Title:  Getting Caught P6
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  6 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.

Summary:  Tom and Chakotay get caught with their hands on each other
and are forced to become a not so happy couple.

When was he going to learn?

Figuring screwing in the shower would save clean up time, Tom leaned
with his arms outstretched against the wall of the stall.  The warm
water sluiced down over his body soothing his tattered nerves while
he waited for Chakotay to join him.

It had started as a fight but had turned quickly into spirited banter
once they were alone.  Chakotay's playful strip tease had for a
moment seemed so sincere.  The big man really looked like he was
having fun and enjoying his company.  Tom had been elated, almost
giddy and had felt wonderfully powerful.

While the omnipotent feeling wasn't anything new for him when it came
to turning the straight-laced first officer into a rutting animal,
this time it had been different.  Oh yeah sure, he had aroused the
big man.  His thick cock as it bobbed between his heavy thighs made
that loud and clear but he'd also done, or it had at least it had
seemed to Tom at the time, something more glorious and infinitely
more empowering.  He had made Chakotay happy.

In their three years together, Tom knew he had made the big man feel
angry, frustrated, and dangerously passionate but he had never made
him feel something as simple as joy.  After years of telling himself
Chakotay didn't think he was good enough for him, Tom hadn't honestly
think he could until now or so he'd foolishly thought.

When Chakotay had spoken the tiresome epitaph `I'm your husband', a
big dose reality had been rudely knocked back into his skull.  It
suddenly defined the big man's actions.  Chakotay was doing what he
thought as his husband, he was supposed to do.  Be nice to him.
Well, fuck that.  Tom's bitter laughter echoed off the walls of the

All his life people were `nice' to him because of who he was.  An
admiral's son, a crack pilot, a good lay, everybody had an excuse to
garner his favour whether it be for advancement in the Fleet, the use
of his flying skills or his ass.  Everybody, well maybe not Harry,
had a reason.  He didn't need or want one more, especially now when
he gave a shit.

So what did he do about it?

As far as Tom saw, he had two choices.  He could be a real prick to
Chakotay and freeze him out or he could take advantage of his anal-
retentive interpretation of morality and let him play the good
husband while reaping the benefits.  When he felt broad hands scoop
his wet buttocks, Tom made his choice.

"Oh yeah baby, take me."


Chakotay had never seen a more beautiful waterfall.

Fascinated, he watched as his dark skinned hands interrupted the flow
of the cascading water as it ran down Tom's cream coloured back,
swirled in the twin dimples at the base and then crashed over the
firm white butt he was currently holding.  Beautiful, unbelievably
beautiful.  Chakotay leaned forward, changing the course of the warm
stream with his chest and kissed the violet bruise on his husband's

"Keep this for me."  He whispered giving it a gentle nip before
letting his lips travel up behind Tom's ear to deliver water sogged
kisses along his dampened hairline.

"Yes, for you."  Tom moaned as he arched back into his wet erection.

"Oh spirits Tommy."  Chakotay glided his hands along Tom's long lean
body, from his sides to the front of his thighs and back up again.
His fingers ate up every inch of his water-slicked skin.  It almost
hurt to touch him so much of him at once.  Bending slightly at the
knee, he attempted penetration relieve the pain.

"Touch me baby.  Oh yes, please just touch me."  Tom whimpered.

Chakotay licked a line across the back of Tom's shoulders with his
tongue, as he did his best to accede to his husband's request.  With
his cock still trying to find entry, his hands had moved around front
to Tom's nipples.  He pulled and tugged at them until the younger man
squealed and choked on the water streaming into his upturn face.

When Chakotay pulled him away from the jet of water before he
drowned, Tom spun in his arms and began humping his hip.  He almost
slipped on the smooth bottom of the tub from the force of his over
eager thrusting.

"Slow down Poocuh, we'll get there." He said patiently while achingly
aware that Tom was now in the wrong position for fucking.

