Author:  T'Pam
Codes:   VOY: P/7
Rating:  NC-17 Summary: Answer to jenn's challenge for a trashy/
romance version of sex between Tom and Seven.

Disclaimer:  Tom Paris and Seven of Nine belong to
Paramount/Viacom.  I'm not making any profit from this.  LOL.


Tom turned around and smiled in delight as Seven entered the
room.  "Sugar bun, you came."

"Yes Muffin.  I could not resist such a tempting invitation.
I am not late am I?"

"No, my darling.  Youíre right on time."   H

e sucked in his breath as she walked towards him.  There was
a slight breeze drifting in through the open window and her
hair fanned out across her smooth, creamy shoulders.  She was
a true vision of loveliness, wearing a body hugging, low cut,
red dress, which barely covered her thighs.

"You look lovely," he said softly.

"Thank you.  So do you."

Taking her hand and kissing it gently, he led her to the
candle lit table in the center of the room and pulled out
her chair for her.

She watched as he went around and sat down across from her.
His hair shone golden in the candlelight and his eyes were
a brilliant blue.  He certainly did look handsome in his
tight fitting cream pants and powder blue silk shirt.

He had left the top three buttons of his shirt undone and
she could glimpse the wiry, golden hairs of his chest.  She
discovered that her breathing was increasing.

His seductive, charming smile dazzled her and she smiled in

Tom found it difficult to breathe as she smiled at him so
alluringly.  His eyes kept traveling to her full, swelling
breasts and he found he was riveted to the rise and fall of
her chest.  He looked up into her smoldering, blue eyes and
swallowed as she licked her full, sensual lips.

She looked almost wanton as she flicked her hair back over
her shoulder and smiled that devastating smile at him once
more.  Their eyes locked and held, mesmerized by the heat
generating between them.

He cleared his throat.  "I was going to suggest some wine,
but Iím not really thirsty.  Are you?"   She shook her head,
still unable to tear her eyes from his.

Slow warmth was spreading from the very core of her being
and threatening to engulf her.

Tom slowly stood up and came around to join her.  Taking her
hand in his, he brought it to his lips.

"I want you," he said hoarsely.

"I want you too," she answered breathlessly.

He knelt down beside her and after carefully adjusting his
manhood into a more comfortable position, after all the pants
WERE tight, pillowed his head against her velveteen mounds.

"Sugar bun, you drive me wild."

She held his face firmly against her and leaning over,
licked the tip of his ear.

Letting go of his head abruptly - not a moment too soon, he
was about to suffocate - she put her hands on his shoulders
and stood up slowly.

He gasped as he realized that all she had on was the red

"Muffin," she whispered seductively into his ear.

would you like me to do?"

"Kiss me," he said huskily.  She pulled him up from his
kneeling position on the floor and put her arms around his
neck.  Their lips came together in a hot and hungry kiss.

As the kiss continued, her hands slid slowly down his back,
until they found his tight, firm buns.  Squeezing them
between her palms and fingers she moaned into his mouth as
he rubbed himself against her soft silken thighs.

She pulled back from him and gazed hungrily at his chest.
Fingering the golden curls visible, she then slowly undid
the rest of the buttons on his shirt.

Hooking her fingers into the waistband of his pants, she
tugged the shirt free and carefully slid it from his
shoulders, letting it fall to the floor with a soft thud.

Panting heavily, she ran her hands through his thick,
abundant chest hair, licking her suddenly dry lips all the

Placing his hand over hers, he gradually brought them up to
his own lips and with a small smile began to kiss and lick
each one.  Never taking his eyes from hers he continued the
small kisses down one arm.

She felt her knees weaken and he placed one hand behind her
for support.  The hand began to massage her back and she
soon felt the fastening on her dress opening.

His mouth had now reached her neck and he began to nibble
and bite at her soft, creamy flesh.  A growl erupted from
deep within her and she fumbled frantically for the fastener
on his pants.  He was so hard that she had difficulty
pulling them down.

She finally managed it however and almost sobbed with desire
as she pressed herself tightly against his thick, throbbing

Rocking together for a few precious seconds, Tom
pulled slightly away.

"Muffin," she groaned in protest.

He kissed her softly - gently, before his wonderfully hot
mouth trailed down her neck once more and continued to the
swell of her tingling breasts. Carefully pushing the dress
from her shoulders, he tugged it down over her heaving chest
and growled softly before taking the tip of one pulsating
nipple between his teeth.

He then began to suck and lick it until it stood erect and throbbing.

He turned his attention to the other side as she stepped out
of the dress and kicked it away.  Standing naked before him,
she closed her eyes and felt his hands travel all over her

She opened them once more as his hands left her for just a
moment, as he quickly pulled his pants all the way off.  She
sighed, enthralled as she gazed longingly at his erect,
vibrating member.

"Oh Muffin.  Youíre so big," she gasped out.

"Youíre incredible," he breathed in return.  "The most
perfect creature Iíve ever seen.  I just want to bury myself
inside of you and never leave."

