Title:  An Uncommon Addiction
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Start Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  1 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.

Author's note: Okay kiddies this one's initial premise might beg you
to suspend your logical thinking for a time and ask you to go a
little with the flow cause the science isn't exactly precise (it is
however closer than you might think) but I promise you, it will
eventually be worth it.

*A special thanks to Haggis for inspiring this whacked out tale of
misadventure and desperate love. *

Summary:   Chakotay and Tom go on an away mission to a toxic planet
and have to depend on each other in a very intimate way to stay alive.

"Just like an episode straight out of Captain Proton.  We'd scared
the hell out of them."

"Exactly Lieutenant, which is why we can't go down there traipsing
about in bio-suits.  Their culture is unaccustomed to our level of
technology.  It would disrupt their social development."  Kathryn
told her over dramatic chief pilot.

"So how are we supposed to breathe without keeling over dead then?"

"Doctor?"  She looked to the conference room's view screen.

"Well, Captain if you must go down there,-"

"We need the chemical for the gel packs Doctor and I'd rather bargain
for them, as opposed to just taking them."

"Score one for civilized behavior."   The EMH snorted.

"Doctor!"  She scolded.

"Very well Captain.  This chemical as you call it, more likely it's a
crystalline structure of some kind, while an efficient neural
disinfectant is also what makes the planet's atmosphere poisonous to
humanoids.  The toxin it emits, benzalkonium chloride by name, is
similar to what was commonly known in the twentieth century as a
nerve gas.  It's deadly and is absorbed through inhalation."

"So what, you give a us shot and we'll be alright?"  It was Mr Paris

"I could Mr Paris but a synthetic vaccination would most likely prove
to be ineffective.  Within the hour you would develop a runny nose,
bronchial secretions, tightness in the chest, dimming of vision,
drooling, excessive perspiration, nausea, vomiting, muscles tremors,
coma and finally, death."

"Oh is that all?"  The pilot replied sarcastically, tilting
dangerously back on his chair.

"No, you'd also have one hell of a headache."  The EMH shot back just
as sarcastically.

Kathryn shook her head at the juvenile by play and sighed.  Bloody
children in grown up suits.

Admittedly nobody really wanted to go down to this demon planet, but
there wasn't much of a choice.  The gel packs that sustained the
ship's systems were becoming unstable and catching every new virus
that came their way.  They needed a good wash as B'Elanna called it
and this planet with its primitive culture had the right `soap'.  It
was yet another desperate situation and one she had hoped to resolve
but so far things weren't looking very promising.

"So Doctor are you saying we can't go down there?"

"No, Captain.  What I'm saying is that I can't concoct a magic bullet
to protect the away team.  You'll have to do that yourselves,

Kathryn sighed again in frustration.  The EMH didn't know how lucky
he was `not' to be in the conference room.  Otherwise she would have
throttled him by now.

"Naturally?"  She prompted.

"Yes a combination of endorphins, creatine, chlorine, glutathione,
inositol, magnesium, phosphorus and sorbitol should do the trick
quite nicely."

"And that would be achieved how?"

"Through sex captain, although both of the participants would have to
be male for simultaneous inoculation.  Except for the endorphins
which are generated by orgasm, the other elements are only
collectively present in the correct quantities in one substance,

She heard a beep from Harry Kim before her attention was diverted.

"Semen?  You've got to be kidding!"  This time it was her first
officer that had spoken up.  She understood his outrage since he was
the one of two members of their crew assigned to the away team.  The
other had yet to be decided.

"I am not Commander.  The body's own natural defense mechanisms are
far more effective than any I could create synthetically and the more
natural the better."

"No shots, then?"   Tom asked again this time with a wide grin.
Chakotay glared at him.

"No I would recommend actual intercourse.  Depending on age, in your
case Commander I would expect you would be free of the toxin's
effects for six hours before requiring another dose.  Do you have a
male lover Commander?"

Harry beeped again and Tom Paris opened his mouth to say something
but she stopped him a stern look and a raised finger.

"I am not going to answer that."  Chakotay fumed.

