Title: All In A Dayís Work
Contact: Suzanne Terri (Sanssong@msn.com)
Series: VOY
Rating: NC-17
Code: P/T
Part: 1 of 2
Date: May 18, 2000
Original Post: May 18, 2000

Summary: Tom discovers that revenge has its rewards when BíElanna sets out to teach him a lesson.  But things take a turn she didnít expect when Tom realizes her behavior is only a cover for one of her deepest fears.  Set after ďLive Fast and ProsperĒ season 6.

THANKS: Iíd like to thank Annie M. for being a great and encouraging beta reader!  It was you and DangerMom who inspired me to try my hand at Voyager fanfic.  I figure if I follow your excellent writing
example, I canít go wrong.  You were way to kind to me my dear, but I am grateful that you went easy on me.  Thanks as well to Pam B. for being a loyal supporter of my P/T obsession.

Disclaimer: Star Trek Voyager and all itís characters belong to
Paramount Pictures, and are in no way responsible for this humble attempt at literature.  My thanks to them for creating such wonderful stories and characters to work with.

All In A Day's Work
By Suzanne Terri

He never should have left before she woke up this morning.
Unfortunately for Ensign Tom Paris this incredible revelation came too late and now he would face the consequences.

For some reason that he couldn't fathom B'Elanna hated waking up alone after they had been together the night before and she had the most effective ways of retaliating.  In the past she put a security lock out on his replicator for three days, and then on another occasion she convinced Chakotay that the Doc needed a major programming refit.  Tom ended up pulling double shifts in sickbay for a week.

He could have sworn he told her last night that he had to attend a meeting with Chakotay and Harry before his duty shift began but it was hard to remember-- making love to B'Elanna had a way of making him forget the world around him.


As Tom sat at the table in the mess hall with Harry and Chakotay, looking across at her now, he knew he must have forgotten, and if the look on her face was any indication, he was in big trouble.

They had been midway into the meeting when B'Elanna strolled into the mess hall.  She walked by without a word and sat down at a table in Tom's direct line of sight. Chakotay and Harry were facing the opposite direction so only he was privy to her actions.  She arched a delicate eyebrow in a silent mischievous challenge.

"Look away if you can," her expression seemed to say.

Tom watched her intently as she picked up a strawberry from her plate. Gracefully she dipped the red ripe berry into a bowl of whipped cream and proceeded to lick the cream off of it by circling her tongue around it in a very sensual swipe, all the while making sure that Tom was looking.

He watched in utter fascination as B'Elanna repeated the action several times, each more slowly that the first, ending finally with a slow careful bite into the strawberry itself.  In vain Tom tried to pay attention as Chakotay droned on about new bridge protocols, but he was mesmerized by B'Elanna's sensual breakfast.  He could almost feel her tongue circling around him, and the small bites she inflicted when they made love...


Tom closed his eyes in a deliberate effort to get control of himself before he was too aroused to get up.

His eyes opened only to find that she wasn't quite finished with her "breakfast."  B'Elanna picked up a banana and proceeded to peel it very slowly.  Tom knew what was coming and he knew he should look away before it was too late-but he couldn't help himself; he was transfixed.

When the peel was discarded she fixed her lips around the tip of the sweet fruit and closed her eyes as if it was the most enjoyable thing in the world.
Tom was undone, his blood pounded in his head as he imagined those lips on his erection. B'Elanna had done the same to him last night, covering the end of his shaft in the warmth of her soft lips.  Licking and sucking until he came apart in an earth shattering climax which was only surpassed by the one he'd experienced afterward when he was buried deep within her.

Somewhere amongst the jumble of his erotic thoughts he heard someone call his name.
"Tom, you finished?" Harry asked.  "It's almost 0800, we've got to go."
He looked B'Elanna's way again, only to see a look of smoldering passion in the depths of her soft brown eyes.

That was a mistake, he thought, but he couldn't help himself, she was irresistible.

"It's going be a long day, Harry," he said, finally answering his friend. Tom rose slowly hoping to God that his body wouldn't betray the direction of his thoughts.  If it did Harry didn't say anything and Chakotay was all business this morning; if they noticed they weren't saying.

