Child of love 12

B'Elanna smiled saying, "It's weird how he'll do anything for his friends but won't let them help him when he needs help."

Chakotay nodded as he stared at the hanging on opposite wall, it was one of his prized possession, Tom had given it to him on his last birthday, Tom had put alot of thought into the gift, it seemed that Tom had researched his cultural history and Chakotay knew that it didn't come from the replicator, Tom had spent hours weaving it, every piece of the hanging had come from planets they visited in the Delta. Chakotay had seen other work of Tom and had mentioned that he'd like one of Tom's hangings for his m
ain wall in his living area of his quarters and given it to him for his birthday.

Chakotay remembered the day he received it, he had been shocked to see his spirit guide right in the middle of the tapestry, when he asked Tom about it later in private, Tom had told him that it felt right to him to use the wolf it had been a toss up between a Bear and the wolf and the wolf had won out, Tom had also told him that the wolf represented him, Tom pointed out that in the others he used things from their cultural as well, with Harry he had used Chinese symbols and in Janeway he used Irish and C
hakotay knew that in Tuvok one he was using Vulcan and in B'Elanna's he used a mixture of Klingon and Human symbols in her. The best present came later that night but that was another story.

Watching her former Captain as he stared at a wall hanging that hung on the opposite wall from them she noticed that it was one of Tom's she knew of only apart from her she knew of two other people who have hangings made by Tom, Harry and Janeway and she knew that Tom was in the middle of making another one for Tuvok. Looking back at her former Captain asking, "Chakotay, do you think you'll marry him?"

Chakotay frowned as he looked over at her as he said, "I want to but Tom scared of commitment of any sort, I was going to ask him when this happened."

Nodding she asked, "Do you think he will ever get over this need to run and hide everytime something happens?"

"I hope so, I really do."

Not seeing the tiny figure standing just out of sight listening to them, Tommy knew that they wouldn't talk freely if they knew he was listening but he needed to know everything concerning what he needed to work out he had a fair idea but he needed more and Cha wouldn't tell him so if finding out meant listening without them knowing then so be it, he'd do anything to make Cha happy and Big Tom made Cha very happy.

Chakotay musing cut short when his door chimed calling out, "Enter."

Chakotay looked up as his doors slid open to reveal Samantha and Jeanette with Naomi standing between them holding their hands.

Standing up Chakotay smiled saying, "Come in Ladies, I'll just go and see if Tommy awake and gather something's together."

Sam reached out to stop him saying, "Commander Chakotay, I was wondering if it would be alright, if we stayed here Commander?" 

Looking over at her he noticed that she was nervous about something she wouldn't look at him and removed her hand as soon as she got his attention.

Concerned he asked, "What wrong Sam?"

Sam looked over at Jeanette saying, "You tell him Jean."

Jeanette looking like she'd rather run the other way than tell her former Captain what she knew.

Rocking back and forth on her heels debating whether to tell him everything she had heard or edit it and leave things out.

Chakotay watched as the young woman fought herself and said, "Just tell me and everything don't edit it."

Shocked Jeanette eyes flew up and locked onto his face asking, "How did you know sir?"

With a slight smile Chakotay told her, "It was written all over your face remember never play poker with the bridge crew they'd take everything you own."

Blushing Jeanette nodded saying, "Tom has told me that before sir."

Chakotay gestured towards the couch saying, "Have a seat, would you like a drink?"

Sam walked over the couch saying, "Just an O.J Sir."

"Same here." Jeanette spied Tommy hovering by the door saying, "Hey there."

Chakotay looked up saying, "Doodle bug are you done with napping?"

Tommy crept over to Chakotay as he clutched Bluey to his chest saying, "Yes, may I have some juice?"

Looking down at his tiny change saying, "What sort?"


"Go and see if Naomi would like some as well."

Screwing his face up remembering his last meeting with her he knew that big Tom loved her but for some reason he didn't like her, Tommy held Bluely tighter saying, "Naomi would you like some juice?"

At her nod Tommy turned back saying, "She'd like some Cha."

Chakotay nodded saying, "Tommy after you have your juice why don't you show Naomi your things?"

Nodding quietly Tommy waited for his juice to be handed to him once Cha handed it to him Tommy disappeared into their room placing his drink on the night stand that sat between Chakotay bed and his climbing up onto his bed Tommy sat in the middle crossing his tiny legs and settled down to think about the things he learnt that day.

Chakotay hid his smile as he tried to apology before he could utter a word Sam stopped him by saying, "It's alright he at the stage where little girls are gross and the farther away they are the better it is I grew up with three brothers and they all did it as well and I'm pretty sure you did it as well."

Grinning Chakotay placed the tray down saying, "You caught me must be a common trait between men."

Once seated, Chakotay returned his focus back to the young lady sitting at the table fiddling with her glass as she sat in thought not wanting to push her but he needed to leave soon so B'Elanna and he wouldn't be late.

Coming out of her funk Jeanette said, "Commander it might be better if you call the rest of the senior officers they need to hear this as well."

Glancing over at her saying, "Come with us then we have a meeting in ten minutes, Sam can you still stay here?"

"Sure you don't need me there Jean can tell you everything you need to know."

Gulping down the rest of his drink Chakotay stood up taking his empty glass to the table then walked over to his room pausing as he watch Tommy as he sat talking to Bluely he could see his lips moving but he couldn't hear any words, not wanting to disturb but knowing he had to he called out softly, "Tommy."

Tommy grinned as he heard his name called, "Cha."

Walking closer Chakotay sank down onto the bed pulling Tommy onto his lap blowing dropping a kiss onto the top of his head saying, "Tommy I have to go and see The Captain for awhile, I want you to stay here with Ensign Wildman and Naomi till I return."

"But Cha we we're meant to go exploring today." whined Tommy pursing his lips into a pout.

Chakotay hugged the child closer to him saying, "I know and we will in the morning, now I have to go and when I get back we'll have dinner and watch a vid together."

At Tommy slight nod Chakotay released his change saying, "Now be good and I'll see you when I'm finished." Running his thumbs over Tommy's cheeks to wipe the tears that ran down his face leaning close Chakotay gave Tommy a quick peck on the cheek saying, "I have to go now Doodle bug."

Wrapping his arms about the big man neck Tommy placed a kiss onto his cheek saying, "Bye bye."

Ruffling Tommy's hair as Tommy released him, he watched as Tommy settling back onto his bed once he was settled Chakotay turned on his heels walked out of the room with a slight grin as he felt eyes watching him.

Tommy watched as his hero walked out of the room with a sigh saying under his breath, "What ever it is that I need to work out, I'll do it for you Cha."