Title:  Girls Night Out
Author: Suzanne Terri
e-mail: Sanssong@msn.com
Series: VOY: P/T, J/C, K/7
Rating: NC-17
Posting Date: 8/31/00
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Thank You's:  Thanks once again to DangerMom for making me look at the little things!  And to Tracy who's own stories made me want to finish mine!

Disclaimer:  Star Trek Paramount owns them all (and more's the pity! Oh what we could do with them, if they were ours!)  I just take them out to play.

Summary:  Set in season 7, in a semi-alternate universe where Harry and Seven are a couple and Janeway and Chakotay are a couple.  The boys are away and the girls... Well you'll just have to read and find out!

Girl's Night Out  (NC-17)
By Suzanne Terri

"I still can't believe I let you talk me into coming here," B'Elanna said, sniffing disdainfully as she looked around Voyager's charming recreation of an Irish pub.  "I must be missing Tom more than I realized."

Kathryn Janeway smiled at her chief engineer as she guided her to an empty table.  "Three weeks is a long time for newlyweds!  I haven't been here myself since I deleted Michael Sullivan from the program, but I always did love the pub--despite the bar keep!"

Taking the nearest chair, B'Elanna watched the captain with interest as she took the opposite seat.  She probably shouldn't ask, but the question had been nagging Lieutenant Torres-Paris for sometime now.  Why Michael Sullivan?  It was a well-known fact that the Captain and Chakotay had been lovers for over two years.  Oh, it was never openly acknowledged, but--everyone knew…so, why?

The new barkeeper approached the ladies, giving them a glimpse of the famous Irish charm that had been beguiling lasses for centuries. "Can I get you ladies somethin', a cup of tea perhaps?"  Kathryn smiled in spite of herself; there was something about a brogue that got her every time.

"Tea?"  B'Elanna asked slightly annoyed.  "Haven't you got anything stronger back there, like some of that famous Irish whisky?"

Janeway stifled a laugh at B'Elanna's brisk tone and the hologram bristled visibly that any respectable lady would request such strong spirits in a public place.  "The stronger spirits are for the men folk, lass…"  This was not going well, if she didn't intervene, her chief engineer would be thrown out for assaulting the bartender. Immediately Kathryn jumped in before the poor fellow knew what hit him--literally.  Silently warning B'Elanna, she turned her attention to the agitated fellow and spoke in a placating tone.

"We're friends of Mr. Paris, perhaps we could have some of his private 'supply', I'm sure, that no one be any the wiser…"  That seemed to do the trick, because the bartender recovered himself immediately and even gave the two a conspiratorial wink.  "Friends of Mr. Paris are ye?  Well that's different then…two 'specials' comin' right up!"  He was still chuckling to himself as he went to fetch the unladylike beverages.

Lieutenant Torres-Paris rolled her eyes; it figured that Tom would make this place real, right down to the 19th century attitudes toward women.  In fact, he probably did it just to annoy her.  B'Elanna leaned in with a wicked grin.   "'Private supply', huh?  I hope we don't offend anyone."

Janeway laughed outright this time, joining in the conspiracy. "Oh, but I do, and perhaps we can help bring the good women of Fair Haven into the 24rd century!"

"I'll drink to that," B'Elanna countered, laughing at her Captain's inclination to cause a little trouble.  Her laughter died in her throat however, when she noticed who was approaching their table.  Janeway picked up on the change of mood instantly and shot her a warning look that said, "not now, Lieutenant".  Since being linked in the collective with the Captain, B'Elanna could more easily understand her fascination with the young Borg woman, but dammit, Seven of Nine just rubbed her the wrong way, and she sure as hell didn't want to spend an entire evening with her!"

"Lieutenant Torres, Captain."  Seven hesitated as if she were unsure of her welcome.  It seemed the more human she became, the more aware she was of the subtle undercurrents and attitudes of those around her.  "May I join you?"

"Of course, Seven, sit down,"  Janeway said, wanting to diffuse the uncomfortable atmosphere.

"Okay, why not," B'Elanna chimed in, "on one condition…"  Kathryn gave B'Elanna another look of warning, but this time the chief engineer refused to be bullied.  "You have to drink whatever we drink…"  Janeway relaxed slightly, thinking a little recreational drinking would do Seven some good.

"Agreed."   As Seven sat down, she arched an eyebrow in a silent challenge of her own.

The bartender chose that moment to deliver the drinks the ladies had requested.  Upon seeing the addition to their party, he quickly returned with another glass, and then disappeared back to the bar.  All three women took a generous drink of the stinging amber liquid.  This was no replicated synthehol.  Janeway had suspected as much when she made the request.  Leave it to Mr. Paris…it was going to be an interesting evening!  Any maybe, just maybe, it would help to alleviate the loneliness.

