Neelix out."

Kathryn looked over at Harry with a slight frown on her face, "Harry see if you can get a reading from those ships out there."

"Aye Captain." Harry let his fingers fly over his console trying to get a reading.

Meanwhile Chakotay found himself on the floor with an alien staying in front of him aiming a wicked looking weapon at him.

"Stand up." 

Chakotay slowly stood to his feet. 

Look the alien over who stood around 7 feet tall with scales, green hair and what looked like a loin cloth wrapped around it's waist.

T'ki looked down it's nose at his captured alien he screwed it's nose up hissing, "Get moving."

Walking ahead of alien Chakotay tried to take in the view but the poke in the ribs made him think twice about trying, so keeping his eyes focus in front of him he noticed a green door looming up in front of him.

Entering through the door, he saw a room with a great big throne sitting in the center with an overweight alien with bright blue hair.

T'ki bowed before it, then straighten up, kicking Chakotay behind knees making him fall, Chakotay threw out his hands to stop himself from falling face first before the overlord.

T'ki laughed and said, "My lord, I give this to you he is a weak unsub who takes orders from a Riss."

F'ki looked at Chakotay with a smirk saying, "Get J'up prepared for tonight.

Tommy sat on the bed watching wide eye at the people coming in and out of Cha's quarters trying to be brave but tears slid down his cheeks.

Leaning towards the door Tommy listened as a tall lady who he hadn't met before scanned the room.

Seven felt eyes on her and knew that it was Tom her friend, who was now a child not knowing how to handle the little boy she stayed away from him.

Tom got off the bed and wandered into the other room to see what was going on.

Neelix was talking to Tuvok so he didn't notice Tom entering the room and heading to the door.

Slipping pass Tuvok and Neelix, Tom walked out of the room not sure where he was heading but he knew that he needed to find Chakotay.

Calling out, "Computer, where is Cha?"

"Unable to complied, There is no one aboard Voyager with that name."

Screwing up his face trying to remember what the others had called Cha.

Without giving it a thought Tom walked down towards the tubo lift at the end of the corridor door, reaching up to tap the pad beside the door with a swish they opened, stepping in Tommy called out, "Bridge."

Once the doors open to reveal the Bridge Tommy stepped out looking around the room looking for Cha spotting The Captain Tommy raced over to her throwing himself into her lap sobbing, "Cha gone..." Wincing when Tom started screaming, "I CAN'T FIND HIM." 

Pulling him closer to her she told him, "We'll find him Tommy."

"Wher' is he?" Tommy asked her.

Before she could answer him Harry called out, "Captain one of the ships are hailing us."

Lifting Tom up with her as she stood up turning and placing him in her chair, "Open a channel."

"Channel opened."

Before she could say a word an overweight alien with bright blue hair sitting in a throne stated, "I'm F'ki of the T'pad you have entered our space Riss."

Tommy slid off the Captain's chair creeping over to Kathryn wrapping his tiny arms around her legs with a whimper.

Looking down at Tom she missed seeing her second in command being lead away.

"Cha!!!" Tommy raced over to the screen calling out, "Cha...."

Chakotay stopped in disbelieved when he heard Tommy calling out to him before he could say anything T'ki poked him in the ribs with the weapon hissing, "Move it unsub." 


T'ki turned slowly facing the wrath of F'ki, "My lord he's not a Ji'ki he takes orders from the Riss he is a unsub."

Janeway hoping that this whatever this was worked into their favor asked, "T'ki what is a Ji'ki?"

F'ki turned back towards her saying, "Answer this Riss is this unsub a Ji'Ki to the Ki'ti?" 

Janeway was hoping that Ki'ti child saying, "Yes he is."

Tommy called out, "Please let Cha go, I need him."

F'ki looked at Tom listening to his words asking, "Riss this Ki'ti is a Ka'tel is he not?"

Frowning Kathryn wished that the translator picked words that they could understand, "F'ki what is a Ka'tel?"

Looking at Tom again as he told her, "You went the planet H'Ped, the last planet over the Lo'fis." At her nod he carried on, "Does he need to find himself?"

At her look, he smiled saying, "This is a rare thing to happen to outsiders they saw that he was special and in need of their help, Guard him with your life, Ki'ti will be returned to you in a short while, T'ki has something to say to him first." With that he ended the hail.

Stepping off from his throne F'ki walked over to Chakotay saying, "I'm sorry for the misunderstanding my honored Ki'ti keep the Ka'tel safe. Only the honored get chosen to be a Ka'tel." With that he turned and saying, "T'ki you have done the Ti'pad a great dishonor with taking him, your family will be sadden with this."

With a nod, T'ki turned walking out of the room saying, "Ki'ti sorry this dishonor befell you, follow me and I'll return you to your Ka'tel."

Chakotay stunned at the turn of events breathed a sign of relief nodded and followed T'ki out of the room.

Entering a room which looked a bit like their transporter room T'ki motioned for him to stand on a pad saying, "Ki'ti it was an honor to met you, pity it wasn't under better times." 

With that he bowed to him saying, "Time to go home to him, cherish him as he goes through the sorrow, help him and guide him through this time of finding who he is."

"I will." Chakotay said.

With a push of a button T'ki disappeared from his sight to end up in his room in front of Neelix and Tuvok.

With a with a jump Neelix yelped, "Commander."

With a smile Chakotay strolled out of his quarters saying, "Sorry can't stay need to get to the bridge."

Moving quickly towards the lift he heard Neelix and Tuvok moving to follow him, tapping the pad the doors open to reveal Kathryn and Tommy.

With a squeal of delight Tommy threw himself at Chakotay saying, "You're home."

Bending down to lift him up with a grin, "Yes Ka'tel I'm home."

Meanwhile in another part of the ship two crew members were having a hushed conversation, "We have a major problem."

"Take it out by any means possible."

"But......" Glaring at him while saying, "I don't care nothing can go wrong now to much is riding on this."