Title:  Kiss me Goodbye P3
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager, TNG
Pairing:   Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  3 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager, Enterprise and their crews are the property of
Paramount and not me.  Whatever.

Summary:   In answer to Isa's challenge on Jupiter Station.   Less
than 36 hours after Voyager's return to the Alpha quadrant, Tom
vanishes.  Why?  Was he alone?   Does anybody know anything about
it?   Most importantly, what will Chakotay do about it?   Let's see.

You cold-hearted bastard.

Standing before the admiral's desk in his Maquis leathers, Chakotay
came up with a few other unflattering aphorisms for the senior Paris
he would have liked to have voiced if the current situation weren't
so delicate.

"Your resignation is unacceptable Commander."  Admiral Paris said
coolly as he pushed the PADD back across the length of the desk to
him.  "I think you're forgetting the benefits of a career in
Starfleet entails."

"I haven't forgotten anything Admiral. That's why I'm resigning."

As the old bastard when on to expound the benefits he'd be missing,
Chakotay studied him clinically.

His only son was missing, he had to know that by now and he was
acting as if nothing was wrong.  Fleet Security must have drawn the
same conclusions and have the same information his team had acquired
and yet he hadn't been questioned.  Nobody had approached him as to
why Tom had been in his quarters or the circumstances of his
departure.  That should have happened.

It was standard operating procedure.  As the last person to see Tom,
Chakotay should be locked up somewhere being grilled but he wasn't.
Nobody seemed to care.  Not even the admiral who was in the same room
with him, had asked after his missing son.

It enraged him and under normal circumstances, he would have flung
the old man against the far wall of his office and let him know how
much with his fist.  However these were not normal circumstances.
Chakotay needed to be free.  It was up to him and his friends to find
the missing pilot and he couldn't do that from a cell in Starfleet
Security.  So as much as would like to tell the admiral how special
his son was and what he was missing with a good right cross, he
remained mute.  He had come to do this one last thing and that was
it.  He would not let his anger jeopardize their plans.

"Admiral," Chakotay said with forced calm interrupting the diatribe
he hadn't been listening to.  "I didn't come here for your
acceptance.  I handed you my resignation in person as a courtesy,
nothing more.  Whether you accept it or not, is not my concern.  I'm
done and after my debriefing, I'll be going home."

"Do you think it will be that easy to leave Commander? That you can
just say thanks for everything but I'll be going now?  Turn your
back on us and go?  I assure you it won't be."

"What the hell are you talking about?  Why is it so damn important
that I stay?"

"Do you know how it will look in the press, Commander?    The
conquering hero comes home, only to defect?"

"So this is all about appearances?   How my leaving will make
Starfleet look bad?"

"The Fleet is everything.  Nothing can be allowed to tarnish her.
However if it was up to me, I'd personally walk your perverted ass to
your shuttle home myself."

So he did know about his relationship with Tom or had surmised as
much.   There was no way he could know the nature of it.   Not that
it mattered to this callous son of bitch.   His homophobic mind had
automatically thought what he was doing with his son was sordid and
therefore wrong.   He cared little that Tom might have found
happiness and love, if indeed that's what had happened between them.
Chakotay was a man and that repulsed him enough to give him an excuse
to ignore his son's feelings and it probably wasn't the first time.
He suspected that during Tom's upbringing his father had a come up
with lot of excuses.

Not bothering to answer the admiral's unspoken challenge, Chakotay
turned on his heel and left his office.

He more important things to do, like dinner on the Enterprise.


Can't fight, can't give in, can't let this happen.

The only thing Tom Paris could think was can't.  Can't, can't,
can't.  The word ricocheted off the walls of his mind as Lutan stood
hovering over him.

His anus was sore where the big man had inserted one thick finger
then two but he'd been dealing with that, not well but he had.   It
had been when the painful intrusion had stopped, his brain had
started to overload.  He knew what was next.  The fingers weren't
going to be enough.  Lutan was only stretching, preparing him for
something much, much worse.   His prediction was confirmed when to
his horror the dark alien started to strip.

Off came the long black robe to reveal a smooth broad chest, dotted
with two dark nipples and strong arms of which mettle Tom in his
struggles had already tested.   But that ladies and gents wasn't the
worse part of the show.  That came when the black and gold filigree
pants dropped to the floor.

