Arms Reach
by Andrea Castro

Chapter 3 - Reliving the Past 

B'Elanna slowly woke up and realized she fell asleep on her couch . She was still tired but sat up anyway . That's when she noticed Tom sitting at the table . " It's about time you woke up . " He said . B'Elanna glared at him and growled . " Now you're starting to act the B'Elanna I know ." Tom joked. " What time is it ? " She asked . 
" It's 11: 30 . " Tom said . 

" Oh. Okay. " She said then laid back on the couch and shut her eyes . " No , B'Elanna. Get up . " Tom said then walking over and pulling her up . " Today is going to be very busy. Now go and take a shower, and here . " Tom went back to the table and tossed B'Elanna a clean uniform . 

She walked into the bathroom and Tom sat down at the table again and waited. A few seconds later B'Elanna came back out of the bathroom . " I don't know how to work this damn thing. " She spat. Tom grinned . " Just say activate sonic shower . " " Oh. " B'Elanna sighed then went back into the bathroom. Tom heard the shrill of the sonic shower and looked around . 

Like he told her , he 'd never been in her quarters before . It was pretty much the ordinary except for that book she was reading . ' Woman Warriors at the River of Blood ' ? He thought . ' I'll have to read it . ' After five minutes , B'Elanna came out of the bathroom fully dressed in her uniform . If he didn't know better , he could have sworn that this was the same B'Elanna he had known for two years now . " Ok... so now what ? " She asked . " What do you want to know ? " 

B'Elanna walked toward him and sat in the chair next to him . " I want to know why my father left me . " She whispered . ' Damn ' he thought . " I knew you were going to start with that one . " He sighed . Tom cleared his throat and decided to walk around . " Ok.. um ... You , your mother, and father grew up on a planet called Kessick 4 and at first everything was going well except you said your parents started fighting a lot more and the arguments were longer than normal . It was about 2 months after you turned five when your father left . You actually believed it was your fault that he left. " 

" You said he left because you were too Klingon . So you tried to be human . You would ask your mother if he was coming back but she wouldn't answer you . You said you cried every night for months after he left and excluded yourself from all the other kids on Kessick . "

Tom turned around and noticed he had B'Elanna's full attention . " But it wasn't your fault , B'Elanna . It was his fault . About twelve days before he left ... he took you and your cousins on a camping trip ... but they made fun of you being Klingon . Then you overheard your father talking about your mother . About how your grandmother said your father couldn't handle living with a Klingon . And he said she was right , and now he had to live with two Klingons . " Tom ended then looked at the ground . " Right now I wish I didn't ask you to tell me that . " 

" Hey you know what ? Why don't we go down to the Mess Hall for lunch . Harry's waiting for us down there. " Tom said trying to change the subject . " Sure but who's Harry ? " B'Elanna asked. " And you never told me what a Klingon looks like . " She said raising an eyebrow . 

" You'll find out later what a Klingon looks like and Harry is one of your best friends . Actually , he was your friend before I was . " Tom muttered . " Oh ? And why was that ? " B'Elanna smiled suddenly interested in what he was saying . " Because you thought I was a pig when you first met me and back then I actually was . Quoting the master , of course . " Tom laughed . " I don't think you're like that now . You have been a perfect gentleman. Except when you broke into my quarters . You do know I'll have to kill you for that . " She said then crossing her arms over her chest . 

" Well , Lieutenant it looks like your back to your old self . " Tom smirked then left B'Elanna's quarters . " What do you mean ' old self ' and I'm a Lieutenant ? " B'Elanna shouted after Tom as she left her quarters .