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Title: Evil Twin
Author:Tauna (blktauna@shawstudios.com)
Series: VOY
Part: NEW ½
Rating: [NC-17]
Codes: P/K

Summary: The Alien Steth from "Vis a Vis" takes his pleasure from Harry.

Nasty and Non-cons.
Archive as you will. I‘d love to know if you enjoyed it. Constructive criticism is welcome. Flames are not.

Tom and Harry belong to Paramount. I just play with them.
You should be over 18 and unoffended by two boys in love to read this.

Evil Twin 1/1 (VOY: P/K) [NC-17] Nasty and Non-cons.
by Tauna

"Tom...this is getting weird."

"What do you mean Har..." Tom‘s voice was oddly flat.

Harry looked into Tom‘s eyes and got a very bad feeling. They were not sparkling and they hadn‘t been since that alien, Steth, had left. Harry had seen something similar once before, on Akritiri.

"I can‘t get out of the chains...the Computer won‘t listen to me..."

"That‘s right Har. It won‘t"

Tom barked an order to the computer. Harry‘s eyes grew wide. The chains didn‘t vanish but the rest of the world turned black. There was nothing but him, Tom and the blackness. Tom stalked around him, his gaze piercing. Harry chewed on his lip nervously. A coldness crept into the pit of his stomach.

"Tom...what‘s up?" he said softly.

A stinging blow caught Harry across the cheek. He gasped in amazement.

"I am..."

He grabbed Harry by the hair and leaned in to take his mouth by force. Harry knew then that this man was not Tom Paris. He fought. The handcuffs and the not-Tom‘s ruthless grip impeded him. Harry sensed that this not-Tom was actually enjoying his struggles.

"Get off me!" he cried.

"I‘ll get off in you more like."

Fear tightened further in Harry‘s stomach. Terror spread over his face. The not-Tom sneered. He seized Harry‘s chin and roughly pulled him up. Harry hit him with a well placed knee. He grunted and doubled over, but when he stood, he was smiling. The smile was as flat as his eyes.

"At least you have some life to you. That bitch B‘Elanna was dull. No wonder he needs the two of you."

He smacked Harry again, hard. He slumped in the chains. The not-Tom pulled his head back by the hair. Harry‘s eyes were glazed. The not-Tom snorted and began to tear away Harry‘s shirt. Harry recoiled. He planted another knee on his attacker. The not-Tom came up with a right cross that knocked Harry senseless. He hung stunned from the chains.

"Since you like that so much, I‘ll give it to you..." he hissed.

He seized Harry‘s belt and yanked the buckles open. He tossed it aside. He walked behind Harry, roughly caressing him. Down dropped Harry‘s pants. He tore Harry‘s underwear away, his hands fondling and probing. Harry tried to struggle but he couldn‘t make his limbs obey. The not-Tom ran his hand up Harry‘s chest and roughly tweaked a nipple. Harry cried out in pain. The not-Tom seized him by the waist and whispered in his ear.

"Oh I‘ll be giving you a reason to scream soon enough..."

Strong teeth ravaged Harry‘s shoulder. He could barely twitch away. He felt the not-Tom‘s hot breath on his neck. Then he felt something else entirely. Strong hands kneaded his ass. Then there was blunt pressure. Harry bit through his lip at the searing pain.

"ohhh yeah, tight as a drum. What he never fucked you? What was he waiting for?"

Harry gritted his teeth and tried to breathe. It seemed to go on forever. The not-Tom‘s hands were bruising him. His hot breath was turning Harry‘s stomach. The tears started. Not soon enough, he felt his attacker jerk with his orgasm. He pulled out of Harry with the same abruptness that he entered. Harry moaned in pain, his face covered with blood, sweat and tears. The not-Tom cleaned himself on Harry‘s shirt. When he was done he walked to the holodeck door as if nothing had happened.

He turned casually, "Computer end program..."

Harry dropped to a heap on the floor. He could not even lift his head.

The alien in Tom‘s body left the holodeck laughing, "That was fun Har...

I‘ll be looking for you tonight."