Title: Getting Caught P4
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 4 of ?
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me. Whatever.

Summary: Tom and Chakotay get caught with their hands on each other
and are forced to become a not so happy couple.

"Oh yeah baby fuck that hole!" Tom screamed back over his shoulder.

Chakotay roared, fell over him while thrusting hard and bit into the
tender flesh above his collarbone. It was his favorite the tiger
taking him tonight. Well-manicured nails felt like claws as they
raked his ribcage and hips. Tom was going to be one hurting unit by
the time the older man came. He would however also be an extremely
satisfied one.

While he was pounded mercilessly his erection, so stiff it stood
straight up, slapped against his belly. The slight stinging as wet
skin met wet skin excited him almost as much as the thick cock in his
ass. There was no need for stroking, not that Chakotay would anyway,
he never did. Tom could come from those two delicious sensations

"Tell me how much you like this Tommy." Chakotay grunted into his
ear. "Oh spirits Tommy, tell me now!" He thundered as he filled him
with his hot come.

"I love this! Oh fuck, oh, oh," Tom could feel the older man
convulsing into him and was losing it. "So good, so good, so good."
He chanted mindlessly as his seed began to spurt, defying gravity and
physics over his chest. When unexpected fingers wrapped around his
exploding member, Tom swore he could feel it splatter up under his

"Yes Tommy love, come for me." Chakotay cooed as he stroked him.

"Am, am, am," He mumbled incoherently as his lips tried form words.
The only thing working properly was in his husband's hand. When his
limbs failed too, he fell forward into the bed. Chakotay collapsed
on top on him.

Wiping the sweat from his face with the pillow, Tom turned his head
to the side to keep from suffocating. His breaths were coming in
hitching gasps as it were. Chakotay pulled his trapped hand out from
underneath his body and rolled off of him.

"Why?" He croaked out once he could speak without choking.

"Why what?" Chakotay responded flatly beside him.

"You, you touched me." Tom stammered. He was still in shock.

"I always touch you."

"Not there, never there." He didn't have to explain that he was
talking about. Chakotay was a smart man.

"I felt like it." Chakotay said simply and then rose from the bed.

Tom rolled over on to his back and listened as the big man entered
the bathroom. Soon, he heard the small sounds of Chakotay cleaning
himself up.

He felt like it he had said like it was no big deal. Chakotay had
just blown his mind and shrugged it off like it was nothing. Tom
shuddered. It was not nothing to him. Not that he knew exactly what
it was but it was definitely something.

"Your turn." Chakotay announced and Tom opened his eyes. His nude,
freshly washed body gleamed like satin as he walked over to the
dresser and pointed. "Your things are on the left, okay."

"Okay." Tom acknowledged numbly and sat up on his elbows. He
watched as Chakotay retrieved an unfamiliar pair of gray sweats from
the right side of the bureau and then dressed. When he was done, he
looked at Tom and cocked his head.

"Aren't you going to shower?" He asked.

"What? Ah, yeah." Tom got up, padded over to the door of the
bathroom and peered in. He had never been inside the tiny room

His normal practice after sex with Chakotay was to grab his clothes
and head home. If he had to urinate, he waited until he reached his
own bathroom. Like the gratuitous hand job, using this bathroom was
a little surreal.

"I'll change the sheets and get dinner while you clean up." Chakotay
said pleasantly making him jump.

It wasn't the even tone that startled him, their conversations such
as they were, were always fairly civil after sex, it was that he had
not expected Chakotay to still be here. At this point in their
liaisons, he was normally alone. This lingering was unusual.

"Dinner?" That was unusual too.

"Yes, as in food. You are hungry, aren't you?"


"Good, now move." Chakotay shooed him with his hands and then
proceeded over to a thin closet where he retrieved a set of white

Finally Tom entered the bathroom and closed the door. On the vanity
waiting for him beside the sink were a washcloth, a towel and a
dermal regenerator. As Tom fingered the last item, tears welled in
his eyes. He had not been prepared that small kindness from the big
man, especially after the cruel trick he had perpetrated on him

In Tom's mind, it was undeserved but then so was Chakotay's touching
him during sex. As he stepped into the shower he thought about the
big man in the other room being all domestic. Tom laughed and then
slapped his hand quickly over his mouth before it became a hysterical

Oh shit, he got it now and he wasn't sure if it made him happy or
sad. The big guy wasn't being kind. Oh no that wasn't it.

