No Regrets - Part 2
by T'Pam

Please see part 1 for disclaimer, codes, summary, etc.


*Chakotay's POV*

Tom Paris is a pain in the ass, I decide.

Here he is glaring at me because I've given him a simple
order.  I glare back and watch as he slowly gets in the lift.
About bloody time!

Squeezing in next to him, I realize that there's no room to
move.  None at all.

I grunt a little.  "Bit of a tight fit.  I guess it'll be all
right for a minute or two."

He doesn't say anything.  Considering the animosity between
us, at the moment, this is going to be one hell of an
uncomfortable ride.

Thankfully, it's not going to last long.  A minute or two at
the most.

I press the button and we move slowly downward, gathering
momentum as we go.  It's pitch black and eerily silent.  Not
a pleasant feeling, actually.

I'm also finding it more difficult than I thought possible to
stand in such close proximity to Tom Paris.  I try to move
away a little, but there's really nowhere to go.  We're
standing chest-to-chest, nose-to-nose, and toe-to-toe.  It's
more than a little unsettling.

I have to keep my head back just so that my face doesn't
touch his.  The scent of his cologne fills my nostrils.  A
deep, spicy fragrance that I find immensely satisfying.

He's standing stiffly at attention against me, probably
feeling as awkward as I am.  I'm surprised he hasn't made
some clever remark to relieve the tension.

There's a sudden lurch of the lift and a dull thud.  We're no
longer moving.  I awkwardly reach up to touch my commbadge,
trying not to touch anything of Tom's as I do it.  "Chakotay
to Carey."

"Yes, Commander?"

"The lift seems to have stopped.  Can you check it out?"

"We're right on it, Sir.  Just hold on."

"Well, this is great," I mutter.  Tom makes some sort of
noise in reply.  I'm not exactly sure what it was supposed to

He whispers something but I don't catch it.  I'm about to ask
him to repeat it when my commbadge beeps again.

"Commander, it looks like you may have a bit of a problem."

Carey's voice sounds apologetic.  "This lift is pretty...
um... old.  It's not run on the same type of mechanism that
our turbolifts are."

He then launches into a detailed explanation using words like
sprigs and sprockets and winches and pulleys - technobabble
was never my strong suit - and I sigh in annoyance.

I then become aware of another problem.  Tom is no longer
standing as still as a statue.  He's making little rubbing
movements against me.  "Hold still," I hiss.

"Sorry, Sir, what was that?" Carey asks.

"Nothing.  Just tell us, Joe.  How long?"

I can hear him in consultation with the Alsorian guide.
"Twenty to thirty minutes, Sir."

Tom's sharp intake of breath drowns out my own curse.

"It'll be twenty at the most, Sir," Carey says hurriedly.
"It's a simple overheating problem.  As soon as things cool
down a little it'll be running smoothly again.  No need to
panic, there's plenty of air.  A good three hours worth."

"I'm not panicking," I say through gritted teeth.  Tom has
started to move around again.

"No, of course not, Sir.  Do you want to keep the comm link

"That won't be necessary.  I'll contact you shortly for an

As soon as the link is closed I reach out in the darkness to
grab hold of Tom's shoulders.  "Stop squirming around,
Paris," I order harshly.

We're standing far too close together for any movement,
whatsoever.  I can understand Tom's restlessness, I'm feeling
pretty restless myself, but this could get embarrassing.
It's been far too long since I was this close to another warm
body.  And that's the last thing I want to be thinking about
at the moment.

Tom continues to move around and I curse loudly.  His small
rubbing movements have increased dramatically.  Think of
something, anything to get my mind off of what's happening.
My mind's a complete blank, however.

"What the hell are you doing?" I ask angrily.  I'm not sure
what Tom is trying to do here, the darkness probably has him
edgy and nervous, but his continual movements are definitely
affecting me.

There's no answer to my query, although Tom's breathing seems
to be a little laboured.  "Tom?"  I'm still gripping his
shoulders, so let go quickly.  For some reason his body feels
as if it's pressed even tighter against me.  I try to move my
hips out of alignment with his, as I can feel a stirring in
my groin that is both exciting and mortifying at the same
time.  Not now!  Not now!

