Title:  Kiss me Goodbye P10
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager, TNG
Pairing:   Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  10 of ?
Email for feedback:  forbesc@skyia.com
Disclaimer:  Voyager, Enterprise and their crews are the property of
Paramount and not me.  Whatever.

Summary:   In answer to Isa's challenge on Jupiter Station.   Less
than 36 hours after Voyager's return to the Alpha quadrant, Tom
vanishes.  Why?  Was he alone?   Does anybody know anything about
it?   Most importantly, what will Chakotay do about it?   Let's see

Chakotay was once again part of another triumphant return and he
didn't like it any better than the first.

The arrival of the Enterprise E as she glided into the Sol system and
took up orbit around Earth, had triggered another media event.  The
press fueled by gossip of Tom's mysterious abduction and Picard's
subsequent rescue of the Federation's poster boy, had rallied around
Starfleet HQ trolling for sound bites.

From the misinformation they already possessed it was evident to
Chakotay that none other than Admiral Paris himself had leaked the

It was reported only that an unidentified alien with a penchant for
pretty things had taken Tom on an impulse and that Enterprise had
been quickly dispatched to retrieve him.  There was no mention Lutan,
Ligon II or their marriage to inflame the incident.  The admiral had
conveniently omitted those volatile elements and Chakotay suspected,
confidently so.

Owen Paris had no reason to believe that neither his son nor his
friends would want the details of the abduction to become public
knowledge.  To do so would not only degrade Tom considering the
humiliation he'd been forced to endure at Lutan's hands but also
threaten relations with a planet who's goodwill it was imperative to
maintain.  The bastard was betting on their good conscience that they
would remain silent and it angered Chakotay that it was a bet he
would most likely win.  No one would know what the man had really

Even the Fleet's upper echelon would only know the partial truth.
From Picard's debriefing, the brass was aware of Ligon II's
involvement and the unique way Tom was extricated from Lutan but his
father's connection in the initiation of the abduction was something
that only he, Tom and maybe Harry knew.  The admiral's hands were
officially clean and when the annulment became final, the case would
also be considered officially closed.

"Hey babe."

Chakotay turned from the view port of his temporary quarters on
Enterprise to see his husband emerging from the bedroom.

In anticipation of his resignation, Tom had chosen civilian dress in
lieu of his uniform, not that he had one fit to wear anyway.  Lutan
had kept his dress whites and the spare standard ones he gotten from
ship's stores were pretty much a write off.   Well at least the
trousers were, Chakotay remembered fondly.

"So what do you think?"  Tom twirled.   "Will all this non-con blue
piss off my father?"

He stopped his spinning to let Chakotay check him out.  Dashing was
the first thing that came to mind when he looked at the younger man.

Tucked loosely in dark blue leather pants that made his legs look
impossibly long and cupped his genitals almost indecently, Tom wore a
white linen shirt with a matching blue vest that hung open.  When he
smiled lazily, he looked every inch the rebellious rogue with a heart
of gold.  He was quite simply beautiful.

"I think just showing up will be enough to do that."  Chakotay
replied hoarsely.  His husband's beauty affected him so profoundly,
he found it hard to speak.

"Yeah probably.  I don't think he ever planned on seeing me again.
I'm surprised he agreed to meet with me at all really."

"It wouldn't look good in the eyes of the press if he refused you.
I don't think he had much choice."

"Guess not."  The corners of Tom's mouth tightened and his eyes

If ever Chakotay needed a reason to hate the admiral, the pained
expression on his husband's face would have been enough.
Unfortunately, despite everything his father had done to him during
his lifetime, Tom didn't feel the same.  He still loved his father
and it hurt him to know that love wasn't returned.  It just wasn't in
the younger man to hate and Chakotay `loved' him for that.

The son was so much more than the father.

"He doesn't deserve you."  Chakotay pulled the forlorn blond into his
arms.  Tom's body was stiff but he did place his arms loosely around
his neck.  "I love you honey."  He whispered as he touched foreheads
with his agitated husband.

