Title:  Kiss me Goodbye P9
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager, TNG
Pairing:   Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  9 of ?
Email for feedback:  forbesc@skyia.com
Disclaimer:  Voyager, Enterprise and their crews are the property of
Paramount and not me.  Whatever.

Summary:   In answer to Isa's challenge on Jupiter Station.   Less
than 36 hours after Voyager's return to the Alpha quadrant, Tom
vanishes.  Why?  Was he alone?   Does anybody know anything about
it?   Most importantly, what will Chakotay do about it?   Let's see.

"What can I get you gentlemen?  A drink?  Something to eat?"  The
dark skinned woman with the funny hat, looked briefly over her
shoulder, then back at them.  She raised her non-existent
eyebrows.   "A duck blind?"

"Two beers will be fine, thank you Guinan."   Chakotay answered for
both of them and then gave him the same look the bartender had as she
walked away to get their order.

"This is beyond silly Tom."  His husband declared.

"No it isn't."  Tom shouldered Chakotay back into the wall where the
bar rounded and ended at the bulkhead.  "I just want a look and I
would prefer doing so without Harry knowing, okay?"

"Why?"  He looked briefly over to the far corner of Ten
Forward.  "All they're doing is eating.  Why don't we do the same and
grab a table?"  Chakotay slipped an arm around his waist and
whispered in his ear.   "Or we could just go back to our quarters and

Tom peered down into his husband's darkening eyes.  It was a very
tempting offer, however it could wait, not long but it could.

He gave Chakotay a quick kiss.  "In a minute babe."  And then
strained his neck trying to see through the crowd what Riker was
doing with Harry's hand.  When a crewmember moved out of the way, he
finally saw and then wished he didn't.

Riker was putting Harry's fingers in his mouth.  Oh ick, he was
sucking them and kissing the tips.  How corny, how cliché how, oh
shit was Harry smiling?  Oh fuck he was.   He actually liked the guy
slobbering all over his hand.  Tom looked away when his friend
started to do the same to his date.  Their beers had come and he
grabbed his and took a long swallow.

"Are you done yet?"  Chakotay asked him as his hand traveled under
the lip of the bar to play with his crotch.  Tom almost choked on his
beer when his uniform trousers loosened as the zipper came down.

"Shit, Chak."  He hissed while furtively looking around the
bar.  "Someone might see."  And there were a lot of
important `someones' here tonight.

At one table, sitting straight backed with straighter faces were Data
and Seven, their somber demeanor belying the fact they were probably
having a great time and at another, were the captains.

Wearing a floaty moss green number that showed off her legs, Janeway
was laughing musically at something Picard must have said.  She
looked nothing like the commanding officer with balls of tritanium he
was used to seeing on Voyager's bridge.  Warm fingers in his pants
refocused Tom's attention to his husband.

"I doubt it, just keep your hips close to the bar.   You've got us so
tucked away, the only way someone could see is if they walked right
up to us and looked down."

"You're really going to jack me off right here in Ten Forward?"

Chakotay grinned as he pulled him closer.  Tom was now flush to his
husband's chest as well as the bar.  With one meaty hand curled
around Tom's hip and the other around his hardening cock, he
replied, "Well I need something to do while you spy on Wil and Harry."

"I'm not spying, oh god that feels good, just, just, oh fuck, looking
out for him."

"You're not jealous?"  Chakotay said evenly while he ran his hand
slowly up and down Tom's shaft.

"No, well I was sort of but now I think it's more of a, ah, aah
yeah," Tom was starting to have trouble concentrating.  "A big
brother thing."  He said in a rush before he lost his train of
thought again.  "I've asked around Chak.  Wil Riker's a player."

"Not anymore.  I think he's met his match in our young Harry Kim."

"Yeah whatever, let's go home."  Before he came here, Tom added in
his mind.  Having Chakotay give a hand job in public was exciting but
he didn't want to get `too' excited.

"You sure?"  He looked over the table in the far corner and pumped
his hand faster.  "They haven't had dessert yet."

"Oh man, you're such a fucking tease Chakotay."

"I'm not teasing, I plan on following through."

