What Goes Around Comes Around
by Andrea Castro

Chapter 2 - Broken 

“Your fever has gotten worse. I still haven’t found any other treatment other than the ones Lieutenant Tuvok informed you of , Mr. Paris.” The Doctor said. “ Then there’s no other choice. Tom tried fighting but it didn’t work.” B’Elanna sighed. 

“No.” Tom said coldly. “ It’s not going to happen.” 

“Doctor, could you excuse us for a while?” B’Elanna asked. “ Of course. Just re-activate me when you’re done. Computer, deactivate EMH.” The Doctor said and he was gone. 

B’Elanna faced Tom. “ What the hell are you doing?” She asked. “ I’m not going to make you, B’Elanna.” Tom said. “ Tom , I’m only doing what you were going to do for me.” B’Elanna whispered. “ I can’t loose you and I’ll be damned if I let you die because of this.” 

“I know you won’t let me die. The problem is that one I know what it feels to hold you and make love to you … I won’t be able to let you out.” He sighed. B’Elanna sighed and starred at the floor. “ I won’t be able to forget it if it happens.” Tom concluded. “ I love you , B’Elanna. I always have.” He mumbled. 

“Tom, what I said in the caves was true.” B’Elanna whispered. Tom starred at her. “ And I’m not pulling your chain. After what happened … I was scared. That’s why I thought it would be best if we forgot about it.” She said reluctantly. 

"Computer, activate EMH." Tom said. 

The Doctor appeared and looked at them both. " We've got an answer." They both said.

Tom and B'Elanna sat on Tom's couch , a little nervous. " So...." B'Elanna said. " Yeah." Tom sighed. It was getting harder for him to control these instincts right now with B'Elanna this close to him. He knew that if the Ponn Farr wasn't resolved in a few hours ... he would die. B'Elanna moved closer to him and took his face in her hands. He looked at her. " Tom.... make love to me." She whispered into his ear. 

Some time during that hour , they had managed to make it to the bed. He was pretty sure his fever was broken and expected B'Elanna to get dressed and run out the door but she stayed. She rested her head on his shoulder and went to sleep. 

He hoped that now she wasn't scared anymore.