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this is about how would Voyager crew handle having a child that use to be Tom?

This is for Jeanette for getting me to write this and Thanks to Jeanette for Beta this for me.

Child's Love

Tom Paris didn't think things could get any worse they already were. What could get any worse than being stuck with Commander Chakotay and Tuvok?
Tom shook his head muttering, `Someone doesn't like me, they really don't like me.' Tom looked over at them, Chakotay's was next to him in the co-pilot seat going over the readings that was pouring in from the planet below.

Tuvok was just there to keep an eye on him, or so he thought but he knew that the Captain had her reasons for sending Chakotay his lover - who he was fighting with - and Tuvok was there to talk to them.

Tom was hurt by what Cha had said to him earlier in the week, `Grow up Tom they beat you up Tom. You have to stop covering for them. The world doesn't work around you, you know that I can help you, it's time to tell us so that they won't hurt you again. Oh that  right ..... you won't tell because you still think I'm your old man. Cut the crap out Tom.'

He watched as his lover whacked him and walk away.
Tom shook his head to forget it. He knew that Cha was right, he fucked up yet again. Once more he hurt someone he cared about.

Chakotay felt bad about hitting Tom, he knew that he shouldn't have done that. Tom's life was filled with his father bashing him. ( and he really loved Tom with all his heart. There was no excuse for him to hit Tom. He just proved that he was just like Tom's father. He also knew that till Tom started letting him in they couldn't move past it.

He found out about the last bashing of Paris by Harry - who thought that he knew - but of course, he didn't. Harry had told him that he was in sick bay because the crew did Tom over yet again, shit, you would think that after five years out in space they would start liking Tom. God, what was there not to like? Once he got over his feeling for Tom he saw the little boy who needed love more than anything not more bashing.

Tuvok and he couldn't do anything till Tom told them who was in on the bashing but as usual Tom wasn't saying a word and that was what got to him. He didn't like seeing his Tommy hurt. They had only been together for two months and Cha loved him more than anything. He knew that Tom loved him as well but Tom didn't tell him.

Tom heard his lover sigh. He knew that he was the cause yet again.If only he could tell them who was bashing him but he couldn't if he did, he would lose Chakotay forever and he couldn't do that he loved Cha too much to lose him. He would die if that happened.

Tuvok watched them both knowing that Tom was not going to say anything because he thought that he was protecting Chakotay. Tuvok almost smiled, he didn't think that Chakotay needed it but he knew that Tom did and that one day they would kill him knowing that Tom wouldn't talk to them. Tom would never tell.

Tuvok and the Captain knew that they had to get him to talk or the people involved would kill him one day. They didn't want Tom dead, even Tuvok had learned to like him.

The Captain thought of Tom as her little brother, Harry loved Tom as his brother as well. They were close and Harry was scared that one day they would kill his best friend. B'Elanna was also closer to Tom, than when they were going out, she didn't know who was behind it and if she ever found out they would be dead for hurting her friend.

Landing the shuttle Tom frowned at his readings there was something odd about them. Since they landed they had changed and he didn't like it one bit.
Chakotay noticed that Tom was double checking his console, "Tom, what's wrong?"

Tom looked up him forgetting for a moment that he was mad at Chakotay, "Not sure Cha."

Chakotay and Tuvok noticed the slip of the tongue. "Okay Tom, can we keep track of it with the tricorders?"

Nodding Tom replied, "Yes we can."

Chakotay looked over at Tuvok and asked, "Ready Tuvok?"
Tuvok picked up his gear and nodded. Chakotay headed to the shuttle's door and opened it.

Tom got up stiffly from his seat and started to pick up his gear that he needed for the two nights and three days they were on this god-forsaken planet.

Hoping that he would last for that time, at least he knew that Cha was not too far away if he needed him but they weren't talking, so Tom was on his own with the nightmares. He knew that he had to cope without Chakotay.
Chakotay knew that Tom would find it hard without him but Kathryn told him not to go to Tom unless he asked, or it god really bad.

Tuvok had received the honor of trying to calm Tom down and Chakotay knew that Tuvok would lose the battle and then he would have to step in and calm Tom down. They had to get Tom to talk before those fuck-wits killed his Tommy.

Tom knew of their mission to get him to talk and he didn't like it one bit, but they were just following the Captains orders and he would do anything for her.

