Title:  An Uncommon Addiction P4
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Start Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  4 of ?
Email for feedback:  forbesc@skyia.com
Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.

Author's note: Okay kiddies this one's initial premise might beg you
to suspend your logical thinking for a time and ask you to go a
little with the flow cause the science isn't exactly precise (it is
however closer than you might think) but I promise you, it will
eventually be worth it.

*A special thanks to Haggis for inspiring this whacked out tale of
misadventure and desperate love.*

Summary:   Chakotay and Tom go on an away mission to a toxic planet
and have to depend on each other in a very intimate way to stay alive.

Was that?  No, it couldn't be.

Tom squinted his eyes trying to get a better look at the person
skulking in the in the dark corner.  Oh shit, it was him.

Standing in the midst of a bunch of potted ferns looking like he was
trying to blend in with the scenery, Chakotay crooked his finger at
him in the universal sign for `get your butt over here now'.

Tom smiled graciously to his dinner companions and excused himself.
It wasn't like he was getting any where with them anyway.  The only
rocks of his they were interested in buying were not in his collar
and a little further south.  Neither he nor his cock was tempted to
take them up on their offer.  In fact his little buddy had slept
soundly through the entire exchange.

"What's up?"   He said when he reached the commander.  Chakotay
smiled and took his hand.

"Whoa!"  Tom exclaimed when his hand was placed over a very large
erection.  It was through the older man's toga but he could clearly
feel its warm bulk.

"It's time."  Chakotay purred against his cheek.

"For your dose?"  Tom pulled back his hand and face.  Something more
than Chakotay's dick was up.  He took a good look at the frisky

His eyes `were' a little red and watery and he `was' perspiring but
it was too soon to be anything serious.  Chakotay should have another
four hours before a toxic reaction set in.

Chakotay grinned.  "Nope, it's Tommy time."

"Tommy?"  Oh wait a minute.  Tom took second look at his happy friend
and sighed in exasperation.  "Oh shit, you're drunk."

The tipsy commander took a deep breath and stuck out his chest.  "Am

"Oh-ho yes you are."  Tom poked the protruding chest with his index
finger.  "You're stinking fucking drunk Chak."

Tom had been careful not drink too much wine by switching his full
glass for empty ones as his dinner companions thoughtlessly set them
down on the table.  It had taken a lot of finesse and hard work not
to be caught at his slight of hand `and' carry on a witty banter but
he had been mindful of his mission and persevered.  However, Tom
thought angrily, it seemed his talented efforts were for nothing.
Apparently somebody, namely a certain commander had neglected to tell
him it was all right to drink on duty.

Chakotay sexy bottom lip pouted.  "Does this mean you won't take
advantage of me?"

"Not at all babe.  I'm all over you."  Yeah sure, once they got back
to their room and he raked him over the coals.

Chakotay's hands slid under the skirt of his toga, brushed his
hipbones with his thumbs and then slid around to squeeze his ass.
Tom's little buddy stirred from its slumber.

"I was sorta hoping for the other way round Tommy."  Chakotay
whispered in his ear as he nipped at its lobe.

"What?  You want to take me?"

"You betcha."  Chakotay replied as he molded ass into a brand new
shape and kissed the side of his neck softly.  It was the first time
those luscious lips had touched him and Tom melted.  He was still
irritated with Chakotay but now, not so much.

"Let me think about it, aaaah, okay."

"Gooood.  Come'on beautiful."

Chakotay pushed him backwards, deeper into the ferns.  They stopped
when Tom hit a marble wall.

"What?  You want to do me right here in the bushes?"  He yelped.

"Yep, lift your skirt Tommy."

Chakotay didn't wait for him to do the honours.  He tucked the front
of Tom's skirt up into his silver belt himself and start playing with
his now exposed cock and balls.  After a few flicks of those blunt
fingers, Tom's little friend stretched to its full length and became
fully awake.

Oh shit, now what did he do?  He wanted Chak inside him real bad and
normally he didn't mind public sex, it was exciting but if they were
caught, oh fuck.  Who knew what these people did to flashers.

"Are you crazy Chak?"  He pulled down his toga.  "Someone might see."

"Not crazy, drunk remember?"  Chakotay's hands continued their
foreplay under his skirt.

"You're not that drunk."  Tom scolded while shifting his hips forward
into the older man's ministrations.  It felt too good not to and he
was mad not crazy.

"Nope if I were, I wouldn't have this."  He grinned evilly and used
one hand to lift his own toga.   A large bronze cock popped out and
up.  Chakotay tucked his skirt behind the stout member and returned
his hand to Tom's groin.

