Title:  An Uncommon Addiction P2
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Start Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  2 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.

Author's note: Okay kiddies this one's initial premise might beg you
to suspend your logical thinking for a time and ask you to go a
little with the flow cause the science isn't exactly precise (it is
however closer than you might think) but I promise you, it will
eventually be worth it.

*A special thanks to Haggis for inspiring this whacked out tale of
misadventure and desperate love.*

Summary:   Chakotay and Tom go on an away mission to a toxic planet
and have to depend on each other in a very intimate way to stay alive.

Thrumming.   Oh spirits, Tom wanted to feel him thrum.

Confused and mystified about how that made him feel Chakotay sat down
hard on the closed seat of the commode.  Too late he remembered the
plug and yelped in what was not exactly pain.   He adjusted his butt
cheeks into a more comfortable position and tried to face up to the

What he feared most had finally happened.  He had fallen in with the
rest of the rabble and was now one of the many fools that desired Tom
Paris.  That's what he'd really been running from and the true reason
behind the rules.

In the marketplace, he had been shocked to feel Tom's warm hand
rubbing his belly seductively.  The younger man's desire was alien to
him and it had taken him aback to be the target of it.  His cock
however, had not been so shy or unbelieving and had come to a sudden
attention, much like it was now.   He cursed the traitorous organ.

Chakotay did not want to want Tom Paris.  His mind raged against the
notion while his body, via the achingly hard erection between his
legs scolded him gently and told him that it was already a done
deal.  He'd been caught and captured.  He was one of them now.

No, his mind rallied back.  I am not a beast driven by my desires.  I
will not become one of the pack and take my place in the herd.   I am
a civilized man and will not be subjugated by lust, neither my own or
that golden haired siren's.  I am more than instinct.  I am rational
thought.  I am, I am.losing myself but I don't have to.  I can fight

Standing and grabbing a towel, Chakotay resolved to not let the touch
of the beauty in the next room affect him, convincing himself that
while he needed the bio-chemical elements Tom's body offered, he did
not need the body that issued them.  He could do that if he
concentrated hard enough.

All he needed to do was remember the rules.


Remember the rules.

No touching, no talking so basically, no Tom.  How was he supposed
make his mark then?  Chakotay might as well line his butt up to a
glory hole for all the intimacy his method afforded.  Sex didn't get
any more anonymous than this.

"Where did you want to do it?"  He asked when Chakotay emerged from
the bathroom with a towel.

"The fainting couch.  I'll lean over it and you can enter me from

Terrific and no eye contact either.  Chakotay wanted a wham, bam
thank you ma'am kind of fuck.  Not a bad thing normally, Tom had
enthusiastically participated in quite a number of those on Voyager,
however not this time.  He wanted to make slow love to the man who
was now rummaging through his leather satchel looking for lube.

Waiting, Tom stood by the pregnant end of the white upholstered couch
and played nervously, tugging on a loose thread on the large pillow
that formed its lone arm.  He was sweating despite the early evening
breeze that billowed the pale translucent sheers.

He reached up, undid the gold clasp at his right shoulder and let the
top of his toga fall over the belt at his waist.  The cooling air
blew over the damp skin of his chest and teased his nipples into rock
hard buds.  Tom closed his eyes and sighed.

"What are you doing?"

Tom opened his eyes to see Chakotay, a silver tube in hand staring at
his exposed chest.

"Nothing."  He responded confused.

"Here," Chakotay handed him the lube and Tom it placed on the corner
of the couch for later reference. "And do up your toga."  He added

Oh shit, he'd inadvertently broken another rule.  Don't look sexy
while fucking and keep your clothes on.  Well, screw that.  He hadn't
even been trying to be seductive.  He'd been hot, that's all.

"Why Chak?  Is the sight of my bare skin turning you on?"  Tom ran
his hand up his belly, pinched a hard nipple and moaned.   Chakotay's
mouth dropped.  "Do you like the way I look, Chak?"

When he reached out for the gap in the front of Chakotay's toga, the
older man snapped his mouth shut and shied away.