She swallowed hard, her eyes bright with desire.  Reaching
out her hand tentatively, she gently stroked the enormous
love weapon waving in front of her.

He sighed in delight and pulsated against her hand for just
a moment before pulling her towards him into a passionate
embrace.   "I love you sugar bun," he whispered.  Her creamy, white,
silken skin beckoned him, enticingly.   "I love you too, muffin."

They gazed longingly into each otherís eyes, before - unable
to wait any longer - he swept her up into his arms and made
his way over to the huge, four-poster bed, just standing
there invitingly in the corner of the room.

She looked hesitant as he lay her down carefully amongst the
soft, silken sheets. "Love muffin, I have to tell you

Iíve never done anything like this before."

"Oh beloved," he moaned.  Iím honored.  You are bestowing on
me your most precious gift."

"I find myself aching with longing, but also hesitant with
foreboding.  It is an unusual feeling."

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked softly.

"Yes.  You are the only man I will ever love.  I wish to show
you how much."

"Iím deeply moved.  I love you sugar bun.  I love you so much."
His lips met hers hungrily, his tongue sliding into her hot,
open mouth.  Their probing tongues entwined greedily as
their bodies pressed against one another invitingly.

Breathing in short heavy gasps, they both battled to control
the heat burgeoning between them.

Tom wrenched his lips from hers and gazed into the very
depths of her soul. "Are you positive?" It was a husky

"Yes," she sighed.  "Iíve never been more sure of anything
in my life before.   I want you, Thomas Eugene Paris.  I
want to feel you pulsating within the very depths of my

His eyes glittered brightly as she stretched wantonly before
him.  Her enticing, rosebud pink nipples stood out erectly
from her ivory, swelling breasts.

"Oh sugar bun.  Youíre so beautiful."  Leaning over, he
nibbled first one pulsating nipple and then the other.  She
moaned and moved her hands up to caress his soft, golden
hair.   His lips traveled down to her smooth, flat stomach and his
tongue played teasingly with her small, tempting navel.

She sighed with longing as his gentle, talented fingers
stroked and caressed the insides of her soft, velvety

Taking her hands from his hair she let them trail down his
sides in slow, delicate strokes.  Gently touching his hips
she swirled patterns with her fingers.

Groaning he pressed his hardness against her leg.  In reply
she wriggled deliciously beneath him.

Moving to lay on top of her, he gently parted her legs.  Her
soft, moist womanhood was spread before him enticingly.

"I canít wait any longer," he rasped out.  His breath was
hot and heavy.   Seven shivered against him.

"What is it sugar bun?"

"I - Iím scared," she answered softly, her voice trembling.

Tom gathered her into his arms once more.

"Oh my sweetness. Iíd never do anything to hurt you.
Youíre the world to me.  My sun and moon and stars.
Please believe me.  You DO believe me donít you?"
he pleaded desperately.

She touched his silken, moist lips gently with her fingers.
"I do, my darling.  Youíre my love muffin and I know youíd
never hurt me."

He sighed against her and nibbled her soft, downy earlobes.
"Trust me my sugar bun.  Iíll be gentle.  I promise."
Their lips locked in a steamy, sizzling, soul-torturing kiss.

She relaxed trustingly as he gently massaged her dripping
folds.  His talented fingers soon had her begging for more.

"Now?" he asked huskily.

"Yes, now," she answered.

Taking a steadying breath he guided his enormous pleasure
pole into her heated passage.  Taking it slowly and
carefully, he broke down the last of her barriers and
shushed her lovingly as she gasped at the pain.

Kissing her tears away he began to move against her
rhythmically.  Her breathing increased rapidly as her
breasts heaved.

"Oh yes, oh yes," she repeated over and over again.

He soon found he was joining in the refrain.  There were
small spots dancing before his eyes and just as he felt he
could hold back no longer she screamed in ecstasy as wave
after wave of pleasure coursed through her sweat glistened

As her cries increased he gave in to the sensations
overwhelming him and screamed also as he erupted inside of
her tight, hot channel.


They lay entwined in each otherís arms, their bodies
spent.  Their breathing returned to normal as they slowly
came down from their dizzying heights.   S

even sobbed quietly against his shoulder.

"Sweetheart, are you okay?"

"Yes my darling," she breathed.

"Was it good for you?"

"Oh yes, muffin.  Yes.  Yes.  It was wonderful.  YOU were

"No my sweet little sugar bun.  Your beauty inspired me."   "

I love you muffin."

"I love you too, sugar bun."

Their lips locked, for one more fragrant moment.

ĎWarning, your time will expire in five minutes.í

"Damn!  Weíd better get dressed," Tom said, jumping up and
pulling on his clothes.  He turned around to smile at her.
"So, whatíd you think?"

"I found the exercise interesting," she replied, turning
around so that he could refasten her dress.  "Next time I
believe we should reverse roles.  I will be love muffin
and you shall be sugar bun."

"Do I have to wear the red dress?"

"Most definitely."

"That works for me," Tom said with a smile.  He led Seven
from the holodeck.

The End.