Title:  Kiss me Goodbye P4
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager, TNG
Pairing:   Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  4 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager, Enterprise and their crews are the property of
Paramount and not me.  Whatever.

Summary:   In answer to Isa's challenge on Jupiter Station.   Less
than 36 hours after Voyager's return to the Alpha quadrant, Tom
vanishes.  Why?  Was he alone?   Does anybody know anything about
it?   Most importantly, what will Chakotay do about it?   Let's see.

"I have found Lieutenant Paris, Captain."

"The ship?"  Picard moved from his command chair to the science
station on the upper platform.  Chakotay gave Wil a tense look and
then rose from the smaller seat beside him to follow the captain.

"No sir a planet."

Chakotay shouldered his way past Picard and Seven for a better look
at Data's findings.

"What planet?"  Chakotay barked surprised at the severity in his
voice.  Thankfully, Data took no notice.

"Ligon II, Commander."  The android replied to him and then looked
over his shoulder to his captain.  There was something in his golden
eyes that told Chakotay this wasn't just any planet.

"You're certain that's where Mr Paris is Data?"

With a tilt to his golden head, Data replied as if stating the
obvious. "Yes Captain.  I am always certain."  He paused for
permission to continue and then did.  "The ion trail disperses in
Ligon II's atmosphere and by the rate of degradation I surmise that
the vessel landed approximately 45 minutes ago.  I could be more
precise if you like."

"No!"  Picard retorted abruptly then calmed.  "No, thank you Data.
45 minutes is close enough."  The android nodded affably to his
captain.   "How long before we reach the planet?"

"30 minutes sir."

"30 minutes."  Picard repeated softly to himself. When he turned
to Chakotay, his face was pensive. "Commander I believe we have a


Well at least his ass wasn't cold anymore.

In a private room just off the main hall, Tom marveled at his
appearance in a tall gilded mirror.  He twisted this way and that,
dipped one shoulder and then the other and then stuck out his chest,
fascinated by how much he sparkled.

In his hair, over his eyes, across the tops of his shoulders to his
arms and worked into the down of his chest were tiny flecks of gold.
And those were only the parts you could see.

Under his silk harem pants of sapphire blue, his legs, ass and balls
were similarly greased and decorated.

He had put a stop to the application of the when his large dark
attendant wanted to put some of the glittering gel on his cock.
Besides the fact that the man had been a little too eager, having a
golden dick would have been a tad over the top.  Tom started to smile
at his witticism and then stopped when he saw his face in the mirror.
There was nothing funny about being here.   With shame, he turned
from his preening and wandered to the window.

From here he could see the spaceport where they had landed and where
he had begun to first understand his fate.

Because very much like Voyager on Earth, Lutan was welcomed here on
this planet like a conquering hero bringing home the spoils of war.
Tom's capture was congratulated, even celebrated.

The people of Ligon II, he knew the name now, while they treated him
with kindness, bathing and dressing him with care, looked upon him as
token of victory over the Federation and not as a person with
rights.  Nobody cared that he was here against his will. That was
part of it, part of the tradition, and part of their lives.   Lutan
had counted coup with the Federation by taking one of its most high-
ranking sons and had been successful.   He had stolen the princeling,
as they called him and attainted great honour.

He was nothing but a fucking prize and after the bonding, a whore.


"What's the problem?"

They had reconvened from the bridge into the conference room and all
were in attendance sitting around the large oval table except for
him.   Chakotay was too tense, too wound up to sit.

"Mr Data please explain to the Commander."  Picard said from the head
of the table.

"Yes Captain."  The android was speaking to the whole group but
directed his golden gaze to him.   "Ligon II is a Class-M planet
whose humanoid culture values ritual honor above all else.  They lack
advanced technology but possess significant agricultural abilities.
They hold ritual honor highly and have a strong and stable social
structure.   They are not a member of the Federation but they do deal
frequently with it as they produce a rare vaccine for the treatment
of the deadly Anchilles fever."

"We have a treaty with them, so they'll speak to us when we get
there, right?"

"Most likely Commander.  The Ligonians are a amicable species."

"Then what's the problem?  We tell them about what happened to Tom,
they find him and give him back."

"It may be not that simple.  As I stated they have a strict code of
honour and it is likely the lieutenant's abduction is part of a
ritual of some kind.  They may not be willing to give him up."  Data
went on to explain a previous incident with the late
Natasha Yar.  Chakotay was appalled.

"Who ever stole him wants to marry him?"