"Stop it Tom, don't make this harder for me.  I don't want to like
you."  He growled.  The angry commander from the road was back.  Gone
was the congenial man who played Lois Lane for him in the marketplace.

"Why not?"  Tom asked being very careful not to let the hurt he felt
at the commander's change in attitude show in his voice.

"Because I don't, alright.  You don't have to know why.  Now do up
your top and let's get this over with."

"Yes sir!"   You fucking bastard, sir!

Tom continued to curse the commander in his head, while he fumbled to
bring the front and back of his toga together at his shoulder.  He
couldn't get his fingers to work the clip and was very close to
tears, when Chakotay stepped up to help him.  With clinical
efficiency the other man brought the ends up and fastened the gold

"Thanks."  He mumbled.

"Don't mention it."  Chakotay said softly back and then caught his
eye.  "Can you do this, Tom?"

"Yes Commander." And he could, although he wasn't terribly proud of
it.   Chakotay was trashing him and treating him like shit but his
cock was harder than ever.  It seemed `it' had no pride.

"Good and please, let's drop the rank."   He smiled, letting loose
his sexy dimples and making Tom's breath catch.  "I'm going to call
you Tom, so you might as well call me Chak."

Oh god, hot and cold running Chakotay, that's all he needed.  Tom's
mind spun as he tried to figure out how to act but it was difficult
with the commander going from anger to gentle concern in seconds

Tom wished the man would make up his fucking mind one way or another,
hate him or love him, not that it would change the way Tom would feel
on the inside, he loved Chakotay no matter what now, but it would be
less wear and tear on his tortured heart if the guy just chose a side.

"Turn around Chak."  He said purposefully using the diminutive form
of his name.   That was at least one thing he `knew' the commander

Nodding mutely Chakotay turned and leaned over the end of the fat end
of the couch.  Now beautifully sprawled before him, Tom resisted the
urge to lean forward, cover his broad back with his chest and treat
the nape of his neck to fine kisses.  He could fuck him that way he
knew, joined from stem to stern but that would probably break the no
unnecessary touching rule.   Instead, Tom tucked the front of his
skirt into his belt and then did the same for Chakotay's back.

Oh fuck, the man would have a drop dead killer ass.  The brown globes
were firm, satiny smooth and begged to be fondled.  It was really too
bad he was wearing the butt plug.  Tom would have really enjoyed
dropping to his knees, kneading open those gorgeous cheeks and
preparing Chakotay for his entry with only his lips and tongue.  Oh
sweet jesus, what he would give to taste him.

His cock twitched impatiently as if telling him yeah that would be
real good, but there was something even better ahead, so stop
dawdling and get on with it.  Tom paid attention to his little buddy
and began to gently massage the dimples at the base of Chakotay's
spine with one hand.

"I'm going to remove the plug now Chak."  He warned.

"You don't have to tell me Tom.  Just do it."   Chakotay tersely said
over his shoulder.  Right yeah no talking, another rule.  Damn this
was hard.

Grasping the edges of the disc with his free hand, Tom carefully
worked the four inch prosthesis out while continuing to rub his lower
back.  Chakotay's tight passage clung to the plastic dildo, making
removal slow and playing havoc with Tom's control.  It got worse when
the commander began to moan softly.

When the plug finally popped out, Chakotay let out a long guttural
sigh.  For a moment Tom was tempted to shove it back in and fuck him
with it just to hear him moan again but then he remembered he had
something better to use.

Tossing aside the prosthesis, Tom grabbed the tube from the corner of
the couch and squeezed a generous amount of the slick gel on the
crest of his penis before dropping it beside the plug.  With
trembling hand he swiped its length, coating it completely.  Chakotay
waited patiently, his gaping asshole twitching, trying to return to
its normal size.  Tom didn't give it the chance.

Bending at the knee and surging upward, he sank himself deep within
his commanding officer's ass.  Chakotay cried out, more in shock than
pain, he imagined at the abrupt entry and Tom shuddered at the
sound.  He liked hearing his hot and cold lover's reactions.  It made
him feel powerful, strong and confident.  It restored him and gave
him back the passion Chakotay had tried to strip away with his
emotionally detached rules.

