Child of love p4
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To Everyone I chat to; you know who you are. HUGGLES to , Elli, Jeanette, Leone, Mort and Rena.

Chakotay handed Tommy to B'Elanna and took Harry's hand that was offered to help him up.

B'Elanna looked down at the sleeping child and whispered, "How can anyone hurt such a sweet child?"

Harry heard her and said, "Some bastards don't deserve to have children and that Fucker Owen Paris is one of them."

Kathryn not used to hearing her favorite young Ensign swearing like a sailor on shore leave from the old days.

Harry looked over at her when she gasped, "Sorry Captain."

Kathryn looked over at him and said, "Quite alright Harry, just keep that sort of language off the Bridge and when you're working shift. And Harry, I agree totally with what you said and more."

Everyone nodded with agreement.

Kathryn said, "Well, I better go and relieve Tuvok and anyone else who in this room, who are meant to be working, better leave with me now."

B'Elanna smiled and replied. "Aye, no rest for the wicked. Off to Engineering I go."

Laughing, they all headed to their workstations leaving Chakotay and the Doctor to look after Tommy.

Meanwhile in one of the crew quarters, three people were having a meeting, "What if he tells?

I heard that he might remember everything that happened to him even though he's a child."

They looked over at the person and asked, "Where did you find this out?"

"On my way here, I passed the Captain and that nerd Harry and they were talking about it."


"Keep your ears open everyone, if you hear anything we will deal with it then, but for now listen and watch if the twit does remember we gonna be dead meat, because as a child he may tell them not like Tom, he knew to shut the fuck up but this little fucker may just be [the] downfall, we don't need.

Nodding, they all stood up making sure that no one was in the corridor doors as they left the quarters.

On the Bridge Kathryn and Harry entered, Kathryn relieving Tuvok, telling him the update on Tom.

Tuvok nodded and knew that if Tommy remembered the things that happened to him as Tom, it just might be the break they needed to catch the culprits.

Chakotay looked over at the sleeping child that used to be his lover. He remembered the last time they made love, it was hot and heavy.

*Tom had come home from Sandrines. Tom had been playing pool with Harry, and he had been sitting at his desk doing some last minute reports as Tom started to massage his shoulders.Sighing he leaned back into Tom enjoying the feeling of his talented fingers as they smoothed his aching muscles. Bend in half, Tom had kissed him within a inch of his life. 

"Hey lover,"

"Poocuh, you can't stop there love."

Tom whispered, "Believe me Chief, I'm not I just wanted to get your attention, did it work?"

Reaching for Tom's hand he pulled it down to his groin letting Tom feel his hardened shaft, saying, "You got it Flyboy and now that you have what are you going to do with it?"

Chuckling Tom whispered, "I think I can find something to do with it." With that Tom undid Chakotay's pants and slid his hand into the band of Chakotay's underwear hitching it under Chakotay's balls.

Tom began to run his fingers up and down his cock,teasing the slit with his thumb nail, smearing the pre-cum around the head of Chakotay's cock. Lifting his hand he raised it to his mouth and said, "MMM nice." 

Moving the commander's chair so that he could stand in front of him, he sank to his knees and he kissed the tip of Chakotay's cock. He took Chakotay's cock into his mouth, relaxing his throat till his chin rested on Chakotay's balls, he began to suck bobbing his head.

Looking down at the blond hair Chakotay ran his hand through Tom's hair, gripping Tom's head he began to move in and out of Tom's mouth, moaning, "Oh god so good mmmm I'm gotta come, Poocuh?"

Tom raised his eyes so he could look into his lover's eyes and watch him come. Gently rolling Cha's ball he could feel them tightening and knew that he was going to shoot his load real soon.

Chakotay shouted as he shot his cum into Tom's mouth, "TOM"

Swallowing all of Chakotay's salty cum, he licked Chakotay clean.

Chakotay sighed in pleasured, "Come here you."

Raising, Tom sat in his lap[. Chakotay] kissed him tasting himself, his hands roaming till they got to Tom's member. He broke of the kiss saying, "Want you inside me." Picking Tom up, he carried him to the bedroom. Placing Tom onto the bed, he undressed then joined Tom on the bed and he began to undress his lover.

Lying on his back he spread his legs. Reaching under the pillow finding the bottle hidden there and took it out and handed Tom the lubricant.

Opening the tube, Tom smeared a generous amount onto his finger, gently parting Chakotay's cheeks. Finding the small opening he pushed his finger in till he had it all the way in and gently probed till he found the tiny gland that produced a whimper from his lover. Aiming for it everytime he pushed in another finger till he had four inserted.

Looking down at his lover as he prepared him, nearly made him come on sight. Pushing back onto Tom's fingers he whispered, "Poocuh?" Tom looked up and Chakotay said, "Now Love, I want you inside me now."

Tom smiled pulling his fingers out, he lifted Chakotay's legs till they rested on his shoulders.

Lining his cock to the tight puckered opening] he pushed in slowly, teasing Chakotay.

Chakotay, however, wasn't having any of that. Hepushed back till he could feel the crisp hair against his ass, he said, "Move now baby."

Leaning down Tom gave Chakotay a kiss and replied, "All you had to do was ask."

Tom began to move faster aiming for Chakotay's prostate making it even more pleasurable for his beloved. Looking down he saw that Chakotay had his head thrown back while his hand stroking his own hard length, Tom nearly came from that sight alone.

Tom quickened the pace and watched as Chakotay sped up his own pace. 

Tom whispered, "Cha?" Tom waited for him to look at him and then said, "I love you"

With that Chakotay came hard and fast screaming, "TOOOMMMMMMYYYYYYYY."

Tom felt Chakotay's muscle pump his cock and he sped up and came with a shout, "CHHHAAA," and slumped onto the Chakotay. 

Chakotay hugged Tom to him and said, "Poocuh, I love you too."

Sighing in pleasure they fell asleep tangled up in arms and legs.

Chakotay shook his head coming back to the present when he felt someone tugging onto his arm.*

Looking down he saw the towhead of his lover. 

Chakotay saw the worry in Tom's blue eyes as he clutched Bluey to his chest[,] his [Tom's] other hand clutching his hand. 

Tom looked up at his Hero and asked, "Cha 'ou in 'ain?"

Chakotay frowned and replied, "No why?"

Tommy looked back at him and said, " 'ou goaning 'ou hurt?"

Chaokay was shocked and looked down and noticed the bugle in his pants then looked back at Tommy and said, "No love, I wasn't in pain."