"Possibly.  The dynamics of marriage on Ligon II are unclear.
However, we do know it consists of two males and one female.  It is
possible Lieutenant Paris has been acquired to participate in such a
group.  His colouring and stature as Admiral Paris' son would make
him a highly valued candidate."

"But against his will?"

"It was not Natasha's choice to join with Lutan and Hagon."  Data

"Then I'll beam down and take him back myself."

Picard interjected.  "That's where the problem comes in Commander.
We cannot approach the Ligonian government in a Federation ship, an
AWOL Federation ship if I may point out and merely demand him back.
The vaccines they provide are too important to risk losing over one

"So we're just going let them have Tom."

"No.  We are going first investigate the situation.   It is possible
that the abduction itself was the primary goal and they have no
intention of keeping him."

"But if they do?  What then?"

"It is obvious to all of us here how much the young man means to you,
however we must tread carefully here.  One step at a time Commander. "

Picard was right.  Chakotay collapsed into the chair beside Riker and
let his head fall into his hands.   Dammit he was right.   While he
wanted nothing more to rush in and rescue the man he was falling in
love with, he could not do it if it threatened millions of lives.

While in the Maquis, he had seen the nightmarish effects of Anchilles
fever in a Bajoran refugee camp.  It wasn't pretty.  The disease hit
fast causing its victims to bleed out not unlike the Ebola virus that
once killed off half of the population of the United States of Africa
in the late twenty first century.  He couldn't let his personal
feelings jeopardize a treaty that could prevent that.   He felt a
warm hand on his shoulder and looked up.

"Don't worry Chakotay, will get your lover back somehow."  Wil said
softly with a big reassuring grin.

"Lover?"   Harry Kim squeaked from across the table.   It was a
mistake, for Harry.   It made him a perfect target for Chakotay's
rage and feelings of impotence.

"Yes Mr Kim, your best friend and I are lovers.  We've fucked
alright?"   He growled at the stricken ensign.  "You got a problem
with that?"

"Ah no sir."  Harry choked out.

The room went dead quiet as he continued to glare at Harry, his fists
clenching and unclenching, aching to hit anyone or anything to vent
his frustration.

"Me neither Chakotay."  It was Kathryn's amused voice.  She was
trying to break the tension, he knew.   "In fact I don't think
anybody does at this table."

"Well I think it's all very sweet."  Said Deanna Troi while smiling
softly and giving him the benefit of kindness with her large dark

"And romantic too."   Geordi piped.  "I haven't got a problem with
it, in fact I'm a little envious."

"Nor do I Commander."  Said Seven who was staring intently at
him.   "I am however curious as to how that is accomplished.   Do you
penetrate Mr Paris or does Mr Paris penetrate you?"

Beside him Wil was laughing.   Chakotay was mortified but incredibly
Wil was laughing.   He turned to his old friend and glared at him to
shut up but only accomplished in making the man laugh harder.

"Oh come'on Chakotay, aren't you going to tell us?"  Wil said with a
big grin.

He was about to smack his good friend up side the head when Picard
cleared his throat loudly.

"Yes well perhaps we could discuss the details of the Commander and
Mr Paris's relationship another time."   Picard turned to
Data.   "Are we within hailing distance Mr Data?"

"Yes sir."

"Well then people, I think it's time to drop in on an old friend."


It was time for the dog and pony show, Tom thought wryly as he was
paraded out into the main square.  Oh good, all the kiddies were here.

The large opened air amphitheatre was packed with dark skinned people
straining to get a look at him.  There was oohing, aahing and the
occasional wolf whistle.  Tom ignored them all and held his head
proudly as he was brought to the raised dais at the front of the

Lutan was there, flanked by a another man dressed in blue silk a
shade darker than Tom's and a woman adorned deep purple.   She was
smaller than the men but her proud straight shouldered stance and her
intense dark gaze told him she was the one with the power of the
three.  It was she, Yareena he guessed, that Tom was brought before.
Silently she stepped forward to inspect him.

Trailing a finger across his chest she traced the underside of his
pectoral muscles, played a zigzag down his stomach and then used the
full of her hand to cup his balls as if weighing them.  Tom stared
straight ahead and bit the inside of his bottom lip as her clinical
examination went from his sac to his cock.

"Not much."  Yareena said with distaste as she mauled his flaccid
penis with her fingers.   Perversely insulted, Tom looked sharply at
her and pulled his hips back from her grasp.   With amusement, she
let him.

"No," Lutan spoke from behind her.   "But he is well enough endowed
for one of his species."  His voice became smoky.   "And he does know
how to use it to advantage."

"You have had him?"  She replied still assessing him, but now only
with her dark eyes.