As B'Elanna watched Tom exit the mess hall, she smiled to herself.  She had seen the look of raw hunger on his face as he left. It gave her a secret thrill to know that she held such power over him.  He was completely aroused and at her mercy.

"Well Tom," she thought, smiling wickedly to herself, "it's going to get worse, before it gets better".
She was planning several more 'torture sessions' for Mr. Paris
throughout the day, By the time she was finished with him, he would think twice before leaving her alone in the morning again- no matter what the reason!


On the bridge things were quiet to the point of boredom.  This sector of space was uninhabited and Voyager's crew was taking the opportunity to perform minor repairs and refits of ships systems.

Later that day, Tom was scheduled to run diagnostic's on all the bio- beds in sickbay. He didn't know which was worse, sitting at the conn trying not to fall asleep, or listening to the Doctor wax eloquent on his newest hobby!
At least on the bridge, the view was good; the deep black velvet littered with sparkling white pinpoints of light.  Some people might find it monotonous but Tom, for some reason never tired of looking at the vast blanket of stars through the view screen-- he thought it beautiful.

Out of the corner of his eye his observed a light flashing red on his conn station.  He looked down at the navigational array in an attempt to discover the cause only to see that his navigational controls had just been lost.  He quickly keyed an initiation sequence in an attempt to reset helm controls, but nothing seemed to correct the problem. Realizing that his efforts were proving fruitless he let out an audible sigh of frustration.

"Well this is just great!"

"Is there a problem, Ensign?"  the captain asked.

"Yes, Captain, my navigational controls just went down," he hoped he didn't sound as irritated as he felt.

"Well then we'll have to get someone up here to look at it," Captain Janeway said, and then tapped her comm badge.  "Bridge to engineering."

"Yes, Captain?" Torres answered.

"B'Elanna, Mr. Paris' console is malfunctioning again, could you send someone to look at it?"

"Right away, Captain.  Torres out."

Five minutes later, B'Elanna herself walked onto the bridge.  She greeted everyone as she made her way to Tom's station.

"What seems to be the problem Ensign?"  she asked as she leaned over his shoulder.  He could smell her perfume mixed with that unique scent that was B'Elanna's alone.  That was the point he supposed wryly, but there was more.
As she bent to touch his control panel she made sure that her hair slid across his cheek.  Tom jumped slightly as he felt the silky mass caress his face.
It suddenly occurred to him that this "console malfunction" was a little too convenient.  Could she have caused the problem just so she could come and fix it?  He wondered.
If that was the case, both plans were working only too well.

It was a struggle but Tom managed to gain his composure before
answering her.

"Well...uh... one minute, everything was fine and the next, the navigation readouts, just went blank."

As he was speaking, she inhaled deeply making sure he heard it.  Tom felt himself flush all the way to his hair.  She was taking his scent the way Klingons do before they initiate mating, and no one knew it but him.  Damn!  She was driving him insane.

"Here's the problem, Ensign." She tapped several buttons on his console and the readings reappeared.

As he watched her fingers tap his conn controls he couldn't help remembering how her slender fingers felt as they traveled over his skin.  He knew her actions were deliberate by the way her hands
lingered there; after all he had joked often enough about wanting her to take his controls, now she was doing just that.

"Thanks, Lieutenant," he muttered, grateful that he didn't have to stand up just then, and a little embarrassed that the problem had been fixed so easily.

"Anytime, Ensign."  Then only loud enough for him to hear, she whispered seductively.  "See you later, Tom."  She straightened and turned to leave.
"If that's all, Captain, I need to get back to engineering."  Janeway gave her a short nod and B'Elanna exited.

The mission was a success!

B'Elanna laughed out loud as the turbo lift speeded her back to
engineering.  "Oh this is just too much fun!"

Back on the bridge Ens. Tom Paris was about as uncomfortable as a man in need of a woman could get.  Oh God, Tom thought, I'm never going make it through the day-- she is going to drive me absolutely insane! He wanted B'Elanna so badly at that moment he was surprised that he was able to keep from running after her.

Luckily for Tom the rest of his shift on the bridge went off without interruption.  In fact he had almost forgotten about the morning's events by the time he reported to sickbay.


