Title:  Kiss me Goodbye P5
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager, TNG
Pairing:   Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  5 of ?
Email for feedback:  forbesc@skyia.com
Disclaimer:  Voyager, Enterprise and their crews are the property of
Paramount and not me.  Whatever.

Summary:   In answer to Isa's challenge on Jupiter Station.   Less
than 36 hours after Voyager's return to the Alpha quadrant, Tom
vanishes.  Why?  Was he alone?   Does anybody know anything about
it?   Most importantly, what will Chakotay do about it?   Let's see.

"Lutan's jealous."

Chakotay looked over the chest high clear partition of the shower.

"Like I care."

Wil, sitting on the closed toilet seat looked back.   His usual
gregarious grin was a thin line.

"Well it would have gone a long way for negotiations if you hadn't
had to be dragged from Tom's room covered in sparkles and smelling of

"Lutan's fault.   He shouldn't have left me alone with him."

"He thought you were going to convince him to stay not fuck him."

"Again, his fault."  Chakotay ducked back under the warm stream of
water and rinsed the soap from his body.   It felt good.   He could
feel the rage and tension being washed from him right along with the
lather.   He silently thanked his broad shouldered friend for hauling
his ass from the transporter room and throwing him in here.

Despite a ten years absence, William T Riker still knew him better
and what he needed more than any other friend he'd ever known.
Chakotay turned off the water and leaned against the glass wall of
the shower, resting his arms along the top rim.

"Wil, Tom told me not to come back for him."

"And you said?  What?   No, I'm guessing."   The big assed smile had

"I really think he means it though.  Maybe he doesn't love me."

"He's protecting you and he's doing that because he does love you."

"Protecting yeah maybe but you can't know if he's in love with me or

"He has to be.  He'd be nuts otherwise not to love a big lug like

"Yeah right."   Chakotay chucked as he slid back the shower door and
stepped from the tub.  Wil handed him a towel.

"I mean it.   You're brave, you're kind and dammit Chakotay," Wil's
powerful voice turned husky.  "You're as sexy as hell."

Chakotay stopped drying his hair and moved the towel to his chest,
its white folds falling over his genitals.   "How long?"   He asked.

"Do you remember the crack about seducing my teacher?   Well, I `was'
trying all those years ago, you just never took the bait."

"But we were just friends."

"Yes, I found out you were straight.   That's why I never ended up
making a move on you.   But now you've come back into my life talking
about having feelings for a man and I'm having a bit of trouble."
His hand lighted on Chakotay's upper thigh.   "No, I'm having a lot
of trouble."

"Wil, I can't.   I love Tom."

"I know but that's doesn't help really."  Wil's fingers began moving
in circles on his wet skin.  "I keep picturing you touching him and
after our trip planet side, fucking him."

"I, I .-"

"You don't have to do anything, just stand there.  Let me do this
just this once."

The broad hand on his hip slipped under the towel and with his eyes
looking up into his, Wil tenderly started to caress his inert penis.

How could he say no to this man?  If asked, Chakotay knew without a
doubt, Wil would give his life for him.  He was loyal and selfless,
and he asked for so little back in return.   Chakotay let the towel

"Just once."  He whispered.

Wil smiled and transferred his hands to his hips, brought him face
forward and pulled him between his knees.   With a wink he lowered
his head.

The tickle of his friend's beard was the first sensation he
registered, the second was his warm moist tongue.   Chakotay let his
head fall back and thought of Tom.

As Wil's mouth teased and nuzzled him into hardness, he saw only
bright blue eyes and golden hair.  And when Wil swallowed him whole,
a pink mouth set in a cocky half smile.

Doing what he'd been unable to do himself with Tom, Wil cupped his
ass and prompted him to thrust.  Chakotay did, starting slowly at
first conscious of the fact his cock was not exactly small, and then
speeding up his pace when he heard no signs of discomfort from Wil.

It felt good and somehow right that his first blowjob from a man
should come from this one.  It could have been Tom given the time but
the beautiful blond that owned his soul would have other firsts with
him.  This one was for Wil.

As his orgasm approached, he leaned forward and clasped Wil by the
shoulders.  The mouth on his cock tightened as he pumped his hips
faster.  When a hand cupped his balls and massaged them lightly, he

Mentally making notes for when the next time he did this to Tom,
Chakotay paid attention to the way Wil sucked harder and used his
tongue to pull his release from him.   When his orgasm passed, he
fell back against the bathroom wall and slid down its tiled surface.

