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Written by Kimbo 
C/P and others

Child of love

Summary: What would Voyager crew do when Tom turns into a child??

Thanks to Jeanette for being a wonderful friend and beta and for Leone for her support 

Everyone was shocked at the sudden change in Tom.They watched him as he tried to hide in the corner rocking and while he screamed for Pookie.

Chakotay walked over to where Tom was, bending down so he was so he was face to face with the child. Chakotay talked to Tom in a quiet voice that the others couldn't hear, "Tommy what's wrong?"

Tom looked up at him with tears flowing down his cheeks, quickly wiping them away he replied, "Pookie is my teddy he gone Cha." Tom threw himself at Chakotay so fast that he toppled them over. 

Chakotay landed on his back with Tom lying on his chest. Tom wailed, "Pookie gone, daddy took him didn't he? Daddy always threaten to take Pookie away from me."

Harry gasped which made Tuvok look over at him.

Harry remembered seeing a teddy sitting on Tom's bed, he had always teased Tom about the bear that sat on the bed. 

Harry left sickbay quickly and headed to Tom's quarters.He punched in Tom's code and once the doors slid open Harry went into Tom's bedroom and there it was, the teddy Tommy was crying about. 

The bear was light blue with brown eyes and a black nose, by the look of it, was quite old and well looked after.

Harry knew that the Teddy was well loved, Tom had always looked after his bear.

Harry picked Pookie up and gave it a hug.He felt silly and quickly looked around as if to check if anyone saw him hugging a teddy.

Harry spotted a bag lying on the floor, picking it up he placed Pookie in it so that if anybody was around he wouldn't get heaps for carrying a teddy with him.

Tuvok wondered where Harry had left for in a hurry.

Chakotay sat up with Tom wrapped in his arms.He had fallen asleep after crying his eyes out. Getting up slowly, so that he wouldn't wake Tom up, Chakotay walked over to the others and whispered, "Does anyone know what Pookie looked like we're going to have to replicate a teddy for him.

Just then Harry came in holding a bag, he looked around and said, "I found Pookie. I remembered that Tom always had a teddy sitting on his bed and I used to give him heaps about it. This must be Pookie." With that Harry pulled out the Teddy 

Chakotay nodded, he remembered seeing it in Tom's quarters as well and Tom always placed it carefully on his night table when he went to bed. He knew that no matter what even when his quarters looked like a bomb went off in there the Teddy was always sitting on the night table or the bed never the floor and he always wondered about that. Now he knew why that was.

Kathryn remembered seeing Tommy at home clutching a teddy when she first met him and said, "I remember this Teddy, Tom got it when he was born. His mother gave it to him the day he was born and he treasured it more than life. The only time he was without it was in prison, they wouldn't let him have it in there, somehow he got it back when he joined Voyager but how I don't know."

Chakotay replied, "I know how he got it back, it was with him when he was with us and then when he got caught I found the bear and kept it with me. I gave it back to him about two weeks after we got stranded out here, Tom had come to me scared out of his wits and asked me what had happened to his stuff.For whatever reasons I had, I had brought them with me, along with my own stuff."

B'Elanna smiled as she looked at the bear.She remembered seeing it and she knew that Tom loved that bear more than life, looking over at them she said, "I asked him why it was special to him and he told me that if Pookie could talk he would tell all of his secrets. He told that bear everything and it helped him out. He was always there for him when everyone left him." 

Tuvok nodded he knew of the bear as well. When he did the mind-meld with Tom the bear was in there as well. All of Tom's happy times was with the teddy.

Harry walked over to the sleeping boy and place the teddy under his arm and kissed his forehead. 

Tommy woke up and saw Harry leaning over him, Tom froze for a minute before he managed to utter," Har, what are you doing?"

Harry smiled down at the little boy and replied, "We found Pookie for you."

Tom sat up with a huge smile on his face then looked down at the bear in his arms, his smiled faded,he tried not to cry but it didn't work, looking at Harry he yelled, "YOU LIED TO ME, THAT NOT POOKIE." 

Harry frowned, he was so sure that it was Tom's beloved Pookie.

Chakotay rushed over with the others behind him. Tom looked at him still crying, "Cha, iiiittttttt'''sssss nnoott PPPPPPookie. Where is Pookie?" 

Chakotay hugged Tom and replied, "I don't know sweetie, Harry was trying to help, he used my teddy to give to you so that you would be happy. Will my Teddy do till we find Pookie?"

