The Charmed Ones
by Christine Wright- []

Star Trek Voyager "The Charmed Ones"

        Janeway, Paris, and Chakotay beam down to a planet surface.  The land was rich with life.  Like a rainforest with thick meadows.  Their first instinct was to draw their weapons, but when they saw no present danger, they continued on their survey.
        "Captain." Tom said, "I'm picking up one life form, about 10 kilometers…" he faced his left, "just west of here."
        "Let's go…we don't have much time."  Janeway ordered.
        After hiking over a large hill on a rather small path, they finally came to a clearing.  A river could be seen in the background, along with high cliffed mountains and a waterfall.  Near the waterfront was a fallen tree, and a movement.  It was the life form they were tracking.  As the away team moved closer to the alien, they could tell she was frightened… but not of them.  Tom noticed the sky growing darker.  A bolt of lightning lit the entire upper atmosphere.
        The alien stood.  She was over five feet tall, slender, with gray eyes.  She looked like a cross between human, feline and thoroughbred.  Her long hair was three different colors, and her face was outlined with leopard spots.  Her hands were much like claws, and her feet like Clydesdale's hooves.  Her ears looked human, but her nose and mouth were feline like.  She even had a tail.  Long, and just as colorful as her hair.  In her eyes showed wisdom, honesty, and humility.
        Chakotay spoke first.  "We don't mean you any harm.  We're here to help you."
        "You're too late."  She spoke softly, as if ashamed to be there, "I am the last one.  They will not stop until I am dead."  She looked up at the sky, "You must leave here, or you will be killed beside me."
        The alien began to walk away.  Tom reported that an ion storm was headed their way.  They might not be able to beam out in time.  Their communications were already being affected.
        "We'll have to find shelter until the storm is over."
        The alien stopped, and turned to look back at them.  "If you are staying…you may as well come with me.  I know where you will be safe from the storm."
        Without another word spoken, the away team followed their new acquaintance.  She led them to a tunnel that went deep into the mountainside.  Janeway wondered if it was safe.  If they went in, they would be trapped.  But they didn't have much of a choice.  She followed the alien into the tunnel.
        When they were finally settled in, Tom's thoughts fought their way out.  "You said you are the last.  What happened to the others who lived here?  And who is trying to kill you?"
        The alien looked into Tom's eyes and paused for a moment.  Then she spoke, "The Vartiez have been an enemy of my people for many years.  They allied with another race and gained technology surpassed to ours, and everyone has been killed.  I am the last."
        "How many of your kind lived here?" Janeway asked.
        "Over ten thousand."  She lowered her head.
        "There has to be others…maybe they took refuge where you haven't been able to find them." Tom commented.
        The alien simply nodded her head.  She wished that were true.  But she knew better.  "Jessup and Ikea were the ones assigned to protect me.  When the Vartiez found our hideout we were trapped.  Everyone was killed.  Jessup found a way out without the Vartiez finding out.  He forced me to go through, then hid the opening.  He saved my life.  And now…" Tears formed in her eyes, "I am the last."
        Their talk was quickly interrupted when they heard sounds from a connecting tunnel.  Footsteps, grumbles and moans echoed through the caves.  It could only be the Vartiez.  They have found them.  Janeway stood and drew her weapon.  Chakotay and Tom followed.
        "We must leave here." The alien said, as she started to leave the caves.
        "But what about the storm?" Chakotay said.
        "I'd rather take my chances with nature that with firepower."
        The followed the alien once again, this time into the storm.  High winds almost knocked them off their feet.  They struggled to make it to a bunch of trees, and once they made it they held tightly onto anything that they could.
        "Can you contact you ship?" The alien yelled over the winds to Janeway.
        "No…the storm will block any communications."
        "Tom! Look out!" the alien shouted at Lt. Paris.  Behind him was a Vartiez soldier.  Tom was able to dodge the fired weapon and take cover behind a large boulder. Chakotay then notices another soldier behind the alien.  Before he could call out a warning she was hit.  Her body fell to the grassy floor.
        "No!" Chakotay yelled and forced his way through the winds to her side.
        "Commander!" Janeway shouted.  She raised her weapon aiming in Chakotay's direction and fired.  She hit the soldier beside him, but a second later Chakotay was hit from yet another soldier that was standing behind Janeway.
        Janeway showed pain in her eyes as she watched Chakotay's body slowly fall to the ground.

With her face red and damp she sat straight up out of bed.  She looked around only to discover she was safe in her quarters aboard Voyager.  It was a dream.  No.  It was a nightmare.  Why would her unconscious mind make up something that dramatic?  She slipped out of her bed and went over to the window.  The stars outside gave her little comfort.