Following the others out and locking the shuttle up just in case the natives came this way and found the shuttle, they covered it up and blended it into the country side.

Heading away from the signal of the village they had spotted from the shuttle, Chakotay led the way with Tom behind him and Tuvok bringing up the rear[. He] watched as Tom started to lag behind,often falling. Tuvok was well aware that Tom was still in a great deal of pain from the bashing that he received before they left and he also knew that Tom didn't go to the Doctor either.

Tom knew that he should have gone to the Doctor as Harry told him to but he lied and told Harry that he was fine but he was nowhere near feeling fine. They had busted a couple of ribs and something else that he couldn't quite figure out yet but what ever it was it was killing him.
Tom knew that Harry told Chakotay and Cha came down on him like a ton of bricks and then involved the Captain and Tuvok.

Tuvok had tried everything to get Tom to talk. Tom clamped up just like he did when he was a kid. There was no way in hell Tom was gonna tell them that Jackson and his buddies were bashing him senseless. They were a mixture of Marquis and Starfleet who had joined together because of the common ground that they shared - their anger for Tom Paris.

Chakotay was really worried about Tom. They had only been going for an hour and Tom was slowing down and falling behind them.
Tom was hoping like hell that Chakotay wouldn't notice that he was lagging behind, the pain in his side was hurting, and he felt like shit.

Suddenly Tom noticed that they were being followed. Knowing that Chakotay and Tuvok could get away but he would only hold them up. He called out, "Chakotay, it's time to split up. We have the locals following us."

Chakotay looked at his reading that confirmed what Tom was telling him, "Okay let us split up, and meet back at the shuttle. Remember that if anyone gets caught we will come back for you no matter what. Now go, take care."

Tom knew that Chakotay was talking to him when he said that, Tom was the weak link in the group. With that in mind, Tom headed straight for the natives so that Chakotay and Tuvok could get away and go for help.

Chakotay got to the shuttle at the same time as Tuvok. Tuvok ran a scan to see if the locals came this way. Nodding he said, "They didn't come this way Commander, and no sign of Tom either."

Chakotay cursed, "Fuck, damn him. He's been caught and he was hurt. He knew that so he sacrificed himself so that we could get away."

Tuvok uncovered the shuttle and opened the door and headed to the helm. Doing a quick scan of the planet, sighing he said, "You're right, they do have him and he is barely alive."


Tom was tossed into a cage right in the middle of the village. He felt weird, they made him eat and drink, Tom couldn't hold it down bringing it straight back up again. Tom tried to clean the mess up but the native kicked him in the ribs. Screaming in pain Tom let the pain knock him out.

Coming to Tom knew that there was something wrong, really wrong, he felt really weird but he couldn't put his finger on it then Tom went back to sleep again.

Chakotay said, "Well, we better leave and get some help from Voyager and get Tom back like we said we would."

Tuvok agreed, "Yes Tom will need the Doctor this time. I scanned him just before we parted. I hate to say this, I know you care for Tom a great deal, but if we don't get him back soon he may die. Whoever he is covering for might just get their wish."

Looking over at Tuvok Chakotay replied, "Not if I can help it. If Tom dies I'll find the pricks and kill them myself with my bare hands and if I have to spend the rest of the trip home in the brig for killing them it would be well worth it."

Tuvok nodded, "I'll join you."

Frowning Chakotay said, "I thought you couldn't stand Tom."
Tuvok almost smiled, "But I do, he is a great friend to me. He helped me through the Pon Farr. When I needed help he was there, not for the sex, we didn't go that far but Tom offered to, but he was starting a relationship with you at the time."

Chakotay nodded, "That sounds like something Tom would do to help his friends through their needs but refuses help from us when he needs it. But not this time I'm gonna help him whether he wants it or not."

Tuvok nodded his agreement. He would help Chakotay, he couldn't let Tom die. Sitting at the helm Chakotay started getting ready for leaving the planet, he started the check for pre-flight.

Tuvok could tell that Chakotay was worried that they wouldn't get Tom back alive, "Chakotay, we will get Tom back. I know Tom means a lot to you and Harry. He also means a lot to me as well I care about him a lot. Tom is my little brother."

Chakotay smiled a sad smile, "I didn't think Vulcan's express their emotions like that."

Tuvok nodded, "We don't usually but this is Tom we're talking about, now lets go and get help for him."