"Then I'll take that as a no.  Captain may I suggest that I select
the second member of the away team.  With testing, I can determine
who would be best suited to accompany the commander plant side."

Her first officer turned on her outraged.  "Kathryn!"

She gave Chakotay a sympathetic look and then dismissed the rest of
her officers from the room.  The doctor remained on the view screen.

"Chakotay," She began once the room had emptied.

"No, no, no!"   Chakotay stood and began pacing the room.  "I will
not go down there under these circumstances."

"We need the chemicals for the gel packs.   Who knows when we'll find
another planet with the right ore deposits?"

"I understand that Kathryn, I really do but hell, having sex to stay
alive?  There has to be another way."

"There isn't Commander."  The doctor said from Sickbay.  "Mr Paris
was right.  No shots.  It might work the first time with manual
stimulation to create the endorphins and an infusion of donor sperm
but what about the next?  The seminal elements are too unstable to be
carried and stored.  You'll need to create a fresh supply."

"What about my own then?   Couldn't I inject myself with my own
fluids after I masturbate?  Wouldn't that work?"

"If you had the presence of mind to move quickly enough after your
release, possibly.  However, what if you couldn't?  You'd have to
return to Voyager immediately for sperm donation, which by the way I
don't have a lot of lying around.  No Commander it's simpler for you
to take a partner with you and have him inject you manually, if you
know what I mean."

The first officer winced.  "I know, I know."

"And you would have to inject him too of course.  Anally or orally,
it wouldn't matter."


"You have had a male lover before, haven't you Commander."

"Yes of course but not for medicinal purposes."  Chakotay scowled and
then turned back to her.  "Damn it Kathryn this is ridiculous.  It's
a little above and beyond the call of duty, don't you think?"

"It's out of the ordinary, I agree however that said, I have complete
confidence in your professional abilities to pull this off.   It just
a mission Chakotay, pure and simple, not a date."

"And who would I take on this `not' date?"  He grumbled in

"Mr Paris."  The EMH stated.

"What?  Oh no, not him."

Kathryn was a little surprised how horrified her first officer looked.

"Why not?"  The EMH replied smoothly.  "He's young so he won't need
to be dosed as often and his seminal fluid levels are extremely high
so he'll be able to service you as often as you need."

"How do you know that?"

"I'm his doctor remember?"

"Granted but surely he can't be the only one on Voyager that meets
your criteria?"

"Physically no, Harry Kim would suit just as well, however Mr Paris
has one added bonus that makes him a perfect candidate."

"And that would be?"

"You find the lieutenant attractive, so having sex with him will be

"I'm not attracted to Tom Paris."

"If you say so."

"I do."  He said resolutely with his arms folded over his chest.

"Chakotay," Kathryn started.  "If you really can't do this, perhaps
we can find someone else to head the away team.  Maybe Tom can still
go and he can take Harry."

"Those two young pups alone?  Not a chance Kathryn.  We don't know
how precious this chemical might be to these people or even what it
looks like.  It could take some hard bargaining and some delicate
negotiation skills to obtain it.  I don't think neither Paris or Kim
have the experience for that."

"Then you'll go?"

"I suppose."

"With Tom?"

"Yes, dammit with Tom."  He growled. "I'll go with Tom."

"Good."  Said the doctor from his screen.  "Please have Mr Paris
report to Sickbay immediately."


"And I get to have sex with the commander?"

The doctor nodded to the lieutenant who was sitting, dangling his
legs off the end of the bio-bed.  Satisfied of his earlier assessment
of his metabolic levels, he closed the medical tricorder and leveled
his gaze at the awe struck young man.

"Every six hours, more often if possible to be safe."

"Holy shit!"

"Yes well try not to be too excited by the prospect Mr Paris.  He
wasn't exactly pleased as you are about the situation."

"I bet he wasn't and who said I was pleased?"  The blond pilot

"Not another one."  The doctor said in exasperation.

"Excuse me?"

"It's not important.  Now Mr Paris a few instructions."

"I'm listening."

