Title: Getting Caught P7
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 7 of ?
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me. Whatever.

Summary: Tom and Chakotay get caught with their hands on each other
and are forced to become a not so happy couple.


Rising up from a pleasant place of green forests and blue skies,
Tom's drifting consciousness wondered what he'd stuck in fingers in.
It was sticky too. He snuggled deeper into the warmth beside him and
explored further.

Hard, then coarse.

Tom threaded his fingers through the wiry strands. It was hair, his
foggy mind concluded. He moved his palm downwards and encountered an
obstruction. As he followed up a vee like slope with his fingertips,
he heard a small noise. Ah, an obstruction with sound effects.

More wet.

Must be the source of the pool. Funny, he didn't remember seeing any
hairy fountains here. His mind hiccupped. Oh shit, that's because
there weren't any. He wasn't on the beautiful planet of his dreams.
He was in bed with the beautiful man of his dreams.

Chakotay had been there too, buck-naked and mauling him but that had
been the fiction. This was the reality. While he came closer to the
waking world, Tom kept his eyes closed and continued to play gently
with what he now realized was the slippery tip of Chakotay's penis
and not a trickling fountain.

What to do?

Last night he'd apologized and rolled over but all that had gotten
him was forgiveness and a bad case of blue balls. Tom considered
where his hand was. If he wanted to Chakotay, who must think he was
still asleep could pull his hand away but he wasn't. He was
motionless beside him making small noises of what, pleasure? Was the
big man getting off on this? Enjoying the midnight walk his hand was
taking? Tom curled his fingers, slid his hand down the other man's
shaft experimentally and Chakotay moaned a little louder. Oh yeah,
he was. Tom got excited.

If ever there was a latinum opportunity to be taken this had to be
it. He had the chance to make love to Chakotay instead of being
fucked by him.

If Chakotay thought he was sleepwalking or fucking or whatever maybe
he wouldn't try to wake him. Tom had heard it was dangerous somehow
to do that and hopefully the big man had too. If he did, that meant
if he wanted to, he could make slow torturous love to him and
Chakotay wouldn't stop him. Nor would he blame him afterwards. Tom
would literally get off scott free. Oh this was just too good, too
easy and all he had to remember to do was keep his eyes closed. Tom
leaned in for the kill.

Imagining their dusk rosy hue in his mind, he took one of Chakotay's
nipples in his mouth. Like the sweating erection in his hand, it was
already rock hard. As he sucked and tugged at the sweet little nub
gently with his lips, he felt the big man's breath hitch under his
mouth. Oh yeah, Chakotay was liking this big time.

Now that he had the top half of his husband covered, Tom concentrated
on the lower half.

Chakotay's cock was leaking an excess amount of what Tom suddenly
considered very useful fluid. He gathered what he could from the
convenient pool on his flat belly, coated his fingers and then headed
south for unfamiliar territory.

Sliding his greased fingers down over a set of heavy balls that
matched the thick cock above them well, Tom iced Chakotay's puckered
opening with his own pre-come.

Because Chakotay was often the more dominate one in their frantic
couplings, Tom often didn't get much chance to touch this part of
him. And when he did, it was usually with a stolen lick as he sucked
him off. Touching this special area now was a rare treat. Tom
mumbled his gratitude into his husband's smooth chest as he slipped a
finger into his velvet passage.

"Oh Poocuh." Chakotay moaned, obviously no longer worried about
waking him and although he wanted to, Tom didn't respond. He would
not take the chance of breaking the spell that was enveloping them

Licking the salty sweat from Chakotay's torso and still making sure
he kept his eyes shut, he slid his finger in deeper. It was so
smooth and so tantalizingly warm Tom could not help adding another
digit. He was pleased in a way he'd never been before when Chakotay
parted his legs for him and bore down a little on his invading
fingers. He mouthed the words `I love you' into the big man's chest
as began to make love to his ass and his leg.

Striving for friction, Tom rubbed his own weeping erection into
Chakotay's upper thigh as it pressed between his legs. He wished
fervently that his turgid member was where his fingers were but was
unsure of how far he could push this charade. Could he mount
Chakotay in his supposed dream state? Would the big man go for
that? Would he even want it even if he did believe it?