Tom looked down at the teddy and replied, "okie he will do, But onl' till Pookie is found then you can have your teddy back. What is his name?"

Chakotay was stuck, he had no idea what to call the bear, without thinking he replied, "Bluey is his name." It was the first thing that came to his mind.

Tommy smiled and said, "It's suits him bluey, Thanks Cha for letting me have him till I find Pookie."

Chakotay smiled down at him and gave him a hug and a kiss on the forehead, "You're welcome Sweet-one."

Tommy looked shyly over at Harry and said," I'm sorry for yelling at you Har."

Harry smiled over at him as he said, "That is okay I understand." 

Tommy smiled with relief clutching Bluely to him he buried his face into the teddy.

The doctor said, "All that fuss just over a teddy bear god. Okay everyone lets clear sickbay, Tom needs to sleep now so clear out." Tom head shot up and made a grab for Chakotay and asked, "Cha, Please stay?" Chakotay looked over at the doc to see what he would say.

"Okay, okay the Commander may stay as long as they both rest."

"'han' Doc. I promise to sleep." Tom said with a big smile on his little face.

Chakotay nodded as he sat down on the bio-bed next to Tommy still holding onto Tom's hand. 

Harry smiled at the sight he knew that Chakotay would look after Tom.

Janeway said, "Well get some rest the both of you, if I hear of any partying I will be down here like a shot." Bending down she kissed Tom of the forehead as his eyes were drooping down, "Sweet dreams sweet one." Kathryn turned and headed towards the door to wait for the others to say their goodnight to the child.

B'Elanna smiled down at Tommy and kissed his forehead and whispered, "Goodnight Tommy, see you again in the morning Honey." Tommy stared up at her with sleepily eyes and smiled back at her, "Nigh, B'Ela." Tom's eyes closed and he fell asleep.

Tuvok looked down at the sleeping child then looking over at Chakotay,who was lying beside Tom he said, "Maybe now we will know who hurt Tom. He might speak, then again he might not. Owen taught his child well." Tuvok turned and headed to the door and to Kathryn who was waiting for him to finish.

In the early hours of the morning Chakotay woke up to the horrible sound of Tom screaming. Jumping out of bed he rushed over to where Tom was thrashing and moaning, "Stop, it hurts. nnnnnnnnooooooooo Chakotay make them stop." Chakotay picked Tom up and held him while he whispered, "Shhh I'm here sweetie, shhh that it baby I'm here." 

Tom eye's flew open and cried, "Cha?"

"I'm here baby, nothing can harm you sweetie." Chakotay replied. 

Tom buried his face into Chakotay's chest. Breathing deeply he wondered where those dreams were coming from, for the life of him, he couldn't remember any of those things ever happening to him.

Chakotay asked, "Tom, do you want to talk about it?" 

Lifting his head from Chakotay's chest he looked at Chakotay with his troubled bright blue eyes and said, "Cha, I 'av' no idea where this is coming from. I don't 'emembe' any of this." Burying his face back into Chakotay's chest.

Chakotay heard a muffled voice say, "That 'ouldn't have happened."

Looking down at the boy in his lap he rubbed Tom's back and asked, "What couldn't have happened?"

Tom frowned, deep down he knew that if he told he would be hurt, how he knew that he had no idea of.

Wrapping his tiny arms around Chakotay,though he couldn't get his hands to met each other,Tom closed his eyes trying to forget the images that were floating in his mind.

Chakotay knew that Tom wouldn't tell him yet but he believed that Tom would tell him eventually because he was a child and that this child knew that he needed to tell.

Chakotay laid Tom back down on the bed and lay down beside his beloved, falling asleep, wrapped in each others arms.

Tom woke the next morning and slipped off the bed and went looking for the bathroom. 

Chakotay woke with a start, he didn't know what woke him, He sat up and wondered why he was in sickbay. Then it hit him, where was Tom?

Jumping off the bed he called out, "Tommy?" 

Tom heard some one calling him but didn't reply. Everything was wrong and all he wanted was

his mommy. Tom curled up under the sink whimpering and trying hard not to cry.

Chakotay heard a noise coming from the bathroom called out softly, "Tommy, are you alright?" 

Tommy wept quietly trying not to make a sound as the voice got closer, he knew that this man would tell his daddy that he had been crying.

Chakotay walked over to the door and asked, "Tommy, are you ok?" 

Hiccupping Tommy cried, "Where my mommy?" 

Chakotay sighed and looked around to see if he could open the door from his side. He started pounding the wall when he couldn't find anyway in.