This was week three of an intricate away mission in which only a team of three men were permitted to go.  After battling the Borg for the umpteenth time, it was apparent that the warp coils were in desperate need of a refit.  As luck would have it, they located a planet rich in gallicite, where the inhabitants were willing to trade.  But there was a catch-- they'd be dealing with a society that viewed women as property.  They allowed their own women no freedom, and did not permit women of other worlds to even step foot on the planet's surface.  They did allow men, but only in groups of three.  It had something to do with an obscure religious ritual and Captain Janeway didn't want to risk losing the opportunity to trade.  It was determined that the three best candidates to send would be, Ensign Kim, Lieutenant Paris and Commander Chakotay. The mission would take three weeks due to the elaborate rituals surrounding the aliens'  trade policies.  On the face of it, it was a simple, if not tedious, mission; but on a personal level, it was painfully lonely.

After downing the first shot, B'Elanna could feel the effects of the alcohol relaxing her and returned to her earlier musing  regarding Michael Sullivan.  Emboldened by the drink and perhaps the lingering effects of their link within the collective, Lieutenant Paris turned her attention back to the Captain.  "I wondered, Captain, why you...ahh, that is , why--Michael Sullivan?  Some people thought that..."  How could she put this?  "I mean--why a hologram, over... Chakotay?"

Seven, who had been sipping her drink liberally, stopped in mid-swallow.  It was most unlike Lieutenant Torres-Paris to pose questions of such a personal nature and the last time Seven had inadvertently crossed the line with Captain Janeway, she'd gotten a lesson in protocol for her trouble.  However, to her eternal surprise, the Captain just shook her head slightly and looked away.

Maybe it was the whisky, or perhaps the new sense of closeness with her chief engineer, or maybe Kathryn Janeway was simply tired of hiding the most important thing in her life from everyone. But something caused her to answer B'Elanna's question honestly.  Without looking directly at her, Kathryn began quietly, "you don't know why?  I thought after being linked for four weeks in the collective, we knew everything about each other."

"Apparently not," B'Elanna said just as quietly, finishing off her whisky.

 Janeway downed the remains of hers as well and closed her eyes, letting the effects of it wash through her pleasantly before she continued.  "Chakotay and I have always tried to be discrete about our--ah--relationship.  We never wanted the crew to feel uncomfortable with our... intimacy."

For a moment,  her mind wandered at the thought of just how "intimate" she and her first officer could get.  Then realizing she had paused longer than was necessary, Janeway cleared her throat and continued.  "Maintaining this level of  'discretion' can be very tiresome and quite frankly, it all came to a head about the time Tom and Harry brought Fair Haven on line.    We argued about--I don't even know what anymore--but I ended up by saying something to the effect, that he *had* to stop pushing me to be more public about *us*.  And of course I was so angry, I couldn't just leave it at that, I went on to tell him that if he didn't stop, I'd get a holodeck program to replace him--at least that way I wouldn't have to worry about being seen in public!"

B'Elanna looked incredulous.  "You actually challenged Chakotay like that?  I can't wait to hear what he did next!"

It felt so good to indulge her feminine side, it had been so long since she had engaged in "real" girl talk, so she forged ahead.  Kathryn smiled with secret pride and spoke more quietly.  "Chakotay is perhaps the only living person more stubborn than I am.  He walked right up to my face and told me that if I thought screwing a hologram could possibly satisfy me like he could, I was welcome to try.  He grabbed me around the waist, kissed me senseless and stormed out without another word.  Well, after that, I was determined to prove him wrong and finding Michel Sullivan in Fair Haven seemed perfect.  I intended to use Michael to prove to myself that he *was* wrong--instead just the opposite happened…"

By this time a fourth round of whisky had been delivered and summarily emptied.  Being unused to the effects of real alcohol the three participants of this little party were feeling quite -free--to say the least.  A connection born of loneliness and intoxication was forming and the three of them chose to bask in it rather than break it.  Somewhere amid the last few drinks, the barriers came down and their polite reserve went out the airlock.

Leaning in to whisper loudly, Janeway continued.  "The worst part was having to see that smug expression on his face when I had to admit that no one, hologram or otherwise, could compare to him.  Of course the best part came later--when he gave me a demonstration, of just how incomparable he could be.  I deleted Michael that day, and I have *never* been sorry."

Getting into the "girl talk", Torres leaned in as well with a confession of her own.  "How do they always know that no one else can drive us over the edge the way they do?  I swear, no matter how mad Tom makes me…he can always manage to make me forget…"

Seven, very intrigued by this particular subject, and not wanting to be left out of the new camaraderie, couldn't help but offer an observation of her own.   "Perhaps it is because we respond so vocally to our lover's expert technique.  Indeed, I cannot keep myself from being completely honest when Harry has brought me to multiple orgasms."