"You taste good."

Chakotay opened his eyes to see Wil grinning and licking his lips.
A very evident erection tented his uniform pants as he sat with his
knees apart on the toilet lid.

"Thanks.   I believe that's the first time someone with such a low
voice has told me that."   He dipped his head to Wil's bulging
groin.   "What about you?"

Wil looked down and then back.  "Oh that.   I'll take care of it

"Do it now if you like, I don't mind."

"Really?   You'll watch me?"

"Yeah.  I'm not going anywhere for at least a few minutes."

Impassively and feeling a little numb, Chakotay watched as his friend
unzipped his trousers and pulled his erection from it folds.  In a
few quick strokes Wil was moaning and spilling his seed over his hand
and shirt front.  When his eyes fell back in their sockets, Chakotay
tossed him the towel he'd dropped earlier.   Wil caught it deftly
with one hand and began cleaning himself.

"Thanks Chakotay.  This meant a lot."

"Don't mention it.  Anything for a friend."


"I am disappointed in you."

Lutan stood glaring at him from the end of bed.  Tom, still unwashed
and naked after Chakotay's lovemaking, relaxed lazily on the mattress
with his head propped on a pillow.  With his legs slightly apart, he
flaunted proudly to his captor the bruises Chakotay's hips had left
on his inner thighs.

"Disappointed?   Oh I don't believe it.   I've hurt the big bad
kidnapper's feelings.   Well forgive me your highness."

"This is not a joke princeling.   You're performance was unacceptable
and without honour."

"Fucking my lover had no honour?  Give me a break."

"Your lover?   That man was your lover?"

"I told you I was taken."   Tom ran his fingers along the inside of
one his legs and found a bruise.   He pressed into it and moaned
while biting and licking at his bottom lip.   The wanton display was
effective on two levels.  It said fuck you Lutan and made his point
about belonging to Chakotay.

"I was told you were not."

"Told?"  Tom closed his legs and bolted up right.  "By who?"

"That is not important.   What is important that it will not happen
again and you will tell no one of your previous relationship."

"And if I do?"  He challenged.

"I will kill him but not before I claim you as mine before him."

"You mean with the bonding ceremony tomorrow."

"No my princeling.   In this bed."

Enough said.


"Well at least we got an invitation to the wedding tomorrow."

"That's not funny Wil."

"Sorry, I guess I'm getting a little punch drunk.   We've been
looking at these PADDs for hours now looking for a loophole."   Wil
rubbed his eyes.  "I need a break."

The burly man scooted up on the bed beside Chakotay and leaned
against the headboard, their shoulders touching.   He had his shoes
off but was still wearing his uniform.  Chakotay had however donned
only a pair of sleep pants.   There was no sexual tension between
them.   After the incident in the bathroom they had fallen back into
their previous easy banter.   If anything, their friendship had
deepen now that they had both put their cards on the table.

"Can I ask you something Chakotay?   What have you got against Harry

"Harry?   Nothing really."

"Nothing?   You were ready to bash his lights in at the meeting this
morning.   That's not nothing."

"Harry is Tom's best friend."

"What?  Friends like we're friends?"   Wil threw him kiss and poked
his ribs.  Chakotay rolled his eyes.

"No I don't think they've ever done anything sexual together.
Harry's a pretty straight arrow."

"Oh I get it, like you."

This time Chakotay poked Wil.   It was funny how much they touched

"Okay, okay but seriously, you're not sure right?  You think Harry
might have the hots for your blond haired boy toy."

"Maybe a little," Chakotay admitted.   "And Tom's not that much
younger than me."

"He's what, ten years younger?"


"Oh not much at all you dirty old man."

Chakotay treated his friend to one of the big shit eating grins he
was usually sporting.

"Fuck you Wil Riker."

"Oh now the gloves come off.   Well seeing as you did me a favour not
long ago," Wil wiggled his eyebrows and Chakotay sighed in
exasperation.   "How's about I take young Harry Kim out of your hair?"

"Now who's the dirty old man?   Harry's thirteen or fourteen
years `your' junior."

"Hey I didn't say I was going to marry him, just take him somewhere
dark and molest him a bit, that's all."

"That's it!"  Chakotay jumped off the bed and grabbed a tee shirt
from his duffel bag.


"Come'on we've got to talk to Picard and Kathryn."


It was a beautiful morning for a wedding.  Too bad it was his.

