Title:  Kiss me Goodbye P2
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:   Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:   2 of ?
Email for feedback:  forbesc@skyia.com
Disclaimer:   Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.

Summary:   In answer to Isa's challenge on Jupiter Station.   Less
than 36 hours after Voyager's return to the Alpha quadrant, Tom
vanishes.  Why?  Was he alone?   Does anybody know anything about
it?   Most importantly, what will Chakotay do about it?   Let's see.


Chakotay smiled.   His eyes weren't even open yet and he was thinking
of him.   He rolled over, the bed linens sticking to his stomach and
slid his hand out searching for the pilot, his eyes still closed.
When he felt only crumpled sheets, he opened them.

He wasn't there.  The smile faded.  Chakotay lifted his head from his
pillow and listened for sounds of his lover, lover oh spirits Tom was
his lover, in the bathroom.   Nothing.

"Tom?"  He called hoping the younger man was a quiet riser, and still

Well if he wasn't in the bathroom or hiding under the bed, he was
gone.   The accommodations Starfleet had provided him only consisted
of the two rooms and they were sparsely furnished at that.

Chakotay flipped onto his back, propped himself up on his elbows and
looked about his rented quarters.  It looked almost dismal without
the pilot.   There was the bed, the night table, a hard backed chair,
the simple desk and the computer terminal with a blinking red light.
A blinking red light?

Peeling the stiff sheets from his body, he scrambled out of bed, fell
to his knees on the rug, shook out his tangled feet and crawled to
the chair in front of the desk.  He was almost glad now that Tom
wasn't here to see this puerile performance and pulled himself up off
the floor and sat at the computer.

It was, as he hoped a message from Tom.  Chakotay read it quickly,
pausing at the end to read the sign off twice, before going through
the short note again so he could read the `yours always' part once
more.  With what he was sure was a silly grin, he sat buck-naked with
freshly abraded kneecaps staring at the two words.

Yours always Tom had written, not see you later, or thanks for
memories or even see you at breakfast, but yours always.  It was so
blatantly romantic and so totally lacking of the typical Paris
sarcasm, it made his chest tight.

Oh spirits Chakotay thought wryly, the man had just found a whole new
set of buttons to push in him.  He touched his tender mouth with fond
remembrance and would have smiled if he weren't already.  Tom Paris
was getting to him and incredibly he liked it.

Chakotay sat a little while longer thinking, his mind wandering back
to the night before until he could no longer ignore his full bladder
or the blood dripping down his shins.  Turning off the computer, but
not before saving the note, he lifted his nagging body from the chair
and headed for the shower.

He had a breakfast date with his lover, his very `male' lover to get
ready for.


"Who are you and what did you do with Starfleet headquarters?"

The ebony skinned man in the outfit straight out of "A Hundred and
One Arabian Nights" sat looking at him blankly.  The alien hadn't
said a thing to him since he woke lying in this berth and it was
starting to really piss him off.   He was only mildly frightened at
being kidnapped.  Tom propped himself up on his elbows.

"Okay let's start with an easier question shall we?"  Mr tall, dark
and silent continued to stare at him mutely from the opposite
bunk.  "Where the fuck are my clothes!"

The alien looked to his groin and pointed.  Then, his face an
impassive mask, the dark man rose, his turbaned head almost touching
the roof of the cabin and walked out to the front of the shuttle.

"I meant my uniform you bastard!" Tom yelled after him cricking his
neck.   He tried to get up but the force blanket kept him firmly in
place.  "Not a fucking gold lame' loincloth!"

Tom fell back on the bunk and laughed with frustration.   Oh man was
he screwed.

He was lost in space with the village idiot and if that wasn't bad
enough, he was doing it while looking like Tarzan at the Ritz.


"I'm sure you're over reacting Chakotay.   So he missed a breakfast
appointment with you big deal.  It `was' his first full night home.
Tom probably spent it with a friend and lost track of time."

"A lover you mean."

"What else?  Tom's a player Chakotay, and he's been cooped up on
Voyager for the last seven years with the same old, same old.   He
probably found someone new and got carried away.  That's all."

The captain's explanation sounded so plausible even he was getting
jealous despite that fact `he' was the afore mentioned lover.   It
was just another irrational symptom of being stood up by Tom Paris.

"He didn't show up for his parole hearing this afternoon Kathryn.
How do you explain that?"  And now he was becoming angry with his
former captain as if Tom's disappearance was her fault.  Here was yet
another distressing symptom of `Tom'-itis.  Oh spirits he had it bad.

"He didn't?  Well maybe.-"

"No and he also missed lunch with Harry."

"With Harry?   Then there must be something wrong."

His jealously flew at him again from left field.   Kathryn hadn't
cared when Tom skipped out him or even the parole board but Harry
Kim, oh well that was different wasn't it.   Chakotay started to
wonder if Harry had touched Tom like he had last night before getting
a hold of himself.