"I know, I know it's just.-"

"And your friends love you."  Chakotay stroked his cheek.  "We'll all
be outside his office waiting for you.  Just say what you have to say
and then get out and never look back.   I have a transport arranged
to take us to Dorvan V where we'll start all over again.   I'll be
your husband and you'll be mine."

"Maybe not technically though Chak.  The annulment is pretty much a
done deal."

"Do you want to be married to me Tom Paris?"

"Yes of course."  Tom replied softening his answer with a kiss and
relaxing into his body.

"Then you are.   We don't need Starfleet's seal of approval, my
mother's however is a different matter."

Tom stiffened again and looked slightly horrified.  "Oh god Chak.
She won't approve of me?"

"She'll love you on sight."  Chakotay said quickly.  "It's me that
will have to prove myself worthy of such a beautiful husband."

"You think I'm beautiful?  You've never said, I mean you act like it
but you haven't actually said so."

"No, but I think it all the time.  I wasn't sure if it was
appropriate to tell you."  He explained surprised by his husband's

"Because I'm a man?  If I were a woman you'd compliment my looks,

"Spirits that sounds silly when said out loud."

"That's because it is.  I want to hear you say in words that you find
me attractive.  I need it actually.  I know I'm not what you're used
to physically, I'm hard where you usually find soft and have a, a,"
Tom paused, broke eye contact and bit at his bottom lip.  After a
moment, he swallowed hard and continued.  "A different point of

"A different point of entry?"  Chakotay smiled and Tom scowled at him.

"I'm trying to be delicate here Chak, so give me a break okay?"

"Screw delicate, I love fucking your ass and I love you fucking
mine."  Chakotay growled while emphasizing his point by grabbing
Tom's leather clad bottom.  "Your hard lean body drives me wild, and
the way you smell oh spirits Tom honey, sometimes I think I could
come from that alone.  Right now I find you so beautiful, it makes my
chest tight and my cock ache.  So don't ever doubt my desire for you
again.  I'm only sorry I wasted so much time discovering it."

Finally convinced, Tom softened again in his arms and kissed him
deeply.  Leather squeaked against leather as they reconfirmed their
love and desire for one another.  Given the time, they would have
taken it one step further and lost the noisy clothing but Tom had an
appointment to keep.   Chakotay was the first to pull back.

"We've got to go Tom."  He wheezed as his husband continued to nip
and bite at his neck.

"Fuck me and then we'll go." Tom said into his ear and then looked
coyly at him.  His blue eyes were shining and his lips were swollen
from kissing.

Tempting, very tempting Chakotay thought as he looked into his
husband's flushed face, however they needed to get the nastiness over
with so they could really enjoy this pleasantness.

"I promise the first chance we get, I'll find a closet and do you,

Tom rolled his eyes at his small joke.  "Okay but in that case I'll
have to do you.  It's my turn in the closet."

"Anything you say my beauty, anything at all."

They were laughing and holding each other's waist when they headed
out of the cabin for the transporter room.

No matter what happened in the next few hours, Admiral Paris had
already lost.


"I'll tell him you're here."

Tom nodded to the receptionist as he disappeared into the other room
and then took a seat beside Chakotay on one of the lounges that
filled the large tastefully decorated foyer outside his father's
office.  In a show of strength and support, his friends both new and
old occupied the other couches.

"I can't believe he's going to actually make you wait."   Harry said
indignantly from beside Riker.

Tom watched as the bearded man kissed his friend's cheek and took his
hand.  Riker really liked Harry and that was okay.  He was proud of
himself for accepting that and resisting the urge to fling the PADD
with his resignation on it at the new lovers.

"It's only a stalling tactic."  Riker replied as he settled Harry's
hand into his lap.  "The admiral's scared sweetness and trying to
gain an advantage."

"It won't work.  He can't intimidate any of us.  We know too much."
Harry protested.

"True Ensign Kim, we do know more than Owen is comfortable with," It
was Picard who responded.   It still surprised Tom that the
Enterprise's captain was here.  "However, he also knows we won't
release any of that information.  What he is truly frightened of is
losing his son."

