Arms Reach
by Andrea Castro

Summary : B'Elanna was kidnapped and abused during an away mission and looses her memory. Who better to help her then Tom? Set after " The Chute. " 

Written : January 2002 

StarTrek : Voyager belongs to Paramount Pictures. 

~ . Arms Reach . ~ 


" Stay away from me !" B'Elanna screamed. " Lieutenant , I am only trying to help you . " The Doctor said calmly. B'Elanna ran behind the biobed and crawled on the floor until her body made contact with the wall . 

Her hair was tangled in her face and she was no longer in her Starfleet uniform . She was wearing this red bodysuit which had tears all over and she had bruises on her face and arms . Kes decided to try her luck and walked up to B'Elanna . " B'Elanna ... " She whispered . B'Elanna looked up at her confused . " Who's B'Elanna ? " She asked . " Who are you and where am I ? " B'Elanna screamed . 

Kes went over to a console and erected a force field around the biobed and filled it with a gaseous sedative . A few moments later B'Elanna was unconscious . " Computer , vent the sedative and lower the force field . " The Doctor said. The force field was lowered and the Doctor and Kes carried her to the biobed. Kes placed B'Elanna's hands over her abdomen when she noticed something. " Doctor , look at this . " She said . 

The Doctor walked over to Kes and looked to where she was pointing . " These look like... bite marks. " She whispered . " What did they do to her ? " Kes asked . 

The Next Morning - 0800 Hours 

" I've healed all of her wounds Captain , but I'm sure that what happened to her will stay with her for a long time . The Doctor explained to Captain Janeway . " But we did have some problems when we transported her to Sick Bay . She wouldn't let me anywhere near her but she was calmer when Kes went up to her. " 

The Captain sighed . " Could this be connected to what happened to her in the prison? " She asked . " It's possible . But we have another problem . She doesn't remember anything about Voyager and doesn't even know who she is . " 
The Captain looked at B'Elanna through the Doctor's office. " So all she remembers is what happened to her at the prison . Then we add her being split in two by the Vidiians , and everything about her childhood.... it might be too much for her to handle . " The Captain whispered . 

" Get away ... No! Get off me ! " B'Elanna screamed . The Captain and The Doctor left his office and found B'Elanna awake and shaking . The Doctor started to walk towards her but she jumped off the biobed and leaned against the wall. " Stay away from me ! " She said coldly. " Doctor , let me try ." The Captain said. She moved slowly towards her and B'Elanna watched her like a hawk . " B'Elanna , are you alright ? " The Captain asked. 
" Just leave me alone . " She spat . 

" B'Elanna , we are trying to help you . " The Captain said sincerely . B'Elanna scoffed. " I've listened to that all day from that little blond girl . " The Captain glanced at the Doctor then back at B'Elanna . " You mean Kes? " 
B'Elanna glared at the Captain . " You try to help but you don't what the hell happened down there in that prison. For all you know , you could be making the problem worse . " B'Elanna decided to ignore the Doctor and walked over to the console . She brought up her file and looked at them both . " Kes helped me bring up my file .... and by the looks of it I don't know why you guys came back to rescue me . This girl ... B'Elanna ... had a sucky life so why shouldn't I just forget it all anyways ? " B'Elanna asked. 

" How do you know that this isn't the best thing that ever that happened to me ? " B'Elanna shouted . " Because we're your friends . " A voice said behind her . The Doctor, The Captain , and B'Elanna turned around to see Tom standing there who heard the last of the conversation. " Who are you ? " B'Elanna asked . Tom walked up to her and she stood there like a statue . " A friend of B'Elanna's ... and she has actually had an interesting life. She's just had a run of bad luck . " Tom concluded . 

" Run of bad luck ? " B'Elanna spat . She scrolled through her file . " Father abandoned her , was kicked out of Starfleet , became on the ' most wanted ' list , got thrown half-way across the galaxy , broke someone named Carey's nose , got split in two by Vidiians, and nearly got a population of people and their whole planet
destroyed . " B'Elanna sighed . " Yeah , that's a run of bad luck. " 

" Well , she had some good times. She just needs someone to help her remember them . " Tom smircked .