Unwanted Reception
By Layton Colt

Disclaimer, I hate admitting this but no, I don't own Voyager or any of its crew.

The hospital was quiet. Only soft beeps and the shuffling of feet penetrated the silence.

B’Elanna looked up at Tom, he looked pale but that was the only evidence of what had happened.

They had told her that Tom would live. The scars would fade in another hour. He’d be fine by tomorrow.


Didn’t they see what he had done to himself? How could he be fine?

The anti depressants they’d given him wouldn’t make this go away. I wouldn’t take away the images that haunted her.


She couldn’t figure it out. Tom finally had his life pulled together. A life with Starfleet, friends, family, they were home…

That was it. They were home. All the doubts and uncertainties that had plagued her since they’re return must have been eating away at him as well.

This was her fault. She knew better than anyone how he must have felt. How desperate everything must have appeared.

She’d waited far too long to go visit him.

Why had she waited so long, they were friends, friends are supposed to be there for each other.

She’d be here for him now.

Whether he wanted her to be or not.

She’d lost too many people she’d been close to. She wasn’t about to add Tom’s name to the list.

She hadn’t called Tom’s family, she knew he wouldn’t want them here. But she’d talked to Harry and he was on his way.

She couldn’t stop thinking about how she almost hadn’t gone to see him today.

Visions of Harry’s tear stained fast as he told her Tom was dead, that he had killed himself.

No! Stop that. Tom is fine. He *will* be fine.

B’Elanna wouldn’t allow him to be anything else.