"It's a little late for that Jean Luc." Captain Janeway
declared.  "From where I'm sitting," Which was awfully close to
Picard, Tom noticed.  "He lost Tom and any right to dictate his
actions years ago.  Owen has no right to refuse his resignation and
if he does, he'll get mine right afterwards."

"Kathryn," This time it was his husband speaking.  Chakotay's voice
was soft and even.  "He's not afraid of losing Tom to the ranks
of civilianship, he's afraid of losing him to me."

"He's not really going through with the annulment is he?  I thought
that was just in case the press found out about Lutan and since they
haven't a clue, why follow through?"  His former captain looked at
him shocked and perplexed.

"He doesn't want his only son married to a guy, Captain."  Tom

"Because of children?  Oh that insufferable bastard.  That's archaic
nonsense.  If the doctor was here, he could explain that you're
perfectly capable of carrying on the Paris line yourself.  You don't
need a woman to carry your babies."

Tom felt Chakotay squeeze his thigh and resolutely avoided the
interest he knew he find on his face if he turned to look.  Leaving
Starfleet and getting married were life altering enough for Tom.   He
didn't need to add pregnancy to that list right now.

"If I may Lieutenant Paris.  I would like to answer that question."
Tom flung out his hand and gave Data permission.  Why the hell not?
God knew he didn't want to.

"I believe Captain Janeway that Admiral Paris is not concerned with
progeny but Commander Chakotay's gender."  The golden android turned
to him.  "Is that correct Lieutenant?"

"Yes Data."  Tom answered curtly.  He was more embarrassed for his
father than for himself.

"Does he not think the marriage can be consummated then?"  Seven
asked Data and then turned to Chakotay not waiting for answer.  "If I
recall Commander, you stated at the briefing before we left on our
mission that you had indeed penetrated Mr Paris anally."

He did what?  This time Tom did look at Chakotay who was now avoiding
his gaze.

"What I said Seven was that we were lovers.  I made no mention of
penetration of any kind."  He added giving Tom a side long sheepish
look.  Oooh was this going to be something to talk about later.

"Then you have not had anal intercourse with Mr Paris."

"Oh geez Seven of course he has!"  His ever loyal friend Harry piped
up.  "He just doesn't want to advertise it, is all.  It's a personal
thing between lovers."

"Personal, yes intimate."  Seven considered that and then verified
it.  "And you know this from experience Mr Kim?"

"Yes he does."  Riker answered with a big grin.  Harry shrank back
into the couch red faced.

"I see then if it is common knowledge, why doesn't the admiral know
it?  He cannot annul a marriage that has been consummated.  Perhaps
Commander you should tell him."

Tom laughed.  "Oh that would go over like a lead balloon."

"Maybe I should."  His husband said somberly.

"Should what?  On no Chak, you are not going in there and telling my
father you've fucked me."

"Why not?  I promise to be ah, delicate I believe is the right word."

Tom knew Chakotay was fully aware of his father's prejudices so that
wasn't the reason he wanted to speak to him.  What Chakotay really
wanted to do was to go all macho apeshit on the admiral by declaring
himself his husband and spouse.  The captain of the Enterprise spoke
up before Tom had a chance call him on it.

"That would prevent the dissolution of the marriage Lieutenant.
Personally I take affront to having a union I've sanctioned being
turned over.  I could tell him if you prefer."

Tom stared in disbelief at Picard.  He didn't know the guy real well
but from what he'd seen so far, he couldn't really see the dignified
man having sex let alone talking about it.  He looked at his former
captain, who was by the way smiling a lot more than she used to and
was again out of uniform and altered his presumptuous assessment.
Maybe baldy did like getting his rocks off now and again.

"I could provide you a with a diagram Captain should you chose to
proceed.  I am certain I could find an example of male on male sex in
the Federation data banks."

"Thank you Commander Data but I don't think that will be necessary."

Oh no pictures weren't needed, Tom's whirling mind thought.  If they
really wanted to do this up right, he and Chak could go at it on the
rug in front of his father's desk and provide a real time
demonstration.  Shit, had crazy become the fashion and somebody had
forgotten to tell him?