The dark member that fell from the silken folds was obscene and a
monster in its own right.  It was only semi-erect and still it was
size and girth of his forearm.  Tom's mind screamed in silent
panic.   It would kill him.  If Lutan stuck that outrageous thing up
his butt, it would scramble his insides and kill him.   No longer was
Tom afraid of rape, it seemed almost a minor concern now.   He was
afraid of dying.

"I, I can't."  He pleaded to the tall alien.   "I'm not built right."

"Oh my princeling you can and you will."  Lutan was fondling himself
lazily, his eyelids falling to half-mast.   "In time you will beg me
for this."

Oh man was this guy fucking nuts?   Couldn't he see that he was
smaller?  Didn't he feel that when he had his fingers up his ass?
What a moron.  What did Lutan think he was, a bloody size queen?  Tom
was going from panic into hysteria.

Death by dick, oh fuck what a thing to have on your death
certificate.  He giggled.  The EMH would get a kick out of that
one.   Harry could say his eulogy, mentioning how he always wished to
be fucked to death and Chakotay, oh shit, Chakotay.  Tom bit down on
his tongue to stifle the next round of giggles.   He had to get his
shit together here.   He had to take control.  It was time to snap
out it and get to work.

The first order of business was to keep Lutan's cock away from his
ass, to disable it somehow, take it out of commission.   He couldn't
do that with brute force, Lutan would catch his fist and crush it
before it even he even got near his genitals but he could do it
another way.   All he had to do is remind himself this wasn't rape,
it definitely wasn't sex, it was only a job, only a job, only a job.

With a new mantra looping through his brain, Tom righted himself and
sat back against the bulkhead.   Lutan watched him curiously as he
parted his knees and lifted the loincloth to expose his own cock.  It
was flaccid but the dark alien's mouth smiled in approval anyway.  He
began pumping it, willing it to life.

"I want to see you come."   Tom said his voice low and husky.


"Yeah, you sit over there and I'll sit here."  He said squeezing
himself, pulling the skin up on his hardening dick.  "We'll watch
each other."

"I prefer to touch."   Lutan made his point by caressing the
underside of his chin.   Tom steeled himself not to move away in

"You sure?"    Tom gripped the edge of the bed with his toes and
arched his back.   He moaned low in throat as his growing erection
moved up through the circle of his fingers.  "Oh come'on Lutan."  He
purred.  "I can put on one hell of a show."

Closing his eyes Tom continued moving and moaning.   Letting his body
rise and fall as he fucked his hand.   He was tempted to think of
Chakotay's mouth wrapped around him but banished the thought.   This
place and what he was doing was not fit for his beautiful lover.   He
thought only of the reactions his stroking was creating, the tingling
in his inner thighs, and the tightening of his balls and focused on
them.   Even Lutan's threatening bulk was vanishing from his mind.

"Oh yes my princeling.  You do that well."  His captor growled.

Tom peeked an eye open to see that Lutan had retreated to the
opposite bunk and was splayed there knees apart pumping his massive
erection with both hands.   Drops of pre-cum the size and colour of
peas were seeping from its ebony head.   Tom shuddered at the sight
of the sour looking issue and almost lost his erection.    He shut
his eyes tight, not caring about his earlier offer to watch and
prayed for Lutan to come soon.

"The other hand princeling, use the other hand."

To do what?

"Your mouth, in your mouth."  Lutan panted.


Bringing his hand up, Tom curled his index finger into his mouth and
began gliding it slowly in and out.  By the dark man's accelerated
grunting he guessed he was doing it right.  After a moment of
listening the guttural animalistic cries, he shut them out.   He
fucked his hand harder and increased his own moans of pleasure to
block out the unwelcome sounds of the other man's passion.

Despite his fear and anger Tom realized he was very close to
orgasm.   His balls were almost painfully tight and his stomach
muscles were beginning to flutter.   His mind might know he was being
coerced to do this but his body was reacting as if everything was A-
okay.  It knew what it liked and Tom was giving it.

"Come my princeling, come for me!"   Lutan roared.   Tom didn't open
his eyes for verification but he guessed from the urgency in his
voice the dark man was climaxing.  Good, now he could get this over

Removing his saliva slick finger from his mouth, he ran his hand down
over his chest.  Still whacking the fuck out of his dick, Tom
clutched at his pecs and scraped his nails over his nipples.   The
extra stimulation did the trick and his cock erupted in a fountain.
With two fingers formed in an `O' he stroked with short quick jerks
just under the crest to milk himself dry.