"Until your departure tomorrow I would ask you not to participate in
sexual relations with any one, including yourself."

"No fucking and no jacking off.  Got it Doc."

"Yes, you'll have to reserve your fluids."

"My come, you mean."

The EMH rolled his holographic eyes.  "Correct again.  In the morning
both you and the commander will report here, masturbate and then I
will manually inject each of you with the other's semen.  While I'm
waiting for possible allergic reactions, I'll fit both of you with a
anal prosthesis."

"Butt plugs!"

"Yes Lieutenant.  If the prescribed treatment were injections, I'd
fit you both with surgically inserted shunt reservoirs to receive the
repeated insertions.  Having a prepared opening more easily
facilitates the doses.  This is no different."

"To you maybe.  Have you ever tried walking around with something
shoved up your ass for any length of time?  It's not exactly

The EMH ignore the lieutenant's complaint and continued.

"After that, on the planet you will have to have sexual intercourse
to bolster your immunity to the atmosphere.  Understand?"

"Yeah, every six hours for Chakotay but what about me?  How often
does the commander have to do me?"

"Every eight or nine hours but you could cut down the number of
sessions if you combined your doses."

"So I fuck him and then I turn around and he fucks me."

"Oral sex works too Lieutenant."

"Okay we'll mix it up a bit for variety.  I can do that."

"I'm sure you can Mr Paris, I'm sure you can.  Now if there's no more
questions you can leave, please."  He emphasized the last word.   Too
much of Tom Paris was not a good thing, for him at least.  The
commander, he wasn't so sure.  What was the saying, `he doth protest
too much'?

"No, I suppose not.  I mean I know how to fuck, so no questions
there."  The lieutenant gazed up at Sickbay's ceiling and gnawed on
his bottom lip.   After a moment of contemplation, he let go of his
lip.  "What happens if we're late?  Are the effects reversible?  Will
my come cure Chakotay if he starts to get sick?"

"If he has an orgasm as well, yes and the same goes for you."

"Alright then Doc, I think that's it."   He slipped off the bio-
bed.  "See you in the morning."

"Oh joy, I'll be counting the seconds."


"Never mind Mr Paris, just go."

"And don't `come'," He winked.  "Right?"

The lieutenant was laughing at his own pun when he waltzed out of


God how he loved razzing the Doc.  It was just so damn easy.

Tom whistled merrily as he walked back to his quarters.  However it
wasn't until he was home did he realize it was his mouth the sweet
sound had been coming from and another moment before understood that
it had nothing to do with getting the doctor's goat.

He stood stock still in the middle of his living room horrified.

Oh fuck!  No not fuck, don't think about fucking.  Oh shit, don't
think about fucking him.  Oh damn, what the hell else was he supposed
to think about?  His handsome face, hard body and this mission from
heaven was all that came to mind.

Tom closed his eyes and touched himself.  Oh terrific, hard as a
rock.  Now what was he supposed to do?  For lack of something better,
he flopped down on the couch and opened his pants.  His erection
popped out almost joyfully as if it was glad to see him.  Tom eyed it

"No, damn you.  I only let you out for the relief.  My pants were
tight, that's all.  I will not shake hands with you, not tonight.  I

His cock wept pearly tears as if its feelings were hurt.

"Oh just fucking stop it.  You'll get the real thing tomorrow night,

It bobbed excitedly against his stomach.

"Yeah, I knew that would make you happy.  Just think, twenty-four
hours from now you'll be ramming up Chakotay's tight butt.  I know
you've wanted that for a long time now, haven't you little fella."

Feeling a little warm, Tom removed his jacket and shirt.  Now his
little buddy rested comfortably on the soft downy hair of his lower

"Yep, in a day or maybe even less we'll be inside him, in and out, in
and out of that velvety heat.  I bet he's tight too.  Oh man, tight
and hot."

Tom hummed as his head lolled back against the couch but his cock to
no offence.  It knew Tom hadn't forgotten it.  It remained alert and
attentive to its owner's ramblings.

