Title:  An Uncommon Addiction P5
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Start Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  5 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.

Author's note: Okay kiddies this one's initial premise might beg you
to suspend your logical thinking for a time and ask you to go a
little with the flow cause the science isn't exactly precise (it is
however closer than you might think) but I promise you, it will
eventually be worth it.

*A special thanks to Haggis for inspiring this whacked out tale of
misadventure and desperate love.*

Summary:   Chakotay and Tom go on an away mission to a toxic planet
and have to depend on each other in a very intimate way to stay alive.

"You promised, remember?"  The man waved a jewel-encrusted weapon.
It didn't have a sharp point, so Tom figured it was a projectile gun
of some kind.  Whatever it was, he was sure it was deadly.  "I'll
kill him if you scream."

Tom nodded and the stranger undid the tie at the back of his head.

"I remember, you fucking bastard!"  Tom spat as soon as the gag was
removed.  He had a raging headache and was none too cheerful.

Quickly shoving his own discomfort aside, Tom looked fearfully beside
him to where Chakotay was still unconscious and tied hand to foot
like he was.  He lying on his side sweating profusely and his
breathing was labored.  Tom inanely thanked the stranger, who had
moved back to the fainting couch, for not bothering to gag him.

But why should he have?  It hadn't been necessary.  Chakotay had no
one warn, even if he'd been awake to do so.  Tom however had been a
different matter.  His mouth was the first thing this intruder had
incapacitated after sticking his weapon in his ear.

He been having a right good crying jag into his pillow when he felt
something cold pressed up to the side of his head.  Not long after he
found himself sitting on his butt with his hands tied to his ankles.

Indecently displayed with his knees pointing outward, he had cursed
himself a coward and had hoped for Chakotay to save him when he
finished his hissy fit and returned to the bedroom.  Unfortunately
after whacking him upside the head to shut up his mumblings, their
unwelcomed guest must have had blindsided his hero too before he had
a chance to rescue him.  Now it was up to a buck naked, hog-tied Tom
to rescue him.

"Who are you and what do you want?"  He asked fishing for
information.  The older, pot bellied man sitting on the couch was
slightly familiar but Tom couldn't quite place him.

"My name is Tabun, if that matters and I'd like more of these blue

The stranger Tabun pointed to a stash of his silver jewelry piled on
the end of the couch.  The only hint of gold in the heap was
Chakotay's precious life saving communicator.

From his vantage point on the bed, the small device was a blur.  Tom
blinked a few times trying to bring it focus thinking the knock on
his head had affected his vision and then stopped.  A cold chill ran
down his spine.  Oh shit, it wouldn't focus because it was
vibrating.  It must be past Chakotay's dose time and the alarm was
going off.  The older man's sweating and erratic breathing weren't
from his injury.  He was getting sick and feeling the effects of the
toxic atmosphere.

In his head Tom brought up the Doc's list of symptoms, a runny nose,
bronchial secretions, tightness in the chest, dimming of vision,
drooling, excessive perspiration, nausea, vomiting, muscles tremors,
coma and finally, death.  Although the runny nose and the drooling
weren't noticeably evident, even when ill Chakotay was too classy for
anything as messy as that, he was sweating and having a tough time
breathing.  Chakotay, it seemed might be halfway there.

"How long was I unconscious?"  He asked Tabun swallowing his panic
and hoping to get a better idea of just how sick Chakotay was.

"Half the night."  Tabun laughed.  "Who knew you'd have such soft

Shit!  That was bad, very bad.  He had to wake Chakotay up and make
love to him before he couldn't wake up at all.  Not an easy task
while being held captive and trussed up like a thanksgiving turkey.
Tom looked back to his captor.

"Okay I'll get you more stones but you're going to have to let me go
to get them."

"Not a problem if you can do it in an hour.  After that your friend
will be dead."

Oh damn, it would take him at least that long to find a radio to
contact Voyager with, that's if they had that level of technology on
this god forsaken planet.  Tom didn't remember anything Tuvok's
report about radio or any other artificial electromagnetic waves.

