No Regrets - Part 4
by T'Pam

Please see part 1 for disclaimer, codes, summary, etc.


*Tom's POV*

I'm being held in a warm embrace. Hot breath tickling my
earlobe. There are hands gently stroking my back, working
their way around to my chest. Fingers playing with the hair
that grows there.

My nipples are being pinched and caressed and they harden in
response. I groan at the pleasure coursing through me.
More. I want more.

Moistness surrounds my nipple now as a mouth begins to suckle.
It feels so erotic that I moan and arch upwards. A tongue is
licking me now and teeth are nipping at me. My moans
continue. It feels wonderful and I don't want it to ever

The mouth leaves me and then presses against mine. Warm lips
kiss me hungrily, a tongue darts in and around mine, and I'm
awash in sensation. The kiss goes on and on. I can feel the
heat in the pit of my stomach consuming me. I feel as if I'm
on fire.

My penis surges and throbs and I arch once more as it presses
painfully into the warm body against me. It feels good, so
good. I seem to be groaning continuously.

And I want more. Gods, I want more! There are hands
fumbling at my pants, slowly pulling them down over my hips.
I wriggle in ecstasy as more of my skin is free. Touch me.
Oh please, hold me. Don't make me wait any longer.

And then they're there. The hands are holding me, and I
thrust up into them. It feels so good, so good. One hand
squeezes my balls as the other runs lightly up and down my
shaft. I thrust again and again and again.

I can feel the juices leaking from the tip of my penis and
the hand that is stroking my throbbing erection spreads the
liquid over me. I can't stand it any longer. I want more.

"Oh gods, oh gods," I sob aloud. "More. Please. Please!"
The mouth still covering mine groans in response. I tear my
mouth away and begin to kiss and bite at the neck within my
reach. Gods, it tastes good.

And then something is rubbing against my groin. Velvet upon
velvet. It's smooth and soft and hard, all at the same time.
The feeling is incredible. The body pressed so tightly
against me shudders and I hold them tighter, squeezing myself
into them. I want to get closer, still closer.

I thrust into that velvet hardness, gasping at the sensation.
The hands come around behind me now, caressing my buttocks,
sending little chills through me.

My thrusts become harder and faster and I can feel my climax
building within me. The body against me is thrusting in
return, causing little shock waves of pleasure to tingle
through me.

And then I'm there, right on the edge, and my body goes rigid
as I prepare to fall. I scream in pure delight as I topple
over and my body convulses as I come.

Gasping for breath, I wake up with a start, my erection still
twitching with its release. What the hell? That would have
to be one of the most realistic sexual dreams I've ever had.
What the hell is going on?

I haven't had a dream like that in a long time and certainly
not one that intensely powerful. And I hadn't even touched
myself. At least, I'm pretty certain I hadn't. My shorts
are still covering my now wet and sticky groin and I sit up
carefully, trying not to spread the mess.

Throwing the blankets off me, I climb out of bed slowly and
make my way to the bathroom. Yanking off my shorts, I
grimace and throw them in the refresher. I can't believe
that I just had a wet dream like some teenager. What the
hell had brought that on?

Jumping under the shower, I roughly clean myself off and then
pull on a clean pair of shorts. Going back to my bed, I
check the sheets for any wet spots or stains. There aren't
any on the bottom ones but there are a couple of huge dollops
on the top ones. Cursing, I strip them off and throw them in
the refresher too.

Making the bed back up as quickly as I can, I then fall back
into it and try to go back to sleep, pushing all thoughts
about what just happened firmly from my mind.


Harry and I make our way to the mess hall. Most of the crew
are already at their stations, so we don't meet too many
people on the way. I'm grateful for that, actually.

I know there'll still be a few people in the mess hall.
Crewmembers like Harry that worked the night shift and a
few people from engineering, who seem to work all sorts of
strange hours, or maybe even someone like me, who actually
has the day off. I know I have to face everyone eventually,
but I'm hoping to do it gradually.

We round a corner in the corridor and almost run into a
figure coming towards us. He has his head down, reading a
padd, and I wish he could stay that way. Perhaps if we walk
past quickly, he won't notice us.

"Good morning, Commander," Harry says politely. I'll
strangle him later.

"Oh, Harry... T-Tom." Chakotay looks up, completely
flustered and averts his eyes. Not that I'm complaining. I
have no wish to look at him, either. He's the one person I
was really hoping to avoid for a few days.

"How are you feeling now?" he asks the bulkhead behind me.

"Better... um... much better, thanks," I tell the wall behind

Where's a goddamned red alert when you want one?

The silence stretches and I can feel Harry looking from one
of us to the other.

Chakotay clears his throat. "I think we need to talk about
what happened in the lift." He's still talking to the

"I'm just about to have breakfast," I say quickly. "And then
I have to report to sickbay."

"Of course. After that then?"

"I'm not sure how long I'll be."