        Janeway nearly jumped out of her skin when the door chime rang.  She turned to face the door that led to the corridors outside.  "Come in!"
        The doors opened to reveal Lt. Tom Paris.  His face was red, and his eyes were watery.
        "Tom?  Are you feeling alright?"
        "I don't know."  He slowly entered the Captain's quarters.  "I just had the strangest dream…"
        Janeway's mind began to race when she thought of the possibilities of them both having bad dreams.  "What happened?" She asked.
        "One minute I was working on a console in Jeffrey's tube 6.  The next I was on a planet surface on an away mission."  Tom explained.
Janeway then noticed that Tom was in full uniform.  He was working the night shift.  This was beginning to get weird.  She suddenly felt uncomfortable in her nightgown, and reached for her robe.  As she slipped it on, the doctor's voice came on the intercom.
        "Captain, please report to sickbay.  Chakotay's been injured."
        Janeway's heart suddenly began to race.  Tom muttered, "Oh my god…this can't be happening."
        "I don't think this a coincidence."  Janeway said.  "The Vartiez…"
        "You saw it too??" Tom was surprised.
        Janeway quickly led the way down the corridors, and Tom followed closely behind.  She couldn't stop thinking about Chakotay.  She thought to herself, "Please let him be okay, please."
        In sickbay, Janeway and Paris arrived to see Chakotay sitting up on a medical bed and the doctor closely observing him.  "Doctor?" Janeway said, as she grew closer.
        "He suffered a mild cardiology failure.  I've treated him with sufficient antibiotics.  He should recover fully."
        "Chakotay?" Janeway said passionately.  "How do you feel?"
        They met eyes.  Chakotay replied, "Confused."
        The doctor began to explain, "The Commander walked in about ten minutes ago.  He seemed dazed, preoccupied.  Then he passed out."
        "Do you remember what happened?" Janeway asked Chakotay.
        "We were on an away mission.  You were there… and so was Tom.  Then we came under attack."
        The Doctor looked confused.  The last away mission was three days ago.  And neither Janeway nor Paris was on that mission.
        "This is too weird." Tom said.
        "What do you mean?" Chakotay was even more confused.
        "You weren't alone." Janeway replied.
        "You saw her?" Chakotay asked.
        The three stood and pondered the possibilities.  There's no way this was a dream.  Or a coincidence that they all shared the same vision.  "What are you talking about?" the doctor interrupted.
        Tom merely smiled, and led the doctor into the other room to explain.
        Captain Janeway felt uneasy.  Chakotay was safe.  Voyager was in no present danger.  Somehow, she just felt like something wasn't right.
        "Captain?" Chakotay asked in a way of concern.
        "What do you think this could be?" Janeway asked.
        "Well," he thought for a minute, "If the Vartiez could demolish an entire population, perhaps what we witnessed was a memory of the last survivor."
        Janeway thought for a minute, "Do you remember the Nakan Memorial?"
        "How could I forget?  It was built to commemorate the massacre so those who passed by would remember what happened."
        "Do you suppose the survivors of the Vartiez could have done the same?"
        "Possibly," Chakotay thought for a moment, "but why only affect the three of us?"
        Janeway nodded, "I don't know."
        "We should try to find the Vartiez…perhaps 7 or Neelix has heard of them."
        "Right…you do that," she replied, "Meanwhile, Tom and I will go to the astrometrics lab…maybe we can slim the options down by elimination."
        Chakotay stood as the Doctor and Tom returned.  They had some work to do.
        In the astrometrics lab, Janeway and Tom were eliminating all the M class planets that didn't fit the description from their dream.  As far as they knew, this planet would be unoccupied, but still rich with life.
        "Do you remember, the two moons…?" Tom questioned.
        "Yes, and before the ion storm came I remember a single sun."
        As the view of the star charts shifted at the press of a button, Tom eliminated three more M class planets from the list.  They didn't know in what system they would find the planet, but they guessed it would have to be within 100 light years from their current position.
        "That leaves 18 possibilities.  All of them share two moons and a single sun, mountains, water and wildlife." Tom replied.
        "Let's go through them one by one." Janeway ordered.
        The first planet had signs of volcanic activity.  They eliminated it from the list.  The second was 80% water, and the rest was sheer mountain.  That was also taken off the list.  The third planet came on the view screen.  It looked very similar to earth.  60% ocean, 20% mountain and 20% a mix of jungle, desert, marshland and swamps.  As Tom continued to describe as much as they knew about the planet, the Captain seemed preoccupied.