"And then I get to make him come, oh yeah.  But it's only fair right
since he's made me about a million times."  Tom said to the
ceiling.  "I wonder if he'll scream and beg me to fuck him harder.
He might, I'm pretty good."

Tom held his belly and chuckled.  His fingers brushed his erection
and then latched on.  In his meanderings he didn't notice, well not

"Oh yeah, I can hear him now.  Fuck me Tom, oh yeah baby do it.
That's it, now harder oh yeah, fuck me," His hand worked his cock as
he screamed. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

By the time Tom realized what he was doing it was too late.  Thin
ropey streams were erupting from the purple head of his dick,
painting his chest and belly a milky white.  He looked down at the
gathering mess with shame but didn't stop pumping until the burning
in his balls had passed.

"Oh shit Chak, how am suppose to get inside of you when I can't even
keep a lid on it when I'm not."

Hot tears pricked his eyes and filled his ears as his head fell back


"You feel okay?"

"I'm fine Tom, stop asking.  We've only been here two hours."
Chakotay didn't figure the pilot wasn't referring to the four inches
of formed polypropylene between his butt cheeks, so he made no
mention of it.

"Right.  I'm fine by the way."

"I know.   I'll feel the effects of the atmosphere before you do,

"Yeah, yeah just checking."

Chakotay ended the conversation with a non-committal grunt and kept
walking.  Voyager had beamed them four kilometers from the city and
while traversing the rocky countryside was really quite taxing, the
six-foot blond beside him was even more.

Like a hawk the young lieutenant watched him for signs of
poisoning.   The intense scrutiny was more irritating than the small
pebbles that kept wedging between his toes and under the straps of
his leather sandals.

"Do you think they all wear dresses?"  Tom said changing the subject.

"It's not called a dress but a toga and yes, according to Harry's
visual scans, they do."

"Uh-huh and do you think they'll all be a short as mine?"

Chakotay looked side ways at Paris.  His white, one shoulder
sheath `was' short.  The folds barely made it mid thigh on him.  From
here Chakotay could see a lot of flesh and if the lieutenant were to
bend over, a flash of flat plastic and oh spirits.  He looked away
quickly and refocused on the road.

"Some were, yes and some were knee length like mine.  Since we don't
know the cultural significance of the length, Tuvok thought we should
wear both."

"Yeah but why did I get the short one?"

"What difference does it make?"

"My balls are cold."

"With this humidity?"  When he looked again at the complaining
lieutenant, it was to a big `I got cha' grin.

"Oh poor baby's balls are cold.  Would you like me to warm them?"
Chakotay said in a fawning tone not to be outdone by the smart assed

"Nah, you'll be doing that later.  I can wait."  Tom chirped.

Oh spirits, that was right.  He was going to be doing `that' later,
in less than four hours in fact.

"About that," Chakotay cleared his throat.  "When we do it, I'd like
it done as fast as possible okay?"

"Fast?  Yeah sure I can do fast."  Tom snorted.  "Better than you
think, I'll bet."

Chakotay didn't try to figure out the cryptic answer.  He just went
on with the rules that had taken the better part of the night to come
up with.

Sleep had eluded him so he had decided to use his insomnia to good

"No unnecessary touching and definitely no talking."

"You won't even know I'm there.  Well you will but.-"

"I meant it Paris.  Don't fuck with me on this."

"Great choice of words Commander."

He halted abruptly in his tracks.   The smart mouth blond walked a
few more steps, stopped, and did a double take over his one bare
shoulder before turning.

"What?"  He said with his arms bent up in vee's.

"Is everything going to be a joke with you on this mission because if
it is, we can go back right now.   I need a grown up to work with me
on this.  Some one who can handle the delicate situation we're in."

"I'm a grown up."  Paris protested.

"Fine, then act like one Lieutenant."  Chakotay said angrily, not
really knowing why he was so riled up.  He just was.

"Fine.  Now can we go find a place to stay the night?"  His pink lips
were an even line.

"It won't be dark for hours yet."