"Well unless you want me to splash come all over the side of the bar,
we'd better go soon."

Chakotay was grinning evilly. "That close, huh?"

"Oh yeah."  Tom wheezed.

"Me too."  He removed his hand and lifted the bottom of his vest.
The front of his leathers were pulled tight across his hips
delineating a rock solid erection.   The older man was getting off on
this too.

Tom downed his beer, wiped his mouth, moved back from the bar,
stopped abruptly, did up his pants and grabbed his husband's hand.

They were outta here.


"Was that Tom and the commander leaving?"

"Didn't notice, sweetness.   I was too busy admiring the way you eat."

"The way I eat?"

"Neat and delicate.  Your hands and mouth move very carefully, with a
graceful precision.   It's fascinating to watch."

"It is?"

"Yes Harry it is.   It's almost as beautiful as watching you while we
make love.  You don't thrash or jerk about, even when you come.
Your back arches gracefully and the release seems to flow out of you
in rolling waves.   You're a very elegant lover, sweetness."

"Nobody's ever told me that before."

"And nobody will again.  I don't intend to give anyone else the

"Oh geez."


They were walking side by side literally hanging off each other.

On the Crazy Horse or Voyager Chakotay hadn't participated in such
flagrant displays of public affection.   He'd been captain and then
first officer and those roles had demanded a certain amount of
decorum but here on Enterprise, he was an anonymous civilian.  If he
wanted to act like the lovesick fool he was, he could and was
actually.  It was an extremely liberating experience.

For as long as Chakotay could remember, his careers both in Starfleet
and then in Maquis, if you wanted to call fighting for you home
world's survival a career, was foremost in his life.  He was a leader
and everything he did in public as well as in private was sensitive
to that path.

People expected him to be perfect, unaffected and oh spirits, even
stolid.  It made them feel safe and since his crew's well being
included the mental as well as the physical he had played the role
assigned to him.  It mattered then but it didn't now.

Hell, nobody here cared that the former Commander Chakotay was
walking the down the corridor pawing and kissing a tall blond
lieutenant.  In fact from the smiles they were getting, most people
thought their over raucous behavior was `cute' more than anything.
Their twitters and knowing grins would have appalled his past self
but his now civilian self was merely amused.

Chakotay finally felt truly happy and gloriously free, a state he
didn't believe he'd ever been in before now.

Tom was nibbling at his ear and whispering some wild and most likely
physically impossible propositions when one of the Enterprise's
entertained crew stopped them.

"Making an early evening of it, are we gentleman?"   It was Deanna

"Ah yes ma'am.  We're just off to turn in now.  Big day tomorrow,
we'll need our rest."  Tom, the ever the polite young man answered.
It amazed Chakotay it was the same mouth that had just been uttering
some of the most lascivious suggestions he'd ever heard in his life.

The counselor's large expressive eyes went wide and she looked as if
she was trying to suppress a giggle.  Oh spirits, Chakotay had
forgotten she was Betazoid.

Feeling a little embarrassed about how much more Deanna could see of
their behavior than the others walking down the hall, he tugged down
the hem of his vest and took a quick sidelong glance a Tom to see how
evident his need was.  His husband was being `needy' all over the
place.   His Starfleet uniform did little to hide the results of
their ambulatory foreplay.

"Oh yes, we'll reach Earth tomorrow.  Well Lieutenant I hope you both
enjoy your `rest'."  She made a point of looking them in the eye as
she spoke and then bid them good night.  Chakotay sighed in relief as
she disappeared down the corridor towards Ten Forward.

"Do you think she knew we're going home to fuck and not sleep?"  Tom
said, his eyes were as wide as Deanna's had been only his were not
concealing amusement but projecting innocence, false innocence if the
smirk that accompanied it was any indication.

"Very funny."  Using the full of his body he pressed Tom back into
the wall.  One of the LCARS panels that lined the curved wall beeped
under the younger man's shoulder blades.  "You know for that smartass
remark, I should call Deanna back and do you right here in the
hallway."  Chakotay searched with his hour old hard on for his
husband's and then slid upwards against it.  "Do you think that would
be enough of a hint for her?"  He growled.  Tom quickly dropped the
innocent jejune act and growled back.