Pulling out slowly, but not entirely Tom heard Chakotay's breath hiss
through his teeth.  Oh yeah that was good, but not good enough.  He
needed more volume so he slid back in the same agonizingly slow
pace.  That worked or was starting to.  He repeated the maneuver,
slowly in and slowly out until Chakotay's back heaved with loud moans
of pleasure.  Careful not to touch him with his chest, Tom leaned
forward and angled his cock so it hit Chakotay's gland with more
force.  That's when commander began screaming.

"Does that feel good Chak?"  Tom asked not caring he was breaking a
rule. With Chakotay crying out in ecstasy with each stab of his hips,
he felt like Superman, nothing frightened him, not the fear of
reprisal or reprimands, nothing, nothing at all.   He was all
powerful because he could make the stoical commander wail like a
fucking banshee on the end of his dick.  "Do like my cock in your

Chakotay didn't answer him, well he did but not with his mouth.  In a
move that caused Tom to cry out, he slammed backwards impaling
himself on his cock.  Tom got the message.  Playtime was over.

"You want me to fuck you hard?"  He growled into Chakotay's ear while
starting to really smash into him.  "I'll fuck you hard."

Standing upright, Tom slid his hands up under Chakotay's skirt so he
could feel the bare skin of his hips.  Savoring the tactile sensation
of the man's slick velvetiness under his brutal fingers, Tom threw
his head back and gave him all that he had.  It was savage, it was
primal, it was, it was..

"Oh yeah!"  Tom screams joined Chakotay's as he came, filling the
other man with his life saving semen.

"So good baby, so good, so good." He chanted as he fell over on to
the older man's back, his spine jerking.  His orgasm was passed but
his hips still bucked spastically in the afterglow.

"Are you done?"

"What?"  Tom responded dreamily.  He had started to doze.

"Pull out Tom, quickly please."

"No, not yet."  He pleaded and kissed the side of Chakotay's neck.

"Yes now dammit!"  The commander shouted and then shoved him back,
dislodging his spent cock from his ass.

Tom fell to his knees but before he had a chance to complain about
bruises, his ears were grabbed viciously and a large erection was
shoved down his throat.  Immediately without ceremony his mouth was
flooded with a tangy saltiness.

"Swallow it!"  Chakotay ordered just before his voice disintegrated
into an animalistic roar.

Obeying his senior officer, Tom fed hungrily from the erupting
penis.  When warm geyser waned, he sucked the softening member
looking for more.

"Let me go Tom."  Chakotay said in a voice hoarse from yelling.

This time he ignored the command.  Tom dug his fingers into
Chakotay's already bruised hips and continued to suckle.  This was
man he loved beyond pride and reason and he wanted to keep his cock
in his mouth as long as possible.

"Let me go!"

It took a hard shove to both his shoulders to dislodge the delicious
dick from his lips.  This time Tom fell on his ass and was painfully
reminded of the four inches of plastic up his butt.

"I wasn't done."  Tom protested from Chakotay's feet.  The image of
his lover's handsome face blinked in and out between heaves of his
broad chest.

"I was, so you were."  Chakotay replied flatly as he adjusted his
toga so the white folds covered his saliva slicked penis.


"You can use the towel, it's at the other end of the couch.  I'll get
another one from the bathroom for myself."

Stepping around him like he was so much garbage, Chakotay strode
quickly into the smaller room and closed the door with a slam.

Feeling nothing like Superman, Tom stood on shaky legs, clambered for
the couch and collapsed.

He was spent physically from fucking Chakotay but he was also
shattered emotionally.  The return of the man's brusque demeanor had
wounded his feelings.  He had known Chakotay didn't want to like the
sex but the point was mute.   Chakotay had liked it and liked it very
much.  Tom knew from his boisterous yells and the way the older man's
anal muscles had eaten up his dick with every thrust he had enjoyed
his lovemaking.  It was the denial of it that injured.  Why would he
do that?

An answer hovered menacingly on the fringes of his awareness, but Tom
didn't want to broach it.  It was negative and dark.  It whispered of
contempt and indifference.   Bad things he didn't want to contemplate
after having just felt so good.