Tom could count on one hand how many times he had penetrated
Chakotay. Almost one for every year they'd been together and each
time it had been brutal and from behind. He had never lain between
his legs and pumped his love slowly into him as he so desperately
wanted to now. Because of the combative nature of their relationship
and his most often submissive role in it, he'd never had the

Chakotay growled and clamped down on his fingers when Tom found his
sweet spot. It was that hint of his most beloved tiger that decided
it for Tom. He withdrew his fingers and gathered more of his
husband's pre-come from his belly to coat his dick. He tried to make
the move look lazy and undeliberate and not unlike the actions of a
dreaming man. Using only touch, he positioned himself on top on

In a surprise move, Chakotay embraced his waist with his legs. Tom
quickly hung his head down between his arms so the big man would not
see his startled eyes open. Taking advantage of his unexpected sight
and the angle of his head, Tom aimed his cock towards it target. A
few pearly drops from its tip dripped down on to his husband's
opening lubricating it further. That was good because this little
used orifice was going to be tight.

Without much fuss, he had done this before with others, Tom got his
cock in the right place and pushed. After breaking past the tight
rings of his anus, he eased into his husband's body. Chakotay's
growls became louder as he increased his depth and when he shot home,
the big man actually roared. If he'd really been asleep, he'd be
awake by now. Chakotay was a visceral and noisy lover. Hiding a
chuckle, Tom began thrusting.

Taking his time, slowly and gently he moved within his husband's
ass. He closed his eyes again so he could lean forward and pepper
Chakotay's neck and shoulders with light kisses. He didn't dare kiss
his mouth for fear of going face to face with him.

If he touched his lips, Tom would have to open his eyes to see his
expression and if Chakotay looked back in response, the jig would be
up. He couldn't risk that now while he was finally taking the big
man the way he had yearned for years. This was too precious and he
was too close to lose this now. His balls hitched up tight under the
base of his cock. Oh yeah, way too close.

"Poocuh!" Chakotay screamed into his ear and like a mystical word,
the magic started to happen.

Arching up into him, Chakotay began meeting his thrusts. They were
quick and urgent but somehow not hard or brutal. Even the big man's
hands as they bit into his butt were not cruel. They were simply
strong, just as both their desires were. Tom relished the subtle
differences as his seed passed from him into his orgasming husband.
Chakotay had begun filling the space between their bodies with his
come the moment he had shouted the mysterious word Poocuh.

"Oh spirits Tommy." Chakotay whispered as he pulled him to his chest
and kissed his hickey. Tom's body was shaking from his release.
Chakotay had to know he was awake now. He waited silently with his
face tucked into his husband's shoulder waiting for the hammer to

"Tell me you wanted that to happen." Chakotay said to the top of his
head. "Please Tommy, tell me." There was no anger in his voice, but
something that sounded an awful lot like fear.

"I, I did." Tom stammered coming clean. He'd been ready for
reprisal not reverence. Chakotay's guilt was not something he

"Did you?" He brought his head up by the chin. "With me?" Those
gorgeous brown eyes asked.

With who else, Tom's confused mind asked back.

"I was awake Chak. I knew what I was doing." He said adamantly,
leaning up on one elbow and staring as intently as he could at his
husband hoping to get his point across.

"Yes, of course you did." The big man said softly looking back at
him. There was a hint of melancholy in his husband's eyes that Tom
didn't understand. He'd been positive Chakotay had felt the magic.
Why would he be sad? Tom asked his own question.

"Didn't you want me to fuck you? I know I've never done that quite
that way before and maybe you didn't really like it."

"I liked it very much Tommy. Very much, thank you." Chakotay kissed
his mouth softly and warmed him from his lips to toes, setting his
heart aflame along the way but it didn't clear his head.

"Then why are you upset?"

"Because I shouldn't have let you do it."

"But you said you wanted me to. Shit Chak, I wanted me to."

"Yes but at what point? When did you wake up realize who it was you
were touching?"

"Almost from the beginning."

"Almost?" Chakotay winced. Oh hell, there was the hurt look again.

"Well, yeah. I was dreaming at first but then I woke up and faked
it. The dreaming part I mean. There was nothing fake about the sex
Chakotay. It was real and I wanted it."