The Doctor was engrossed with some new experiment when Tom Paris walked in, and barely noticed his assistant's arrival.  Tom cleared his throat to announce his presence; the EMH finally looked up and gave his medic a sardonic smile in greeting.

"Oh, hello, Ensign.  You may begin the diagnostics as soon as you are ready.  Please start with bio-bed four, it's been giving erratic readings for two days."

"Ok, Doc, I'll get right to it," Tom answered cheerfully.

On the side of each bio-bed was a silver, oblong door that when slid back revealed the diagnostic controls for the unit.  Sitting on the floor offered the best access to them so Tom slid down and got to work.

No sooner had he begun the diagnostic than the sickbay doors opened. Tom turned his head to see who had entered, and groaned inwardly when he realized it was B'Elanna. Ordinarily he would have been really glad to see her, but her visit to sickbay was no coincidence.

Here was yet another venue in which she could tease him mercilessly and with complete impunity.  The Doc was in the next room, not to mention the fact that someone could walk in at any time.  Tom knew beyond a doubt that she had panned every detail.  She could make him crazy with wanting her, and then walk away.

"Tom, I didn't know you were working in sickbay this afternoon," B'Elanna said a little too innocently.

"Oh really?"  Tom quipped, not fooled for a moment.  "Well lucky for you here I am!  Are you ill Lieutenant?"
She walked toward biobed two before answering.

"I think I pulled a muscle last night during a very vigorous exercise session."

As he recalled it *was* vigorous and the thought caused him to harden all over again.

B'Elanna motioned toward her lower back and gave Tom her best 'come hither' glance over her shoulder.
He was all too happy to comply.  Jumping up quickly from his place on the floor he crossed the distance between them swiftly.
She placed his hand a little lower than necessary, causing Tom to come in contact with the lovely curve of her bottom before examining her back with his medical tricorder.

Just touching her briefly was enough to raise his blood pressure to dangerous levels, especially when it was such an *intimate* contact. B'Elanna was pushing Tom to the limits of his restraint but regardless of that she pivoted around so that she was facing him.

Tom took immediate advantage of this, kissing her roughly and
thoroughly.  All the sexual frustration he felt from this morning expressing itself in the brief lip-to-lip contact.

However B'Elanna's generosity lasted only a few seconds before she pulled herself away from Tom, more than a little breathless herself. If she spent any longer in his arms her well-planned revenge might be derailed by her own desire for her beloved.

She looked up at him coyly, her voice husky and her eyes over-bright with passion.
"It's amazing Ensign, the pain is all gone!  I guess all I needed was to see you..."

Tom felt a major jolt all the way to the end of his erection.

"B'Elanna!"  he whispered hoarsely. "You are driving me crazy!"

She looked at him innocently again.  "Why, Tom, what are you talking about? Are you saying I'm ...impossible to resist?"

He looked helpless, remembering the time he had said those words to her.  At that moment he loved her insanely, wanting only to tell her so.

"Yes," he said quietly, "you are absolutely irresistible."  She caught her breath.  For a moment his expression was unguarded and she could see the truth reflected in his beautiful blue eyes. He cupped her face and kissed her gently.

She was so moved by his tender, honest admission that she couldn't speak.  Their eyes held for endless heartbeats and B'Elanna wanted to live inside the love she saw reflected in his face. In that moment she forgot she was due back in engineering; she forgot about power supplies and EPS conduits-- in that moment there was only Tom.

"Nicoletti to Lt. Torres."

Tom and BíElanna jumped as if caught doing something wrong.
Nicoletti's page ended the spell they were under and she looked away embarrassed.

"Torres here," B'Elanna responded, activating her comm badge.

"Lieutenant, how much longer will you be in getting those power supplies?"  Nicoletti asked.

"I'm on my way back right now, Sue.  Sorry for the delay."  B'Elanna felt guilty that she had let personal business get in the way of her duty.

"No problem, Chief.  As a matter of fact, we actually found another problem, and it may be a while before we can even install the new power supplies.  That's what I wanted to tell you.  We need you back here as soon as possible."

"I'm on my way, Torres out."  B'Elanna turned back to look at Tom, her heart in her eyes.

"I'll see you later B'Elanna," Tom drawled hoarsely, throwing her words back at her.
Delicate shivers coursed up and down her spine.  If she weren't
careful, he would turn the tables on her.