Tom looked down at Chakotay's trick and moaned.  "Oh shit Chak."

"What?"  Chakotay pointed his smiling dark eyes down then up.  "You
don't want it Tommy?"

"Whoa, Tommy didn't say that."   Oh no not at all, Tom thought.  He
wanted all of Chakotay, drunk or not.  In fact drunk was looking
pretty good.

Tom had no compunctions about taking advantage of him in his
inebriated state.  Scruples did mean shit when you're in love Tom
figured and besides this commander didn't have the barriers the other
one did.  `And' he called him Tommy and he kinda liked that.

"I want it babe."

"In your ass Tommy?"  Chakotay made his point by sticking a blunt
digit into him.  It entered easily.  Tom hadn't replaced his plug but
he had kept himself greased and ready.  "Do you want me to fuck you
up the ass?"  Chakotay growled as his thick finger grazed Tom's gland.

"Yes!"  He cried as his cock wept.

"Good because I want to Tommy.  I want to very, very much."

Tom whimpered in response, parted his legs and wrapped his arms
around Chakotay's neck.  The fear of getting caught flitted from his
mind as he closed his eyes and rode the older man's finger.

"Oh spirits Tommy."  Chakotay's voice was low and husky.  "Let's get
back to the room."

As Tom's eyes flew open the heaven between his legs ceased.

"The room?"  He asked confused.  Weren't they going to do it here?

"Yes you don't want people to see, do you?"  Chakotay smiled slowly
at him, his dark orbs shining more with arousal than alcohol.

"Damn you're incorrigible."

"Nope, just horny."  Chakotay laughed as he righted his toga and
pulled him from the bushes.


Spirits, that was better.

Chakotay dropped the hypo back into the med kit and then splashed
some cold water on his face to complete his restoration.

He would not make love to Tom while inebriated.  The wine had gotten
him this far but he would not let it take him the rest of the way.

Chakotay didn't want to feel the younger man through a drunken haze
and since this was the first of one of the few times they would have
together, he also wanted it crystal clear in his mind for later

Grabbing a towel he patted the moisture from his face and took a step
back from the mirror above the bathroom sink to get a better view.
Not normally a vain man, Chakotay eyed his physique critically in the
small mirror.

He was trim thanks to his boxing program and his muscles while not
overly bulky were well defined on his vee like torso.  Chakotay
flexed his arm and watched his bicep contract.  He smiled and mused,
still strong enough for a good right cross although he didn't plan on
any fighting in the next little while.  The provocative thought led
his eyes downward.

Heavily muscled thighs presented themselves proudly and between, a
good-sized erection that had been performing remarkably well in the
last day.  Of course it had equally remarkable incentive in the form
of Voyager's tenacious young pilot.  Chakotay hoped for its continued
success as he headed out into the bedroom and to `Tommy'.

He would not tell the younger man about the shot of Natlrexone to his
jugular.  It would be best if Tom assumed his overt sexual advances
were derived from the wine and not his out of control desire.  It was
an excuse to hide behind if when later back on the Voyager, Tom had
call to throw this night back in his face.  He wasn't certain it
would happen but it was better to be safe in case it did.

Mussing his hair as he reached the doorway, Chakotay affected a silly
grin and called out.

"Tommy, I'm baaack!"


"And I'm on mine!"  Tom called out in answer to Chakotay's cry.

Looking every inch the conquering hero and not a swaggering drunk,
the older man strode proudly into bedroom, his dark skin lustrous in
the diffused light of the burning candles.  Tom wondered idly exactly
what Chakotay had been doing in the bathroom, dismissed the thought
quickly because he didn't really care if this was the result and
leaned back against the pillows waiting demurely to be claimed.

Chakotay locked eyes with him, holding Tom breathless in an
unwavering stare as he lifted the white sheets and crawled beneath
them.   Tom had to force the air in and out his lungs as he edged
towards him.  Chakotay raised his hand and caressed his cheek.

"Tommy."  He said in a soft hush.

Tom wanted to answer back but `Chak' seemed too casual and `babe'
wasn't special enough to match the depth of emotion Chakotay put in
his name.   He satisfied his loss by kissing tenderly his fingertips
one by one as they passed over his mouth.

"Oh spirits, I can't believe I'm here doing this."  Chakotay's voice
shuddered with emotion as his hand fell.  Tom picked it back up and
laid it over his breast.  He knew right then the wine no longer
affected Chakotay.  The barriers were coming back up.

