Title: Evil Twin, the aftermath
Author:Tauna (blktauna@shawstudios.com)
Series: VOY
Part: NEW 2/2
Rating: [NC-17]
Codes: P/K

Summary: What happened after Steth is removed from Tom‘s body.
Archive as you will. I‘d love to know if you enjoyed it. Constructive criticism is welcome. Flames are not.

Tom and Harry belong to Paramount. I just play with them.
You should be over 18 and unoffended by two boys in love to read this.

Evil Twin, the aftermath 2/2 (VOY: P/K) [NC-17] more nastiness.
by Tauna

"Did ya miss me Har? I‘ve been looking for you."

Tom breezed into the turbolift and grabbed Harry‘s shoulder in his usual companionable manner. Harry‘s limbs grew rigid and he tried to shove himself into the corner of the lift.

‚its not him... its Tom...no reason to be afraid...‘

Harry had seen the rescue and he knew what had happened but the fear of what Steth had done to him while inhabiting Tom‘s body seized him by the throat. Panic and horror showed on his face. Tom‘s eyes were their normal dancing blue, but Harry only saw the flat emptiness of Steth. Tom reached out for him.

"Har?... what‘s wrong?"

Harry recoiled, knocking his hand away.

"Get away from me..."

The lump in his throat made it difficult for Harry to breathe. He felt his chest constrict and he was beginning to get light headed. He had to get away but Tom loomed over him, blocking the way.

"Har? what‘s going on?"

Harry shrank back further. His breath came in shallow pants. Tom looked at him in confusion.

‚he has no idea... don‘t do this...‘

He tried to get past Tom, but Tom blocked his way. Panic won over reason. Harry screamed and tried to claw out of the lift. Tom grabbed him to restrain him. Harry struggled to get away.

"Har... what are ya doin? What‘s wrong?"

Tom picked him up and swung him around. Harry felt all the blood run from his face. He started to feel sick. He saw the look of surprise on Tom‘s face.

"Paris to sickbay...emergency beam out"

Harry felt the disorientation of transport. He blinked and they were in sickbay. The doctor was coming towards him. Harry couldn‘t hear anything but the blood rushing in his ears.


He flailed and fought but Tom wouldn‘t let go.

"No not again!"

He felt a coldness on his neck right before the hypospray put him under.

"Mr. Paris, can you please tell me what is going on?"

"I wish I knew, Doc... I just said hello and he went nuts...."

Tom had a very bad feeling. B‘Elanna had told him some of the things Steth had done while inhabiting his body and they weren‘t pretty. The look of fear on Harry‘s face had soured his stomach. His attention turned back to the Doctor, who expression grew dark as he scanned Harry.

"Mr. Paris, I would like you to leave the room for a moment."

Tom looked puzzled but obeyed. The Doctor shooed him into the hall.

"Doctor to the Captain. I need to speak to you as soon as possible. Its about Mr. Kim."

Harry moaned slightly as he woke up. He felt muzzy. A soft hand lay on his shoulder.

"Harry... how are you feeling?"

He blinked his eyes open at the sound of the Captain‘s voice. He looked puzzled for a moment, then he remembered why he was in sickbay.

"I‘m fine Captain..." he knew he was not.

"Harry, the Doctor told me what he found. Why didn‘t you tell someone?" her voice held concern and sadness.

"I...couldn‘t." Harry tore his eyes from hers, "I knew it wasn‘t Tom... but ..."

"Harry, Steth caused ...problems... elsewhere. B‘Elanna ..."

The tears came rushing from the corners of Harry‘s eyes. Janeway was taken aback by the look of sadness and dread that she saw when Harry‘s eyes held hers again.

"I can‘t even look at him... after that. That alien robbed me of my best friend. When Tom stands next to me, all I can feel is fear. I‘m afraid he‘ll try to hurt me, even though I know it wasn‘t him."

"Do you want me to talk to him about this..."

"No! no don‘t say anything!"

"Harry, he deserves to know. He‘s outside now. He has refused to leave until he knows you are alright. Harry, you must talk to him."

Harry stared at the ceiling and sobbed. Janeway gripped his shoulder for a fleeting moment.

"I‘ll tell him to come in."