Tom continues to move around restlessly, his body plastered
against mine.  "Tom," I whisper urgently.  "Please don't
move anymore."  I'm almost begging him now.

He makes a small whimpering noise in response and the sound
causes my heart to start pounding furiously in my chest.  I
can feel his hot breath on my face and the sensation forces a
moan from me.

Taking a deep ragged breath, I fight to regain some control.
Tom is trembling, causing me to tremble also.  He makes
another whimpering sound.

Spirits, this feels good.  It feels so good to have someone
pressed against me in this way.  Not just someone, I admit to
myself.  Tom.  It feels so good to have Tom pressing against
me, his hot breath on my face, his breathing as ragged as my

He buries his face into the side of my neck and the
stimulation is too much for me.  The last of my control
slips.  Desire courses through me and my penis throbs and
hardens, pushing against the leg of my pants.

I can feel myself flushing with embarrassment, but Tom
doesn't attempt to push away from me.  If anything, he
presses into me even more.

My mind rather fuzzy, I find myself rubbing against his leg
and groan in pleasure, wrapping my arms around him at the
same time.  He groans in return and nuzzles against me,
causing my heart to beat even faster.

Our cheeks are touching and I turn my head slightly as my
mouth seeks and finds his in the dark.  His lips are warm and
moist and his tongue darts in and out to meet mine.  The
kiss, so soft and gentle, soon becomes hard and demanding, as
I run my hands up and down his back.

He moans and whimpers again and I want, more than anything,
to feel his soft skin under my fingers.  I start to pull and
tug frantically at his jacket and shirt.  Soon, they're free
from his pants, enabling me to run my hands up under them
both to caress his back.

Our kiss intensifies, although I hadn't thought it possible,
and there's a dull roaring in my ears as the needs of my body
completely take me over.  He makes a small sobbing sound as I
wrench my lips from his and push him away a little, my hands
stroking his sides.

I move them around to his chest, pushing his jacket and
shirt up until they're bunched up around his neck.  Sucking
in my breath, I feel wiry hair beneath my fingers and I play
with it, getting lost in the stiff, rough texture.

I work my way over to a nipple, rolling it between my
forefinger and thumb until it becomes a hard nub.  Tom groans
as I do the same to the other one.

Pushing him against the wall of the lift, I bend my head and
my mouth finds that nub.  I latch on and suck - hard.
Spirits, he tastes good.  I flick my tongue out and around
the nipple and then take it between my teeth to gently nibble
on it.

Tom's groans fill the confined space.  I can wait no longer,
and let go of the nipple to find his mouth once more.  Our
lips are hungry and demanding as our tongues swirl around
each other invitingly.  I feel as if I'm devouring his very

The roaring in my ears increases as we kiss and grind our
erections together in a vain attempt to get closer.  I'm
finding it difficult to breathe and discover I'm panting
desperately for more.  I want more, so much more of him.

My hands fumble and then find the waistband of his pants.
He lets out a loud moan as I undo them and begin to pull them
down slowly over his hips.  My hand caresses his naked skin
as I gradually lower the pants over his buttocks and thighs.

Tom wriggles around a little to help me free his erection
from its confines and finally I'm able to wrap my fingers
around him.  Tenderly - almost reverently - I clasp him in my

Spirits, it feels good.  So good!  His penis is hot and heavy
against my palm and I begin to fondle him, softly and gently.

Tom's moans are continuous now and he begins to thrust, so I
tighten my grip.  His movements become stronger and faster
and I reach down with my other hand to cup his balls and
squeeze them.

Our kiss continues as we gasp into each other's mouths.  I
loosen my hold on his penis and use the tips of my fingers to
slide up and down, over and under his thick shaft instead.

Tom's moans turn into whimpers and the tip of his shaft flows
freely.  I use my thumb to spread the pre-ejaculate over as
much of him as I can.

"Oh Gods, oh Gods," he sobs into my mouth.  "More.  Please!

He wriggles against me desperately and all I want is to feel
what he's feeling.  Almost sobbing with need, I take my hand
from his balls, but still continue to run my other hand up
and down from the base of his shaft.

Hastily, I fumble for the fastening of my own pants,
desperate to get them out of the way.  Somehow, I manage to
undo them and feverishly drag them down over me to pool on
the floor at my ankles.