Tom didn't want to know the reason he decided.  Chakotay's rejection
whether it was born of the weird situation they were in or his
inability to find him attractive when his cock `wasn't' in his ass,
where not issues he was going to waste time thinking about.
Eventually one would make itself known and until then he was going to
forget about it and have a ball.

He had free rein to make love Chakotay for the next little while and
was going to make the best of it.  Screw sulking and what's more,
screw the rules! Yeah, that's it!

How was he ever going to get the commander to like him, Tom Paris the
man if he was a nameless dick in his ass?  This answer was clear, he
wouldn't.  Romance was the key and to that end he would talk, he
would touch and he would make sweet slow love to Chakotay when it was
time for their next session.  Hell, he intended to charm the pants
off him before that and mess up their schedule completely.

He would not only make Chakotay like him, oh no that wasn't enough
for this grand plan, he would make him love him.

Tom sat up and retrieved the towel.  He was smiling as he wiped the
excess lube from his groin.


Well, it was official.   He was sexually attracted to Tom Paris.

Not that he had any doubt before, but now after being with him, it
was undeniable.  He couldn't fight it, all he could do is guard
against it and yes oh yes, hide it.

It was imperative if he did not want to be grouped along with the
other Paris sycophants.  Following the chief pilot around with his
tongue hanging out behind a long line of other equally enamored
crewmembers was definitely conduct unbecoming an officer.

After disrobing, Chakotay walked down the three wide steps to the
tub's bottom and turned on the facets for a hot bath.  As the marbled
basin filled he sat on the molded ledge half way into its depth.
His ass ached sweetly reminding him of the difficulty of his self
appointed task.

Things had been going smoothly for all of about two minutes.
Spirits, when he had turned from retrieving the lube from his
satchel, his heart had skipped a beat at seeing Tom nude from the
waist up, with his back arched and eyes closed serenely.

He was a pale beauty mixed with an unconscious sexuality.  And when
he opened his striking blue eyes, revealing his innocent confusion,
for a moment he was ethereal and otherworldly. That soft vision
quickly dissipated however, after Chakotay had barked at him to cover
up. A more dangerous but just as riveting Tom had emerged.

Watching the younger man's hand slid up his taut belly, over his
chest and play with the nipples Chakotay longed to rim with his
tongue had almost blown his cool. Again he had to raise his voice
to cover a near break in control.  He had been unprepared to see
tears in those flashing blue orbs at his cruel outburst.

Whether the threatening drops had been real or part of clever ploy
meant to disarm him, it hadn't mattered.  Chakotay's heart had melted
anyway. His voice had softened with the timbre of a gentle lover as
he comforted him. That was the point of no return for him.

If they could have stopped there, had the luxury of refraining from
what needed to be done, perhaps he would yet be able to deny his
desire for the pilot.  But they hadn't and now he couldn't.

"Do you like my cock in your ass?" Tom had asked.

Yes, yes, yes, he had wanted to reply. Instead he had fallen back on
the rules, let the exclamation remain unspoken and had done the only
thing his pride had allowed him to do. He had rammed his ass
backwards to bring Tom deeper.  In retrospect, it had almost been his

In response to his bold action, Tom had begun to fuck him harder.
Each brutal thrust had mashed his turgid erection into the arm of the
couch and battered his prostate deliciously.  If the younger man
hadn't finished when he did, there would have been no medicinal shot
of semen for him.  The precious fluid would have seeped uselessly
into the pillows.

Chakotay reached over and shut off the taps.  Sinking down into the
steaming hot water, he closed his eyes and remembered the heat of
Tom's mouth.

Oh how he wished he hadn't been so close to orgasm when he entered
him.   It would have been heaven to fuck his moist warmth, wring his
fingers in his golden hair and order him to suck him.  Heaven, pure
unadulterated heaven.

Chakotay sighed loudly and stroked his firming penis.  In the back of
his mind he knew he shouldn't waste his issue but the forefront was
filled with Tom and that, as per normal obliterated his common
sense.  He moaned and pulled faster, his pumping hips sloshing the
bathwater over the edge, and flooding the floor.

"Do you mind if I join you Chak?"