These people, including his husband who knew better, were nuts.  He
was not going to tell his father anything sexual or otherwise about
Chakotay.  It wasn't any of his goddamn business and besides, his
father knew him well enough to know that he would have consummated
the marriage by now.  It wasn't the point.

"Then it's settled.  You hand him your resignation and then we'll
inform him that the marriage cannot be annulled but only if it
becomes necessary.  Perhaps if you just told him you wish to remain
the commander's husband, he'll drop the injunction."

"He won't Captain Picard but thanks anyway for trying.  You see it
isn't about technicalities or even about what I want."  Tom took a
deep breath before continuing.  What he was about to say next had the
potential of getting his father drummed out of the Fleet and he had
no wish to do what his father had once done to him.  Tom had never
been a big fan of revenge.

"My father doesn't approve of same sex relationships.   He finds them

"Oh my god!  He's homophobic!"

"Say it a little louder Riker, I'm sure the Vidians in the next
quadrant didn't hear you."  Tom censored.

"Sorry, it's just, just.unexpected."

"And potentially dangerous information.   We might not get along but
I don't want to destroy my father.  His career is everything to him."

"So you'll let him destroy your marriage?"  Captain Janeway spat.

"He can't do that.  He doesn't have the power.  Oh sure he might be
able to change my personnel file from married back to single again
but it doesn't matter.  The admiral doesn't have jurisdiction over my
heart.  To me, Chakotay is my husband and I'm going to leave with
him, live with him and grow old with him."

Until that moment Tom had no idea how unimportant the annulment
really was.  Chakotay had tried to tell him that earlier in their
quarters on Enterprise but he had not been totally convinced.

A door opened and the receptionist returned.

"He'll see you now Lieutenant."

Tom rose from the lounge and the entire company rose with him.  He
turned to Chakotay and ignored the rest.

"You're not coming Chak."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I have to do this alone."

"Alright but if he starts to fight dirty, comm me."  His husband
fingered the gold device on his chest on loan from Enterprise.  "I
still owe him one."

"Okay but he won't.  I don't plan on being in there long enough for
him to start anything."

"That's right just hand him the PADD and get out.  I'll be here
waiting to whisk you off to Dorvan V."

"To home."  Tom said blissfully.

"Yes Tom honey, home, our home."

With that Chakotay kissed him, first a long tender one on the lips
and then a short one on the forehead.  Tom gave him one last hug and
then turned to enter the lion's den.


"What's taking so long?"

"I don't know sweetness but don't worry about Tom.  I'm sure he'll
land on his feet as usual."

There was an edge to Wil's voice that Harry might not have noticed
but Chakotay did.   He gave his friend a warning look.  Wil pursed
his lips and stared at him but didn't apologize.  Instead he shooed
Harry over to the captains to talk about his imminent transfer to
Enterprise.  Once the ensign was chatting merrily away with Picard
and Kathryn, he moved from his couch to Chakotay's.  Wil threw his
arm over the back and moved close.

"Don't give me that look Chakotay, you know it's going to take a
while before golden boy and I become friends.  There's too much
between us.  First you and now Harry."  He said in a low whisper so
only Chakotay could hear him.

"Tom's no threat."  Chakotay replied quietly matching his tone.

"I didn't say I was threatened by him.  I'm not.  It's more like
envy.  Tom owns parts of both of you that I'll never have and I'm
afraid to say I hate him a little for that."

Wil lowered his voice further and started to discreetly stroke the
back of his neck.  Chakotay wanted to move away but couldn't without
drawing attention to them.

"He's fucked you hasn't he?"  Wil's eyes closed slightly.  "Oh shit
Chakotay, do you know how much I would give to do that just once?
I'd even risk losing Harry and I think I'm falling in love with him."

"You know that's never going to happen Wil so don't even go there.
We had our one time."

"Yeah I know, a blowjob in the bathroom, big fucking deal."

"It was to me."

"Did you tell him about it?"

"I thought about it but, no.  What would be the point?  It really had
nothing to do with him.  It was about you and me.  I wanted to do it
for you Wil.  Don't make me regret it."

