Child of love- Part 3

Summary: See part one
Thanks to Jean and everyone else that I have those weird chats with you know who you are (HUGS)

The Doctor came out of his office when he saw Chatokay get off the bio-bed and start looking around sickbay.

Chakotay, not noticing that he had company, sighed deeply and then he swore.

The Doctor asked, "Commander, is everything OK?"

Chakotay jumped at the sound of his voice, sighing he replied, "Tom locked himself in the bathroom and there is no other way in from this side."

The Doctor sighed, well as close to a sigh as a hologram could get, looking around sickbay he noticed that Tom's teddy bear was sitting on the bio-bed and walked over to the bed picking it up he looked the thing over wondering why humans attached themselves to these sort of things then asked, "Command do you think that this thing will help to get Tom out?"

Chakotay looked over at him and smiled at what the Doctor was holding up Pookie or should he say Bluey.

"Doc, you're a lifesaver." exclaimed Chakotay, "Why didn't I think of that?"

The Doctor replied, "I have no idea why?"

Chakotay walked over to the Doctor as the doc handed the teddy over to him, "you know, Tom loves Pookie so much, that I think if he didn't have Pookie, Tom might have ended his life along time ago?"

Both of them looked at the Blue teddy in Chakotay's hands with new-found respect for the teddy.

The Doctor and Chakotay walked over to the bathroom door, they both could both] hear Tom sobbing quietly.

Chakotay called out to Tom, "Tommy?" They heard no answer and Chakotay tried again "Tommy I have Bluey out here and he is lonely for his new friend. He wants to know why his new friend is crying."

They heard a small voice reply, "Bluey out 'her' wit' ya?"

Chakotay nodded then remembered that Tom couldn't see him and replied, "Yes sweetie, Bluely is out here with me and he needs a hug from his new friend."

Tommy uncurled himself from under the sink and slowly stood up and he asked and then said, "Computer unlock the door Alpha omega Tommy."

Chakotay stood back as the door slid open and saw Tommy standing in the doorway.

Tommy saw Bluely in Chakotay's hand. Running he threw himself at the Commander wailing, "Cha, me scared, dreamin' bad things me don't like what they do."

Chakotay looked over Tom's head making eye contact with the Doc.

"Cha, they do mean things to I." Tom buried his head into Chakotay neck so all they heard was the muddled words, "Me did nuthing and they hurt me."

"Shh sweetie, everything OK they won't hurt you again I promise."

Tommy moved his wet face off from Chakotay's neck looking at him and asked, "You kee' me safe from bad men?"

Chakotay looked down into the pool of blue and nodded, "I promise no one will hurt you as long as I'm around."

Tom smiled at him as he buried his face back into Chakotay's neck.

Chakotay tightened his grip on the child as Tom fell into a deep sleep. For some reason Tommy didn't know, he knew that Cha would keep him safe from the world and his daddy.

Meanwhile the Doctor had watched the whole thing and was moved. If he could cry he would. Shaking his head he said, "And I'll help, no one will hurt you ever again Tommy."

Chakotay looked over at him and replied, "Between us and Tuvok no one will ever hurt Tommy again."


Both men looked over and saw Harry, B'Elanna and the Captain standing there.

Kathryn asked, "Does that include us as well?"

Chakotay smiled up at them and nodded, "Of course Captain, I wouldn't think of leaving you out of keeping Tom safe."

B'Elanna smiled at the sight of Chakotay on the floor with Tommy in his arms and a Blue teddy buried between him and Tom.

Chakotay noticed that B'Elanna was looking down at him and Tom and said, "I think that Tommy has the memories of Tom's and he locked himself in the bathroom."

Kathryn frowned and asked, "Doctor, will having these memories hurt Tom any more than he is already?"

"He is a small child and these memories might scare him but no more damage will be done, the one good thing that will come out of it is that we may just catch the person or persons behind the beatings."

Signing Harry said, "Thank god for that because I want to KILL them."

B'Elanna smiled and looked over at him, "That's great, so you and I can spend the rest of the time here in the Delta Quadrant in the Brig for murder. Because that's what I mean to do." Baring her teethes she showed her Klingon side.

Everyone knew that she meant to come through with her threat.

Chakotay replied, "Well that means you two will be joining Tuvok and I in there as well." Looking up at Kathryn he said, "I think you will have to promote some people to replace us."

Kathryn smiled down at her first officer and replied, "What makes you think I won't be in there with you?"

Harry mouth dropped opened, B'Elanna smiled and said, "Yes Chakotay, what makes you think that Kathryn won't be in the brig with us and I know others who will join us in this."

Chakotay smiled. "I know there are others. Tom has made a lot of friends over the years. I just wish he could see that he is not as hated as he thinks he is."

Harry replied, "Well maybe this will show Tom that he is liked. Now if we can find the fuckers who are making life hell for Tom, everything will be sweet, of course finding a cure for this and get our old Tom back will be perfect.