"No, but I have watched him perform."   Lutan grinned widely at him
and sucked at his bottom lip.  Tom shuddered and then favoured him
with a scowl.  "He is pliable and possesses a great deal of

Yeah fuck you big guy.   His `performance' as it were, was not
something he wanted to be reminded about nor shared with the
multitudes listening.

Yareena's eyebrows went up at that.  "Indeed."

"Yes, he handles himself well and is a pleasure to watch orgasm."

She smiled.  "I shall look forward to seeing that."

Like hell, Tom thought.   They would have to kill him before he
masturbated for anyone again save Chakotay.

He wondered inanely given where he was, if the older man would like


"We have to stop this."  Chakotay hissed to Wil Riker.   His insides
were boiling at the way the woman in purple was casually touching his
lover.   And the things they were saying, oh spirits.  He didn't want
think about the meaning of them.

"We can't approach the dais until she's done looking at him."  Wil
said discreetly in a low whisper.

"Looking at him?   She's inspecting him like a piece of meat."

"I know I'm sorry but we have to play by the rules here.  Otherwise
they'll hustle yours, mine, Janeway and Picard's collective asses out
of here.  They've only agreed to an audience because we asked
nicely.  If you go roaring up there on stage, it'll be the last time
your see your precious Tom Paris, I assure you."

"Fuck." Wil's eyebrows rose at his uncommon use of profanity and
Chakotay apologized quickly.

"It's okay."  He gave him a tight smile and then directed his gaze to
the stage. "Look they're turning him around. It's over."

Wil was right. The woman was now leading Tom to stand beside a
large black man and Chakotay was immediately struck by their
contrast.  The beauty and the beast, his mind thought.

Although he hated to admit it, he had never seen Tom look so
beautiful. It wasn't so much the way his pale skin sparkled in the
sunlight or the way his blue pants molded the curves of his body
sensuously but his evident pride.

They called him princeling here and the description was apt.   Even
though he was being presented indecently, Tom still appeared strong
and regal.  As if nothing they could do to him, no matter how dirty
or degrading could tarnish his true beauty.  Chakotay's body was
consumed as strongly as his heart was by Tom's strength and
elegance.  He began to shake with want.

"Put a lid on it man."  Wil hissed understanding his reaction.  "It's

As the four of them approached the dais in tandem, Tom finally saw
them. When they reached the stage, his blue eyes widened and lowered
but not with relief as Chakotay had hoped but something else.

Was it, it couldn't be, shame?


Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!

What was he doing here?  He shouldn't be here.  Tom looked up
through his lashes at Chakotay.  Oh man he was really here.

For the first time since this ordeal had started, Tom felt hot tears
prick his eyes.  He tried desperately to blink them away. He
didn't want to add crying to his humiliation.

Chakotay's eyes never left him as the bald headed man beside Janeway,
oh god he couldn't believe she was here too, spoke to Lutan.   He
heard nothing of what was said but felt only the pain of his lover's
inspection. It was worse than Yareena's to bear.

He was decked out like a whore, Tom knew and if Chakotay had heard
what had been spoken about him, which he mostly likely had, the older
man now knew he had acted like one too.  Oh shit nothing could be
worse than this. Why was he here his mind wailed again?   If he
hadn't been, then Tom would never have felt this dirty, this
shamed. Anger began to well up inside his chest.

Chakotay had no right to be here.  This was his problem and he was
dealing with it.  He was not intended to know about his capture, so
how dare he show up unasked. Not once during his ordeal had Tom
wished for Chakotay.   He was supposed to be separate from all of
this. It was what had kept him sane and now the man was ruining all
that. Damn him!

"Princeling," Lutan said in his ear. "The tattooed one has been
granted a moment alone with you.  You will be taken back to your room
but I warn you if you try to escape, your other friends will suffer
for it."

Tom looked back at Lutan his eyes so bright with anger that the
bigger man took a step back.

"I will not try."  He promised.


"I only have fifteen minutes and then I have to go back to the

"Go now Chakotay."


"Go now, leave me."

Tom was angry, so much so he was actually vibrating with the dark
emotion.   His arms shook as they wrapped around his midsection and
his lips trembled.  Chakotay doubted that in his fury the younger man
realized he was also crying.

"No."   Chakotay moved towards his lover.  "I, I can't."

"I'm not fucking you asking!   I'm telling you!"   Tom
roared.  "Leave me the fuck alone!"

Not being able to stand not touching him a moment longer, Chakotay
grabbed Tom by the shoulders and kissed him hard.  The arousal he'd
felt earlier flared hotly as he tried to force his tongue between
tight lips.