He was being a moron.   One night in bed with Tom Paris and he was
acting like a possessive boyfriend.  Spirits Chakotay, Harry was
Tom's good friend and that was all.   He knew that and Kathryn knew
that.  That's why she'd become concerned.  Get a grip old man and get
to the point.

"Kathryn I'd like to enlist a few people from Voyager to discreetly
look for Tom.   I don't think we should include Starfleet security in
our investigations just yet."

"Because we'll have to tell them what we find out, is that it?   If
he's gotten himself in trouble, you want to get him out before the
authorities know about it."

"Something like that."

"Damn Chakotay two days in the Alpha quadrant and you're already
bucking the brass."

"Is that a yes?"

"For now.   I'll get Kim to check the hotel computer records and
Seven to check flight departures but Chakotay,"

"Yes Kathryn."

"If it's something serious, I'll have to take it to Owen.

"I understand Kathryn."

"Damn.  I hope Tom knows how very lucky he is to have you for a
commanding officer Chakotay.   You're putting your career on the line
for him here and Tom sure as hell better be grateful when he gets

Chakotay shrugged.  He didn't much care about his career, he was
resigning anyway but he wouldn't mind a little grateful if it came
his way.

But mostly he would be happy just having him back.


He must have dozed off.

Tom stretched his length out on the bunk and then hissed as his bare
butt cheeks stuck to the vinyl padding.   When he reached around to
rub his stinging ass, he noticed his host was back.

"Are you damaged?"  The alien asked.

Well surprise, surprise it could talk.

"I'll live.  No reason to call the next of kin just yet."

"That's is not what I asked."  No sense of humour but it could talk.

"I'm fine.   Who are you?"  Tom asked taking advantage of the alien's
chatty mood.   It was possible he could talk himself out of this
bizarre situation yet.

"Lutan, your First One."

"My first one, eh?   Well I hate to disappoint you Lutan but it's
been awhile since my first anything, if you get my drift."

"You are to be my Second."

Okay so the guy wasn't a virgin, whatever.   Tom already had one of
those waiting for him at home, a big hunky one with impossibly
gorgeous eyes to be exact.  He didn't need or even want this guy.

"Look Lutan, I'm flattered really but I'm sort of taken.   So if
you'll turn the ship around and take me back to Earth, we can chalk
this up to an unfortunate misunderstanding.   And hey if you want a
first one," Tom said using the alien's vernacular.  "I've got a
friend who's between lovers right now and who knows, he might be
interested.   God knows the guy needs a change and maybe you're it."

"No.   The bonding ceremony is set.  You will become mine once we
arrive home."   He said evenly as if announcing tomorrow was Saturday.

Bonding?  First and Second, a pair, oh fuck, this guy was playing for
keeps.  If he wasn't nervous before, he was now.   Tom Paris was not
the marrying type.

"Forgive me but I don't remember you proposing or me accepting for
that matter."

"Proposing?"   For the first time Lutan's stony façade cracked.

"Yeah, you know, you date me, romance me and then get down on one
knee and ask for my hand."

"Ah," Lutan smiled and chuckled deep and low in his throat.   "Do you
think yourself a woman Tom Paris?"

Okay that was a new fact.  The alien knew who he was which probably
meant he'd been specifically targeted for snatching.   Tom filed that
tiny piece of the puzzle away and searched for more.

"Not especially Lutan.   Do you think of me as one?" And plan to use
me as one?  Tom didn't verbalize the second question.   He didn't
want to give the big man any ideas.

"Of course not.   You are a man and as my second you will accept my
dominance.   Only Yareena has the power to choose."

"Yareena, and she is?"

"The reason for my selecting you.   With you as my mate, she will
dispose of Hagon and reinstate me as her First One."

"So I'm what?  A lure?   An extra added bonus prize?"

"You are exotic and of stature on your world.   Your golden hair and
pale skin will entice her and be testament to my prowess, my

"And what about you?   Do I `entice' you?"   Tom gave in and asked.
His mind had been skirting around the issue but now there was no
avoiding it.  He needed to know what was expected of him.

"Yes.   Like all of my people, I too am attracted to your colouring.
It will be an honour and a pleasure to bed one such as you."  Lutan's
smile widened.   "Computer deactivate safety mantle, bunk two. "

Lutan reached a large meaty hand across the aisle and stroked his
bare thigh, his dark fingers playing with the blond hairs.  "A
pleasure indeed."  He purred.

Now Tom was scared.


"He didn't go home at all last night Captain."

"You sure Ensign?"

"Yes ma'am.   The records on his room show he left yesterday at 19:00
or at least his comm badge did, it showed his signature."  Harry
looked up from the PADD in his hand.   "I suppose he could have
returned without it, but it's not likely."