"Even when your dick was my mouth, I knew I wanted more."

"Stop it Wil.   It's over."

"Over, yeah right.  So what does that leave me with?"

"Harry, and I would recommend you stop touching me before he notices
or you'll lose him."

"Why?"  Wil breathed into his ear, his fingers now threading through
his hair.  "Harry would probably leave me too if the grand and
beautiful Tom Paris decided he wanted him."

Wil was bitter and Chakotay could hear the resentment in his voice.
It had been a mistake to cross the lines of friendship with this
man.  He knew that now.  Wil cared too much for him.

Back then when Tom was still missing and he was still working out his
new found feelings, Wil's touch had seemed right.  Oh he had fancied
it up thinking he was doing the favour, fulfilling a debt he'd been
unable to all those years ago but what it had really come down to was
that Chakotay had needed to be touched and in lieu of Tom, Wil had
been there.

It was something he wouldn't ever tell his husband about and
something he had hoped his friend would forget.  Unfortunately Wil
wasn't going to let him off that easily and why should he?  He'd been
used and now he was hurt.   When the unwanted caresses start to tug
and pull at his hair, he jerked forward.

"What the hell's the matter with you?"   He retorted a little louder
than intended.

All heads turned in their direction at his outburst.  Thankfully,
there were only questions in their wide eyes and not the disgust that
would have been if they'd known what they'd been talking about while
his husband was in the other room fighting for their marriage.
Chakotay schooled features in to a pleasant mask and gave the group a
comforting smile.

"It's alright.  I'm sorry, my fault.  Just feeling the stress and
Wil.-" His friend piped up and saved him from having to lie.

"Said something stupid."  Wil smiled and slapped him across the
shoulders affectionately.  Eventually everyone nodded, understanding
that `stress' was the word of the day and went back to the normal
chitchat that was helping them relieve it.

"I'm sorry too."  Wil said flipping back to their conspiracy.  "I
shouldn't have brought it up, just sour grapes I suppose.  I know you
love Tom and I don't want to do anything to ruin that."

"I know you don't Wil but I'm not blameless here either.  I shouldn't
have let you, you.-"

"Blow you." Wil finished for him. "I know you let me only because I
was your friend and I wanted you."  He grinned a typical Riker
grin.  "You know Chakotay, sometimes your just too nice for your own

As Chakotay grinned back, his comm badge beeped.

It was Tom.  He stood, forgetting everyone and everything and slapped
the device on his chest.

"I'm here honey.  What is it?"

"Can you come in here please?"   He sounded calm but Chakotay
responded as if Tom was screaming for his presence.

Ready for anything, in a flash he went through the office doors and
into a room populated by not two other people but three.


Oh that was fast.

Breathing hard, and with his dark eyes flashing Chakotay made a grand
entrance into the office, flinging the doors open hard and letting
bang loudly against the walls.   Finding him with his eyes, he strode
briskly across the room to stand protectively by his side.  His
determined gaze wavered only a moment when he saw the woman sitting
in a matching chair beside him.   Hiding a proud smile, Tom rose from
his seat and placed a hand at the base of his spine.

"Chakotay," Tom nodded to the red haired woman in the brown leather
chair.  "This is Captain Phillipa Louvois, from the Judge Advocate
General's department."

Phillipa, as she insisted he call her, stood and extended her hand to
his husband.

"Commander Chakotay of Dorvan V, it's a pleasure to finally meet
you."  She gave Chakotay a firm handshake and then assessed him with
her intense blue eyes from head to toe.  His husband stood stoically
during the inspection, saying nothing.  Tom supposed he was too busy
trying to get a handle on this new twist to their situation.  He
didn't blame him.

When he first entered his father's precious inner sanctum, he'd been
ready to face him down, one on one.   He'd been unprepared for an
audience.  Tom didn't think his father would want anyone else to hear
what he'd have to say but that had been the rub.  He wasn't supposed
to `say' anything.  Dear old dad had invited Captain Louvois here to
ensure he didn't.

