...who brings Tom Paris to the screen, lives in Los Angeles with his wife Carol, and children Taylor, Kyle and Carter Jay. He considers family values to be more than just a cliche.
That's why he and his wife founded the Real Play Productions when living in New York. It provides inner- city school children creative ways to deal with crisis issues and offers a diversion from bleak home lives. In many cases it kept kids away from the street and out of trouble.
    He didn't ignore his career, though. He had many appearances in television and on stage before coming to Voyager.
     Robbie was born in North Carolina and was, as he put it, "a corporate brat", on the move with his family for some years until they finally settled in Atlanta, Georgia, the city he calls home. After having moved there, his mother decided he need something to do. He played the Munchkin in the Wizard Of Oz.
After high school, Robbie moved to New York City and enrolled at Juilliard where he spent two years studying the trade.
     During that time, he played in many Broadway plays (ig- The Fantastiks), had a role in The New Twilight episode a Message from Charity and was cast as Charlie Brent in the ABC daytime soap opera All My Children.
He left Juilliard soon after that and while still starring in AMC, he got the chance to play a role in the movie Masters Of The Universe.
     After leaving AMC, Robbie landed a starring role in the national touring production of Stephen Sondheim's hit Broadway musical Into The Woods.
Other on stage productions followed- Lucy Lapses, Child's Play and Six Degrees of Separation.
     During that time he met his wife Carol Seder, a classical dancer.
Some of Robbie's television guest starring roles include series such as  Murder She Wrote, Quantum Leap, LA Law, and of course, Star Trek:The Next Generation (in an episode entitled "The First Duty"). Robbie landed a starring role in the ABC series Going To Extremes . His credits also include a recurring character on ABC's Homefront, and a role on the CBS nighttime soap opera Second Chances with Connie Selleca.
He also appeared as Romeo in Romeo And Juliet at the Ford Theater, where he earned a Drama Longue Award as Best Actor.
     His role in TNG is what got him the job on Star Trek Voyager. Producers wanted the *Robert Duncan McNeill Type*, so they just cast the original.
While doing Voyager, Robert appeared in the Early Edition episode Home Groan.
He took his first steps as a director on Voyager in the eps. Sacred Ground, Unity and Someone To Watch Over Me.
     He directed Allen Strange and produced wrote and directed his own short films- the Battery & 99mm of Love.