"I know but in about four hours you're going to need the `grown up'
Tom Paris and I'm betting you'd prefer to do it in private instead of
right smack dab in the middle of the market place, okay?"

Chakotay seethed inwardly as he looked to the horizon.  The white
walls of the city were clearly visible now and somewhere within those
granite confines was the mysterious but critical crystal they were on
this demented mission looking for.  There would also be shelter and
the lieutenant was right, they did need to find it soon.

Having Tom Paris fuck him to survive was upsetting enough.  Chakotay
didn't need to do it in front of an audience.  Besides, who knew what
these people would think of same sex pairing?  For all they knew,
they hung homosexuals.

"Okay, let's go Lieutenant."

He started walking again, trying to get a handle on his volatile
temper and Paris fell quietly in step beside him.  The lieutenant
remained mute as they weathered the sticky heat and made their way to
the city.  Chakotay thanked the spirits for small mercies.  The
silence gave him time to think.

Fighting each other would get them nowhere and only further
complicate an already complicated mission.   He had to make an effort
to stow his natural animosity towards the cocksure pilot and regain
his professionalism.  It was more than important.  It was vital.

Because soon, very soon he would need the lieutenant in way where
there would be no room for anger.


No talking, no touching and make it fast and quick.

Who in the hell did Chakotay think Tom was, a Risan whore?  Shit, he
was saving the guy's bloody life and he was coming up with rules.
Okay so Chakotay was going to do the same for him, but he didn't want
to think of it that way.  It was more like doing a favour or
something.   You do it with a smile and then say you're very welcome
afterwards.  How hard was that?

Besides they were talking about sex here not poking needles in each
other's eyes.  It was supposed to be a nice thing, not a nasty one.
Shit, was he that ugly?  Did Chakotay equate having to fuck him with
painful torture?  Hell, with the way he was acting it sure seemed
like it.  Grumpy old man.

"Will this do, sir?"  Asked the young man who wore a short pleated
skirt like his.

Tom pulled himself out his funk and looked about the room.

It was big, airy and had a whole lot of white.  White marble walls,
white sheers billowing around the white Grecian columns in the floor
length window that lined one wall entirely, a white reclining couch
and white linens on the massive bed.

"Yes, it's fine thank you."  Chakotay answered for both of them.  The
attendant smiled sweetly at the commander, ignoring Tom completely
and then left.

Tom dropped his leather satchel on the bed and wandered into the next
room.  It was smaller but there was plenty of white here too.  The
toilet and sink were of the same ivory marble as the bedroom walls,
as was the large deep-set tub.  Tom walked over to the sunken

It was big enough for six men to stand in and deep enough that when
filled, the water would almost reach his nipples.  Shit, who ever
these people were, besides being coloured blind, they sure must like
being clean.

While he inspected the extravagant bathing facilities, he reached
around and made sure his plug was still firmly seated.  The light
touch of his fingers against the flat disc that lay flush against his
anus sent a chill up his spine.

He had complained to the Doc about wearing it but in truth it wasn't
really so bad.  Besides a tender ache in his sphincter, it almost
felt nice.  The constant pressure on his prostate as he walked was
stimulating and kept his cock in a semi-erect condition.


Tom pulled his hand away quickly from his ass and jumped.  In his
haste he almost fell into the tub.  "What!"  He screamed.

"Sorry did I startle you?"  Chakotay said from the doorway.

"No, I always leap three feet into the air when someone calls my

"Neat trick."  The commander remarked playfully.

"Oh are we back to joking around again or are you just being an
asshole?"  Tom suddenly regretted his choice of words as Chakotay's
eyes slid to the back hem of his toga.   He wondered how much the
commander had seen of his plug check.

"You think I'm being a what?"

"You heard me old man."  Tom replied using another slur that had
nothing to do with the bum or anything in its vicinity.

"And you're a spoilt brat, so I guess we're even."  Chakotay shot
back but there was no sting in the words and oh shit, was that a

"I guess so."  Tom replied slowly.  He wasn't sure what was happening
here but he thought they might be making up.  Chakotay had lost the
frosty attitude and was being almost warm.