No, Chakotay thought from his end of the table in the restaurant.
The only time Tom had his communicator off was while he was naked
in `his' room kissing him, moving against him, crying out in
orgasm.    He slipped his hand under the table and discreetly shifted
his package.  It was becoming a little tight.

"Do you have the access logs for the rest of the hotel Harry?   Have
you checked those?"  Chakotay asked both his hands back in plain view.

"Yes sir but I only ran Tom's.   I thought checking the other rooms
might be a little too invasive and harder to explain if I was caught."

"Let me then."

He took the PADD from Harry and did a search for Tom's signature.
The record showed his comm badge entering the quarters of one
Commander Chakotay at 20:44 and leaving again at 04:15.   There were
no other listings thank the spirits.

Tom had slept at his side a little more than four hours before
getting up and writing the note that said he was going straight
home.  That hadn't happened but what also hadn't happened was that he
went from his bed to another's.

Chakotay felt a stab of guilt at his relief.  He knew it would have
been better to find Tom shacked up with a woman or worse another man,
instead of still missing but something inside of him remained pleased.

"Anything Chakotay?"   Kathryn asked from her side of the table.

"Nothing that helps."   The investigation anyway he thought, although
his heart was pumping a little easier.  "What about the port
authority, anything anomalous there Seven?"

"Possibly Commander.   There were several unauthorized departures in
the last twenty-four hours, all smaller vessels.  With the current
influx of ships in orbit due to Voyager's arrival in the Alpha
quadrant, Starfleet has had difficulty handling the traffic.  I would
need a time frame to more accurately pinpoint the ship Mr Paris may
have been on."

"Between 04:30 and 08:00.   Does that help?"   Chakotay was tipping
his a hand a bit but didn't care.

Kathryn gave him a look but Harry Kim gave him more than that.

"We can't know that for sure Commander.   08:00 maybe because that's
when he was supposed to meet you but 04:30?   You couldn't know since
you left already but Tom left the party shortly after you did and
that must have been around 20:30.  That's six hours unaccounted for."

"I know where Tom was Ensign during those six hours."


"That's not important but I know he was safe."  He replied firmly
hoping the ensign would let it go.   "Seven?"

"I have one ship departing without authorization during the time
period you provided.   If Mr Paris did not leave the compound for
another location planet side, that would be the ship he's on."

Chakotay agreed.  "None of us can leave headquarters until after our
debriefing so he would be unable to access public transportation to
anywhere without it setting an alarm off with Fleet Security."

"What if he walked?"

Harry was really becoming a pain in the ass.

"Then he's taking an awfully long stroll, Ensign.   Tom's on that
ship and I'm guessing he didn't go voluntarily."

He got another look from Kathryn.

"Okay Commander," Harry replied finally relenting.   "Seven and I'll
check it out some more and report back."

"Thank you and please know I appreciate your help on this."

Harry shrugged and Seven merely nodded before leaving the table.
That left him alone with Kathryn who by her silence during the last
part of the exchange told him he had some explaining to do.


"Can't we wait until the wedding night?"

Tom squished his back against the bulkhead trying to avoid Lutan's
fawning touches.  The thick fingers were traveling from his thigh
dangerously close to an area recently reserved for his commanding
officer only.

"I'm not marrying you young princeling, I'm acquiring you."

And checking out the goods, oh fuck.   Lutan's hand disappeared under
his gold loincloth and Tom's balls shrank back with revulsion.

"What if I fight you?"  He ventured.   Lutan was one and half times
his bulk and had arms the size of Chakotay's thighs.   He wouldn't
win.   It would be futile to fight this monster.

"Then I will sedate you and take what I want anyway."

Tom considered that.   Would rape be any less traumatic if you
weren't awake to feel it?  Would he feel any less dirty or used?
Probably not.   He would still feel like a shit afterwards and if he
chose unconsciousness, a coward too.   A cowardly piece of shit or
bloodied one, not much of a choice.

"Can't we talk about this?"  Tom asked hopefully half ass deciding to
be brave.   It would be easier to look Chakotay in the eye that way.
Not that he had any plans about telling him about this, no fucking
way but that didn't matter.  Tom would know.   He wouldn't let
Chakotay fuck a coward even it was him.  The commander was too good
for that, if that made any sense.

"No."  His abuser said firmly.

Lutan's palm was holding his sac now and his fingers were caressing
the tender space behind.  Tom tried to press his thighs together to
impede his progress but the bigger man simply grabbed his knee and
opened him wider.  Tom pushed back against the large hand but there
was no give, none at all.