Tom sighed and moved from the window.  They had him washed and
dressed in virginal white today.   Not exactly appropriate given his
sexual history but then again neither was the wedding, so what the

Tugging restlessly at his voluminous silk pants, he paced the tiny
room making a point to avoid his reflection in the mirror.   He knew
was sparkling silver today but had no wish to see it.   The large
wooden doors of his prison opened and he stopped as his dressing
attendant entered the room.

"It's time princeling."   The dark giant announced.

Tom nodded mutely and followed him out into the plaza.   He would
have ran, if there had been a place of sanctuary he could have flown
to but since there wasn't, he did as he was told.

Once again the crowds gave their raucous opinion on his appearance
and once again he pretended if they weren't there.  It was only when
he was brought up on stage beside Lutan and Yareena, did he look upon
their dark faces.

So many different shades of brown shining in the sunlight Tom thought
numbly.   Ebony, coffee, chocolate, and bronze?   The last time he'd
seen bronze that rich was in the moonlight and that was with, oh shit
he was here.   Tom looked again.   They were all here.

Harry was standing beside a rather large lumbering man in a Fleet
uniform, Seven was next to a man of gold, Captain Janeway was beaming
up at him and the bald man from yesterday was talking earnestly with
Chakotay, who wasn't looking at him but nodding to his companion.
Tom stifled the urge to whistle to get his attention but Chakotay
knew where he was.

A man dressed in long robes of pale yellow carrying a leather bound
volume, joined them on the dais.  This was the priest Tom surmised
but as the man opened his book and his mouth to speak, baldy yelled
out an interruption.

"A question for the groom to be Lutan!"

Lutan scowled.   "What is it Picard?"

Picard?   Ah captain Picard.   Holy fuck Chakotay, did you bring the
Enterprise here?  Or was his father responsible for that?  No, not
his father.   Tom suspected good old Admiral Paris was responsible
for something else not quite so noble.

"Tom Paris!"   Picard called.

He stepped forward past the priest.  "Yes Captain."

"Do you take Chakotay of Dorvan V to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Husband?  Shit, didn't anybody believe in proposing anymore?

"Just say yes Lieutenant."   Picard urged.

"Wait!"   It was Yareena.   She pushed past him and glared down at
Picard.   "The princeling is my intended Captain."

"On the contrary Yareena, Lieutenant Paris is promised to Commander
Chakotay," Tom watched as Picard nodded to Chakotay who was ignoring
Yareena and staring intently at him.   "And has been for some time."

"The vile beast from yesterday."  Yareena spat.   "He has no claim on
the princeling."

"I do."  Chakotay stepped forward.   "He is my first one."

Tom smiled and almost laughed as he remembered his misinterpretation
with Ligon terminology when Lutan had first snatched him.   Chakotay
may not be on the total up and up with the marriage thing but he was
speaking honestly about the first one business.  Yareena turned to

"Is that true?   Are you this beast's First One."

Tom directed his smile down at his lover and replied softly.   "Yes I
am his first and his last."   He left the dais and walked to stand in
front of Chakotay.  "And yes, I Tom Paris agree to take Chakotay of
Dorvan V as my lawfully wedded husband."

"Then by the laws of the Federation invested to me as captain of the
Enterprise, I now pronounce you married."

And wrapping his arms around Chakotay's neck, Tom kissed the groom.
When he ran out air, he pulled back to looked at his new husband's
handsome face.

Now who said Tom Paris wasn't the marrying type?  Not him, not

"You already said yes?"   Tom asked just to make sure.

"When you were walking on stage Picard was reciting my vows to me."

"That's not very romantic."  He teased as he nipped at a dimple.

"No but it is legal.   Lutan and Yareena have no choice but to let
you go now."

"Ah good plan."  Tom kissed his husband's tattoo, thinking of what
he `planned' on doing to him later once they were alone.

"It was Wil who gave me the idea."  Chakotay said into his
ear.  "They couldn't marry you if you were already married."

Wil?   Tom pulled back abruptly.  Who the fuck was Wil?   Oh shit, it
really was just a plan.   Chakotay didn't really want to marry him.
This so-called wedding was just a way to get him out of this
nightmare.   He let go of the commander and stood back.

"Well if we can go, let's go."   Tom said amazed he could talk at
all.   His heart was breaking and was surprised his voice wasn't too.

"You okay?"  Chakotay asked as his hand came up to his face.   Tom
ducked his head and avoided the questing fingers.

"Yeah, Commander.   Now lets get the fuck out of here."