Sweating like a pig and smelling like one too, Tom let his hand fall
from his lap and fell side ways on to the bunk.  He bit his bottom
lip and licked at it with his tongue until his body found its
plateau.  When he could breathe without his chest hitching, he
chanced a look at Lutan so see how he was faring.

Lying listless on the matching bunk, the dark man had adopted Tom's
pose with one exception, one glorious wonderful exception.

He was out cold.


"I'm pleased you can join us for dinner Commander."

"I'm pleased Starfleet Command let me."   Chakotay responded to the
overly formal captain.

"Yes well that took some doing."   Picard motioned him to a seat
beside his first officer William T Riker.   Chakotay smiled briefly
at his friend.

"It seems you've ruffled some feathers Commander."  Picard was
smiling as if amused.   "I had to remind the brass that it was more
than appropriate for the Fleet's flagship to hold a dinner for its
decorated heroes."

Admiral Paris strikes again, he thought as he got comfortable.
However showing more graciousness than the admiral deserved, Chakotay
refrained from mentioning that to Picard.   He probably knew anyway.

"I apologize for any trouble I've caused you Captain and am very
grateful for your assistance."

"Just evening the score Commander."   Picard replied from his end of
the table.   Chakotay was well aware they were no longer talking
about the meal that was set before them.

As she had planned, Kathryn had approached the Enterprise captain and
had laid everything out for him.   She pulled no punches reasoning
that if the man was going to put his ass in the fire, he deserved to
know why his short hairs were frying.  However it hadn't been the
lure of trading war stories that had interested Picard but Chakotay's

Years ago Picard had been involved in trying to relocate the settlers
on Dorvan V.   He had been only following orders, and the treaties of
the new Cardassian agreement but that had meant little to him when he
discovered his duties conflicted with his personal convictions.  Not
one to follow orders blindly he had reevaluated the situation and had
changed the agreement to better suit the Indian enclave.

Chakotay knew his people held no ill will against Picard but the
stringently moral man still had wealth of regrets regarding his
involvement.   That had been their foot in the door.

"So is everybody here who's coming?"   The honorable captain asked.

Chakotay looked around the table.   From his seat beside Picard the
guest list starting to his left were, his friend Wil Riker, the
exotic dark beauty and ship's counselor Deanna Troi, Kathryn at the
other head of the table, around to Enterprise's chief engineer Geordi
LaForge, good old Harry, Seven who was only here to meet Commander
Data, who was noticeably absent and back around again to the other
head with Picard.  It was an eclectic if not cozy group.

"I think that's it Jean Luc."  Kathryn replied with a wide smile.

"Very well then."   Picard smiled back at her and then slapped the
communicator on his chest.  "Picard to Bridge."

"Data here Captain."  Came the reply and the answer to the
commander's whereabouts.



Who knew Ligonians were light sleepers?

Tom, back in his bunk once again and restrained by the force blanket,
rubbed the bald spot on the back of his head that was testament to
the fact that the natives to Ligon II were indeed not heavy sleepers.

Positive that a man with a cock that big would have to pass out cold
after coming just from the loss of fluids that monster ejaculated
alone not to mention how much blood it must have taken to fuel it, he
had attempted to make his way to the small ship's conn.   Tom had
gotten half way there when Lutan had grabbed him by the hair and
thrown him back on the bunk.

The good news was his escape attempt seemed to dampen the dark man's
libido and his honour such as it was, was still intact, the bad news
was they had just entered Ligon II airspace.


"Data has a lock on the ion trail and were following it now.   He
figures we should be able to catch up with whomever has Lieutenant
Paris and overtake them within the hour."


"Chakotay are you listening to me?"

"Yes I'll have Tom back in an hour.   I heard you Wil."

Chakotay turned to his old friend with an apologetic smile.  He'd
been thinking about Tom and had let himself drift away in pleasant
memories.  It must have been the two glasses of real Bordeaux Picard
served from his private stash at dinner or possibly the beer Wil had
broken out when they returned to his first officer quarters to catch
up.   His slight intoxication was making him feeling a little moony.