Tom fought him hard.  His arms unwrapped and he pushed at his chest
with the heels of his hands.  Chakotay released his grip and slid his
arms around Tom's back pinning his hands.  The younger man screamed
at the tactic and unwittingly allowed him entry into his moist warm

Bruising his pale lips, Chakotay quickly found Tom's tongue, stroked
it and made love to it with his own.   After a few moments of his
passionate caresses, Tom gave in, brought his arms up and fucked his
mouth back with equal ferocity.

The younger man was still bucking in his arms but now it was into
him instead of away.  Confident Tom wouldn't bolt now, Chakotay
pushed him back on to the only piece of furniture in the room other
than a tall mirror, the bed.  They bounced when they hit but neither
man lost hold of the other.   When Chakotay transferred his kisses to
Tom's pale neck, the younger man screamed.

"Fuck me Chak!   Oh god, fuck me!"

"Yes, yes, yes."   He chanted as his mouth moved down Tom's chest
biting and nibbling in a random frenzy.

Tom's arms left his neck and slid down his own body.   Out of the
corner of his eye Chakotay saw them sail past down to the waist of
his silk trousers.  In a buck, the pants were off and Tom's weeping
erection was exposed.   In his hunger, he moved towards it but his
lover stopped him.

"You have to fuck me, have to, have to," Tom panted as his long
fingers worked frantically to free Chakotay's erection from his
leathers.  Once it was out, the same fingers began coating it with
the sparkling gel that had clotted in Tom's pubic hair.  When it was
glistening, Tom fell back on the bed and spread his legs wide.

"Now Chak, now!"

Chakotay moved a hand between the creamy white cheeks. He had not
done this before but had been around long enough to know Tom needed
preparing before he rammed his cock into his ass because that's what
he intended to do, ram and ram hard.  This would not be a gentle
joining.  He was too far-gone for that.

"No, just fuck me."  Tom ordered, his blue eyes black as night.


"Stick your cock in me now Chakotay!"   That was more than an order.
It was an all out demand.

With a shaking hand, Chakotay's grabbed himself and positioned the
weeping crest of his cock at Tom's puckered hole.

"Good, good now push baby, push, oh yeah that's it, oh god that's
it."   Tom moaned as the head popped through the tight ring.
Chakotay nearly passed out when a wave of pleasure so intense pulsed
through his body as Tom's butt clamped down on his dick and began to
literally suck him inside.

After spreading his own knees a little for balance, Chakotay then
lifted Tom by the hips and pushed his cock into the younger man until
his balls lay flush with his pale ass.  Tom's breath hissed through
his teeth as he filled him.   Pain, Chakotay thought dimly through
his fog of arousal.   Maybe I'm too big for him and it hurts, he
wondered and froze.

"Now fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," Tom chanted with his eyes
closed and his head thrown back.

Spirits, he forgotten how much the younger man talked during sex.
It was different, but Chakotay liked it.   Now knowing he wanted this
Chakotay, he began thrusting in time with Tom's mantra.

Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me Tom pleaded faster and faster as Chakotay
rammed himself home on every second word.  By the time the words
began running into one another, he couldn't hear them anyway but he
could still see.

His passion flew higher as he watched the slim thighs shake with his
thrusts and Tom's hand as he stroked himself in time.   Concentrating
on the purple head as it peeked in and out of the top of Tom's fist,
he waited for it to erupt.  Thank the spirits he didn't have to wait

As the pearly white fluid shot from the tip and over Tom's chest,
Chakotay was surprised feel his own release being pulled from him.
As Tom's orgasm hit, the muscles of his ass tighten around his cock
and massaged the semen from his balls.  For the first time in his
life, Chakotay screamed as he came.

"So good, so good."  Tom mumbled as he raised his head for a kiss.

So beautiful, so beautiful Chakotay thought back as he took the mouth
offered to him.  Kissing Tom deeply he lifted his hips and slid his
now deflated cock from his body.  Tom moaned and broke the kiss.

"You have to go now."

"Not without you."

"Yes, without me."

Lowering his long slim legs, the younger man rolled out of his
embrace and moved to the head of the bed.   Once there, he brought up
his knees and wrapped his arms around them.

"Do up your pants and go Chakotay."  He said in the same demanding
tone he had when he asked him to fuck him.  "People will be hurt
if you don't."  Tom added in a much softer tone.

"I'll be back."  He promised as he stood and righted his clothing.

"Don't, please."  Tom pleaded his eyes filled with tears.

Chakotay was about to protest when the doors behind him opened and
his arms were seized.

"I will!"  He yelled to the man he loved as he was forcibly removed
from the room.

And then the doors closed.