"Be careful what you wish for Ensign," was her parting comment and then she was gone with the swish of the sickbay doors.

Damn, she's good, Paris thought to himself.  "But I'm better," he said out loud.  His mind began to turn as he plotted a little revenge of his own.
"And two can definitely play at this game."

"Did you say something, Ensign?" the Doctor asked, as he walked out of his office with a data PADD.

"I was just saying I'm glad it's so quiet in here today."

"Really?"  Doc intoned.  Not believing him for a moment.  The EMH had heard Lt. Torres' voice moments before and knew something had

"Well," he paused raising an eyebrow; "I'll be in my office if you need any... assistance."  With that said he returned to his desk.


Tom was just finishing the last diagnostic when his comm badge beeped again.

"Torres to Paris."

"Yes, Lieutenant?" he answered.

"If the Doctor can spare you for a little while, we could use an extra hand in engineering."  Torres had kept her tone neutral, giving nothing away.
"I'm all done here, and I don't think the Doc would mind.  I'll see you in a few minutes.  Paris out."


Whatever Tom thought B'Elanna had in mind it wasn't this-- engineering was truly a mad house of activity.
Nicoletti and Crewman Gilmore were huddled at workstation one; Vorik was making a beeline for the upstairs command station; and even Harry and Seven were working on something at station two.  It looked like Sandrine's at happy hour, only no one looked too happy.

I guess she really does *only* want my help. Tom thought disappointedly.

"Good, you're here," B'Elanna said, relieved when she saw him enter.  "You'll be working with me on the antimatter injectors."

"Anything to get you out of here faster," he said under his breath.

"I'm sorry, Tom, what did you say?" B'Elanna asked, distractedly.

"Nothing, Lieutenant.  What seems to be the problem?'

She guided him to work station three, activating the display upon arrival.  "The injectors are locked up here and here", she said pointing to the layout on the computer console.  Every time I try to unblock them,"--

"The plasma starts to overheat," he finished for her.

"Right," B'Elanna continued, turning to face him and moving closer as she did.

"So..." Her eyes met his with that sexy look of hers.  "I need someone to *manually* control the *temperature*; while I unblock the
*injectors.*" With the emphasis on those three little words, her instructions took on a whole new meaning.

"Think you can do it, Tom?"  Mischief lit her beautiful brown eyes.

He wasn't sure about the plasma, but *his* temperature was definitely rising at this point.  She had him going again, and he'd walked right into it too.  He must be loosing his touch, first those alien con artists and now this!  And, B'Elanna was standing so close to him, he couldn't think anymore.

Then she put her hand on his and their eyes locked.

That was it, Tom decided.  He *was* going to help her fix this-- quickly, and then he had a little surprise for her!  B'Elanna's duty shift was over in fifteen minutes and he wasn't about to wait a moment longer to put his plan into action.

"Don't you worry, Lieutenant, I've got it all under control.  Lets do it."

It took all the remaining fifteen minutes of her duty shift and about fifteen more before the injectors were functional again.

When they were finished, B'Elanna leaned over the console and smiled seductively at Tom.

"You really are very good at controlling *temperatures* Ensign.  And I...ah, wish I had time to run further experiments, but I have to get back to cargo bay two and clean up my mess."

"No problem, Lieutenant, allow me to walk you out."  Tom agreed a little too quickly making her hesitate slightly.  But, B'Elanna's self- confidence re-asserted itself reminding her that she could handle anything Ens. Tom Paris could dish out.  Shrugging her shoulders she continued on her way.

"Just let me get my things," she drawled, not looking back at him.

He watched the sway of her hips as she walked away from him and he wondered if there would ever be a day that he wouldn't want her with every fiber of his being.  He sure hoped not.

"After you, Lieutenant," he said, escorting her out of engineering.

Once the doors closed he looked to make sure no one was in the corridor and then tapped the computer pad by the door.

"Computer initiate transfer, Paris alpha."  He pinned her up against the wall and kissed her thoroughly as he felt the transporter seize them.

The destination was his quarters, but B'Elanna was too dazed by the passion he incited to notice at first.  She had teased him, and herself all day and now she was reaping the rewards.