Chakotay started lift off and headed for Voyager.
Kathryn Janeway was on the bridge as Tuvok and Chakotay made contact with them. "Captain, Tom is missing we need Voyager to beam him off the planet."

Kathryn thought to herself, `Not again why is it always Tom? I'm never letting Tom off this ship again.'

Out loud she barked out, "Helm, take us to the planet heading 2518 warp six."

Batehart who was covering for Tom replied, "Aye Captain, heading 2518 warp six."

Kathryn pondered, `When will Tom get a break? All his life he has had crap thrown at him. God when is it gonna end?'

Meanwhile Tom came to, feeling really funny, the locals did him over yet again, trying to make him talk, they made him drink something really foul he tried to spit it out but for that he got a punch in the face and a few more kicks to his mid-riff.

Chakotay and Tuvok landed the Delta Flyer in the launch bay.
Tuvok shut down for the Flyer while Chakotay reported to the Captain. The Commander headed to the bridge where the Captain was waiting for him.

Letting his mind wander towards his lover - remembering that they had fought just that morning- he wished that he could take back every word he said to Tom that morning. He wanted his Tommy to know that his Cha loved him with all his heart. He wasn't sure if Tom knew that. No matter what he did that Cha would love him.

Chakotay whispered, "Hold on Tommy, we're coming for you darling, just hold on."

Chakotay didn't realize that he had company and jumped when he heard Harry say, "Commander, knowing Tom, he'll pull through just like he always does. For some reason Tom always bounces back."

Chakotay nodded, "Hope you're right this time Harry." Entering the bridge together Kathryn heard the last statement, she replied, "He will I know he will."

Tom was floating on a sea of pain. He knew he was in deep shit that he might never see his friends ever again. Whatever they gave him was wiping his memory, he knew that he was forgetting something important. He saw the locals coming over to him, he knew that the one in the front was mean to him for no reason, hitting him for the fun of it."

Chakotay saw the planet on the screen. He prayed that Tom was still alive.
Tuvok scanned the planet and he said, "One human life form in the village near where we landed. Captain it is Tom, his life signs are very weak but he is still alive."

Chakotay let the breath that he was holding come out with a whoose, "Thank god for that."

Kathryn nodded, "Okay, can we beam Tom up?"

Tuvok looked over at Harry, "Ensign Kim, can you confirm that there is a storm brewing near where Lt Paris is?"

Harry looked down at his console, "Confirmed, there is a storm heading to the site that Tom is at."

Harry did a double check and then frowned looking at his reading again he said, "Captain my readings are telling me that Tom is no longer an adult, he is a child."

Chakotay ran over to Harry and read the readings himself muttering, "Damn."

Kathryn looked over at them looking quite shocked. She didn't have to look around the bridge to know that she wasn't the only one

Kathryn had to asked Harry what he meant by that statement, "Harry what do you mean that Tom is a child?"

Harry looked over at her looking her straight in the eye then replied, "Tom readings are saying that he is a child -two to three years of age- and we need to get him now, his signs are very weak, we can't use the tranporters, we need to go down and get him."

Tuvok said, "I will go and get him with Chakotay, Captain."

Nodding Kathryn replied, "Good, go and get Tom. Bring him home."

Chaokay jumped out of his chair, "Aye Captain, we will."

Tuvok followed the Commander as they raced to the shuttle bay.

Tom couldn't remember feeling this bad. His daddy had really done it this time but what did he do this time? Looking around he saw that he was in a cage in some village he didn't know; with people he didn't know. He couldn't see his father or mother around anywhere.

Tom started to cry, he knew he'd get it for crying if his father caught him, but he hurt and they weren't fixing him up like they always do.

Chakotay and Tuvok hurried out of the shuttle once it landed.

Chakotay asked, "How long till night fall?"

Tuvok replied, "Two hours Chakotay."

Chakotay grimly smiled, "Well Tuvok, lets get the lay of the land. We'll get in as close as we can without getting caught ourselves. Then once they are all asleep we'll go and get Tom out of there and back home."

Tuvok nodded his agreement. Chakotay gathered up the packs handing one over to Tuvok who put it onto his back and followed Chakotay out of the shuttle.

"Computer, lock down Alpa tango 154." Tuvok nodded at the code that the Commander had used. Only Chakotay or himself could get into the Delta Flyer.