As Seven's words penetrated the alcohol-soaked brains of the other two women, they looked at each other in utter amazement and then as if on cue asked the same question simultaneously.

"Multiple orgasms?"

Non-pulsed, Seven continued.  "Yes, when Harry orally manipulates my clitoris by first biting then...sucking and then repeating the pattern, I find that I am unable to control my response."  Then, finally looking slightly embarrassed, she added more quietly, "I would rarely want to however, as it is a most pleasant experience.  I admit that at such moments, I am equally unable to control myself from speaking the truth, that Harry Kim is a most accomplished lover."  Seven paused and assumed an almost pouty expression before speaking again.   "Once I questioned him as to how he had become so knowledgeable, but he would not answer me directly.  He would only say  that he learned his 'expert technique' from a 'master'."

Whisky soaked or not, the beginning of a suspicion was taking shape in Torres' mind.  "Ah, Seven--if you don't mind --tell us a little more about this 'expert technique'?"

Warming to her subject, and emboldened by the whisky,  Seven leaned in and began to reveal the intimate details.

"He always begins by kissing my abdomen, all the while massaging my breasts in a highly enjoyable manner.  He inches lower, slowly, and then kisses the inside of my thighs before moving to lick the outside of my vagina."  Feeling herself growing warm at the thought, Seven reached for her glass, downing the contents before continuing.  "Harry then proceeds to wrap his tongue around my clitoris and sucks at it lightly.  When he hears me begin to--respond--,he slides his tongue in and out of my vagina with rapid thrusts.  As I become more…ah…vocal, he alternates between pulling my clitoris with his teeth and thrusting with his tongue, causing me to climax, two, sometimes three times, before we actually copulate.  I have noted that if it has been longer than 48 hours since our last encounter, I tend to climax more rapidly and with greater intensity."

B'Elanna's eyes narrowed as the identity of the 'master' became all too clear.  Her suspicions were all but confirmed…  "I don't believe it!", she whispered to herself.

Realizing Seven had finished with her recitation, Janeway blinked rapidly and swallowed roughly to gain her composure.  "B'Elanna, I don't know about you, but that 'expert technique' sounds very familiar."

"A little too familiar--to say the least!"

"It could be a coincidence…"

"I might believe that if two of the guilty parties weren't best friends!  Oh," B'Elanna began to fume in earnest,  "can you believe it?"

But instead of being angry, Kathryn suddenly began to laugh uncontrollably…."It looks like they've been talking about…more than…protocol…and warp core repairs…when we're not around…"  She wiped her eyes. "Oh my…"

"Captain, you think this is funny?  They've been discussing our sex life with each other!  I swear when I get my hands on Tom Paris, I'm going to…"

Finally able to speak without laughing, Janeway interrupted her half-Klingon engineer before she decided to take out her frustration on the pub.  "It's not that bad...  think about it, B'Elanna, they were all so interested in pleasing us--and let's admit it ladies, we've been pretty pleased--that they resorted to asking each other for help!"

Also hoping to deflect the legendary Torres temper, Seven seconded the Captain's logic.  "It is quite reasonable that they would confer with one another to solve a mutual dilemma, quite efficient in fact."

B'Elanna just looked from one to the other not believing that these two rational and very private women were willing to explain away the misdeeds of their mates so easily.  But then again, she herself had been known to overlook Tom's little irritations from time to time.  Especially when he demonstrated the kind of "expert technique" Seven had been referring to.  Finally the humor of the situation hit her and in a heartbeat, she too was laughing till she cried.

"I am curious;  what other sexual 'techniques' have they learned from one another?"  Seven asked, still slightly amused.

"Well, Seven--there's only one way to find out--but first…" Janeway turned toward the bar.  "Bartender!  Another round of Mr. Paris' special supply!  And keep 'em coming, it's going to be a long night!"


It was getting late and the pub was mostly empty now of all but the three inebriated officers comparing "techniques".  They had taken their task very literally; after all, the first assignment of every Starfleet officer was to explore the unknown--wasn't it?  To their way of thinking, this qualified nicely.

Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine were leaning in to hear every word as the newly married B'Elanna Torres-Paris described a memorable night of her honeymoon.

"So, after I came the second time, he swept me up off the floor and laid me across the table in our quarters.  I tried to climb up on him--I was dying to have him inside me--but he forced me down…"  B'Elanna shivered at the sensual memory.  When she resumed her tale, her voice had taken on a low husky quality.  "It drives me insane when he plays rough…"  She felt the familiar warmth between her legs and without realizing it had begun to growl low in her throat.

"Lieutenant Torres…"  Seven, who was quite impatient to hear the latest example of "'technique", gave the chief engineer a verbal shake.  "Please continue."

