Unwanted Reception
By Layton Colt

Disclaimer, I hate admitting this but no, I don't own Voyager or any of its crew.

To clear up any misunderstandings this story is about Tom Paris, and it takes place in the 3rd season sometime before the Day of Honor so Tom and B'Ellana are only friends.

Part Two: Pulled from the Shadows

B'Elanna stood nervously in front of his door.

How long had it been since she'd seen him?

2 months, or was it 3?

She'd become thoughtless when Voyager returned. She realized that now.

It was just that she had made so many friends and once they had returned it had become apparent to her just how easily they could leave her.

It had been ingrained in B'Ellana at an early age, a defense mechanism caused by her father's departure.

Always leave them before they can leave you.

So she'd cut herself off from her friends, became a recluse. She'd been more than a little surprised when during one of Harry's forced visits he had told her Tom had become a hermit as well.

Tom? The unwavering socialite? She hadn't believed it at first, that Tom could cut himself off from human contact was unthinkable. But Harry had sworn it was true.

B'Ellana had decided not to hide any longer. And she wasn't going to let Tom either.

Lifting her chin, she pressed the chime on his door.

Tom didn't answer the chime but the door was unlocked so she pushed it open.

When she stepped into the apartment and saw Tom kneeling on the floor her eyes widened in horror.

"Tom! What are you doing?"

Tom's head shot up, his eyes unfocused stared at B'Ellana in confusion. He had deep four-inch slits on both of his wrists with a distressing amount of blood seeping through.

B'Ellana didn't know what to do. Her question had been pretty dense. It was obvious what he was doing.

"Just go away, B'Ellana," Tom had meant it as a yell but he was weak and it came out as a whisper.

Dropping down next to him B'Ellana took the knife from his shaking hand. "I'm not going anywhere."

B'Ellana quickly took off her jacket and ripped off the sleeves, tying them tight around Tom's wrists she called for an emergency transport to Starfleet Medical.