Pulling out his tricorder that had Tom's signal in it  Tuvok scanned the area for Tom's life signs. Tuvok pointed into the wooded area saying, "We need to head that way."

Looking over Chakotay saw that it looked like the forest back on Earth. He headed into the trees with Tuvok following him.

Tom was still crying, he couldn't see his parents at all, he was scared and he was hungry, his mommy wouldn't let him go without food - his daddy might- but not mommy.

Tom started to wail but tried to stop when he saw that meanie that hit him the last time coming over to him.

The meanie said, "Gend fes edfg huef." then whacked Tom so hard that Tom was sent flying to the other side of the cage.

Chakotay and Tuvok were not far when they heard a scream of a child.

Tuvok called out, "That is Tom."

Chakotay stopped walking and turned to look at him, "How the hell do you know that?"

Tuvok looked back at him and replied, "I knew Tom as a child. His father taught me when I went back to Starfleet. Just before his mother died I heard Tom scream when he fell down some stairs in the classroom. I found out later that when Owen got home he beat Tom for screaming and crying. The class was shocked that he didn't go over to Tom and check that he hadn't broken anything, we were told to leave him where he was that Tom needed to learn to handle it like a man."

Chatokay muttered, "If I ever see that man alive, I'll see if he can handle it like a man. How old was Tommy then?"

Tuvok frowned in thought, "About the age he is now between two and three. His mother tried to cuddle him but was told to leave Tom alone."

Chakotay just shook his head he could still hear the whimpering and the hip-cups coming from the village it was tearing his heart to pieces. Whispering he said, "Hang on baby, I'm coming hon." Chakotay resisted the urge to rush in and rescue Tom right then and there.

The village grew quite at the coming darkness. It seemed as though they feared the dark.

Tuvok was glad because it meant that their mission would work without hurting people  however if they did show their faces Tuvok would hurt them.

Chakotay tapped Tuvok on the arm and pointed to where Tom was. He whispered, "It's time to go and get Tom." Creeping forward, they inched their way closer to the cage and Tom.

Tommy noticed the two men sneaking over to him. He saw the man with the drawing on his face hold a finger to his lips. Tom nodded that he understood.

Watching them come closer to him. Chakotay and Tuvok reached the cage that held Tom.

Tom watched as the Vulcan studied the lock on the cage. Tuvok pulled out his phaser changing the settings on it and whispered, "Tommy, back away and cover your face."

Tom backed away from the door and sat as far from the door as he could get. He raised his knees putting his face between his knees and wrapped his arms around his head. Tuvok waited for Tom to finish and then took aim at the lock and fired at it till it was hanging broken from the loop.

Chakotay sprung forward once the door was swinging open and raced in. He kneeled down beside the little boy who was still weeping and whispered, "Shh, it's all right Tommy, we're here to get you out."

Tommy lifted his head and asked, "Did daddy sent you for me?"
Chakotay looked over at Tuvok before replying, "Yes, he did. Come on let us take you to our ship." Tom held his arms out waiting for Chakotay to pick him up. Chakotay didn't think twice about it, he just picked Tom up and carried him out of the cage and waited for Tuvok, then followed Tuvok to the shuttle with a sleepily Tom in his arms.

Tom felt safe with this man. He laid his head down on his shoulder and ever so slowly his eyelids closed.

Ten minutes later they entered the Shuttle. Chakotay placed Tom into a seat and strapped him into it while Tuvok started the preflight. Chakotay sat next to him and said, "Take us out of here Tuvok."

Tuvok got the shuttle off the planet and headed to Voyager who was waiting for them by the planet's moon where they were hiding.

Chakotay heard a noise behind him, turning he saw Tom who was wide awake watching Tuvok with wide eyes, Chakotay smile got bigger as Tom slipped out of his seat and walked over to them watching what Tuvok was doing.

Tom stood next to Chakotay's legs looking up at him, Tom held out his little arms.

Chakotay looked down with a smile and asked, "You want a closer look Tommy?"

Looking up at him shyly he nodded, Chakotay bent down to pick him up, "Woah you a big boy? How old are you Tommy?"

Tom held up five fingers and said, "Thee." Tommy really liked this man, he was nothing like his daddy. Tom reached up and traced the tattoo on Chakotay forehead, saying, "Pretty." Tom quickly took his hand away and ducked his head so he wouldn't get yelled at.

