Child of love p5

Later with the Doc's permission Chakotay left with Tommy in his arms, everyone agreed that it was best if Tommy stayed with Chakotay since they had a bond that no one could explain.

Tommy chatted all the way to Chakotay's quarters, waving to everyone they saw. Entering the turolifts Chakotay called out, "Deck three."

Tom stood right besides Chakotay, standing straight. The lift stopped just before their stop, the door opened and Tom looked up and saw who came on.

Chakotay nodded and said, "Crewman Dalby."

Ken looked down at Tom before saying, "Commander, I see you drew the short stick and got the whipperschapper."

Chakotay frowned at Ken, he felt Tom move closer to him

Tom wrapped his arms around Chakotay's legs. He looked up at Ken and he then started to cry.

Bending down, Chakotay untangled Tom's hands from his legs, picked him up and asked "Honey what's wrong?"

Tom wrapped his arms around Chakotay's neck and buried his face into it.

Ken looked on at the scene before him with a frown. He was usually good with children and he was hoping that he could get close to Tom to keep an eye on him just as a extra caution.

The lift stopped on the Commander's floor, when the doors slid open Chakotay walked off with Tom in his arms, he didn't see the look on Dalby face as the doors slid shut.

Chakotay put Tom down once they stepped into the room.

Tommy stood by his side and looked around the room. Tommy took a step forward and fell onto his bottom. Laughing he look up to at Chakotay and giggled.

Looking down at the child at his feet he had to smile at the trust and innocent flowing from Tom's eyes. It was something that the grown Tom didn't show very often.

Tommy glanced up at Chakotay and giggled, "Again Cha, that was funn'." Holding his arms up to him.

Chakotay leant down and picked him up and threw Tom into the air.

Letting out a yell of delighted laugh as Chakotay caught him, "gain, 'gain Cha."

"You like that?" Chakotay asked.

"Yup 'gain." Tom said smiling away.

Throwing Tom into the air again, this time though as, he caught Tom, he spun them both around till he toppled over himself with Tom in his arm laughing.

"Tha' was fun. Again?" Tom asked as he tried to stand up, but fell down again laughing.

"You dizzy Poocuh?" Chakotay asked.

"Me think so, but me liked that, Cha." Tom replied.

Chakotay pulled Tom over to him. Settling the child on to his chest giving he gave Tom a cuddle and sighed closing his eyes.

Tom cuddled into Chakotay. He felt at home, he didn't trust men, but with Chakotay, he knew that he wouldn't hurt him. Closing his eyes, he soon fell asleep pinning Chakotay to the floor.

Smiling, Chakotay rubbed Tom's back as he settled into sleep. Chakotay felt his eye's droop and he soon joined Tom in dreamland.

An hour later he heard a voice calling him, sighing he rolled over saying, "Give me another five minutes."

Tommy woke and looked up into the female with the bumps on her head. Smiling he said, "Hello."

B'Elanna smiled and reached down to rescue Tom before Chakotay rolled on top of him, "Hey there, Tommy, and how are you?"

"Me good, Cha and I played had fun." Tom explained

"That is great. I guess that explains why you fell asleep on the floor." Looking down at her friend as he settled back into sleep. Smiling she looked over at Harry and said, "He is going to complain when he wakes up."

Laughing, Harry nodded, he walked over to her and Tom who was leaning his head on B'Elanna shoulder watching him yawned sleepily.

Running his hand through Tom's hair, he asked, "You still tired buddy?"

Tom nodded fighting to keep his eyes open, he was losing the battle, as he soon dropped off.

B'Elanna walked over to Chakotay's bed, while Harry shook his commanding officer awake.


"Come on Chakotay, time to move to the bed and sleep."

"Uhh ok."

Struggling to stand up, Harry tried not to laugh but it slipped out as for the second time Chakotay fell over.

Hearing laughter from the bedroom door, Harry turned and saw that B'Elanna was laughing as well.

B'Elanna shook her head and tried to calm down she walked over still giggling, she said, "OK lets help him or he is going to have us cleaning the bathrooms with our toothbrushes."

Offering her hand to Chakotay, she listened as he muttered, "Yes B'El, you have that right."

Harry threw one of Chakotay's arms around his shoulder, if anyone walked in they would think that Chakotay was bombed.

Moving slowly, they finally managed to get Chakotay to the bed. Sitting him down they swung his head towards the pillows.

Harry tried to pull Chakotay boots off, tugging he felt it slip and gave it another big pull, and he knew at the same moment that he was going to regret that last pull.

As the boot came loose Harry who was still pulling on the boot went down hard on his rump, "Ouch."

Hearing laughter, Harry looked up at the bed and saw B'Elanna and Chakotay laughing, holding hard onto their middles.

Tom who woke at the noise, leant over to see what was funny. Resting his arms on Chakotay's leg he saw Harry on the floor, "Har whatya doing down there?"

Smiling, Harry got up, messing up Tom's hair as he replied, "Trying to pull of Chakotay boots."

Looking over at the boot lying on the floor and then over at Chakotay's feet he said, "Not Fini' yet still got one to go."

Looking up at Harry, he smiled, as Harry nodded saying, "I think I'll leave that to Chakotay, what do you think?"

Raising a finger to his chin he thought and then said, "Me daddy told me, you have to finish what you started."

Everyone laughed, B'Elanna patted Harry on the back saying, "You heard him, you have to finish what you started."

Chakotay pulled Tom over to him kissing his forehead as he said, "That's right Harry."

Sighing, Harry thought it was wiser if he sat on the floor this time grabbing the boot and finally jerked the boot off in one pull. He held it up and said, "If you ever need them pulled off again don't ask me."

Standing up, he threw the boot over to it's partner and then he walked over to B'Elanna saying, "Bye Tom, Chakotay." Harry left with the sound of laughing echoing off the walls.