His other option would be to contact the authorities.  Good plan but
how was he supposed to explain who he was and why he didn't have
identification without breaking the Prime Directive?  He couldn't
most likely but he wasn't about to let that stop him.  If Chakotay
could drink on duty, then he could bend General Order One just a

"Okay but before I go, I want some time alone with Chakotay."  Tom
asked since there really wasn't any point in going anywhere if the
older man wasn't alive when he got back.  No point in anything at
all, Tom's heart whimpered.

"Time for what?"  His captor started obviously surprised that Tom had
the audacity to make his own demand.

"It's personal."  Tom offered vaguely.

Tabun fell back on the fainting couch laughing.  "You're kidding,

"He's sick and I need to make him well."  Tom replied calmly trying
to reach his captor's sense of compassion.  When Tabun laughed
louder, he changed tactics.  "Look you slimy little weasel, if you
don't let me help him, he'll die and I won't have any reason to bring
back you're precious fucking stones!"

That shut up him.

Leading with his weapon, Tabun rose from the couch and approached the

"What's wrong with him?"

"He's an addict."  Tom said keeping to the truth as much as
possible.  It was textbook procedure in these types of situations and
besides, he was too stressed out to come up with a convincing lie.

"Drugs?"  Tabun lowered his gun, tilted his head and peered down at
Chakotay.  "Funny, he didn't seem the type when we spoke at dinner."

Ah that's where he knew this man from.  Chakotay had shared his meal
with him.  The bastard probably made a habit of trolling the finer
hotels for wealthy businessmen and robbing them blind later.  Tom
would be doing this planet a favour by reporting this scavenger to
the authorities but first things first.

"He's not.  Chakotay's a good man, the best."  Tom hated having to
defend his lover to this scum but went on out of necessity.  "His
addiction is not born of vice but of birth.   He's has an hereditary
chemical imbalance."

"Then what's he addicted to?"



"Yes me or my fluids more specifically."  Tom strained against his
bonds, aching to wrap his hands around Tabun's neck and shake some
understanding into him.  "Look, it's complicated.  I don't really
know how it works but I do know that without me he dies and if that
happens, my incentive to anything for you dies with him."

Tom's shot to Tabun's avarice worked better than any medical
explanation he could have used.   All the bastard was concerned about
was getting more stones.

"All right but I'm not leaving.  You do what you have to but I'll be
here watching."

"Fine, whatever.  Now untie us."  Tom saw hesitation in his captor's
face.  "Oh come on, you're the big man with the gun, not me.   As you
can plainly see, I'm unarmed."

Tom sat uncaring as Tabun's beady eyes raked over his nude form.  He
had endured this kind of lecherous examination too many times before
to let it get to him but when his captor's gazed moved to Chakotay,
he wasn't so impassive.

Staring daggers at Tabun, Tom tried to shift his body and block the
bastard's inspection.  Everything about this beautiful man was his
and he didn't care to share even a look.  If he had the time for
introspection, Tom would have been surprised at the depth of his
possessiveness.  Tabun looked at him amused.

"Oh you're a loyal little serif, aren't you?"

"Fuck you Tabun."  Tom growled.

"That thought crossed my mind however, I prefer screwing a rich men
out their jewels over screwing their serifs no matter how beautiful
or unusual."

Producing a wicked looking short blade from the belt of his toga,
Tabun slit first Chakotay's bonds and then with his weapon leveled at
his head, Tom's.  He kept both weapons out as he retreated to the end
of the bed and sat comfortably on its edge.

Freed and setting aside any plans for escape to a back corner of his
mind, Tom ignored the vile man and concentrated on Chakotay.

The first order of business was to wake him up.   Tom could take him
easily without a lot of reciprocation but that was only half of the
cure as he remembered.  Endorphins were the other half.  Chakotay had
to have an orgasm for the cure to be complete and he couldn't do that
if he was out cold.  Tom spooned behind him.

"Hey babe," He whispered in his lover's ear as his hands lovingly
stroked his sweat slicked body trying to bring it to life.  "It's me
Tommy."  Chakotay stirred and Tom's heart sang.

"Tommy?"  Chakotay arched his body back into him.  The move was lazy
and relaxed but only for a moment.  As the older man's came to his
senses, he went rigid and tried to roll.  "Tommy!"

Tom snaked his arms around his middle and held him fast.  In
Chakotay's weakened state he had no trouble restraining him.