Tuvok watched Tom and asked, "Tommy do you remember who I am?"
Tom looked over at him and frowned then nodded saying in a low voice, "You're Tuvok, you were there when daddy got mad at me for crying, you stopped him from hitting me." Tom shrugged his shoulders and said, "Thanks for that, but I sure got it when he got home."

Tuvok frowned at that bit of news and said, "Sorry Tom, I did not know."
Tommy smiled up at him and replied, "'s' okie Tuvok, you didn't `no' that daddy was great at keepin' that sort of thing a `ecet."

Chakotay frowned, wishing that the bastard was here with them so he could kill him.

Tuvok looked over at him and said, Commander, I feel the same as you do."
Chakotay looked over at him and nodded knowing what Tuvok was talking about.

Thinking, `How can someone hurt a sweet child like Tommy and not feel anything about what they were doing?'

Tommy looked out the front and pointed "Cha, big ship is mommy .... oh."
Tuvok looked over at Voyager and hailed them, "Delta to Voyager. Request permission to land?"

The Captain sighed, "Permission granted Tuvok. Have you got Tom?"
Tuvok nodded, "Yes Captain, we rescued little Tommy. He is safe but we need the doctor to look him over."

Kathryn looked over at Harry and B'Elanna who was on the bridge waiting for news about the mission and on Tom.

She smiled as she heard a little voice say, "I know you don't I?" Kathryn looked back at the screen and saw a little tow-head boy sitting on Chakotay's lap with his bright blue eyes looking at her.

Kathryn smiled at him and replied, "Yes you do know me, I use to work with your daddy."

Tommy grew scared and asked, "Is daddy wit' you?"

Kathryn frowned and said, "No sweetie, your father is not here." Janeway was fuming. `How could Owen hurt his own son this sweet child?' She heard Harry mutter, "He is one dead man when we get back." Kathryn looked over at him and replied, "Get in line Harry I get him first." "Aye Captain, I bet I'll be at the end of the line with being an Ensign." B'Elanna nodded, "Yes Starfleet, you will be. We could go the other way so that we can get to him first - but we can't."

Tommy cuddled into Chakotay hiding his face in Chakotay's chest muttering, "Oh no what have I done? He gonna kill me Cha nobody was meant to know."

Chakotay looked down at the little boy in his lap. Chakotay said, "He will never hurt you again Tommy this I promise, I'll see to it that it never happens again Tommy." Rubbing Tom's back as Tom cried into his jacket that was soaking wet.

Tuvok landed the Delta in the shuttle bay. The door opened and they stood up. Chakotay stood with Tom in his arms.

Tuvok said, "Tranporter room, three to beam to sickbay."

By time the Captain, Harry and B'Elanna entered sickbay they heard Tommy crying out, "No, it hurts, Cha, may him stop he's hurting me."

They heard the Doctor say, "Gee, he's just as bad as a child as when he was an adult."

Kathryn said, "That's enough Doctor, Tom is only a child and he has been through a lot in the last couple of days for a little boy."
Tommy stopped crying when he heard her and saw Harry and B'Elanna with her, he smiled and asked, "Hello, who are you? Do I know you?"
Harry smiled at him and said, "I'm Harry and this lady is B'Elanna, it's nice to meet you."

Tom looked at them with a smile and said, "I hurt and the doc mean to me."
Harry tried not to laugh at the look on the doctor's face as he tried to work on a wriggling Tom.

Looking over at the Commander the doctor said, "Chakotay, hold him still so I can get some work done on him."

Chakotay nodded and said,"Tommy, come on. Come and sit by me, I'll hold your hand so it won't hurt so much."

Tommy smiled and whispered, "Cha, I like you." ducking his head down but Chakotay tilted his head up and whispered back to him, "I like you as well, Tommy."

The doctor went back to work muttering, He is even worse as a child, hhhrrrrppppppp."

Tom started to chat away, "Cha, what is the name of this ship again?"
Chakotay replied, "USS Voyager."

Tom started to wriggle again looking all over the place asking, "Where is he? Where is my Pookie?" The Doctor and Chakotay exchanged looks as Tommy jumped from the bio-bed. Tom crawled all over the floor and he started to scream. Finding a corner Tom sat down drawing his knees up, starting to rock back and fro murmuring, "Pookie, Where Pookie?"