"How's about we just go back to the bar and you can try jacking me
off in public again?  I think that would do nicely."

"You liked that didn't you?"  Chakotay kissed into his neck.

"Yeah, it was exciting."  Tom was making no secret of his arousal as
he wantonly pumped back against him and grabbed at his ass.  "It was
so, so un-commander like of you."  He said breathlessly.

"It's the new bold and daring Chakotay and if you liked that, you're
going to love this."   Reaching around Tom, he keyed the access pad
of a conveniently placed emergency storage room behind him.

The panel slid open and Chakotay marched his husband backward into
the small dark room.


"You're going to fuck me here?"

"I seem to remember you like fooling around in closets."

Chakotay scrabbled at the younger man's pants, jerking his hips
forward as he searched for the clasp.  It had seemed easier to find
in the bar.  His fingers felt nimbler then and not so numb and
clumsy.  Chakotay blamed it on his elevated state of arousal.

Tom stood still in the dimly lit room with his arms out not helping.

"Yeah but that's a busy hallway out there.  If I scream somebody
might come and investigate."

"And?"  Frustrated, Chakotay gave up on Tom's trousers and quickly
undid his Maquis leathers.  Pushing down his boxer's he exposed
himself.  Feeling a little more confident after successfully opening
his own pants, he took another crack at the Fleeter's.  However it
was no use.   His hands were trembling now, adding to the difficulty
and the frustration.

Tom looked at him seriously, seemingly oblivious to his rising
exasperation.  "And we'll be caught."  He warned.

They weren't going to be `caught' at anything if he didn't get these
damn uniform pants open.  He yanked Tom to him by his waistband.

"Dammit Tom I want to fuck you and I want to do it now!  If somebody
comes, so be it.  I'll finish fucking you and then deal with them but
for now help me!"

The concern left Tom's face and he smiled.  "Oh you are hot, aren't
you babe?"

Chakotay didn't answer the patently obvious question but grabbed one
of Tom's hands and wrapped it around `his' freed cock.  After a few
pumps and a deep tonsil shaking kiss, the younger man forgot about
the possibility of interruption.


Talk about your added bonuses.

First the open aired fisting in Ten Forward, the groping in the
corridor and now wanting to fuck in this thin walled closet, that
didn't by the way lock from the inside.  The mild mannered Chakotay
had become a public sex junkie.

Well maybe that was overstating it.   Most likely the man that was
fucking himself with his hand was just over stimulated and couldn't
wait to get home but with a little encouragement Tom bet himself that
he could goad his husband into letting go of his inhibitions like
this more often.

Getting caught hadn't really worried him.  Well a little maybe but
not too, too much.  He had kind of liked the sexy way Chakotay's eyes
had darkened when he talked about it.  Tom might like being married
to an exhibitionist if Chakotay's enthusiastic performance tonight
was the result.

"Open you pants godammit!"  His husband roared into his open mouth.

Oh shit yeah the pants.  Why the hell was Chak having a such a time
opening them?

"I need my hand babe."  Tom unwove his slim fingers from the thick
ones racking up and down the hot sweaty cock at his hip.

"Hurry."  Chakotay rasped as he fell back against the wall and
continued to whack himself on his own.  Tom watched him at moment,
the guy really was beautiful a sight when he was this aroused, before
examining his reluctant zipper.

The fold of the covering was caught in the metal teeth jamming the
fly.  Carefully he pulled the material away from the sensitive member
hiding inside and yanked.  Nothing happened, unless of course you
counted wedging the small bit of black cloth tighter.

"Oh fuck!"   He said with exasperation.   "It's stuck, Chak."

"No, no, no it can't be!"  Chakotay cried out sounding more desperate
than he felt and from watching his husband pleasure himself, Tom was
getting pretty bad.

"It is.  Look, why don't you just finish here and then we'll go back
to our quarters and cut them off."

"I said I wanted to fuck you Tom Paris and that's what I intend to
do.  Come here."

