Title: Never Known Love -Part-4
Author: Nigel Tatsuya
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: PK

Disclaimer: Tom and Harry as well as anything having to do with Voyager belong to Paramount...yeah yeah, the slave owners (who else?) and no, I don‘t own them, but Tom and Harry wanted to play so they came over to my world.

Warnings: Sensitive readers might find some parts of this story disturbing.

Summary-What is wrong with Tom and Harry‘s relationship? From the outside, nothing seems unusual about it, but Neelix, B‘Elanna, Chakotay, and several other crewmembers are starting to have suspicions.

Betaed by Ren, and bounced off my co-author(and conscience), Adam

Tom ran into their quarters as though he were half insane with fear. Although he knew Harry wouldn‘t be far behind, he locked the door, knowing that Harry could key himself in anyhow. Any additional time he could purchase would be more than welcome...but that extra time could cost him dearly.

Sinking into the chair at his desk, Tom opened a drawer. He rumaged around the disordered contents briefly then pulled out a picture of Harry in his service uniform. Tom sighed and brought the image to his lips.

"Oh Harry..." Tom began to the empty room. "No one understands what‘s happening...Why you‘re this way."

Tom closed his eyes to the visions filling his mind as though that would prevent him from remembering. "But I know what happened," tears welled in his ghostly cyan eyes. "I don‘t like you this way, Harry. Don‘t like how you hurt me...hurt my body...hurt my mind...Do you know how much it hurts, Harry?"

Tom looked to the door, both expecting and dreading Harry‘s arrival. Tom was not sure whether a minute, or even if ten minutes had passed. Time seemed to have lost its way, with every moment of waiting for Harry seeming to last hours.

Tom began to feel not too unlike a child awaiting a parent to arrive and administer retribution. The terror of the punishment gnawing at his soul was a constant companion to the immeasurable love and admiration he held onto like a treasure. "...but I live for those times when the old Harry, the man who was frightened away returns... it makes all those beatings, all the torments, all the suffering worthwhile."

Tom hugged the picture to his chest and closed his eyes. Tears flowed freely from his tawny lids as the memories assaulted him internally. Images of Harry, the Harry that used to be...the Harry Tom adored, screamed for mercy.

(Almost a year ago...)

"Tom? Tom!"

Tom merely stirred and pulled the sleeping material over his head, and spoke from beneath. "Aw come on, Harry, what‘s the sense in a shore leave on such a beautiful planet if you can‘t even sleep in?"

"Sleep is not what exactly what I had in mind." Harry said in a catlike voice as he crept into Tom‘s bedding.

Nuzzling Tom‘s bare shoulder, Harry shifted his body until his maleness came into brief contact with Tom‘s thigh. His whole bare torso was pressed against Tom‘s clothed one as they both lay on the soft material of the sleeping bag, which was cushioned by the soft grass beneath.

Tom pretended to be asleep, and shifted as if to find a more comfortable position. He tossed and turned for a while, rubbing against Harry‘s engorged organs repeatedly as he did so. Tom loved to tease Harry. To make the younger man desire it so much that the only sounds out of his lips were pleas. Tom loved those lips all the more when they were wrapped around words of hunger, lust, and insatiable need.

To Tom‘s surprise, the warmth of Harry‘s body slipped out of the bedding and was suddenly gone. Aww my sweet Harry must have decided to pout Tom smiled to himself as he drifted back to sleep.

When Tom awoke about three hours later, he decided to make it up to Harry. It was very possible that Harry might be so angry that he would be unwilling to even speak to him. That didn‘t matter though, Tom would make it up to Harry in spades...to the excess! Tom smiled at the thought of Harry trying to walk the next day. He loved seeing the younger man limping with an expression of delight flavored with a twinge of pain. It had been so with them before.

Tom put away the bedding and left their 24th century equivalent of a tent to search for his companion. They had chosen to set up camp on a secluded plateau, which afforded them a good view of the spectacular valley below. There were few villages scattered in the wilderness, but other than that, the place was very pristine, and the beauty was faultless.

After several hours of searching every cave, river, and tall tree in the area, Tom began to get worried. He finally tapped his combadge and asked Voyager for assistance.

