What Goes Around Comes Around
by Andrea Castro

Summary : What if B’Elanna accidentally passed the Ponn Farr to Tom on Sikari ? PG-13 

Star Trek : Voyager belongs to Paramount Pictures 

What Goes Around Comes Around 

“ I understand you know the consequences of what will happen if I don’t find a treatment .” The Doctor sighed . “ I do.” Tom said . “ I’ll inform the Captain , and I want you to take the next few days off.” The Doctor continued . “ Umm… Doc , can we keep this between us ? You know … Doctor - Patient Confidentiality ?” Tom asked . The Doctor looked at the ground then back at Tom . “ If that’s what you want … nothing will leave this room . I suggest maybe you should try to get some rest . I’ll tell the Captain you haven’t been getting enough sleep and you should remain in bed .” 

“ Thanks .” Tom sighed . He got off the biobed and left Sick Bay . ‘ Straight to bed it is’ he thought . 

The Captain was in her Ready Room when her com badge chirped . “ Doctor to Captain Janeway. “ 
“ Go ahead , Doctor.” “ Captain, I have relieved Lieutenant Paris from duty for the next few days . He’s suffering from a mild case of insomnia.” 

“ Insomnia ? “ The Captain asked. “ Yes. I think it would be best if he remain in bed.” The Captain put down her PADD . “ Understood , Doctor . Keep me updated with his progress . Janeway out.” 

The Next Day : 1345 

“ Harry , have you seen Tom?” B’Elanna asked. “ No , why?” He asked as he swallowed his lunch. “ Last night he was supposed to ‘remind’ me that we had a pool game but he never called.” She sighed as she sipped her coffee .
“ Remind you ?” Harry asked. “ You know I always try to get out of playing pool because he always beats me. Sometimes I pretend I forget and he usually calls and tells me I’m late but it didn’t happen last night.” She said worryingly. 

“ He wasn’t at the Helm this morning. Maybe he’s sick.” Harry concluded. “ I got to go , Maquis. See you later.” He smiled. “ Bye , Starfleet.” She joked as she watched Harry leave the Mess Hall. 

“ If he’s sick he would have called and cancelled.” She said out loud. She got up and headed for Tom’s quarters. She made it to the turbolift and the doors opened as Megan Delaney stepped out. “ Lieutenant.” She said. “ Ensign.” B’Elanna said right back and entered the turbolift. 

“ Deck 10.” She said. B’Elanna began pacing in the turbolift wishing it would hurry up. ‘When you’re anxious to go somewhere it goes so damn slow’ she thought .
The doors opened and revealed Deck 10. She almost ran to Tom’s quarters. She pressed his call button but the doors wouldn’t open . 

“ Computer, locate Lieutenant Paris.” 

“ Lieutenant Paris is in his quarters.” 

She pressed the call button again but they still wouldn’t open. She sighed angrily and over ridded the system. The doors finally opened and she stepped inside his quarters. They were completely trashed. “ Tom?” She called out. “ You know when someone doesn’t answer that means they don’t want company.” She heard him say. She saw him sitting on the edge of his bed drenched in sweat. 

“ Tom are you alright?” She asked. “ I’m fine B’Elanna , but I think you should get out of here.” He said between breathes. “ Tom whatever is happening to you I think we should get you to Sick Bay.” She said softly.

“ I’ve been to Sick Bay. The Doc told me to get some rest so can you please leave?” He asked sincerely. “ Tom , tell me what’s wrong.” B’Elanna pleaded. “You are just making this harder , B’Elanna. It’s better if you leave.” Tom sighed. 

“ I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s wrong.” B’Elanna said then moving towards him. “ Don’t.” He whispered. “ If you come closer , it will make it worse.” 

B’Elanna stopped where she was and sighed. “ Tom , what’s wrong?” She asked again. He muttered something but she couldn’t hear him. “ What?” She asked. “ I have the Ponn Farr.” He whispered then avoided looking at her . Knowing that if he did he couldn’t stop himself from doing something they both might regret.

“ How…” B’Elanna started them remembered that she bit him. “ You got it from me.” She said. “ Oh…Kahless.” She gasped.

“ It’s not your fault , B’Elanna.” He muttered. “ Yes, it is.” She said then moving towards him again. He got up and put more distance between them. “ Don’t B’Elanna. It’ll be better if you leave.” 

She looked at him as if he was crazy. “ I can’t leave you like this Tom. I know what will happen if the fever isn’t broken.” She sighed. “ The longer you stay in here the more I won’t be able to control these instincts.” He said then looking at her. “ I want you, B’Elanna. You can’t imagine how much I want you right now.” He finished. 

“ Tom there are two things we can do to stop this.” She tried to reassure him. “ If you say fighting … I’ve already tried that and it didn’t work.” He looked her straight in the eye. “ And the other is not an option.” 

“ Tom I’m not going to loose you to this. You’re my friend and friends help each other out . Like you were going to do for me.” B’Elanna said then moving closer to him again. She took his face in her hands and made him looked at her. “ We are going to Sick Bay and have the Doctor find a treatment. Okay?” She asked. Tom nodded then ended up kissing her hand but stopped himself. “ Now I know how hard it is.” He sighed.