S U B M I S S I O N   G U I D E L I N E S 
At the Heading of the story you must place:
the title of your story
the name you wish to have in this archive and your current e- mail address
(sometimes authors have petnames, please tell if you go by more than one name on any other fanfic- pages, also if you're already archived here, tell if you wish your name to be changed or if you now have a different e- mail address)
asynopsis of your story, which gives a summary of its contents. Note 
whether it is a sequel, or a prequel to another of your stories. Please also mention when it is set (e.g. Sequel to Nightmares. Set after alice. B'Elanna Torres re- evaluates her relationship with Tom Paris.)
a rating for your story, note if you rated it G, PG, PG- 13, R or NC- 17...
If your story is already on-line, and you wish it to be linked to the archive, 
send a file containing the information above, plus the URL where your story is located.However I do prefer archiving, considering the complex layout...
If you have a homepage containing your fanfiction, please note the url 
As an example I've given a story that does not really exist:
Ben Roder- broder@hotmail.com
P/T, Set after barge of the dead. Tom and B'Elanna find out that some things were just meant to be. Sequel to Trust. Rated PG- 13.
Once you've kept that in mind, you can either
send all submissions per email  to webmaster@parisnights.de. You must 
     include the above information, as well...as the story.
or fill out the following submission form AND send the story only per email to 

Submissions Form

Here you can fill out a form, which contains all the necessary information for a fanfiction submission, please note that more detailed instructions can be found in the submission guidelines!
Fill out this form completely, except for the story URL, this is only needed if your story is already online and you want me to link to it, however, I like archiving better.
If you like your story to be archived on my homepage, you just send me an e- mail, with the story attached to it and note that it belongs to a particular submission...
Insert your name or net synonym here...
Insert your email address here...

Insert the title of your story here...

Insert the summary of your story here...

Choose the category of your story here...
(General stories are about coupls of different genders, slash are stories about homosexual couples and other include, things like multiple pairing, Tom Paris only and all Voyager crew stories...)

General Relationship Stories
- Paris/Torres
- Janeway/Paris
- Paris/Seven
- Paris/Kes
- Paris/Female

Slash Relationship Stories
- Chakotay/Paris
- Paris/Kim
- Tuvok/Paris
- Paris/Male

Other Stories
- Paris
- All Crew (Paris must be in it)
- Multiple

Choose the rating for your story...
(If you are not sure what to use, use the rating that is more drastic...)

Either tell me the story url, so I can link to it...
(the web addy where your story is located...)

...or in addition to the form, send me a mail with the story attached to it. Note that the mail belongs to your submission form.

If you have a homepage, insert the url here...
(please don't put in any urls which are NOT Star Trek related...)