"He's important to you, isn't he?"

He shifted on the couch and turned to the man Picard called `Number

"Of course, Tom's was part of Voyager's crew.  We were stuck for
seven years in an unexplored section of the galaxy all alone.  We had
to bond together to get through it.  Actually we're more family than
crewmates.   He's important to all of us, Wil."

"No, no, no.   I mean to you," Wil poked his chest.  "Chakotay, the

"Yes but that's a little newer."

"You're kidding right?  I mean you and a guy?  As in sex?"

"Is that so surprising."

"Frankly yes."  Wil slapped his thigh, sloshing his beer on his
uniform.   Chakotay guessed he wasn't the only feeling a little
tipsy.  "Damn!   You and a guy!   Shit, I wish I would have known
that fifteen years ago."

"And you would have done what?"  He challenged.

His old friend grinned at him broadly.  "I would have seduced my

"I didn't sleep with students Wil, you know that.  Male or female."

"We were friends too.  How many times did we get drunk and then whine
about not getting any?"

"Since you got `it' all the time, not often."

"You're missing the point.  What would you have done if one night
after we ended up back your place, I made a move on you?"

"Flunked you."

"Not fucked?"

"No flunked.   I wasn't interested in men back then Wil.   I told you
this was new."

"Oh I thought we were just talking about Tom.   That you just started


"Oh god Chakotay, he's your first."

"And we haven't been on a date."

"So you're just fucking him then."  Wil laughed.   "Doing the
admiral's son.  Hell Chakotay when you start something, you start at
the top."

"No is not like that.  It was just one night and I didn't, you know,"

"Penetrate him anally."   Wil finished for him.   "What did you do?"

It wasn't really anybody's business what had transpired between he
and Tom.  He didn't kiss and tell.  However Wil was a good friend and
he did need to talk about what he was feeling.   It was still so new
for him and Wil who was bi-sexual might help to sort out all the wild
emotions he'd been having lately.   He took a large gulp of his beer.

"I gave him head."

"Did you swallow?"   The question was asked sincerely.   Wil seemed
to understand his need to talk and had stopped his friendly by-play.

"No, I wanted to but he wouldn't let me.   He said he wanted us to
come together the first time."

"And you couldn't do that with his dick in your mouth?   Didn't you
have a free hand?"

"Well no.   He was standing in front of me and I had to hold his hips
or he'd have choked me."

"Yeah that takes a little practice."  Wil said thoughtfully.   "So
what happened next?   You said he wanted to have simultaneous orgasms
and you didn't fuck him.   Did he top you?"


"Fuck you.   Did Tom fuck you?"

"No we just pressed against each other."   Chakotay paused to
remember unaware he was smiling.   "And spirits Wil he was beautiful."

"Yeah he's cute.  I've seen pictures."

"He's more than cute and that's not what I meant."   His mouth had
gone dry so he took another sip of beer before continuing.   "When he
came, when he came on me, it was incredible.   The way he moved, the
warmth of him on my stomach, oh god I can't even begin to describe
how that made me feel."

"Pretty good I'm guessing.  You came watching him, didn't you?"


"So when did you realize you were in love with him?"

"What?  Love?  We're talking about sex."

"Oh no my friend if we were only talking about sex, you would have
just fucked him plain and simple.   You wouldn't have tried to suck
him off the first time out and you wouldn't have been blown away
watching him have an orgasm.   You did all that because he means
something to you."

"Bullshit.   It was all so new, I was experimenting and it was more
than I expected that's all."   Even as the words came out, Chakotay
knew they were a lie.

"Yeah you can tell you self that but tell me this.  How many times
have you thought about him since then?   Have you even
considered `experimenting' with anyone else?"

"I'm not answering that."

"Uh-huh, you love him.  You know I don't even think you're really
into men.   It's just a matter of the right person coming along, in
this case a guy and you fell head over heels.   I think if Tom Paris
was a woman, you'd still be in love with him."

Chakotay considered that and remembered the tightness in his chest
when he read `yours always' on Tom's note.

"Oh spirits, Wil.   I'm in love with Tom Paris."  He said a little

"That's what I'm saying."

"But I've known him for years.  Why didn't it happen sooner?"

"I don't know.  He must have done something to make you think of him

"He did."  Chakotay brought his hand to his lips.


"He kissed me goodbye."