Paris was so inflamed that his kisses were rough and demanding.  He wanted to prove to her that she might make him dance on occasion, but he still called the tune.

With that goal in mind he reached up and ripped her uniform from top to bottom and yanking it off of her he threw it aside.  When she was completely nude, he picked her up and carried her to his bed; dropping her there he fell on top of her, still fully clothed.

The fact that he left his own clothes on infuriated B'Elanna and she just had to even the score, consequently she began tearing at his clothes until he too was naked.

She reached down in an effort to stroke his erection, but Tom would have none of it.  Grabbing both of her hands he pinned them above her head and kissed her thoroughly.

"Not so fast, B'Elanna," he murmured between kisses, "you have been asking for this all day, and I'm going to give it to you."

Releasing her hands he kneaded her breasts and she moaned his name out loud.  Tom bent his head taking one of her nipples between his teeth. She was already so aroused, that she bucked and came up off the bed. He did the same to her other one before his hands reached around behind her cupping her bottom, forcing B'Elanna to feel his arousal.

Tom slowly trailed kisses down her abdomen alternating between nipping and kissing, covering every inch of her with his lips until his mouth came into contact with the intimate "V" between her legs.  Pushing her legs apart he exposed the sensitive place he was seeking and wrapping his tongue around the little nub of flesh he found there, he pulled gently.
B'Elanna cried out as she felt waves of moisture starting to flow from within her.  She hadn't even climaxed yet and he was driving her wild! Tom sensed it too and responded by slipping his tongue up inside her. She whimpered, weak with desire.

He thrust again and again, first biting her tender flesh and then stroking sharply up inside her.  Incoherent with need she screamed his name, begging for release.

"Oh God, Tom, I can't... take...much more, please, please.  Ah God..." "Please what, Lanna?  What is it you want?" he whispered.  "Is this it?" He stroked into her again savagely.  B'Elanna cried out yet again.
He was in complete control and she knew it, but at this point she was wound so tightly that she didn't care.

"Yes, that's what I want...yes...oh Toooommm!

That last stroke had finished her.  She felt as though she had been shattered into a million little pieces as white-hot heat exploded inside of her.  He continued to stroke inside her inhaling her scent until her quivering ceased.

Not wasting a second, he was face to face with her again, kissing her deeply.  They rolled around the bed together as her sexual energy returned in force.

"Do you have any idea what you did to me all day long today?"  Tom said between kisses.

"Who me?" she giggled

"I was stiff as a rod from the moment I saw you licking strawberries at breakfast!"

"It serves you right for the way you left me this morning.  I was ready to continue last night's 'exercise'; but you had already gone," she countered playfully. "Besides when you kissed me in sickbay I wanted to throw you on bio-bed and have my way with you.  I didn't care if Doc was in the next room!"

He rolled her over again so that he was on top of her pinning her hands to the bed.

"We could always fulfill that little fantasy in the holodeck if you'd like."

B'Elanna sobered slightly as she remembered what else transpired in sickbay. Her eyes became dreamy and soft as she recalled his words to her.

"Tom..." She searched his eyes as he held himself above her.  "Do you really find me irresistible?"

"Are you kidding?  I was so desperate to get you alone that I actually asked Chakotay for permission to do a site-to-site transport.  Does that answer your question?"  He captured her mouth in a passionate kiss hoping to banish any remaining doubts she might have on the subject.

"I'm serious, Tom," she said, between his kisses.

He paused, forcing himself to focus on what she was saying instead of being inside her.

"Yeah, I was serious.  So serious that when you were on the bridge to fix my nav controls and inhaled my scent, all I wanted to do was turn around and do this..." The state of arousal he had been in all day, combined with a very enlightening revelation he'd had concerning her behavior, enabled him to throw caution to the wind and he bit down on her cheek until he tasted blood.

She stilled abruptly; completely shocked by this turn of events. Was he serious?  Was he asking her to join him in the mating bond?  Her mind and her heart were racing a million light years a minute.  She searched his face for any sign that he might not mean it, but found none.

"Tom, are you sure this is what you want?" she finally breathed out, sounding so completely vulnerable to him.  Tom met her eyes before answering, so that she would see the answer there first.

"Yes, it is." He brushed his hand lightly over her hair.