"Fine now that's settled, why don't we check out the marketplace?"

"Why?"  Tom walked towards him, drawn by his dark eyes and dimpled

"It's better than fighting and the sooner we find B'Elanna's magic
soap, the sooner we'd can leave this god awful planet."

And the less times you'll have to fuck me, Tom's disappointed mind
finished.  For a moment he'd thought Chakotay was actually trying to
be the friend he had waited years for him to be.

Unfortunately in reality the commander was only attempting to get
through the bullshit so they could get they could cut short their
time together.  The idea of touching each other in a new way quite
clearly didn't have the same appeal for the other man as it did Tom.

To make sure the back of his pleated sheath wasn't hiked up, he
skimmed a casual hand over his rear.  Satisfied his ass wasn't
hanging out, Tom brushed past Chakotay, taking a moment or two to
wonder about how the older man was adjusting to his own prosthesis
and headed out into the bedroom.

"I'll take that as a yes Lieutenant."  Chakotay remarked as he moved


In the waning afternoon heat, the marketplace was coming alive.

Throngs of shoppers seeped from the cool marbled buildings to browse
the many stalls that filled the main square.   He and Tom took their
place among the prospective buyers.

"So it will buzz when we come across the soap?"  Tom asked.

They had both fallen into the habit of calling the benzalkonium
chloride `soap', not only because it was less conspicuous but also
because it was a whole lot easier to say.

"My communicator will vibrate not buzz."  Chakotay fingered the small
device where it was tucked into his belt against his the bare flesh
of his stomach.  "Just like it will when it's time for our doses."

"Our doses, yeah right."  A touch of the bitter edge from earlier
infused the younger man's voice and Chakotay was pleased to find it
didn't anger him.  But he was surprised to find it disappointed him.

After his most unprofessional outburst on the road, Chakotay had
decided his anger had been derived from a sense of invasion of
privacy.  He and the lieutenant had a distant but comfortable working
relationship that was now being forced into something much more

It was a personal affront and of course he would be morally
insulted.  His anger had come out naturally.  It was a coping
mechanism for him, that's all.  However he had not been prepared for
the pilot to have the same reaction.   Somehow he thought impersonal
sex would be easier for the promiscuous younger man to deal with but
perhaps not.   Maybe he wasn't looking forward to the sex anymore
than he was.  The thought disturbed him but he wasn't sure why.

"I still have almost two hours."  Chakotay offered, hoping to relieve
the pilot's irritation and bleed the caustic tone of out his voice.
Again he didn't understand why.

"Yeah well maybe we'll get lucky before you have to `get' lucky."
Paris said with a sneer as he wandered the stalls with him eyeing the
wares of the vendors.  "We're looking for a rock right?"

"A crystal and if we find it, we can't touch it.  The doctor said
direct contact might cause a sudden influx of symptoms."

"Kryptonite."  Tom's mouth twisted sideways in a half grin.

"What's that?"  Chakotay asked hoping to sustain his lightening mood.

"This crystal, what ever it is, it's like Kryptonite."  The pilot's
face became animated as he spoke.  The flashing blue eyes and
burgeoning smile eased Chakotay's nerves.  "A green rock that weakens
Superman and renders him powerless.  It's his nemesis.  Well that
along with Lex Luther.   Do you know who he is?"

Chakotay gave the pilot an interested smile and shook his head no.

"Ah, you've been neglecting the classics Commander."  Paris laughed
and went on to give him a full accounting of the life of a man who it
seemed spent a lot of his time cavorting around in red and blue
spandex.  Chakotay listened intently to the lieutenant's spirited
dialogue as they meandered through the market.

As his companion became more relaxed, so did he.


"How could nobody know he was Clark Kent just because he wore a suit
and glasses?"

"I don't know.  I guess he was good at hiding it.  You'd be surprised
how well some people can hide their true identity when they really
want to."