"You are love, you are."  Tom smiled at finding the right name for
his handsome commander.  "And you promised."

"Promised?"  Dark eyebrows rose over a set of clear ebony eyes.

"In the courtyard.  You promised to take me."

"Tom," Chakotay started in the same resolute tone he had used earlier
after they had emerged from their bath.  Tom quickly cut him off
before he said anything he couldn't argue his way out of.

"It's Tommy remember?  Please love, don't disappoint me."  Tom
pleaded while seriously thinking about running downstairs for a
carafe of red wine.

He moved the hand on his chest lower to his waiting erection and
wrapped Chakotay's fingers around it hoping a different kind of
intoxication would infect him.  Tom only moved his hand a few times
in tutorial before Chakotay's grip tightened and took over.

"Yes, I want this."   Chakotay moaned as he worked Tom's sweating
shaft.  The white bed sheet billowed under his ministrations letting
the cool evening air in.  Tom moved closer to Chakotay's heated body
to warm himself.

"It's yours," Tom sighed.  "Now kiss me and I'll give you the rest."

"Kiss you?"  Chakotay replied confused as if the word was alien to

"Yeah that's where you put you lips on mine and.-"

Tom didn't get the chance to finish.  He didn't even remember what
he had wanted to say as Chakotay's mouth captured his.

If he had expected the older man's kiss to be shy and timid from
uncertainty, he would have been wrong.  It wasn't.  The lips that
caressed Tom's were strong and sure as they steadily sucked and
nipped at his and the hot moist tongue was purposeful in it's
destination as it lined his gums and then dipped inside his mouth.
In short, Chakotay he knew what he was doing and was good at it.

Leaning into him, Chakotay let go of his dick to pull him forward
into his.  When their mutual erections met in pulsing need, Tom felt
hot tears build behind his closed eyes.  He had wanted this, this
soul searing kiss, this burning touch for so long that now that it
was happening, it was a little overwhelming.

Tom was weeping from stem to stern as he shifted his hips so the
older man lay on top, covering him like a blanket.  His arms he
brought up so he could run his fingers through Chakotay's soft hair
as he tried to match his prowess at kissing with a little tongue
dancing of his own.

Chakotay moaned and ran a hand down his side, over his hip to the
sensitive area behind his knee.  Simultaneously thrusting into his
groin and kissing him into a slow sweet death, he lifted his leg and
tucked it behind his back in another unspoken universal sign.  This
one said, I want inside and Tom answered back with one of his own as
he wound his other leg around Chakotay's hips.  His said, I want you

Tom laughed to himself when he realized they were still abiding by at
least one of the rules with their silent discourse.

Displaying yet another amazing talent, Chakotay tilted his pelvis and
without the aid of his hands, unerringly hit Tom's prepared hole with
the crest of his penis.  Tom barely had time to digest that new
wonder when he was treated with another, Chakotay's thick cock slowly
sliding deep inside, stretching him, filling him.

"Oh yessss."  He hissed breaking the kiss and a rule.  Chakotay's
freed mouth latched on to his neck, nipping and kissing as Tom
continued to mumble affirmatives.

"My sweet Tommy," Chakotay murmured as he pulled up and braced
himself on his elbows.  Except for a slight trembling, his hips were
still. "My sweet, sweet Tommy."

Tom looked up into dark eyes that were only bright with arousal and
not a hint of wine.  Oh fuck, how he loved this man and so wanted to
tell him but held his tongue afraid of spoiling this moment and
triggering a barrier.

"Fuck me my love."  He said instead, fudging a little bit.

"Yes," Chakotay replied softly as pulled his cock out a fraction from
his ass.  "Yes!"  He roared when he shoved it back in knocking the
breath from Tom's lungs.

"Yes, yes, yes," The older man repeated as he got down to some
serious fucking.  Tom closed his eyes and tightened his legs around
Chakotay's hips as he pounded into his ass and hung on.

His cock was slapping in short staccatos against his belly when the
rhythm slowed to a steadier beat.  Tom opened his eyes to
investigate only to see Chakotay's head hanging down between his arms
watching his cock pumping in and out of his ass.

Tom would have given anything to come for his love right then, to let
him watch and show him the depths of his feelings but knew he
shouldn't.  Chakotay needed his issue inside him not on his stomach.
It didn't matter they were ahead of schedule, and the older man was
okay for a few more hours, Tom would feel better knowing that he'd
pushed the time back the original six.  Chakotay would be that much
safer from this demon planet's toxic fumes and that was more

"Oh, oh, oh spirits Tommy." His lover wheezed as he looked up, his
face a grimace.  Oh fuck, he was coming.

