O T H E R   R O L E S
M A S T E R S   O F   T H E   U N I V E R S E
[68 pics | updated 10/08/00]
Screen Caps of the SF movie Masters of the Universe. Robbie played Kevin Corrigan (1987)
Q U A N T U M   L E A P
[16 pics | updated 10/08/00]
Screen Captures of Quantum Leap ep(Good Night, Dear Heart) (89)- Robbie asGreg Truesdale...
[16 pics | updated 05/01/01]
Screen Captures of the Sisters episode Falling Leaves (91)- Robbie as Andrew Simms
S T A R   T R E K :   T N G
[20 pics | updated 10/08/00]
Screen Captures of the TNG episode The First Duty.Robbie played Nicolas Locarno in 92.
E A R L Y   E D I T I O N
[37 pics | updated 02/11/00]
Screen Captures of the Early Edition Episode Home Groan. Robbie played Jo (99)...