Child of Love 11

While the Doctor ran his test, Tommy sat quietly deep in thought on what Cha had told him, wondering what things he needed to work on looking over at the Doctor asking, "Doc you're my friend right?"

With what looked like suspicion on his face he looked up at the boy saying, "Some could call us friends."

Tommy looked at him asking, "Chakotay told me I needed to sort somethings out before I return back to my normal state, but I don't know what needs to be worked on."

Patting the youngest leg saying, "Tommy don't try and force it, let it happen naturally."

Screwing up his face and wailed, "But that could tak' foreve' Doc, me think I had something spea' with Cha and I ruined it."

The Holo Doc smoothly wrapped his arms about the child saying, "Tommy I don't know what was going on before this happened between you and Chakotay but I know that he loves you and he's worried about you."

"But I did something wrong and I disappointed him."

"Yes you disappointed him by hiding things from him but he stills loves you and he'll help you through this but you need to sort things out what I'm not sure of but only you know what happened in the past."

"My Past? You mean my child hood?" At his nod Tommy shook his head, "I can't." Without another word Tommy slipped off the bed and raced to the door only to find himself on the floor after crashing into someone legs.


Meanwhile in another part of the ship a meeting was taking place, "So you think you can do it?"

Vorick nodded, "I can get into the circle that surrounds Paris and get him to you, but I have to ask, why a child what harm can a little boy do you?"

In the shadows an answer came forth, "He won't remain a child forever and he may blab as a child and we can't risk that as an adult Paris knew way to much to let him ruin it for us now."

Vorick nodded his agreement saying, "That is logical, when do you wish this to take place?"

"Within the next two weeks."

Nodding Vorick knew that he was dismissed walking out of the room.

Once Vorick left the boss stepped out of the shadows saying, "I don't trust him, keep a close eye on him Dalby."

Dalby nodded saying, "Will do." Walking out of the room Dalby followed Vorick.


Chakotay left his quarters after packing away his things away, heading towards sickbay to pick Tommy up as he drew near, he spotted a crew member lurking about in the shadows, making sure he wasn't spotted, Chakotay crept closer, as he did he nodded to himself as he saw a Marquis named Jefferson, he had be a friend of Suder before Suder was placed in lock down after killing a crewman, also known for his cruelty to prisoners while in the Alpha Quadrant, they had kept a close eye on him at the beginning of 
the journey home, but since he kept a low profile they decided to stop.

Wondering what he was doing Chakotay decided that he would keep a close on him backing off as quietly as he crept forward Chakotay made sure that he was far enough away to enter sickbay without being seen just before he could trigger the sensors the doors opened he felt a body crash into his lower body looking down he saw Tommy on the floor couching down he asked with concern, "Tommy are you alright?"

Nodding Tommy got his feet under him without a word stepping closer to him, Tommy held out his arms to be picked up.

With a frown Chakotay picked him up, looking over to the Doctor asking, "What happened?"

Shrugging his shoulders the Doctor turned towards the bed saying, "We were talking about his past, so he could be working through them and he got upset when it came to his childhood."

Feeling Tom shivered in his arms, Chakotay absently rubbed his back as he listened to the Doctor, "Tommy are you scared in letting us know about your childhood?"

Tommy nodded dumbly, "Not allo' to talk 'bout it." 

"Why not?"

Shaking his head as he whispered, "Neve' say a word, daddy will find the' and hur' 'hem."

Shocked Chakotay looked over at the Doctor stopping him as he was about to say something. Holding Tommy closer to him, Chakotay told him, "It's Ok you don't need to say anymore." Holding his hand out to stop the Doc from ranting again, Chakotay said, "Lets get you home so you can get some rest."

Nodding tiredly, Chakotay mouthed to the Doc, "I'll Comm you once his asleep."

Nodding he watched as Chakotay carried Tommy out of sickbay with worry clouding his features, with a sad sign he turned back towards to finish running the scans.


"Made contact, I have two weeks to do the job, they're running scare they think he may say something that only the adult would know about, contact me with action to be taken."

"I'll contact you in a couple of days we would have a plan sorted sit tight till then, You're been monitored, we'll take him out first then deal with the other."



Tuvok waited to be admitted into the Captain's private chambers, entering once the doors open handing her the Padd he was holding saying, "He made contact and is in he is waiting for orders."

Fingering the Padd on Kathryn nodded as she read the contents looking up once done saying, "Send a copy of this to the Commander and schedule a meeting of the senior officers for fifteen hundred hours." 

Handing the padd back to the Vulcan as he asked, "Should that include Ensign Vorick?"

"No, he's being watched and having him here would give our hand away we'll continue getting orders to him the way we have been that is all Tuvok."


Kathryn watched as her trusted friend walked out, while debating whether she should have another cup of coffee fingering her empty cup as she weight the pros and cons, "Ahh what the hell." Pouring another cup from the urn that sat beside her keeping it hot for her till she was ready for more.