"Lieutenant Kim is approximately 3 kilometers from your present location." Lt. DeWert said.

"What?" Tom said in disbelief.

"You heard him," Lt. Drake said, looking over at the console. "Harry is 3 kilometers South West of your location. We‘ll send you the coordinates."

Tom thanked his crewmates and started in that direction. _Harry must have been really angry!_ Tom thought to himself. He sure went far Tom walked until he was at the bottom of the mountain and a kilometer or so away from a large but dismal looking complex. It could not be seen from the top of the mountain, but towered into view now. Tom took a few steps closer and was thrown back by an unseen force.

"Unngh!" Tom moaned out loud. "A damn force field!"

Tom looked to a far corner of the area and saw a group of uniformed men surrounding a figure crouching on the ground. At first Tom didn‘t understand what was transpiring, but upon closer obeservation, he discovered that the cowering figure was Harry!

"Get him up." One of the men, who was dressed in what looked like a Military outfit, said. "You‘ve been snooping around our complex! What is your business here?"

Tom gazed in horror at Harry, who was being restrained by two burly aliens also dressed military clothing. Harry‘s glossy black hair was stained with blood and dirt and his face was covered with angry bruises and cuts. His singlet was tattered, exposing areas of bleeding and/or bruised flesh. Harry‘s lower lip, one that Tom had lovingly sucked on during many a lovemaking session was badly swollen and split right in the center, with the blood running down his delicate chin.

"Talk!" Another soldier yelled, his fist connecting with Harry‘s stomach.

"Noooooo!" Tom cried without thinking.

The soldier turned angrily to the sound of Tom‘s voice. "Another one?

They will soon be appearing out of the ground. Seize him!"

Tom tried to run, but these aliens had the remarkable ability to sprint. "Lower the blocker field!" The alien shouted seconds before tackling Tom to the ground.

"We‘re glad you‘re here!" The first soldier bellowed at Tom. He then motioned to Harry. "We caught this little intruder trying to spy on our operations here."

"I wasn‘t trying to spy!" Harry protested, his throat too injured to talk clearly. "I was just walking around, how was I supposed to kno...."

The military man silenced him with a hard blow to the groin. Harry whimpered and almost fell over, but the men behind him held him up. The soldier took aim and kicked Harry again. Harder.


"Stop it!" Tom shouted. "Listen, we didn‘t mean any harm! I‘m sorry too close to your operations...we‘ll just leave immediately."

"Your friend is in big trouble here." The alien stated to the top of Harry‘s head. "I want to know how much he knows. Talk spy." The alien slapped Harry across a cheek.

"I don‘t know!" Harry yelled, "I really don‘t!"

"Liar!" The soldier slapped Harry again.

"Owwww!" Harry whimpered. "It‘s the truth! We were just camping, we didn‘t know you were here."

Before either Tom or Harry could ask any more questions, they were thrust into the main door of the complex. "Get inside! You wanted to learn the secrets of our base here, spy? Well you shall learn our latest methods of torture."

Tom and Harry exchanged glances. Then like cornered animals, they rushed the soldiers, flailing their fists wildly and kicking anything within striking distance of their feet.

"Foolish spies!" one of the aliens shouted, applying a choke hold to Tom‘s throat, "This must be the first mission for you boys, you‘re stupid!"

"Have you noticed how delicate this one is?" Another alien who was wearing what appeared to be steel boots said as he kicked Harry between the legs.

Harry screamed and tried to avoid the subsequent blows, but he couldn‘t break free from the grip of the two aliens who held his arms behind his back. After the fourth kick, Harry fainted.

The alien holding Tom tightened the grip, and Tom immediately lost consciousness. (A short while later)

Tom awakened to the feel of of a cold cylindrical instrument in his palm. He closed his hand around it and sat up slowly, feeling somewhat disoriented.

"Greetings!" A large human-appearing alien, clad in many layers of a crisp midnight blue uniform, said wrathfully. "I‘m General Gilbreth, leader of this military installation."

Tom turned away from General Gilbreth and looked at the object in his hand. He dropped it immediately when he saw that it was a whip-like implement. "Gods!"