It had been the admiral's plan to buy his silence and his co-
operation with his guilt.  Having someone from Starfleet's JAG office
present during their meeting would ensure that Tom wouldn't bring up
any messy details that might get his friends in trouble, like the
true reason for his marriage.

Phillipa knew about it sure, she was high enough in the brass to know
about Lutan but she was not aware that Chakotay's proposal was
anything more than a ploy to save his ass.  To say otherwise would
only instigate further investigation and the risk of ruining the
careers of people who while they barely knew him had taken it upon
themselves to save him.

While the feisty JAG officer knew most of the details, she still
operated under the impression that it been the admiral that had
sanctioned the rescue.  If she knew the truth, that the captain of
the Enterprise had stolen his vessel, she would be forced to initiate
court martial proceedings against him and that, Tom could not have.
Picard had saved his ass as much as Chakotay had.

So, Tom decided he would let his father win this round.  He would not
protest the annulment.   However, he was not about to let the old
bastard win the war.  He'd made one fatal mistake in his well thought
out plan to keep Chakotay out of his son's bed.  His father was about
to shoot himself in the foot with his own weapon.

Phillipa Louvois was a beautiful woman who lived and breathed the
articles of the Federation.  She was passionate in her beliefs and
married to her career, much like a certain starship captain Tom was
well acquainted with.  And like that other captain she was bound to
be a hopeless romantic and a lover of happy endings or at least Tom
hoped so.  Enter the dashing hero.

"It was Chak's idea to marry me."  He said to Phillipa who was
warming to the gallant image his husband presented upon his spirited
entrance very nicely.

"Really?"  She cocked her head.  "Not long ago I worked with Admiral
Nechayev on the Cardassian treaty, fool thing that it was and learned
quite a bit about the native settlers on Dorvan V.  It was my
understanding that marriage is a life long vow, unlike our Terran
practice of contracts and considered sacred.  Am I correct
Commander?"  She grilled him.

"It's just Chakotay, I'm retired and yes, the people of my tribe only
marry once and it's for life."

"So marrying Tom Paris, who is now also `retired' coincidentally
enough, to save him from Lutan was a personal sacrifice?"

"No ma'am, no sacrifice."   Chakotay responded respectfully as if he
was on trial and in way Tom thought, he was.

She gave him a suspicious sidelong look.  "I see. Then you don't see
your Federation marriage as valid?"

"More like inconsequential."  Chakotay stated and then gave him a
private wink.  The silent communication didn't escape the quick
witted captain and she gave Tom a curious stare.

"Phillipa, is this really necessary?"  His father interjected.  Was
there a hint of nervousness mixed in with his impatience?  Tom hoped
so.  "This Maquis' opinion of Federation marriages has no bearing on
the annulment.

Captain Louvois glared at the admiral.  "Why not Admiral Paris?  It's
his marriage."

"A marriage he considers in his own words as inconsequential.  The
union was a farce, put an end to it Phillipa."

"Don't presume to tell me how do my job, Owen."   Phillipa snapped
sending his father backwards into his chair by the force of her voice
alone.  Score one for the feisty red head.  She turned back to

"Alright let's try something different shall we?  Do you care for
your young husband?"  Phillipa gave him a conspiratorial smile before
listening to Chakotay's answer.

Oh, she was one smart cookie, Tom was not surprised to discover.  She
had cleverly figured out the meaning behind the wink.


"Love him?"


"In love with him?"


"Be quiet Owen."  The captain said not bothering to look at the
fuming admiral.  "I'll ask again.   Are you in love with Tom,

Chakotay took his hand and kissed the back of it.  "Yes."

She smiled and clapped her hands.  "Ah now were getting somewhere!"

"No we are not!"  Cried his father as he rounded his desk.  He tore
his hand from Chakotay's, pushed him back and stood between them.
Tom saw Chakotay's now free hands ball dangerously into fists.  "It
makes no difference what lecherous thoughts this pervert has about my
son, the marriage is a blasphemy and must be eradicated!" He yelled
into his husband's face.

"A blasphemy? Eradicated?"  Phillipa bravely wedged herself between
the two men.  "What the hell are you talking about Owen?"