Chakotay laid the sleeping child on top of his bed with a wistful look pulling the blanket up covering Tom up, Chakotay kissed his forehead saying, "Sweet dreams."

Walking to his desk, Chakotay checked for messages reading through them, he decided to read the reports that were piling up on his desk before comming the Doctor, sitting down he begun to read them when he noticed that he had a new message bringing it up he read the contents with a frown, hitting the new message button he sent a message to Wildman to see if she could look after Tom while he went to the meeting. Sitting back to read the reports while he waited for Sam's answer.

Five minutes later Chakotay stopped reading the reports and opened a report on his console, he begun reading the history of Tom Paris that had be forwarded to him by the Doctor, what he read made him sick and angry.

An hour later, Chakotay peeked into his room to check on Tom walking into the room to pick up the blanket he had kicked off placing it back over Tommy, Chakotay stood and stared at him thinking about what he had read, asking aloud, "How can anyone hurt a sweet child like you?" Brushing Tom's hair off his fore head with a smile, "We'll work through this together baby." With that he walked out not noticing the blue eyes that followed him out of the room.

Tommy had woken when Chakotay replaced the blanket he made out he was still sleeping as he listened to him once he knew the room empty Tom crawled out of bed walking slowly to the door peeking through the door he saw Chakotay slumped on the couch with his head in his hands sobbing, shocked Tommy raced over to his side climbing up onto the couch calling out, "Cha what wrong?"

Chakotay pulled the little boy into his lap saying, "I'm sad."

Brushing his fingers over the tail of tears asking, "Why sad?"

Kissing his finger tips Chakotay leant back with a sign, "It's hard to explain Poocuh."

"It's 'cause you miss big Tom."

Wearily Chakotay nodded, "I miss big Tom."

"You love big Tom a lot don' you?" Tommy asked.

Holding Tommy closer to him as he kissed the top of his head, "I love you both a lot."

"I know that you love me but big Tom not so sure he thinks he's disappointed you by not telling you something important."

Signing Chakotay nodded, "I know but I still love him he everything to me and I don't want to lose him."

"Cha is that why I'm here?"

Looking down at him asking, "What do you mean Tommy?"

Tommy explained, "I think I'm here to do something that big Tom refuses to do but I don't know what."

Chakotay nodded saying, "I think you're right, to get big Tom back you need to do whatever he refuses to do but I know that what ever it is you can do it."

Sinking his head against Chakotay chest saying, "I hope you're right,"

Caressing Tommy's back to reassure the boy he said, "I know I'm right I have faith in you and in big Tom to do the right thing."

Tommy felt himself slipping back to sleep as he settled deeper into Chakotay embrace.

Chakotay continued smoothing Tommy as he slipped back into dreamland deep in his own thoughts he didn't hear the chime of his door sound.


B'Elanna hit the chime again feeling silly standing in front the Commander door, looking both ways checking to see if anyone was watching her as she punched in his code, stepping into his quarters with a smile, Tommy asleep on Chakotay chest and he was so relaxed that the look of sorrow he had been wearing since this had happened had disappeared, Softly walking closer B'Elanna knelt beside them calling softly, "Chakotay?"

Snapping out of his thoughts Chakotay smiled at her, "B'Ela."

"I did ring but you didn't answer." she told him.

Nodding at her waiting for her to explain why she was there, "Sam couldn't get a reply back to you her Comm system is down so I'm here to play messenger, she'll come by just before the meeting to pick Tommy up."

Chakotay nodded as he sat up making sure he didn't wake Tommy up as he gathered him up in his arms saying, "I'll just put him back to bed wait here and we can discuss the other thing."

Nodding B'Elanna stood up watching with a smile when he returned she told him, "You're good with him have you discussed the possibly of having children with Tom?"

With a snort of amusement Chakotay told her, "Tom would run a mile if I bought up the subject of having children, I hope one day he will believe me that I won't leave him maybe once he believes that he'll warm up to the idea of children."

B'Elanna nodded saying, "That was one of the reasons we broke up he wouldn't believe me I would get frustrated at having to reassuring him all the time, I don't know how you manage not to scream at him or hit him just to make him see reason."

"I've hit him, just once but once was enough, I never what to see that fear directed at me ever again, I've vowed never to raise my hand to him ever again, I can't do the same about the yelling I can't promise not to raise my voice, but I try to keep calm and direct my anger towards the people who turned Tom into this vulnerable young man, his self esteem is low and if it takes me forever to reassure him that I love him then I'll do it."

"I'm glad that it's you that taken him under your wing, you know if it wasn't you, I think Tuvok would have."

"I know, Tuvok a good friend of Tom's and he watches out for him just like Tom watches out for all his friends.