"Can't wait."  The younger man moaned before taking his mouth in a

Chakotay gave himself over to that kiss.  It wasn't as manic as the
rest of Tom.  It was as deep as it was sensuous and he felt it from
the tips of his toes to the crest of his cock.

Thankful for his shorter stature, Chakotay turned Tom's pelvis more
directly towards him and slipped his tingling erection up under the
younger man's balls.  While enjoying the soul stealing kiss and the
feel of Tom's taut body under his hands, he began a slow and steady
thrusting.  Tom's hips matched him and before long he felt his long
regal member shooting something a few degrees warmer than the water
over his belly.  Chakotay detached his mouth from Tom's and bit into
his hickey as his own orgasm hit him.

They had not come this way in ages.  No, that wasn't right.  They had
never come this way.  This joining had been almost tender, which was
not the norm for them.  This was new and it was something more than
wonderful.  Chakotay was awestruck.

"Oh baby I think you marked me for life."  Tom said of the dark
swelling above his collarbone.

Fair's fair, Chakotay thought as he peered into the younger man's
steel blue eyes.  He was looking for Tom's reaction to what had just
passed between them.  Was he as blown away like he was?  Did he feel
how special it had been?

Chakotay was disappointed when Tom ducked his head and avoided his

"We're going to be late." He mumbled and stepped out of the tub.

They we're already late.  What were a few more minutes going to
hurt?  Chakotay followed his husband out of the bathroom with the
intention of demanding his attention but Tom was already shutting
down by the time he reached the bedroom.

In a familiar move, the younger man was pulling in on himself.
Chakotay could see it in his body language.  He was facing away while
he dressed and his face was pinched in concentration.  Tom wasn't
about to let him near right now.  He backed off.

Chakotay understood that he would have to wait for his answers but
that was acceptable.  He could do that.  Eventually the younger man
would be unable to hide his softer self from him.  From experience he
knew how hard it was to remain angry and closed off.  Tom couldn't do
it forever.  He was already letting small bits and pieces through.
The semi-sweet sex in the shower just now told him that.  In time,
Chakotay was certain he would get at least some of what the
mysterious Tiger had gotten.  He knew that now because he had not
only seen it, he had felt it.

He only had to wait.


He had surprised Chakotay today.  Oh hell, he had surprised himself.

Their lunchtime shower had not been what he expected.  Besides,
shooting his load off faster than warp ten, he had asked Chakotay to
touch him.  Not to fuck him or screw him blind but to only use those
big strong hands on his body to make him come.

Tom had felt the big man's cock trying to get into him but wasn't
interested.  When Chakotay had started to stroke his body, he didn't
need it.  He'd had that dick up his ass many times before but those
long sweet caresses were a virgin pleasure.  He hadn't wanted them to
stop.  And when he had come, oh fuck, it was all he could do to keep
himself from telling Chakotay he loved him.  He'd had to rush out the
shower before he did.  The urge hadn't passed until half way through
his afternoon shift at the helm.

Peering over the data PADD Chakotay had given him to read on
aboriginal culture on Dorvan V, he snuck a look where his husband sat
working at his desk.  From his viewpoint of the lounge, Tom could see
Chakotay was thoroughly enmeshed in reports.  He had started in on
them immediately after dinner and had been ignoring him since.
Chakotay had been doing that one way or another since lunch.

There had been no soft touches that afternoon on the bridge of his
now permanent hickey that he had promised to keep it for him and
would.  He knew he'd asked him leave him be but still, he missed the
touch of those fingers on his neck.  After dinner he had even gone so
far as to instigate a little touching of his own.

Ever so casually while clearing the table, he had leaned over
Chakotay's shoulder pressing into his back with his chest.  He even
managed to brush his fingers when the big man handed him his plate.
The stolen touches had been thrilling.

Tom yawned, all thrills aside, holding in all his emotions was
tiring.  He set the PADD on the coffee table, it didn't have the
reference he was looking for anyway, stood and stretched.