Chakotay was simply keeping his promise and acting like a husband.


What did Tom like to eat?

He'd made the bed, picked up his and Tom's discarded uniforms,
cleaned up the shattered vid and was now standing at the replicator
dumbfounded about something as simple as to what to have for dinner.

Chakotay supposed he could comm Harry Kim. The ensign was Tom's best
friend and should know but relented. He doubted after his grumpy
call to his quarters earlier the man would be very receptive. He had
burnt a very important bridge there, he realized.

Getting to know and living with Tom was going to be a difficult job
and he could have used Harry's help to make the transition smoother.

Although Chakotay had not forgiven the younger man for forcing the
marriage, he had accepted it and had become somewhat resigned.
Chakotay understood that on some level he had brought the situation
upon himself and so like he'd told Tom, he'd better get used to it
and fast.

Since he had no desire to make his home a battlefield that meant
trying to keep the peace where possible. Oh he knew they would
fight, it was their nature to but he refused to have it be about the
little things like what to have for dinner. He turned back to the

Taking advantaged of his new position as Tom's husband, he accessed
his personal account and asked the computer to replicate the meal the
younger man ordered most often. When it materialized he was
surprised to find that it was something he too could eat and ordered
another one.

Taking the soup and the sandwiches to the dining table, he sat down
and waited for his husband before eating. Tom appeared before long
wearing an outfit that made him glad he was wearing loose fitting

Barefoot in ratty edged blue jean cut offs to short for public wear
and a worn pale blue tee that stretched tantalizingly across his firm
chest, the younger man approached the table. Chakotay stared slack
jawed at him.

"Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches? Great." Tom said with a
boyish smile as he took a seat. He dipped his cheese sandwich in his
soup and bit off the dunked end. "What?" He said with his mouth
full when he finally noticed Chakotay's shocked face.

"What the hell are you wearing?"

Tom swallowed and looked down at himself. When he looked back up his
expression was muddled. "Shorts and tee shirt. Why what's wrong
with it?"

"It's indecent."

Actually, it was down right sexy and that was the problem. Chakotay
wouldn't be able to relax in his own home with Tom traipsing around
looking totally fuckable all the time.

"It's comfortable." Tom shrugged, dipped his sandwich again and took
another bite.

Chakotay let it pass for the sake of serenity and changed the subject.

"Neelix wants to have a party for us in a couple of days. I was
thinking of letting him do something simple, just the alpha shift
maybe." He slid his spoon to the back of his bowl and tasted his
soup. It was good. He wiped his mouth with his napkin before
speaking again. "Do you think you're up to that?"

"Yeah sure. Why wouldn't I be?"

"Because we'll have to act like we're in love."

Tom put down his sandwich and stared into his soup as if the red
broth had suddenly done something amazing. His hand absently went to
the neck of his tee and tugged on it. Chakotay could see a large
bruise above his collarbone as the flimsy blue garment was
stretched. He resisted the urge to lean across the table and kiss it.

"I don't think I know how." The younger man said quietly still
showing great interest in his meal.

"We smile, we kiss, and we hold each other." Chakotay explained.

Tom lifted his gaze slowly. Chakotay was taken aback by the clear
blue intensity of his eyes. "But we do that now. Does that mean we
are in love?"

The frank honesty of the question floored him. And maybe it was the
tender look of vulnerability on that beautiful face but the answer
all of sudden didn't seem quite as clear as it had this morning while
lying on the hard cold floor of a jail cell. This was a softer,
younger Tom that could be hurt with a misplaced word or an unkind
comment, so he sat staring, say nothing.

"Janeway to Chakotay."

Tom's eyes flitted to the terminal on the desk and then back to him.
Chakotay watched as his blond lashes blinked and his blue orbs darted
but he still said nothing.

"Chakotay is something wrong?" The captain said over the comm. She
wasn't Neelix. She had the authority to check and see if he was

"Aren't you going to answer her?" Tom asked breaking the spell.


"The captain."

"Oh yes." Chakotay hit his comm badge instead rising and walking
over to the desk. "I'm here Kathryn, what is it?" He said while
still watching Tom. The younger man had gone to back to soaking up
his soup with sandwich.