It wasn't easy, but B'Elanna forced herself to complete her description of Tom's latest sexual invention, although the memory nearly left her breathless.  "Before I knew what was happening, he had my ankles wrapped around his neck and I could feel his shaft rubbing up and down my slit.  He had both hands on my breasts…" She closed her eyes, remembering how he had tweaked and teased each one until she thought she'd die with wanting him.  "My nipples were so hard, they could have cut through pure titanium.  Umm…every time I thought he would enter and give me some sort of release--he would pull away…"

Janeway closed her eyes and smiled at the familiar situation.  Chakotay had been infinitely more gentle, but he had teased her mercilessly before granting her satisfaction.  "…Ummm--did he make you come before he entered?"  she asked in a low husky whisper.

B'Elanna shouldn't have been surprised, but she gasped in exclamation just the same.  "Yes! …Oh God…and when he did finally drive himself home…it was incredible!  Tom Paris is…very well endowed…and the angle caused me to be extremely…tight."

Kathryn shivered at her own memory and spoke with out realizing.  "Chakotay is such a terrible tease…he made me come two times before he would…"

As the captain's voice trailed off,  B'Elanna noticed the open-mouthed glassy-eyed expression of her Borg companion.  Something told her that Seven's lessons hadn't progressed quite that far and she couldn't help laughing a little at her discomfort.  "Seven, what was that like for you?"

The well-endowed Borg licked her lips, which had suddenly become very parched and swallowed hard.  "Obviously, Harry has not had an opportunity to learn that particular 'technique'…"

Kathryn had to laugh as well at the expression on Seven's face and joined in B'Elanna's ribbing.  Annoyed, Seven crossed her arms in front of her and leaned back in her chair.  "I fail to see the humor…"

Cutting her off, Lieutenant Paris patted her shoulder in a comforting gesture.  "Poor Seven--lets just say you probably won't have long to wait.  The three of them have been without us on an away mission for almost three weeks--plenty of time to learn new 'techniques'!  Now you'll have something to look forward to," B'Elanna said as she finished yet another shot of whisky.

Mollified slightly at the thought, Seven replied, "I see your point…" A new thought struck her however, and she became annoyed all over again.  "If only their return were not several days away…"

"Oh…" Janeway groaned in response, "I completely agree, I might just have to resurrect Michael Sullivan!"

"Oooo,"  B'Elanna interjected, "I might just borrow him after you've finished with him.  And Seven, you might even learn something from Michael that you could teach Harry!"  Kathryn began to giggle, joined by  Lieutenant Torres-Paris and to their complete surprise, Seven of Nine engaged in a very un-Borg like round of intoxicated female giggling.  They were completely lost to the moment.

Unbeknownst to the three ladies giggling madly at their small wooden table, an audience of three very startled gentlemen had been observing them for say… the last five minutes. The newcomers traded amused glances; it was time to reign in their intoxicated mates before they were all replaced with holographic recreations of Michael Sullivan.

Still laughing uncontrollably, none of the women noticed their approach, giving their lovers the element of surprise.  Leaning down to whisper in Kathryn's ear, Chakotay spoke first.

"I don't think that will be necessary, Kathryn--if you need a little satisfaction, I'll be happy to comply."

Kathryn froze at the sound of her lover's voice and shivers ran up and down her spine.  Slowly she rose to her feet and regarded him hungrily.   Circling around him, she trailed a finger across his back before whispering in response.  "Just how much did you overhear, Commander?"

"Enough to know what 'technique' I'll be using tonight."

Janeway smiled a predatory smile before responding, "Commander, report to my quarters immediately--that's an order."

"Oh, yes ma'am," he nearly growled back, growing harder as the seconds ticked by.
"Computer, initiate a site to site transport, authorization Chakotay gamma."

::Please state a destination.::  came the static reply.

"Captain Janeway's quarters."


As the shimmering blue of the transporter took the couple away, the others stood momentarily transfixed by the sight of their captain devouring her first officer.

"Wow!"  Harry was the first to recover, shifting uncomfortably and laughing nervously as he did.

"Ensign Kim, your presence is required in my quarters immediately--you will demonstrate this new technique."  Seven grabbed his hand, pulling him briskly out the door of the pub.  The last thing the Lieutenants Paris saw was the stupid grin on Ensign Kim's face.

Tom was still standing opposite where B'Elanna was seated.  Their eyes met and held as she rose ever so slowly from her place at the small table.

"Computer, delete all the remaining holo-characters and lock the doors--authorization Torres pi alpha."

Paris' breath caught at the hungry look in her eyes.  "Is this the part where you throw heavy objects at me?"

"Maybe later…" B'Elanna breathed out, scrambling to the top of the table and resting there on all fours.

"Much later…" Tom growled, as he yanked her off the table and into his arms.

"So," she managed between his ardent kisses, "why don't you show me one of your new techniques, Mr. Paris?"

"I thought you'd never ask, Mrs. Paris…"