Title:  Inner Resistance
 Contact: Suzanne Terri
 Series: Voyager
 Rating: PG
 Code: All Crew
 Part: 2/11
 Date: June 9, 2000
 Original Posting; June 9, 2000





 (Note: Episode credits fall over opening scenes.)


 CHAKOTAY, PARIS, KIM, SEVEN OF NINE, DOCTOR and NEELIX sit around the table.  Serious war room

 We were successful in removing all of the
 Borg technology from Captain Janeway,
 Commander Tuvok and Lt. Torres.

 How are they, Doctor?

 Commander Tuvok and Lt. Torres sustained
 no other injuries and should be ready to return
 to duty in a few days.

 An awkward beat.  His next statement is not going to be greeted with enthusiasm.

 I have recommended that all three of them undergo
 counseling for post-assimilation trauma.
 Counselor Troi, from the Enterprise, has
 graciously given us her research data from her
 experience with Captain Picard.

 B'Elanna, undergo counseling?  I don't think
 she'll agree to that Doc.

 I'm afraid she doesn't have any choice Lieutenant.
 Perhaps you could help her understand its importance...
 because if she doesn't agree to it, I will not authorize
 her to return to duty.

 Off his look...

 Paris is not happy.  An awkward beat.  Chakotay looks at him,
 sympathetically, but says nothing.

 What about the Captain?

 Although we were successful in converting the
 Captain's bio-functions, she remains in a coma.
 All attempts to revive her have proved... unsuccessful.

 Doctor, do you have any clue as to why she
 can't be revived?

 None. (beat)  There is no medical reason.  She should
 be just fine, but she's not.

 Paris and Kim exchange worried looks.

 There has to be a reason and we need to find

 Chakotay looks around at everyone in the room.

 In about seven days we will be contacted by
 the Borg Resistance, (beat) I intend to continue
 doing everything in our power to help them
 in their fight against the Collective.  That means
 that we have to get every system on this ship
 repaired and running at peak efficiency by then.

 (picking up the momentum)
 We're almost done with the repairs in engineering.
 By tomorrow we should be ready to re-install
 enhanced Borg shielding.

 Seven, I want you in engineering, with Ens. Kim,
 to facilitate the installation.  It will be a couple of
 days before B'Elanna will be back on duty and in
 the mean time we need all the help we can get.


 Commander, what should we tell the crew about
 Captain Janeway?  They're very concerned.

 Well, Neelix, as morale officer, I am putting you
 in charge of making sure the crew knows that
 the Captain is going to be 'just fine'...

 Chakotay looks around to everyone again. He is deadly serious.  He knows the importance of the crew
 believing that Janeway will recover fully.  It is also of personal importance to him that she recovers.

 ...because she is. (beat)  All right everyone,
 if that's all, you're dismissed.



 Flying through space. The cube has escaped.


 BORG QUEEN is standing by a computer CONSOLE.  A drone approaches her to report activating a
 SCHEMATIC of a human female- JANEWAY-


 A TINY YELLOW LIGHT is flashing in the brain area of the JANEWAY schematic.


 The Queen looks up from the console with an evil looking smile.

 The nano-neural transceiver has been activated?

 (collective voice) Yes.

 Excellent.  The cloak is functioning optimally.
 It's time we woke our new ally.



 No one is around but CHAKOTAY and an unconscious JANEWAY.  We see Chakotay's (P.O.V.) She is still
 lying on the surgical bed. The Borg technology is gone and she looks very much human now.  He touches
 her hand and looks concerned.

 Kathryn, can you hear me?  We need you to
 wake up.  (beat) The Doctor says there's nothing
 wrong with you and if you really wanted to
 you could wake up.
 (he lightly touches her face.)
 You did it Kathryn, you helped create the Resistance
 and now we're going to help them defeat the Borg...
 just like you wanted to.  You should be a part of
 this; (beat) you NEED to be a part of this.  (beat)
 I miss you Kathryn, (beat)  please wake up.

 (eyes still closed.)
 Then I guess I don't have a choice do I?

 Janeway's eyes flutter open and she smiles ever so slightly.  Her voice is not strong; even though she is
 awake she is far from recovered.


 Chakotay looks toward the Doctor's office.


 Chakotay looks down at Janeway again and smiles big.  He is very relieved.

 You can hear me?  How do you feel?

 One question at a time, Commander...

 We see the Doctor walking toward the bio-bed, TRICORDER in hand.  He is pleased that his patient is finally
 awake.  After SCANNING her he administers a HYPO-SPRAY, while talking.

 Vital signs are normal.  Neural readings are
 also registering as normal.  How do you feel,

 I've been better.  But it beats being a Borg

 Chakotay smiles again at her.

 What do you remember?

 Giving explicit instructions that if anything went
 wrong, you were not to attempt a rescue.

 Well, Captain, technically we didn't.  The Resistance
 rescued you, (beat) but I never would have followed
 that order anyway.

 I'll keep that in mind for the future, Commander.
 In the mean time...
 (gives him a meaningful look)
 thank you.

 You're welcome. (beat)  It's good to have you back.

 Captain, I'd like to keep you in sickbay for another
 twenty-four hours, just to make sure everything
 remains normal.  After that, you may be returned
 to duty. (beat)
 (he approaches this carefully)
 I have recommended that Cmdr. Tuvok and Lt. Torres,
 undergo counseling to help them cope with the
 aftereffects of your little "away mission", I am
 recommending the same for you.

 Janeway looks as though she might argue, but then she relents.

 You'll get no argument from me, Doctor.

 Good.  I assure you, I did not receive the same
 response from Lt. Torres.

 (to Doctor)
 How are the others doing?

 They've been released from sickbay and are
 already working limited duty shifts.

 I learned a lot about B'Elanna in the Collective.
 I can well believe that she resisted the idea of
 exposing her life to a counselor.

 Tom and I are both "encouraging" her to keep
 her appointments.

 (she smiles knowingly)
 Yes, I'll just bet you are.  (beat)  But then again,
 perhaps this will be the incentive she needs to
 (beat) tie up some loose ends in her life.

 Janeway sighs and closes her eyes.  She is tired and wants to rest.

 Commander, perhaps you can finish your
 discussion another time.  It's important that the
 Captain rest for now.

 (to Doctor)
 Of course...
 (looking back at Janeway.)
 I'll see you later, Captain.  Try to get some rest.

 Doctor and Chakotay off.  Camera pushes in on Janeway.  Her eyes are closed now, but her expression is