Chakotay stopped at the silversmith booth they were passing by and
looked at him thoughtfully.  Out of the corner of his eye, Tom waited
for another insightful question to issue forth from those incredibly
sexy lips as he made a display of being interested in a set of ornate

Tom was having fun.  God save him, he was actually enjoying this fact-
finding tour like he was on a date.  Chakotay was being attentive,
hanging on his every word and Tom was getting off on regaling him
with his knowledge of twentieth century comic books.  The fact that
they were really looking for some obscure crystal on an alien planet
had vanished completely from his mind.

"What above his lover?"

"Lois Lane?  Oh sure she knew but not at first.   He was afraid to
tell her.  What if she didn't like the real him?"

"If she loved him, what difference would it make?"  Chakotay
announced with such conviction, it made his heart pound fast in his

"What would she say to him?"  He asked wanting to hear the commander
say the `L' word one more time.

"I love you no matter who you are."  Chakotay said plainly and Tom
melted, his knees weakening and forgetting that Lois what's her name
ever existed.

Tom leaned back against the tent pole of the stall, partly to steady
himself and partly to shift his butt plug so it rubbed deliciously
against his gland.  He was losing it and he knew it.  He also knew he
didn't care.

The agony he suffered every night while whacking his cock raw just
found a name.  Love, oh fuck.  Love, fucking love.  He was in love
with Chakotay, that's why he walked around most of the time with his
head up his ass.   He razzed the doctor, he teased Harry and he acted
like a total shit because the first officer had him so wound up in
knots he didn't know if he was coming or going.   Well check that.
Now he did know and it was making him worse.

"Chak," He dared, speaking the diminutive he only used in the privacy
of his own cabin.  "I need to tell you something.  I think I'm in.-"

"Wait Lieutenant."  Chakotay's pressed a hand to his mid section.  "I
think I've got something."

A dark haired woman sidled up beside the commander and began to
haggle over an intricately wrought ring.  Chakotay pressed into him,
jarring the plug in his ass.  Tom stifled a whimper.

"The necklace," The commander whispered into his ear.  His hot breath
stoked his already flaming libido.  "See the her yellow pendant?  I
think that's our Kryptonite."

"You think?"  Tom answered, his lips inches from Chakotay's tattoo.
If he reached out a little bit, he would be able to deliver a soft
kiss to his temple.

"Positive.  My comm badge is fairly thrumming against my stomach."

"Thrumming?"  Oh yeah, he could get into thrumming right about now.
Tom reached a hand over to feel the commander's belly.  When Chakotay
didn't flinch and continued to stare at the woman, he slipped his
hand inside his white toga and spread his fingers over Chakotay's
tight stomach.   It was warm.  The commander killed his scrutiny of
the alien female and turned to him surprised.

"What are you doing?"  He gasped.

"Feeling the thrum."  Tom purred back as he began massaging the firm

"That's, that's not it."  Chakotay stammered, his dark eyes wide.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes.  Stop it Tom."  He said firmly while removing the hand from his
white pleated sheath.  It didn't escape his notice that the commander
had called him by his first name in his agitation.  That had to mean

"You're sweating Chak.  I think it's time we went back to our room."
He lied.

"Not yet.  I'm fine."  The commander protested while moving a step
back.   The woman with the necklace left the booth and Chakotay made
no comment.

"You're not.  It's been almost five hours, it's time."  Tom growled
pushing his advantage.

"No, it's too soon."  Chakotay shook his head.  "The doctor said
six.  I have six hours."

"He only approximated.  You're eyes are watery and your breath is
labored.  You're getting sick."  Tom lost the sexy husky voice. "You
need me."  He replied earnestly.

He had no need to seduce Chakotay with soft words, not when he had
the doctor's orders on his side.  The commander probably could go
another hour without sex before any real symptoms of poisoning set in
but he couldn't.  Tom was achingly hard and so full of love, he
desperately needed to deposit it someplace.  And that someplace was
in the tight butt of the man he'd just realized he was in love with.

Chakotay nodded hesitantly in agreement but before he did, he issued
one final warning.

"Okay Lieutenant we'll go but remember the rules."

"Anything you say Superman, anything you say."