"The Doc's going to regress him," Harry adds helpfully.

"Yes, he told me. Well, if you feel up to it, I'll be in my
office." He hurries away without once looking directly at

"Did you see that, Harry?" I hiss as soon as he's out of
sight. "He won't even look at me. He's so disgusted with me
that he can't even look me in the eye."

"Yeah. I thought the talk was a bit exaggerated when I heard
it, but now..." He breaks off, but he doesn't have to

"It was obviously as bad as I feared," I say flatly.

"You know, that's not like Chakotay. I would have thought
he'd be all concerned and caring, offering his help and

"Maybe for you he would, but not me."

Harry sighs heavily. "Will you stop being paranoid? If I
didn't know better, I'd think the Commander was embarrassed.
He looked like he was. Or ashamed or something."

"Ah ha! So my theory of revenge that backfired is right."

Harry shakes his head and grabs my arm. "I doubt it, Tom.
Come on, I'm starving."

He drags me down the corridor.

"Well, I'm not. I just lost my appetite," I protest.

I cringe as we enter the mess hall. How many people are
going to start whispering about me? A few heads turn, but no
one whispers.

Then I see Joe Carey sitting at one of the tables. "I think
I need to speak to Joe, Harry. I need to find out what

"Well, he wasn't exactly there with you, Tom. He and Vorik
just heard some stuff."

"I still want to talk to him."

I head over there before Harry can talk me out of it.


Joe looks up as I approach. "Hey, Tom, how are you doing?"

"Okay, now. Listen, Joe, I need to know what happened
yesterday. What exactly you and Vorik heard. I just saw the
Commander and he wouldn't even look at me."

I slide into the seat across from him.

"I don't know, Tom. I mean, we weren't there. I don't
really know why the Commander's not looking at you. Are you
sure you're not imagining it?"

I shake my head. "I guess I really embarrassed myself,
judging by some of the gossip I've heard."

"Don't you listen to them," Joe interrupts. "It's all been
distorted. It wasn't that bad."

"Tell me."

Harry arrives besides us and places a tray of cereal and
toast and a cup of coffee in front of me. "Eat," he orders
as he sits between us.

I smile my thanks, although I don't feel in the least bit
hungry and then turn to Joe to let him know I'm waiting.

He sighs loudly. "As I said, the story doing the rounds is
highly exaggerated."

"I thought so," Harry says taking a spoonful of cereal. He
nudges me with his elbow. "Eat."

I scowl at him but take a bite of toast, anyway. "Go on," I
say to Joe.

"Well, when the lift got stuck, I immediately thought of you.
I was worried you might not be able to handle it too well. I
heard you gasp when I said how long it would be, and I tried
to tell you not to panic, but the Commander thought I was
talking to him. I even suggested leaving the comm link open.
I thought that the more voices you could hear the better."

I nod as I take a sip of my coffee. "I remember that."

"Yeah, well, the Commander said he'd get back to us and
closed it, so we didn't hear anything else. He didn't get
back to us though, and I started to wonder if there was
something wrong. Then the link was opened again; only I
think it must have been by accident. We could hear heavy
breathing and some moaning and then you... um... whimpered...
um... a few times."


"Well... sort of. It was more of a whimper than a sob.
There were some sobs as well, I think."

I clutch my hair. "What then?"

"Well, there was a lot of rustling and I think you must have
been struggling or something. And then you... um... you

"I screamed? See, Harry, it wasn't exaggerated. I did

"It was only once though, Tom. It *was* only once, wasn't
it, Joe? You weren't screaming like a banshee like you
thought, so that's all right."

"All right? No, Harry, it's not all right. I screamed.
Right in Chakotay's ear, probably."

I clutch my hair even tighter and moan loudly.

"Tom, it's all right. It was a very... um... nice scream,"
Joe tries to reassure me. "It wasn't a girlie scream. It
was very masculine, if you know what I mean."

When I continue to moan, he hurries on. "Anyway, after you
screamed there was this huge grunt, but I think that came
from the Commander. I think you must have elbowed him or
something, because he certainly sounded breathless

"Oh, great, can this get any worse?" I ask the ceiling.

"The Commander was very nice about it, Tom. He tried to
shield you. He didn't want to tell us that you were
panicking, but we could hear you gasping in the background.
Whimpering too. We managed to get the lift working then and
sent you both straight back to the top. Chakotay beamed you
straight to sickbay."

I continue to clutch my hair, wishing now that I hadn't
asked. Up to this point I could pretend it was all an
exaggeration, but now - except for the fact that I only
screamed once and not repeatedly - it was all true.

But I still don't understand why Chakotay wouldn't look at me
in the corridor.

"I'll bet you're glad you asked Joe," Harry says to me,
dryly. "Thanks, Joe, for giving him such a detailed

"Well... he asked," Joe says defensively.

That's right, I did.

To be continued in part 5.