"Chak?"  Tom ventured cautiously.  He didn't want to disturb him he
looked so absorbed.  His husband raised a finger to him, finished
what he was reading and then looked over at him questionly with those
big gorgeous brown eyes.  "I'm going to call it a night, okay?"

"Okay Tom, I'll be in soon.  Just a few more reports."  Chakotay said
sounding more like his father than Tom cared to admit.  Perhaps he'd
have to mention to the big man he didn't have to be that kind
of  `husband'.

Feeling a little disappointed that Chakotay chose work over coming to
bed with him, Tom padded mutely into the bedroom.  He stripped and
crawled under the duvet.

Sleep came upon him immediately and soon he began dreaming of brown
eyes, mysterious Poocuhs and tigers.


Oh spirits finally.  He thought Tom would never go to bed.

Chakotay forced himself to finished the report he was reading before
switching off the monitor and pushing back his chair.  He sat a
moment longer kneading his kneecaps, to give the younger man time to
fall asleep.

What he was about to do was morally unethical, totally dishonourable
and he dearly hoped, completely wonderful.

He was going to play Tiger.

All afternoon while sitting in his command chair watching his fine-
looking husband fly Voyager, he warred with his conscience thinking
about he was moments away from doing.

At lunch he had decided to wait and let the sweet puppy dog Tom come
to him but the longer he gazed at the back of his blond head, the
harder it became.  When he cursed the unknown Tiger thinking whoever
that fortunate person was, `they' probably wouldn't have to wait, he
recalled the incident from the night before.

When he was dreaming, Tom thought `he' was Tiger.

Thoughts of impersonation hadn't developed right away but as the
shift wore on, and his impatient desire grew, it seemed more and more
like a viable idea.

In an abrupt turnabout of thinking, he reasoned that by law Tom
belonged to him and as such, he had a right to all sides of him.
Furious passion and tender loving, both were his to claim by any
means he felt necessary.  And if that involved a little deception, so
be it.

He would not however force Tom to do anything he didn't desire.  If
he woke up and wanted to stop, they would stop but if he didn't well,
Chakotay was just going to go with the flow and receive the love that
should be his regardless.

It was during dinner, mushroom soup and salad tonight that he began
having second thoughts and considered that what he planned to do
might be wrong.  However, those negative thoughts were dashed from
his mind when Tom touched him not once but twice while clearing the
dishes.  They'd been innocent touches but their effect was anything
but.  His instant erection had almost knocked the table over.

Chakotay rose from his chair.  It was time.

He removed his uniform, no sleep pants tonight, folded them neatly
and placed them on his desk chair.  Nude, he walked across the living
room to stand just outside of the bedroom door's sensors.  He called
to the computer to lower the lights in this room to match the other
before creeping through the doors.

Like the night before, Tom was sleeping on his side in the middle of
the big mattress.  Chakotay was thankful the swish of the panels had
not woken him.  He took it as a good omen from the spirits.  They may
not be providing him counsel but perhaps they were providing him
this.  Chakotay considered it a fair exchange.  He crawled under the
covers and as if, like the bedroom door, he had his own set of
internal sensors, Tom rolled into him once Chakotay was settled.

The combination of his nervousness, growing arousal and his husband's
warm body brought a sheen of sweat to his face.  He resisted the urge
to wipe his brow and remained very still, waiting and hoping.

There was no guarantee that the younger man would dream tonight of
the mysterious Tiger, no more than there was that he would actually
remain within the dream long enough to make love to him.

His research, he hadn't been reading reports `all' evening, said that
it was possible for someone to initiate a sex act while sleeping
provided they fall deeply enough asleep but it was unusual for them
to complete it.  Odds were that Tom would most likely wake before
orgasm.  Chakotay though, would probably finish since he was already
at the bursting point.  His anxious cock was steadily dripping pre-
come onto his belly.

"Mmmm, tiger."  His slumbering husband moaned as his hand drifted
down over his chest and through the small creamy pool above his
bellybutton.  Chakotay held his breath and mentally crossed his

Here we go.