"We‘re sorry! We didn‘t know!" Harry screamed. "Let us go! We don‘t know anything."

Tom turned in the direction of Harry‘s voice, and almost screamed at what he saw. Harry‘s clothing was gone, save for a few shreds of fabric on random parts of his body. His arms were shackled above his head, and his exposed skin was covered in red stripes, as though his uniform had been thrashed off with the whip.

"Harry!" Tom cried as he darted across the room and fell at Harry‘s side. Tom couln‘t tear his eyes from Harry‘s face. Which was riddled bruises and lacerations. One of Harry‘s eyes was swollen shut, and there were drying tears on his cheeks.

"Tom...I..." Harry was unable to finish. Whether it was because the injuries to his face made it too painful to speak, or if it was merely because Harry was trying not to cry or a macabre mixture of both was not clear.

"You forgot this!" General Gilbreth rasped, hurling Tom the whip with such force that the handle left a red mark when it struck Tom‘s forehead. "Make the spy talk!"

Tom threw the whip down angrily. "I‘m not going to whip him!"

"Oh yes you will!" Gilbreth laughed.

"You can‘t force me to use the whip on him!" Tom shouted, taking a few steps toward Gilbreth, but stopping abruptly when Gilbreth‘s men approached.

"Listen you member of a half grown species!" Gilbreth growled, grabbing Tom by the collar and lifting him several feet off the floor. "We‘re being really nice to you and your spy friend by giving you the chance to beat the truth out of him."

Harry began to tremble violently. "No more...please no more..."

"I didn‘t say you could speak!" Gilbreth‘s fist connected with Harry‘s jaw as he said the word ‚speak.‘

Harry‘s response was a sob.

"You will only speak when you are ready to tell us everything that you saw and have learned about this installation." Gilbreth said, almost whispering. "Be assured Harry, if Tom does not whip you to our satisfaction, there are other ways we can force you to talk."

Gilbreth brushed away a tear on Harry‘s cheek away in a crude facsimile of tenderness. "UNDERSTAND?!" he screamed into Harry‘s ear.

Harry responded by sobbing more.

"Okay, Tom" Gilbreth said as the handed Tom a container with what looked like petroleum jelly inside. "Spread this on Harry‘s body before you use the whip, he‘s got pretty skin...we wouldn‘t want to break it now would we?"

Tom shivered as he scooped out some of the oily substance and smoothed it on Harry‘s already marked chest, carefully avoiding Harry‘s frightened expression. When Tom rubbed the salve over Harry‘s light mahogany colored nipples, they hardened into delicate nubs which Tom was tempted to suck on but dared not.

"Strip him down!" Gilbreth motioned to the remnants of Harry‘s sleeves and pants. "He should not have any coverings for what we will do if he does not speak!"

"NO!" Tom shouted.

"If you don‘t do it, we‘re going to whip the rest of his clothes off." Gilbreth warned. "And that means we‘ll have to whip him in certain areas which could prove to be agonizing."

"I don‘t know anything, I swear!" Harry cried in desperation as Tom began to divest him of the remainder of his clothes. He began shaking violently when Tom tore his sleeves off his arms.

"I‘m sorry Harry." Tom whispered, tears welling in his eyes.

Harry tried to shift his hips when Tom began to undo his bottoms, but Tom kept to his task. After removing Harry‘s shoes and socks, he slid the torn material of Harry‘s slacks down his smooth honey beige legs.

The watching soldiers whooped and hollered in delight when Tom finally slid Harry‘s pure white briefs down his legs, revealing Harry‘s most intimate anatomy.

"Look at the size of his gonads!" One shouted at the sight of Harry‘s bruised and swollen testicles.

"Ooooowwwwwww!" Harry groaned when the alien caressed the delicate organs. Even though the alien wasn‘t being particularly rough, the amount of injury to Harry‘s anatomy made the touch unbearable.

"Start whipping him!" Gilbreth shouted. "Do not waste time!"

Grudgingly, Tom drew the whip back and brought it down lightly between

Harry‘s shoulder blades. Crack!

Harry cried out and shook visibly more from fear than actual pain.