        "That's it." Janeway said without hesitating.
        "How can you be sure?"
        "huh?" She was pulled out of her stare with the screen and looked at Tom.
        "I said, how can you be sure?"
        Janeway wasn't sure, "I don't know."
        Tom looked at the screen.  "It does look familiar."
        Janeway tapped her COM badge with her finger and ordered Tuvok to change course.  Tuvok reported that they would reach their destination in14 hours.
        "Contact me when we are in transporter range."
        Trees swaying in a slight breeze, and a meadow full of tall grass.  It was a peaceful setting.  But perhaps, too quiet.  Then a light shown and three forms began to appear.  It was Captain Janeway, Commander Chakotay, and Lt. Paris.  They drew their weapons and studied their present location.
        "We don't have much time.  Tuvok said the two immerging cells would cause a possible ion storm in less than an hour."
        Chakotay looked at Janeway and smiled.  Janeway noticed him, and also noticed Tom doing the same thing.  "What are you two smiling about?"
        Tom spoke up, "Just a little de ja vu, Captain."
        Janeway smiled as she realized what he meant.
        They began to do scans with their tricorders to trace for any life forms.  "I'm not getting any readings Captain." Tom reported.
        "Perhaps we are too late." Chakotay replied.
        "Come on." Janeway said as she led them the way they once went in the dream.  Without arguing Chakotay and Tom followed closely.
        As they came over the familiar hill and saw the river and the dead, fallen tree, they were not surprised to see the alien waiting for them.
        "I knew you would come." She said as the three came closer.
        Tom, by what felt like instinct, glanced up at the sky.  The cells were immerging.  The storm would soon hit.  Without another word spoken, the alien led the team toward the same cavern as before.  When they were safe from the upcoming disaster outside, they sat down.  The alien then introduced herself.
        "I'm sorry, I didn't have a chance to introduce myself last time we met.  My name is Kayle."
        "So it wasn't a dream?" Tom asked.
        Kayle smiled, "No, it wasn't a dream.  My people were always known for our telepathic abilities.  Although, before last night, I wasn't sure I was capable of that gift."
        "So everything you said before…about your people, about the Vartiez, it's all true?" Chakotay asked.
        "Afraid so." Kayle replied.  "Jessup and Ikea, they were killed almost two days ago.  I haven't had anyone to talk to since."  She turned to Chakotay, "I don't know why you three were chosen, but when this storm passes you must leave here at once."
        "What about you?" Janeway asked.
        "My fate has been chosen.  You've already witnessed it.  But you were never meant to be involved.  You can still escape the fate that was shown to you.  I cannot."
        They were interrupted by the sounds of the Vartiez soldiers coming from another cavern.
        "Time to go." Kayle said and stood.
        The four piled out of the caves and into the windy storm outside.  When they made it to the brush, Janeway immediately pressed her COM badge and contacted Voyager.
        "Three to beam up." She ordered.  Even before Janeway finished giving that command, Chakotay was shot.  Kayle caught him and they both went down to the ground.  Then the transporter beamed all four to Voyager.

        In sickbay, Chakotay laid unconscious on the medical bed.  The doctor ran every scan possible.  With Janeway, Tom and Kayle standing aside, the doctor made his report as he continued to work.
        "He's got a punctured lung, and internal bleeding that is straining his left artery.  I'm now attempting to stabilize the vascular organ and stop the bleeding."  Just as the doctor was saying this, the medical shield arose and covered Chakotay's chest and locked together.
        Tom joined the doctor's side to monitor the Commander's life signs. The Doctor gave Chakotay a heart stimulant when the beats were unusual.  "We're losing him, doc." Tom reported.
        As Janeway and Kayle watched helplessly as the doctor tried to save Chakotay, Kayle turned to the Captain with an idea in mind.  "Captain…I can help him."
        "I need your help…come." Kayle said taking Janeway's hand and leading her over to Chakotay's side.  "Take his hand," she told Janeway while she forced Tom to hold her hand.
        "What are you doing?" The Doctor said losing his temper, and his patient.
        "Tom, take Chakotay's hand…and remember all the good times you've ever had."
        Janeway closed her eyes.  Memories flushed her mind.  All the moments they had shared.  All the times a romance almost arose, and all the adventures they had.  One memory was when Chakotay had built her a spa.  And when he gave her a massage.  Then she remembered the dream.  How she felt when she saw his body fall to the ground.  Her heart felt like it was sinking to the floor.