"I don't understand, you've never said anything about bonding before."

Tom paused again to gather his thoughts knowing full well that his entire future could depend on the way he answered this question.

"I guess it's because... before today, I didn't think you wanted to. You didn't appear to need me.  No wait, let me finish.  You've said that you love me, and it's no secret that you want me."  He quickly brought a defensive hand up to his face knowing she would clobber him for that remark.

"Watch it, flyboy," she quipped, pelting him with a small pillow.

He laughed, but continued on before he lost his nerve.

"But I had to know that your need for me was as strong as mine is for you.  The bottom line is... I didn't think that you needed me."  He searched her beautiful face praying that he had been right.

"Tom, how could you think that? I do need you," her voice was barely above a whisper.

"I know that now," he whispered back, caressing her face again. "And I also know why you hate it when I leave before you wake, 'Lanna...  It's because you think I might not come back isn't it?"

Her eyes went wide with shock because he had guessed the truth of the matter.  She was caught off guard and so didn't stop to think before responding.

"Yes...I...yes, you're right."  Her frank admission embarrassed her. Would he think her weak now that he knew her secret?  Guessing the direction of her thoughts, he spoke before she could talk herself out of it.

"Don't be embarrassed, B'Elanna.  When I realized the truth today it gave me courage to do this..." Gently he touched the wound on her cheek.

"You need me, don't you?  As much as I need you."

"Yes, Tom, I do.  Oh, God I love you so much."  B'Elanna reached up both hands cupping his face to search for any sign of smug triumph, but saw only his love for her in his eyes.
He touched the wound he'd inflicted again, to remind her of his

"I did this because I love *you.*  I want you to know now and forever that I will always come back.  Please, say yes--bond with me; be my mate"

He'd finally said it.  The words she had been longing to hear for two years.  Tom Paris really did love her and wanted to be with only her. Joy exploded inside her heart.  She couldn't believe it!


B'Elanna kissed him with renewed passion determined to give as good as she got.  But first she looked at him telling him she loved him with her eyes and then bit down on his cheek until she tasted his blood. When she caught his scent mixed with his blood on her lips, she thought she would go mad with desire.

Tom's passion flared again and their lips joined in a fevered dance, each devouring the other.

B'Elanna loved the way he kissed; sensual and earthy, lingering here, pulling away there.  He was an incredible lover, and he was all hers.

Tom who had been in a state of semi-arousal all day could wait no longer to join himself with his beloved. He lifted himself up over her, willing her to open her eyes.

"B'Elanna, I need to be inside you, love," Tom whispered.

"Yes, oh yes."  Tom's urgent need inflamed her and she wrapped her legs around him allowing him thrust into her deep and strong.

"Oh, 'Lanna, Oh you...feel...uhm...so good...Oh God, move with me B'Elanna...that's it."

With each thrust she could feel him deeper and deeper until he
ultimately drove her over the edge.  Fever raged inside both of them as they thrust and counter thrust, moving in rhythm together until they were thrown into a vortex of their own making.  Wave after wave of pleasure cascaded through them until they lay spent and exhausted.


Afterward, Tom just looked at her in wonder, this woman who had turned him inside out for three years, she was going to be his forever.  What a miracle.
"I didn't think it was possible to love you anymore than I did, but I was wrong. I love you so much, B'Elanna."  He brushed away an errant strand of her hair lightly caressing her face.


Early the next morning Tom was dressing to leave for his usual duty shift.  Fortunately for her, B'Elanna had the day off.  Tom sat on the edge of the bed and kissed her bringing her from a deep dreamless sleep.

"Hi," he said smiling down at her.  "I have to be on the bridge in fifteen minutes.  Love you."

"Hi, yourself." She pushed herself up on her elbow smiling sleepily up at him.  "It's ok Tom, you didn't have to wake me; I know you'll be back."  Reaching up she touched his cheek as a reminder of what they had shared. Putting his hand over hers he smiled back.


"Yeah," she confirmed quietly.

"Besides, how *could* you leave, I'm irresistible!"  She rolled across the bed to get away from him laughing and giggling.  He dove in after her capturing her mouth with his.  'Damn,' he thought 'I'm going to be late on the bridge; again!