"Hold still babe."  Even as he said the words, Chakotay had slumped
boneless in his arms.  His short fight had left him exhausted.

"But I saw you on the bed, you, you were tied up."  Chakotay was
mumbling, straining to get his words out.  Tom suspected his fever
was causing some sort of delirium.  He held him tighter to ground him
and then rested his chin on his damp shoulder.

"Yes, we have a visitor."

"Did he hurt you because if he did, I'll kill him."  The vehemence in
the older man's voice surprised him.  Rarely did he hear the normally
cool headed Commander speak with such deadly fury.  In a way Tom was
flattered at the level of ferocity he inspired in his lover but it
also scared him.  It was not normal for Chakotay to react with this
much emotion.  The fever was unbalancing him.

"Hush love I'm fine but you're not."

Quietly he explained to Chakotay the gravity of their situation.
When he mentioned Tabun's demand, the older man spat curses at their
captor and struggled to get at him.  It took all Tom's strength and
logic to stop him.  Finally some of his reasons for cooperating sunk
in and Chakotay once again stilled in his arms.  Gauging that the
older man was a lucid as he was going to get, he broached the subject
of his dose.

Chakotay tried to turn in his arms and satisfied that he wasn't going
to bolt Tom let him.  "I can't do it Tommy, not in front of him."  He
said weakly, his dark eyes pleading.  Tom kissed his cheek, letting
his lips linger a moment.

"He's not here, I am."  Tom said softly.

Chakotay's face screwed up like a contrite child.  His bottom lip
stuck out defiantly and his eyes narrowed.

"But I can see him Tommy."

"Close your eyes then and think only of me, of my body, my lips."  He
kissed Chakotay again.

The older man tore his gaze from Tabun and looked briefly downward.
He was flushing hotter than his fever when he brought his head back

"But what if I can't, you know get hard?"

"Trust me love, you will."  Tom said hoping he wasn't lying.

"You're not even hard Tommy and you'll have to be."

From the end of the bed he heard Tabun chuckle.  The bastard was
enjoying the show.  Tom blocked him out easily but for Chakotay, in
his agitated state brought on by his illness it was more difficult.
His dark eyes flitted constantly from Tabun to him.  Tom needed to
something drastic to get his attention and keep it.

"Watch me Chak, okay?  Forget everything else and let me show you how
much I love you."

Chakotay stopped his furtive looks at their captor and stared wide
eye at him.

"You love me?"

Tom smiled and traced a heart on Chakotay's smooth chest.  Despite
his fear of crashing head long into another one of Chakotay's
emotional barriers, it felt good to finally tell the older man he
loved him.

"Yes, you drive me nuts with your mood swings but god help me I do."

"But the herd Tommy.  What about the herd?"  Chakotay replied
confused.  His eyes were unfocused and his voice was unsure.

Tom's joy faded.  Chakotay was too delirious to understand the depth
of his love or hard it had been to admit.  He was babbling nonsense
and Tom realized sadly he wasn't going to get through to Chakotay
emotionally.  He would have to reach him on a more visceral level.

"Okay big guy times a wasting, screw the herd.  How's about we just
do you?"

"Me?  I told you I can't."

"You can.  Now just shut up and close your eyes."

Not waiting to hear another refusal, Tom pressed his palms to
Chakotay's shoulders and kissed him hard.  Tabun whooped and egged
him on as he left his lover's mouth for his smooth bronze chest.
Licking the sweat from the dusky nipples, he reached down for
Chakotay's cock.

It wasn't rock hard, it wasn't even getting there but that didn't
dissuade Tom.  He was a man with a mission.  He had the courage of
Captain Proton, Superman's strength and even Lois Lane's spunk.   He
was Tom Paris and he was in love.  He was fucking invincible.

Motivated by love and the fear of losing it, he continued downward,
sparks of determination emanating from his lips as he traced
Chakotay's abdominal muscles with his wet kisses.  A now familiar
whimper emanated for his lover's mouth as he gently stroked in a wide
spread arc from his dark stained member to the inside of his heavy
thighs.  Beyond the sickness, beyond the delirium Tom knew he was
finding him.  Chakotay even cried out his name when his mouth finally
found its most treasured target.