"I was wondering if you had the time tonight to go over a few
reports?" She was offering him a break. It was technically his
wedding night but Kathryn knew that's all it was, a technicality. He
looked the beautiful young man who had asked more questions about
their relationship in the last day than in three years, and thought
yes, he could use a break, if only to come up with a few answers.

"I'll be there in five Kathryn." He closed the link and stood. Tom
stopped eating.

"You're going?" Tom asked with wide eyes.

"Yes, I won't be long." He wrapped his sandwich in his napkin to
make it neater to travel with. "Why don't you answer some of the
comm messages and let Neelix know about the party while I'm gone."

"Yeah sure." Tom's pink lips curled in a snarl. "You go play with
the captain and I'll stay home and play husband."

Chakotay paused. This was a Tom he recognized. A Tom he knew what
to do with.

"Yes well, I won't be late." He said neutrally, proud of his self-
control for not commenting on Tom's crack about being a husband.
Shaking it off, he crossed the room and walked out the door.

As the panels slid shut behind him, Chakotay was certain he heard the
word `asshole'.


It was their goddam wedding night and Chakotay was spending it with
the captain.

Tom sat sulking at the desk staring at the blinking red message light
on the comm unit. He knew he was being irrational but that didn't
make him feel any better. He wanted Chakotay home.

For a moment there at dinner, he thought they were going to actually
talk like normal human beings. He had asked a question, admittedly a
big one and thought they were going to have a discussion about it.

Are we in love? When Chakotay didn't automatically spit out `no I
hate you', Tom had been encouraged. He wasn't of course expecting
the big man to say `yes Tommy I love you'. He wasn't that stupid but
he'd been real interested in what Chakotay would have said instead.
Shit, he been waiting on the edge of his chair dying to hear the
answer. Then the captain had called and the asshole had skipped out
on him. Fuck!

Feeling jaded, Tom glared at the blinking red light. He'd answered
all but one of the congratulations, B'Elanna's being noticeably
absent, with a short audio thank you message. Neelix's he'd left to
last because he thought it would be better to talk to the colourful
Talaxian one on one. Tom put on his happy face and commed him.

"Tom Paris!" Neelix said his name like it was a cheer. Tom smiled
warmly at him, no fake. He always did like the Talaxian.

"It's Tom Chakotay now and that's sort of why I'm calling."

"Ah the party on Saturday. It's a go?"

"Yeah Neelix, it's a go."

The Talaxian actually squealed with delight.

"That's wonderful Tom." Neelix eyes clouded over as he went into
planning mode. "Now I was thinking about having in the messhall but
then I thought no, a lot more people could fit into holodeck two.
And the food, well…-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa Neelix!" The Talaxian stopped his rambling and
stared at him through the tiny view screen. "How many people are you
inviting?" Tom asked.

"Everyone of course." Neelix looked at him puzzled.

"Everyone? Well about that," Tom remembered Chakotay had said he
only wanted a small affair with the alpha shift but then again, he
paused, the big man wasn't here to remind him, was he? "That would
be fine Neelix." He said finally. "And if you need help with the
programming, let me know."

Neelix beamed. "I will Tom, thank you."

"No, thank you. Well gotta go, see ya Neelix."

"Good night Tom Chakotay."

Tom ended the connection and stood. Arching his back, he balled his
fists at the base of his spine, stretched and yawned. It had been a
long day.

In the last twenty-four hours he'd been caught fucking Chakotay in a
bathroom, incarcerated overnight in alien jail and had a shotgun
wedding. Yeah, a really long day. After giving his head and his
balls a good scratch, he wandered into the bedroom.

Standing at the foot of the big white bed, Tom pulled his tee over
his head and slipped out his shorts. For a moment he thought about
replicating sleep pants, he didn't own a pair but thought the better
of it. Besides finding them too restrictive to sleep in, Chakotay
would only rip them off anyway when he came home.

Shrugging, he crawled over the duvet on his hands and knees and then
slipped beneath it thinking it was kinda weird to be in this bed
alone. Closing his eyes, he figured he'd be tossing and turning all
night trying to get comfortable. He was wrong.

Tom was asleep in seconds.