Harry‘s eyes remained fixed on the ceiling. He heard her leave and Tom rush in.

"Har! what‘s going on? Are you OK. What was so bad they had to call the Captain?"

Tom hovered breathless over him. His hand sought out Harry‘s but he shrank away. He moved to brush away the tears but Harry turned his cheek.

"Tom... when Steth traded places with you... Something happened."

"What was it Har?" Tom‘s voice was a whisper.

Dread closed in on Tom‘s gut. After B‘Elanna told him what had happened between them, Tom was sure he didn‘t want to hear what was coming.

"You.. he.. he hurt me..."

"Har... I‘m so sorry. Oh my god... no wonder... "

"I still can‘t look at you. I‘m afraid of you and its killing me... "

Harry‘s voice cracked.

"Har... what can I do?"

"What you can do, Mr. Paris, is leave, so Mr. Kim can recuperate."

"Doc!" Tom‘s voice tipped over into a whine.


The Doctor practically dragged Tom from the sickbay. He turned and faced Harry.

"Mr. Kim. May I speak frankly with you for a moment?"

"umm..." Harry couldn‘t read the Doctor‘s expression.

"I feel that I can help you. The creature Steth followed Mr. Paris closely, to learn as much about him as he could. He observed his interactions with great care. Maybe as a outside observer he saw something that you as a participant either can not or do not want to see."

Harry blinked at him. He did not want to think about that.

"Thanks Doc..."

"You‘re very welcome. Now will you sleep or shall I give you a sedative?"

Harry‘s mind roiled.

"Can I ?"

"Sedative it is."

Harry drifted off into sleep.

Harry dreamed.

He was in the holodeck with Tom. He hung in chains again. Tom moved closer and closer to him, but he wasn‘t afraid. Tom‘s crystal blue eyes met his. The were hooded with desire. Tom‘s hand cupped his cheek. They were very close. He could feel the heat rising from Tom‘s skin. He ached for Tom to touch him. This was his Tom and he knew that he wouldn‘t be hurt. Their lips drew closer and he melted against Tom.

"NO!" he shrieked.

Harry sat bolt upright, chest heaving. He ran a hand through sweat soaked hair.

‚not again... I can‘t want this... I can‘t...‘

The Doctor pronounced him fit for duty in the morning. The Captain called for him almost immediately. He sat in her Ready Room staring at the floor.

"Harry. I want you to talk about this with either my self or Chakotay. Even though the Doctor pronounced you physically well, doesn‘t mean there aren‘t ...residual things to deal with."

Harry continued to stare at the floor. He didn‘t want to discuss this with anyone, let alone Chakotay or the Captain.

"Harry... " her voice was soft, "Harry are you listening to me?"

"yes ma‘am."

"Harry, I know this must have been horrible for you. Please let us help you."

Harry lifted his eyes from the floor and put them on the Captain. She flinched at the pain.

"Captain. It was beyond horrible. I had thought the one person who I trusted over anyone else in the universe had betrayed me. Then I find out it wasn‘t him and now he‘s terrified of what has happened to me and its all my fault..."

Janeway moved to sit next to him. She gathered him into he arms. He was rigid with tension..

"Harry. None of this is your fault."

"It had to have been. That creature followed Tom and observed him. He simply acted on what he saw. I didn‘t tell Tom everything. I couldn‘t, he‘d die... But that‘s all over now. That alien is gone and Tom is back... I‘m fine, I swear. Can I go back to duty now?"

Janeway let him go. He sat motionless and returned to staring at the floor.

"Alright Ensign, but I want you to talk to someone."

Harry woke each night with the same dream. It was fading from the realm of nightmare into the realm of desire. He was not sure anymore which frightened him more.

"Har... you look like hell..."

"Thanks Tom."

"No I mean it. Aren‘t you sleeping?"

Tom‘s finger moved to trace the circle under Harry‘s eye. Harry flinched and moved away.

"Leave me alone Tom..."

He shoved past Tom and hurriedly made his way back to his quarters. Where Tom had touched, his skin burned. Harry leaned against his door, chest heaving.