Remembering the explosion in the tub, Tom happily readied himself to
be pounded through the wall above his head.  When his cock began to
weep more freely he realized he was looking forward to it way too
much and pinched it just below the crest.

Unbelievably even as his hips and breath quicken Chakotay noticed his
struggle and covered his hand.

"Do it with me Tommy."  He growled as he pumped him in time with his

"No."  He pleaded weakly but Chakotay's hand on his cock and his cock
in his ass was more than he could fight.   When the older man kissed
his neck, Tom lost it completely and joined him in full force.

Thrashing and convulsing they crashed into one another as each
spilled their seed.  Tom dimly felt Chakotay's teeth sink into his
shoulder as his spine arched and his come was milked from his body
but the small pain at his neck was nothing compared to the ecstasy he
felt everywhere else.

He was crying openly by the time the sensual storm passed and
Chakotay had collapsed on his chest.  Wiping his wet face on the
older man's shoulder, he held him tightly as if afraid he would slip
away.  Which was not that impossible given that Tom had effectively
slicked Chakotay in sweat, semen and now tears.

I love you, he breathed soundlessly into his tattoo.  As if hearing
him, the older man roused and tried to move to his side.   Tom eased
his grip but only enough so Chakotay could transfer his weight.   He
didn't for one second lose contact with his deliciously smooth skin.

"Are you all right Tommy?"  Chakotay asked alarmed when he saw his

Tom smiled.  "Yeah love, perfect.  I always cry when I've been fucked
within an inch of my life."

"You do?"

"I do now."  He kissed Chakotay's lips to reassure him and was
pleased when the older man didn't pull away but kissed him back with
enough passion to rev his engines again, which reminded him.  Tom
stuck his fingers between their lips to end the contact.

"You shouldn't have made me come Chakotay."  He said sternly using
his lover's full name to get his point across.  "You needed that

"Not for another three hours and I'm sure that by then even if I
can't get it up which I seriously doubt, I haven't come this many
times in years, you will.   You're young and besides," Chakotay
nipped playfully at the fingers near his mouth.  "I wanted you to."

That was real sweet Tom's heart cooed just before it tightened
painfully with fear.  Sentimentality was all well and good, but not
when it could mean losing it completely.

"Oh you wanted, so that makes it okay?"  Tom propped himself up on an
elbow and said harshly, his voice more thick with dread than
anger.  "Well fuck that.  In case you've forgotten we're on a mission
here Commander.  You can't get sick."

Chakotay's eyes narrowed.  Oh shit, Tom thought.  He had
inadvertently triggered the barrier.

"I haven't forgotten Lieutenant."  He said stiffly.  "Well perhaps I
did for a few moments but now that you've reminded me, I promise not
make the same mistake twice.  Excuse me."

In a huff Chakotay left the big bed for the bathroom and for the
second time that day, Tom was treated to the sound of the door


What the hell was he doing?

Standing in the tub, Chakotay dropped the sponge he been rinsing his
body with and looked towards the closed door of the bathroom.

Running away you big wuss, his mind answered.  You waited for Tom to
turn the knob and then you kicked the door wide open and ran
screaming through it.  Spirits Chakotay, the man was only concerned
for your well-being, he wasn't rejecting you.

But he used rank, Chakotay wailed back.   We had just made love and
were still coming down from it and he called me Commander.

He also calls you Chak, babe and hold to your horses, love, Tom calls
you love.  It's three against one, do the math.

He was angry.

I said he was concerned.

Concerned as in cared?

Maybe more, you left before he could tell you.

I don't want more.

Liar.  You just don't want to get hurt.

Nobody does.

True but `nobody' is an awfully lonely person.

So I should take a chance?

If you think Tommy's worth it.

He is.  He is.

Don't tell me, you big wuss.

Breaking from his internal debate, Chakotay laughed aloud.   Here he
was alone in the bathroom arguing with himself when the pale beauty
he had just brought to tears with his lovemaking was waiting for him
in a bed in the other room.  It was crazy and he'd been spending way
too much time in that realm lately.

Accepting that Tom Paris was enough to make anyone nuts, he walked up
the three short stairs out of the tub intending to grovel for the
younger man's forgiveness.

He was tired of running.

Grabbing a warm wet cloth and a fluffy towel as weapons in his battle
for pardon, he left the bathroom.

"Tommy," Chakotay began then stopped or rather was stopped.

His last vision before the blow to the back of his head knocked him
senseless was of his lover on the bed gagged and bound.