Tom got closer to Chakotay, not sure what the older man would do if
he couldn't unwedge the zipper.  Letting go of his cock his husband
grabbed a handful of material on either side of the opening.  He
tightened his grip and look up at him.  He was smiling.

"If I wasn't so horny, I'd be laughing right now.  Ready?"

"For what?  I think it's permanently welded shut."  Tom replied
feeling defeated.

"It's not!"   And with a loud grunt, Chakotay pulled and miracles of
miracles the zipper opened, although it wasn't much of a zipper
anymore.  More like a gaping wreck of a hole lined with twisted metal

"My hero."  Tom remarked and then kissed said savior with
uncontrolled relish.  It was a short kiss since now there were other
things they could do.

"Oh spirits lube!  We need lube."  Chakotay cried.  Tom could see the
rapidly building despair replacing the heat in his husband's eyes.
To come so far. . .

"I got it!"  In an instant Tom was on his knees with Chakotay's
erection in his mouth.   His husband moaned.  He was very close to
orgasm Tom guessed with all this extended foreplay and began flexing
his hips.   He allowed a few thrusts, tempted to stay a little longer
since he'd not had the pleasure of swallowing his husband's come and
then released him.  Chakotay's cock glistened with spit in the low

"Now you can fuck me."  Tom announced proudly, impressed with his

"That will be enough?  I won't hurt you?"  His husband asked

"For me, yeah.  I can relax myself a bit too.  It won't hurt.  I
promise."  Tom fell against the wall beside Chakotay, leaning on his
forearms.  "Please I want you inside me as just much as you want to

Chakotay, his handsome face still screwed up with uncertainty moved
around him and pulled down his tattered trousers to his knees.
Behind him, Tom heard Chakotay spit and then a felt slickness spread
between his cheeks.   With everything he possessed Tom willed himself
to relax.  He knew the sensitive older man, no matter how aroused
wouldn't entered him unless he was loose.  He felt a wet finger slide
into him.

"Make love to me Chak."  He called in encouragement over his
shoulder.  "I love you."

"Oh Tom honey, I love you too!"  And with that final epitaph,
Chakotay drove himself home.

It was tight and it did hurt a bit but that passed very quickly.
Soon his passage adjusted to the invader and embraced it.  That's
when the pleasure started.  Chakotay felt the change and began
thrusting, scraping his cockhead along Tom's prostate.

The pace was slow alerting Tom that despite the fact that he was
inside, Chakotay was still being careful.  It was nice, and if asked
Tom would have said his husband's caring touched him deeply, but
shit, it was also driving him nuts.  He hadn't been lying.  After all
this protracted love play, all he really wanted now was to be fucked,
and fucked hard.

"Oh yeah babe, that's good but do it faster."

"But.-" Chakotay started but Tom cut him off by bearing down and
squeezing his slow moving cock with his internal muscles.  His
husband cried out and slammed into him, mashing his face into the
wall.  Tom placed his hand under his cheek for protection and
repeated the move.

"Tom!"  His husband protested with his voice but his hips, thank god
weren't listening.

Soon Tom was getting his wish as Chakotay rammed into him in a way
that was nowhere near gentle.  It was the force of that passion that
caused his knees to weaken and his desire to strengthen.  His
hovering orgasm landed and finally found purchase on the wall in
front of him staining it black.

Holding him up by the hips, Tom was sure he'd fall otherwise Chakotay
ripped into him.  Grunting and groaning, and growling in between, his
husband let fly his passion until his own seed was released.  Tom
felt the movement in his ass ease as the passage filled with his
husband's semen.  A shudder ran through his body at knowing a part of
Chakotay was now a part of him.

"I love you."  Chakotay said in hoarse whisper as he fell on his
heels, taking Tom with him.  It was the big man's tremendous strength
alone that kept them upright.  Tom was limp as a rag doll in his
lap.  He let his head loll back onto Chakotay's shoulder.

"And I love the way you love me babe."

"Good because I plan on doing it a lot."

"Terrific," Tom touched his bruised cheek and winced.  "But do you
think next time you could love me in bed.  This was fun but next time
I'd rather do it somewhere softer."

"Next time."  Chakotay promised.