‚no no NO!‘

Harry sat in his quarters, staring at the ceiling. Tom would be coming shortly for their holodeck time. Tom planned on Capt. Proton and Harry didn‘t know if he could do it. He wasn‘t even dressed yet. His Buster Kincaid outfit was laid out on the chair in front of him and he could do nothing but stare at it. Images flashed through his mind‘s eye. He could feel Steth‘s hands on him. The horror faded into something else as the dream turned to Tom‘s hands instead of Steth‘s.

"Hey Har! Ready yet?"

Harry jumped and stared. His chest constricted.

"Har... something is obviously wrong here. You‘ve been avoiding me and jumpy around me. Its enough to give a guy a complex. I miss you. Tell me what the problem is."

Harry cowered slightly. It seemed to him that Tom was looming over him, covering the whole of his vision. His throat was dry and he began to shake.

"Tom, more happened than what I told you about, with Steth..." his voice trailed off.

Tom sat on the sofa next to Harry. He grabbed Harry‘s arms.

"Look at me Harry. Tell me what‘s going on."

Tom‘s eyes burned into him. Harry avoided his gaze. His skin blazed where Tom‘s fingers dug into him.

"I knew something was wrong when we were in the Capt. Proton program. You didn‘t seem to be paying attention to the story and you just didn‘t seem to be... you... Then when the holoprogram wouldn‘t let me out of the chains... you ... he ..." Harry‘s voice was barely audible, "he raped me..."

Harry heard Tom‘s sharp intake of breath. He gathered his strength to look at Tom. He saw his friend trembling with horror, disbelief and anger.

"What!!???" he hissed.

"Tom... he thought ... he thought I was yours... like B‘Elanna... I must have done something or said something..."

Tom stared at him. Harry saw something flash across his face. Tom tossed him back against the couch. He stood stiffly and left the room. Harry sat alone on the couch, small tears running down his cheeks.

"I love you Harry. I always have."

Tom came closer until his incredibly blue eyes filled Harry‘s vision. He held Harry‘s head tightly in his hands, kissing him wildly. It began to hurt. Harry tried to get away but found himself unable to move. Tom continued to kiss him. His lips began to bleed. Harry tried to scream but nothing came out. Tom stepped back from the kiss. He slapped Harry.

"You slut."

Harry started awake, sweating.

"Paris to Kim"

Harry started. Tom hadn‘t talked to him in days.

"Kim here."

"Harry, can you come down to holodeck 2? I have something I need you to help me with."

"Sure... I guess. I‘ll be there in a few."

Harry walked into holodeck 2. It was totally black. Panic tightened in his throat. He tried to find the exit but realized he was disorientated in the dark. He stood shivering, trying to calm his breathing.


The quiet was deafening. Harry felt the rush of air right before the weight hit him. His head struck the deck, disorienting him further. He was manhandled into chains and hoisted up. The blood roared in his ears.

"No! Tom... Don‘t!"

"Shut up... Computer, lights."

The lights came enough for Harry to see Tom‘s face. It was twisted with rage and something else that Harry had only seen once or twice before.

"Is this what he did to you?"

Harry‘s throat closed in terror.

"Is it!"

Tom grabbed him by the front of the uniform and shook him until he coughed out an answer.


"How could you!? How could you let him do that!?"

Tom slapped him so hard, his lip split. Harry yelped. Tears of shock and pain welled up in his eyes. Tom walked around him slowly. Harry‘s tears rolled down his cheek, mixing with the blood on his lips.

"The only thing I have been able to think about is what he did to you.

What I did to you."

Tom stood in a livid fury over Harry. He came closer and closer. His lips barely brushed Harry‘s. Harry found himself straining forward. It was beginning to be like his dream. Tom‘s fingers wound in his hair.

"He robbed me of breaking you in myself. I‘m not sure I can forgive you for letting that happen."

Harry‘s mind went blank. His eyes grew round. Tom leaned in and took possession of his mouth. His tongue shoved its way between Harry‘s lips and plundered him mercilessly. Harry wriggled, trying to get away. It only served to excite Tom further. A rough hand explored him.


But Harry‘s body replied in a different way. He moved under Tom‘s hand.

"You belong to me now Harry. You will take what I give you and be grateful for it. You understand me don‘t you Harry..."

The End