Tom tears his mouth away from mine and starts to bite and
suckle at my neck as I take my leaking erection into my free
hand and bring it into contact with his own.

The feeling of my shaft gliding against his is so good that I
begin to shudder and Tom's arms come around me to pull me
against him.  He thrusts into my groin and I take my hands
away to cup his buttocks instead, gently kneading them with
my fingers.

We begin to thrust in earnest against one another now, like
two rutting animals in heat.  Spirits, it feels good.  So
good.  We're both panting and grunting with each thrust and I
can feel the familiar tightening in my balls.  It's been far
too long to hold back.  I'm going to come and I'm going to
come hard.

Tom lets out an ear-piercing yell as he starts to spasm
against me.  I can feel his juices covering my groin,
slippery and warm.  I grunt in pleasure as with one final
thrust I begin to jerk with my own release and wave after
wave washes over me.


Panting heavily, my senses slowly return, and with them,
Carey's voice.  "Commander... Tom... please answer.  Is
everything all right?"

My legs are weak and I wonder if I'll be able to speak
clearly.  Spirits!  What have we done?  Did I even bring a
hanky with me?  And how am I going to get my pants back up in
this tiny cramped space?  The stickiness covering my groin is
starting to cool.

"Commander," Joe's voice insists.

Somehow, I manage to make my arm reach up to my commbadge.
My legs, already shaky, threaten to crumble. The comm link is
already open!!!!!

"Joe?"  How long has the link been open?  At some time while
I've been pressing against Tom I must have inadvertently
opened the channel.  How much had they heard?

"Commander, is Tom all right?  We heard him scream."

Spirits!!!!  What the hell were we thinking?  How could I
have let this happen?  How could I have lost control so

"He's not all right, is he, Sir?" Joe continues.  "It's his
claustrophobia, isn't it, Sir?  I was worried this might

Claustrophobia?  What the hell's he talking about?  And why
hasn't Tom made any sound or movement?

At that exact moment Tom lets out a small whimper and I
finally recognise it for what it is - fear.  I remember
clearly the stasis chambers and Tom's reaction to them.  How
could I forget?  How could I?

"I knew it," Carey exclaims.  "Hold on, Tom.  We'll have you
out of there in no time.  A few more seconds."

Seconds?  My pants are still around my ankles, Tom's around
his knees and both of our groins and stomachs are covered in

With no room to maneuver, I scoot down far enough to enable
me to pull my pants back up.  There's a hanky in one of the
pockets, thank the stars, and I quickly clean myself up and
fasten the pants back up again.

I then reach for Tom, who is making soft gasping noises, to
clean him up, also.  The lift lurches and I have no time, as
we speed upwards once more.

Hastily I pull his pants up and have just managed to get them
fastened when we arrive back at the top.  Two Alsorian
officials are waiting for us.

"Commander Chakotay, please accept our most humble apologies
for this regrettable incident," one of them says.

I nod curtly and turn back to Tom.  His eyes are wide and
unfocused and his breathing labored.  Spirits, what have I
done?  What the hell have I done?

Stepping out of the lift, I drag Tom out, too.  He
immediately collapses on the ground.  "I have to get him back
to Voyager," I tell the Alsorian officials as I kneel down
beside him.

"Of course, Commander," one of them says.  They stare at me
strangely, their noses wrinkling up.  "May I ask what that
strange smell is?"

"Smell?"  I can feel myself blushing furiously.

"There is a strange odour emanating from the elevator.  It
seems to be on the poor Ensign and yourself as well."

My face feels as if it's on fire.  "Humans perspire when
they're in enclosed spaces," I say in a rush.  "That must be
what you mean.  A human's perspiration can smell quite strong
at times."  I can feel the sweat running down my back as I
speak of it.

"Oh, please excuse me if I have been indelicate," the
official says contritely, my obvious embarrassment causing
him to apologize.  "Is there anything we can do to help?"

"No, thank you," I answer, wishing the color would leave my
face.  "I'm sure Tom will be fine once we get back to our
ship."  I slap my commbadge.  "Chakotay to Voyager.
Emergency beam out to sickbay.  Energize."

We dematerialize as the Alsorian officials head towards the
lift, looking at one another and sniffing distastefully.

What have I done?  Spirits, what have I done?