"Okay then tell me something."   He said through gritted
teeth.   "Who's flying the ship while you're fucking me?"   Tom would
have said `raping' but couldn't verbalize it.   He could think the
word but if he said out loud it would make it more real and he'd
panic.   And acting like a raving lunatic was only going to get him
knocked out.

"Auto pilot.   We will not enter Ligon II space for two hours yet.
My attention will not be required until that time."

Oh terrific two whole fucking hours of torture.   Even in a blind
rage Tom knew he couldn't fight that long.   Not that it would be
much of a fight, Lutan was strong enough to just flip him over and
ream his ass no matter hard Tom fought.   He was physically
outmatched.   So what else could he do?  Take it?  Turn it around?

So here we are at another moral crossroad.

It didn't have to be rape.   The only thing that made this an assault
was his refusal of it.   If he gave his permission, it would be just
sex.   Ah but then again there was Chakotay.

Last night, he thought it was last night, he was losing track of
time, he'd been with a man he'd wanted for years.   A man who
acceptance of a physical relationship was still very delicate and
needed to be handled with care if Tom wanted to keep it.

They had made no promises of monogamy to each other but somehow it
didn't seem right to Tom that the body that touched Chakotay's should
be tainted with another's.   It was sort of like sexual sacrilege.
If you were touching Chakotay, you touched no one else.  Simple.

And Tom did intend to get back some how and do some serious
touching.   He had after all made Chakotay one promise.   He promised
him a next time.

"Oh fuck!"  Tom screamed as a blunt finger invaded his anus.  It was

And it was time to decide.


"So what did you do for six hours with my helmsman Chakotay?"

Kathryn Janeway was a smart woman.  Although the clues had been
fairly obvious, she'd seen what Harry Kim's small brain couldn't
grasp and probably didn't want to.  There was no point in denying

"Sleep mostly."   There was also no point in giving details.

"Sleep?  Uh-huh and how long have you been `sleeping' with Tom?"

"Just the once."

"Once?   My god Chakotay, only once?"

"Yes.  Do you think I should have started sooner?"   He said
deliberately misunderstanding her outrage.   She scowled at him.

"I don't believe it.   One night with Tom and you're willing to give
up everything for him.  The boy must be one hell of a fuck."

"I haven't given anything up Kathryn."  He chose to ignore her last

"Oh no just your career.  Do you know what Owen will do to you if he
finds about you screwing his son?"

"My career's already over.   I'm going back to Dorvan V."

"Not with Tom.   Daddy Paris won't give up on him that easily.
Especially now that he has him back under his thumb."

"I hadn't planned on taking Tom with me."

"Oh no?"

She didn't believe him and he really couldn't blame her.   Although
it was true, he hadn't planned on taking Tom to Dorvan V, he also
hadn't planned on not taking him either.   He hadn't spent a lot of
time thinking about going home.   All his thoughts had been on Tom.
How the younger man made him feel, what it had been like to have his
hard cock in his mouth, his warn come on his belly, his sweet kiss on
his lips.   With all those wonderful new delights, there hadn't been
any room left over for Dorvan V.

"Whatever I planned, its sort of a mute point if we can't find him,
isn't it?"

"True."   Kathryn sat back in her chair.   "You're right of course.
I'm sorry if I let my concern for both of you get in the way.  I
don't mean to be antagonistic but dammit you, Tom and everybody else
from Voyager are my family, not like but are, do you hear me?"   She
stuck her hand out.

"Yes ma'am."   Chakotay replied with a smile as he placed his hand in
hers and squeezed.

"Okay then, now back to Tom."  She took her hand back and retrieved
the data PADD Harry had left, plucking it deftly from his other
hand.   "If he's on that ship, we'll need one to go after him."   She
began tapping the slim instrument, making it work for her.   "A big

"Big ship, bigger guns.  I like it."  He also liked the fact that
Kathryn had seemingly forgotten her threat to contact Admiral Paris
if things got serious.

She looked up from the PADD a moment.   "I thought you would.   It'll
impress the hell out of your new boyfriend."

"And also scare the shit out of whoever has him."

They were also the less romantic advantages of a faster warp drive
and more tracking resources both of which they'd need to find a
smaller vessel with half a days lead on them.

"Voyager's out.   We'd never get her out of the clutches of the
engineers at Utopia Planetia.   They're peeing their pants over all
that Borg technology.   You've got any friends in high places

Chakotay did but he wasn't the captain, only first officer and
although he could be quite persuasive when he wanted to be,
commandeering a new Sovereign class ship was a little out of his

"Got it!"   Kathryn exclaimed.   "Her captain has been bugging the
hell out of me since we got back to trade stories with him.   I think
I can convince him to do it while on the road."

With a big self-satisfied smile she handed him the PADD with
schematic of the ship in question.  Chakotay read the name and smiled
back.   Maybe his friend would be a help after all.

It was the Enterprise E.