"This man seduced my son and used an inflammatory situation to his
own means."

"I love your son, not that you understand what love means you cold
hearted bastard!  You probably don't even know how to spell the
word!"  Chakotay yelled over Phillipa's shoulder finally losing his
cool.  Score one for the outraged husband who did get a chance to go
a little apeshit after all.

"Can I say something?" Tom said quietly.  When the three continued to
argue, he screamed at the top of his lungs,

"I asked him to fuck me!"  That finally got their attention.

Chakotay glared at his father to let him pass and when the older man
moved promptly in fear of his life, he came around to him.

"Tom honey, you don't have to say anything here."  He lifted a hand
to stroke his face.  "The annulment doesn't matter, remember?"

"Shut up Chakotay, I love you but I am not going to stand here
silently and let him call you a pervert for loving me.  You're not,
you're the most moral upright person I know `and' you're my
husband."  He slipped from Chakotay's loving fingers and faced his
father.  Phillipa watched with interest from the sidelines.

"Listen up dear old dad because I'm only going to say this once."
The admiral started to move away but Phillipa gave him a warning look
that stopped him.

"I've loved Chakotay for years.  I've had dreams of fucking him and
him fucking me and in a moment of weakness, I came on to him.  He
didn't come on me, he didn't make a pass at me, shit he didn't even
have sexual feelings for men until I kissed him.  I was his first."

"That confused him, I think, and when I was abducted he came after me
but whether I had kissed him or not, I'm sure he would have come
anyway.  He's a good loyal man who doesn't need sex as a motivator.
When he found me, I was so scared and in need of comfort, I begged,
yes begged father for him to fuck me, and he did, only now I realize
what he had really had done was make love to me."

"The marriage later, well yeah that was a ploy to snatch me away from
Lutan but you know, when I was standing in a crowd that only saw me a
fucking sex object, I saw no one but him and was deliriously happy as
I said my vows.  I meant them, father.  They weren't my means of
escape but my salvation.  I wanted to be Chakotay's husband."

"So you see if anything, I perverted him not the other way around.  I
made him fuck me, I made him marry me and I want still want both
desperately.   Chakotay would tell you that the annulment doesn't
matter; it doesn't to him because he doesn't need a sanctioned
Federation marriage decree to love me.  I'm his husband in his heart
and that's enough for him but it isn't for me, I thought it was but
it's not."

He turned from his father who had fallen back against his desk
abashed, to Captain Louvois.  Her blue eyes were shining with unshed

"Phillipa, I want the entire universe to know I belong to him and if
it's possible, I'd like it to be official.  Please don't annul my

"I'm sorry Tom, it's out of my hands now."

"But why?"

"Don't you know?"  Phillipa smiled brightly through the tears that
were starting to seep from her eyes.  "You consummated the marriage,"
She paused uncertainly.  "You did right?   I mean after Ligon II, you
and Chakotay did continue your sexual relationship?"

"Yes ma'am."  Chakotay answered proudly as he threw a possessive arm
over his shoulders.

"Then you're stuck with each other.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm
going to find a handkerchief, a date and a stiff drink and not
necessarily in that order."

"Captain," His father started.

"Drop it Owen, or I'll have to start an inquiry into why you
instigated this ridiculous annulment in the first place.   As it is
my office will now be watching your actions closely, so I'd be very,
very careful from now on if I were you."

The hard-edged JAG officer softened into the romantic woman Tom had
bet his marriage on and gave them both a sappy smile.

"Best of luck gentlemen and when you do get around to having one of
those native ceremonies I've heard about call me.  I'd be proud to

"Yes ma'am."  Chakotay winked.  Damn he was doing a lot of that
lately, Tom thought.   "You'll be at the top of the guest list."

Phillipa gave them both a quick hug, sighed, wiped her eyes and left
in search of her hanky, drink and date.

"Son," His father pleaded from behind them.

Tom looked at Chakotay and Chakotay looked at him.  It was over and
beginning at the same time.  So they didn't turn, they didn't look
back, they just took each other's hand and left.

For all they cared Admiral Paris could kiss their ass goodbye.