        Tom remembered the first time they met.  The first time Tom saved Chakotay's life.  The fights that he played along when they were flushing out a spy aboard Voyager.  Then the memory of the dream resurfaced.  How Chakotay had saved his life.  And how Tom felt helpless saving his life now.  The doctor examined closely and couldn't believe his eyes when Chakotay's life signs returned.  Janeway and Tom opened their eyes to see Chakotay waking.  The doctor reported that his injuries seemed to be healing themselves.  The joined hands didn't sever until all the wounds had healed.
        "Commander?" The doctor said.
        Chakotay looked at Janeway, "What happened?"
        Janeway released her hand, and Tom did the same.  Suddenly Kayle fell to the floor.  The doctor rushed to her side.  She was conscious, but weak.
        "Help me get her up." The doctor ordered Tom.
        The lifted her up and onto the nearby medical bed.  Chakotay, feeling like he woke from another dream, sat up and watched them care for Kayle.
        "Is she alright?" Chakotay asked.
        "She's conscious, but I'm not reading a life sign."
        "How is that possible?" Janeway asked.
        "Captain," Tom got her attention, "do you remember on the planet surface…we couldn't pick up her life sign then either.  Perhaps she doesn't register on our scans, like the Furzans of Perel 6.  We may just have to adapt our sensory logs."
        Janeway nodded in agreement and looked back at Kayle.
        "I'm okay.  I've just never done that before."
        Chakotay stood and came to Janeway's side.  "What happened, last night?  We shared something, all of us…what was it?"
        Kayle looked at the commander, who was now in perfect health.  She waited until the doctor had left the room before she continued.  "I am what my people call - a Charmer - that basically means, I am capable of things my people haven't had the time to teach me about.  My great grandfather was a charmer.  He was the one who led my people to their home.  He saved them from a war with the Trakians over a hundred years ago.  My people thought I could do the same."  She looked away, in regret.  "I only led them to their deaths."
        "Last night, was something I usually experience on my own.  It was a premonition of what is to come.  My mother once told me, that my great grandfather shared all his abilities, his premonitions, his healing powers, and all his other powers with my great grandmother.  They were connected at birth.  When they met, they fell madly in love.  They even died together.  But I don't understand myself, how I could have a connection with the three of you.  I've never met you before.  I know nothing of your people, or where you come from.  What I do know, is that you saved my life."  She turned to Chakotay, "You died for me.  And so I would also die for you."
        "What now?" Tom asked.
        She turned to Janeway.  "I will ask for permission to stay aboard Voyager.  Be a part of your crew, and thus a part of your lives.  But in doing so, you must understand, that you will all be a part of me…we will be the charmed ones."
       Janeway looked at Chakotay, then at Tom Paris.  After thinking for a moment, she turned back at Kayle.  "Permission granted.  Welcome aboard."  Janeway replied.
        Chakotay and Tom smiled.  "Congratulations." Chakotay said.
        "Wait a minute…" Tom interrupted. "What kind of circumstances are we talking about here?" Tom asked Kayle.
        "Our minds will be joined.  We may have telepathic connections with on another."
        "What…like reading each others minds?" Tom replied.
        "No.  More like - sense what each other may be feeling.  Or sharing each other's dreams.  And if one gets a premonition, we'll all see the premonition with them.  Other than that, I don't know.  Every day is a new experience for me.  Just yesterday I found I was sharing my premonitions with another.  And today, I found that together, we have the power to heal.  Tomorrow - who knows."
        "Cool." Tom said and smiled.
        Chakotay laughed at Tom's response to what may be an uncomfortable request.  Janeway was fascinated by how well the four of them had bonded.  She wondered what tomorrow might bring.  How Kayle and her charming ways, could bring them even closer together.

        The next day, while on the bridge, Janeway and Chakotay strike up a conversation.
        "How'd you sleep?" Chakotay asked, keeping his eyes on the view screen.
        "Like a log.  And I had a wonderful dream." Janeway smiled, but continued to look forward.
        "Like a walk in the forest." Chakotay replied.
        Janeway's eyes widened.  She did dream of a walk in the forest…with Commander Chakotay.  She turned to look at him.  "I just wish I knew what Tom and Kayle were saying."  Chakotay continued and looked into Janeway's eyes.  Slipping into a memory of the night before.  Chakotay and Kathryn Janeway stood under a tall, shady tree.  Chakotay had his arm over her shoulder and they stood close together.  They were watching a friendship form in the distance.  Tom and Kayle sat in an open field talking and laughing about anything and everything.  Their lives were changing already.

The End