Child of love 14
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Finding himself back in his quarters after the shortest visit to the
Spiritual realm ever, Chakotay jumped to his feet, dashing out the door, luckily he decided not to do his quest naked like he did most of the times, racing to the tubo lifting, activating his badge, "Harry where are you?"

"I'm at my cabin why?"

"Stay there, I'm on my way."

Darting into the lift as it's doors slid open startling members of the crew already inside, "Deck six."

Tapping his foot wishing that the lift would move faster ignoring the others Chakotay bolted once the door slid open at his stop leaving behind confused crew, "What up with him?" One asked.

"Who knows since he gotten with Paris, he gotten weird."

"Oh be quite Mike, you're just jealous that you didn't get to first base
with either man."

With a grin Mike said, "Damn straight I am. God you've heard the talk about Paris and no one knew that Commander Chakotay liked men, God if we knew there would have been a line at his door a mile wide."


Hitting Harry's door at near Warp, looking about wildly asking, "Where is he?"

Tommy in a small voice, "I'm here Cha."

"Thank god."

Harry asked, "Commander what wrong?"

Taking deep calming breaths, as he stared at Tommy who was staring back at him saying, "My guide told me that Tommy was in danger and for me to take him with me to the spiritual realm."

"Is that wise?"

"He'll be with me and I'll have Tuvok the Captain B'Elanna and you watching over us, can you contact them for me and have them met me at my quarters say in an hour?"

Confused Harry tentative said, "Sure."

"I'll explain everything I know then, I don't know much myself but I think it's wise for people we trust to be watching over us."
Sinking down onto his knees Chakotay drew Tommy into his grasp saying, "We going home now Angel."

With tears sliding down his cheeks asking, "It's time isn't it?"
Numbly getting to his feet saying, "I think so baby."

Tightening his grip about Chakotay neck sobbing, "I don't know what I'm meant to do Cha," Rubbing his back as he tried to calm the young boy down saying, "I think you have done what you're meant to Tommy."


"Shhh, I think you've given Tom the change he needed to think things through and when you go to Spirit realm with me, you'll get to talk to him about the things you've learnt in your time with us, things he doesn't believe and will only believe it if you tell him."

"I'll tell him Cha."

"I know." Getting his feet under him he stood up carefully looking over at Harry saying, "Thanks Harry for taking care of him. I'll take him home now."

"It was my pleasure and I'll see you in an hour."

Nodding Chakotay walked out of Harry's quarters as he passed Tom's quarters when Tommy asked, "Cha may we go inside?"

Looking at the door of his lovers quarters he hadn't stepped foot inside since Tommy had arrived, "Sure Doodle bug." Moving over to the door Chakotay punched in the code, when the doors slid open Chakotay paused at the door with a gasp of surprised, Tom's quarters had been destroyed, everything ripped to shreds.

Tommy wriggled down and raced into Tom's room moaning, "Please let it be there."

"Tommy wait."

"I need to find it Cha, it's all he has left of our mother."

"Oh god." Racing in after Tommy, he slid to his knees beside the bed tilting it over, he begun searching through the boxes under it, till he heard a wail of grief, looking up with dread he watched as Tommy crawled over to him with the remains of a photo in his hands, "It's ruined Cha, the' broke it. Look."

Holding out his hand to show him Chakotay tried to breath around the lump in his throat, "Oh god no, anything but that."

Gathering the wailing boy into his lap he begun to rock them back and forth.

Calling up at the ceiling calling out, "Commander Chakotay to Captain

"Janeway here what up Chakotay?"

"Can you and Tuvok come to Tom's quarters?"
"On our way."

Chakotay curled up around Tommy trembling  body, "Shh it's Okay Angel."

"No it's not."

"I'm sure we can fix it."

"No it not fixabl' and it's the 'lny one Cha."

Chakotay curse each and every person involved in thrashing Tom's quarters and tearing up the last reminder of Tom's mother he had of her, she had died when he was only four years old. Tommy clutched at the remaining pieces of the photo saying, "I know I'm only thre' but I have Big Tom's memories, to me mommy still alive but in my min'
she died. I don't want my mommy to die Cha."

Sitting up Chakotay wiped the tears from Tommy's pale cheeks saying, "I wish I could change history Angel and take all the pain away but I can't."

Tommy nodded as he rested his head on Cha's chest and in a small voice he asked, "Why did she do it Cha?"

Kissing the top of Tommy's head asking, "Do what?"

In a very small voice he said, "Why did she kill herself?"

Pulling back Chakotay searched Tommy face while asking, "Tommy what did you say?"

From the doorway a male voice replied, "Mrs. Paris ended her life."

Jerking his head towards the door seeing Kathryn and Tuvok standing there in a daze he asked, "She did?"

Kathryn nodded as Tuvok said, "Yes I think Tom blocked it, he didn't want to believe that she took her own life."

"Who found her? No don't tell me let me guess, Tom did."

"You're correct Commander, Tom did find her, Admiral Paris was away on a mission when it happened."



Looking down at Tommy while asking, "Do you think that this is one of the things Tom has to work out?"

"Indeed there is many things Mister Paris needs to work out from his past and he needs to sort out his feelings about certain things."
Chakotay nodded saying, "I have to take Tommy with me to the spiritual realm to met with Tom."

Concerned Kathryn asked, "Do you think it's time?"

"Yes I think everything coming to a head, by time we come back, we'll have some answers."

Slowly getting to his feet with Tommy still clinging to him saying, "I need to explain to Tommy his part in all this and spend some time with him before we start."

Kathryn nodded as she rubbed Tommy's back saying, "Take all the time you need, if you need more time than what you told us, Comm me and I'll let the others know."

Nodding his thanks, Chakotay walked out of Tom's quarters with Tommy in his arms, without another word.

Glancing about Tom's quarters Kathryn knelt down when her eyes caught the remains of a photo, picking up the pieces she begun putting them together sitting back on her heels grief filled eyes whispering, "Why didn't you seek help Helen?"

Tuvok stood off to one side as he scanned the room saying, "I believe she did but was ignored because of who was involved."

"Can this be fixed?"

Glancing at the photo, Tuvok moved closer saying, "I think I can repair it for Tom."

Gathering the pieces together saying, "Thanks Tuvok, Tom will appreciate it."

Offering the pieces up to the Vulcan as he said, "It's the least I can do
after all he done for me, it make a good change to be able to do something for him."

Nodding that the truth in that, Kathryn glance about at the ruined room
saying, "Have someone sort through this mess and see what can be saved from this." Standing up she moved the living area saying, "They even ruined his hangings." Picking up the remains of a hanging from the floor saying, "I hope he can finish the one he was working on in time, that reminds me, his albums need to be found."

Tuvok who had followed out said, "I know where they are, he moved them and his latest project to the Commander's quarters since he has been staying there most of the time, so most of his things are there already."

"Thank god."

Tuvok asked, "Who should I get to clean this mess up?"

Closing her eyes as she rubbed the bridge of her nose saying, "Hum I think maybe Samantha and Jeanette would be the best choice for that job I think."

"Wise choice."