Tom couldn't believe this. Never in their three years together had
Chakotay doubted his desire. He didn't understand it. His mind was
still reeling when the big man got out of bed and went to the
bathroom. In a few moments he returned with a washcloth and a towel.

Chakotay cleaned him tenderly with the warm cloth and warmer kisses.
As he dried him with the fluffy towel, Tom's weary mind and body
began to shut down. By the time Chakotay got back into bed with him,
he didn't have the strength to argue anymore, he did however make one
silent vow to himself before drifting off.

Tomorrow night at their wedding reception he would show the big man
just how much he did want him and his pride be damn, maybe just maybe
he'd go one step further.

He would tell Chakotay he loved him.


Last night had been as wonderful as he had envisioned or at least as
his husband had said `almost'.

Chakotay was surprised that it wasn't the audacity of his actions he
was upset about, but the fact that even though he had gotten what he
wanted, it still hadn't been enough. He grabbed his jacket off the
bench in the locker room.

This morning he had escaped to his boxing program before Tom had
woken to blow off a little steam. He would have preferred to do that
with the younger man making love to him again but couldn't bring
himself to ask him for it by way of words or actions. He couldn't go
through the pain afterwards of knowing that it wasn't in fact not
even his to ask for. That he wasn't the inspiration for all that
sensual wonderfulness that was Tom when he made love or even now when
he fucked. Tiger was.

When Tom was asleep it had been for Tiger and when he'd woken, and
traversed that faint line between love and sex, it still had been
Tiger who had motivated him. Chakotay knew that because there had
been no change in the younger man's eyes when he spoke of the two.
Tom could lie with his mouth but never with his eyes.

What he'd done last night was cheating and he'd gotten his just
desserts. He had learnt more than he wanted to. Maybe the spirits
had truly abandoned him after all. He still couldn't meditate and
they had refused him the gift he wanted beyond everything, Tom's
love. Chakotay laughed aloud.

He was in love with his husband.

Not just fallen for his soft side or enamored by his beautiful body
but truly, undeniably in love with all that Tom was. It mattered
little if it was Tom Paris or Tom Chakotay that came to him because
together, they were his husband, the man he loved. It was the whole
package that drew him to his heart.

Whether his tongue was delivering cutting jibes or soft sensual
licks, he wanted him. It didn't matter if his pink mouth was curled
in a snarl or a boyish grin. He still wanted to kiss it. Dark and
light, night and day, up and down whatever. Chakotay wanted all of
Tom. The side he'd known for years and the one he just met, he loved
them both and didn't know what the hell to do about it. He zipped up
his jacket and sat down on the bench to think.

Eliminate the competition. Yes, that was good old Maquis thinking,
identify your enemy, find his weakness and attack.

Finding out exactly who this usurper of his husband's emotions was
the first step to claiming them as his own but how did he go about
that? Asking Tom? No, last time he asked the younger man he lied.
Harry? Would Tom have told his best friend about his lover? Maybe
but there wasn't much hope he'd tell him. Harry didn't trust him or
their marriage enough to do that. B'Elanna? Oh spirits, B'Elanna.

They hadn't spoken since he'd returned from the planet and announced
his marriage. She avoided him and truth be known, he hadn't gone out
his way to seek her out either.

Guilt, years of it prevented him from approaching her. Although he'd
stayed away from Tom during his time with her, it had been only
physical. Chakotay knew full well that the connection between he and
Tom had not been broken even when he was in her bed. And now that he
was married to him well, the guilt had only intensified. Asking her
who Tiger was besides being highly inappropriate was insulting. He
was `her' Tiger.

Standing, Chakotay determined that perhaps locating his elusive enemy
was not realistic. Step two demanded he scope out his weakness but
he couldn't do that he was unaware of who he was. So the next
logical step was a show of force. To show all comers that he,
Chakotay was the strong one and that he was ready and willing to
fight for what was his. While showing Tom that his feelings were
sincere, it also might be able to flush out the elusive Tiger. He
reasoned that if someone encroached on his territory, he would make
known his presence and hoped his competition would do the same.
Feeling decidedly better about his situation, he proceeded to the

Tonight at the party, the battle lines would be drawn.