Taking the flaccid organ into his mouth, Tom laved it until it was
shining and plump enough to handle without bending.  Following his
lips, he encircled the growing erection with his fingers and bobbed
his head in long languid strokes.  Chakotay responded by arching up
into his moist heat and entwining his fingers in his hair.  The small
but desperate whimpers he made as he pumped into his mouth, excited
Tom and brought his own organ to firm erection.

Given his head, pardon the pun, Tom would like to have brought
Chakotay off this way.  To taste the man's most precious liquid and
take it into himself would be divine, however it was not part of his
present mission.  Well it was, but not in this manner and not quite

Chakotay's orgasm would have to be fucked and not sucked out of him.
It couldn't happen any other way because quite frankly, Tom knew he
would come the moment his lover did.  He felt that close, that
connected to the writhing half mad man beneath him.  Reluctantly he
broke the seal on Chakotay's cock.

"Okay my love," He slid up Chakotay's glistening body until their
hips were even.  "It's Tommy time."

Because he lacked his lover's skills, Tom reached between their
bodies and used his hand to place his cockhead at Chakotay's anus.
The tight opening wasn't prepared with gel but the sweat the older
man was generating because of his withdrawal slicked the opening
enough that after a little gentle pressure Tom breached his aperture.

"Tommy!"  Chakotay screamed as Tom shot his cock home.

"Oooh yeah!"  Tabun yelled as he started to pump.

"I love you!"  Tom shouted as he started to come.

Helpless to fight his fast approaching orgasm, Tom quickly with what
little presence of mind he had left, whacked the hell out of
Chakotay's dick.  If he had to, he would finished Chakotay off after
he dosed him with his semen but for the sake of symmetry wished
fervently the older man would reach his apex with him.  He now
understood Chakotay's earlier desire to have him come when he did.
It made their joining special.

"Yeah, ride that pony!"  The obnoxious pest at the end of the bed

Little did Tabun know that the man under him was no pony but a raging
stallion when he came and as if hearing his thoughts, Chakotay began
to buck wildly.

The bed shook with the force of Chakotay's search for release.  It
hadn't been this bad before but Tom suspected the delirium had
something to do with the manic way he was straining up off the
mattress to meet his thrusts.   Chakotay was frightened and lost.
Tom's cock in his ass was probably the only thing that felt real to
him right now.  It was something he could hold on to.  The only
problem was now Tom needed something to hold on to, literally.

With both their orgasms exploding from their bodies, it was a
struggle for Tom to stay between Chakotay's sweat slicked legs.  The
older man's convulsions, powered by adrenaline and need were lifting
him from the bed.  Tom grappled desperately to finish before being
bucked off.  This was not making love.  It was a wrestling match.

"Tommy!"  Chakotay screamed as his back arched into his orgasm and he
finally threw him from his body.

Crashing backwards, his spurting cock slipping from his lover's ass,
Tom finished his release in mid air.  When he landed, it was on
something hard and lumpy.  When it moaned, he knew it was Tabun.
Tom smashed an elbow back into his landing pad's face to silence it

"Oh shit."  He panted while looking up at the ceiling.  "Okay move
Tommy, move."   Tom lay still a few moments trying to catch his
breath before following his own advice.  He rolled off Tabun and
scrabbled on his hands and knees for the communicator on the fainting
couch.  Once he had his prize, he crawled back to Chakotay and
propped up against the bed.  The older man's hand came down to caress
his cheek.  Tom kissed its palm softly as it brushed by his mouth to
settle on his shoulder and then activated the device.

"Paris to Voyager."

"Janeway here.  Tom?"

"Yes ma'am.  I think we're ready to come home."

"Did you get the soap?"

"The what?  Oh wait," Tom squinted over at the unconscious Tabun.
The man was dripping with yellow stones.  He smiled at the turn about
of events. "Yep, got em!"

"Good work Mr Paris.  Prepare for transport."

Tom twisted his head to look at Chakotay.  He appeared to have fallen
asleep but it was better to be safe.

"Captain I think you better beam us directly to Sickbay."

"Understood.  Janeway out."

Tom ended the connection and slumped back on the bed wondering if
maybe he should have mentioned to the captain that both he and
Chakotay were out of uniform.  He shrugged his shoulders and laughed.

This was really going to get the Doc's goat.