"You‘ll have to do better than that!" Gilbreth said, knowing that the lash was not as hard as it should have been. "You‘re too soft on him! Do it better or I will administer the lashes!"

Tom struck Harry harder and forced himself to fall into a mindnumbing rhythm of lashes. Red marks began to cover Harry‘s chest and back, although none of the wounds bled, much to the delight of the sadistic military spectators.

Harry was quickly reduced to a screaming, sobbing vestige of the brave Starfleet Officer that Tom knew and loved. Tom continued the beating, fearing what the soldiers would do if they were given the chance to torture Harry.

After dozens more lashes, Harry slumped to his knees. Blissful unconsciousness had finally claimed him. His wrists, which were still shackled to the ceiling bled from the increased tension.

"He is beautiful in this state isn‘t he?" Gilbreth mocked while admiring Harry‘s unconscious form.

Tom only scowled at the soldiers, while berating himself for beating the man he loved the most.

Gilbreth walked over to a panel near the far end of the room and pressed a button. Harry‘s manacles cracked open loudly, releasing his bloodied wrists and letting his beaten form fall against Tom.

The soldiers siezed Tom‘s wrists and secured them in the now vacant manacles. The dampness of Harry‘s blood sickened Tom, although he was relieved was granted respite. It was at the same time frightening, for it appeared that now he would be tortured. He would feel the bite of the whip. He would cry out for mercy.

Gilbreth grabbed Harry‘s elbow and flipped him onto his back. "Tough for such a fragile looking species."

"But not so tough, you see Tom." Another alien said, his cheeks flushing. "We have other ways of making spies talk, and we can make them say anything we want them to."

"NO!!!!!" Tom cried when Gilbreth began licking one of Harry‘s nipples.

"Tom..!" Harry moaned as he regained consciousness.

"Guess again." Gilbreth said derisively as he motioned to the manacles. "There‘s your Tom! He‘s situated to get a good view of what we‘re going to be doing."

"What?!" Tom and Harry said in unison.

"Don‘t act as though you don‘t know." A soldier said, holding Harry‘s shoulders firmly against the floor.

"Maybe you can save yourself if you just talk now, Harry!" Gilbreth said, undoing the fastenings on his uniform bottoms.

"Oh gods! Oh gods! I don‘t know!! I don‘t know anything! Please don‘t....!!"

"Gilbreth! Please I‘ll do anything! Don‘t hurt Harry that way!" Tom pleaded, straining his wrists against the bonds.

"Then you tell us what Harry knows and what he‘ll do with the information!" Gilbreth yelled, grabbing Harry‘s ankles in his large hands and forcing his legs apart. "Look Tom, he‘s a tight one!"

"Please!! Don‘t..." Harry pleaded, trying in vain to free his shoulders from the iron vice-like grip of the soldier above him. He tried to free his legs but Gilbreth forced Harry‘s knees firmly onto his his chest. "If this doesn‘t make him or you talk...."

Tom clenched his teeth when Harry‘s shrill cries pierced the room. He closed his eyes and tried to turn away but a guard behind Tom forced Tom‘s head up. Tom began to weep as he watched the love of his life being brutally violated. His blood mixed with the blood on the manacles as he struggled against them.

All the soldiers took at turn with Harry. Harry cried as they beat him, raped him and did anything in their power to force Harry to confess to spying and to say what he knew. Eventually Harry desparately gave them what he thought they wanted, and began babbling fabrications in the guise of confessions. Unfortunately, no one understood him.

The tortures and rapes continued for seemed to be an endless stretch of time. Tom prayed for a respite for Harry, but these aliens seemed to have an unbelievable endurance and an abnormally short resolution time after each climax.

Harry finally passed out.

"Wake up!" Gilbreth shouted as he kicked Harry roughly in the ribs.

"Confessing something no one can decipher is not a acceptable."

"He can‘t take any more!" Tom screamed.

Gilbreth ignored Tom and continued trying to revive Harry. First he ordered a soldier to pour a bucket of cold water on Harry. Unsuccessful, a soldier tried shaking Harry awake. Harry still remained unconscious. Another soldier tossed Harry several times into the wall. While others resorted to the same behaviors which caused Harry to lose consciousness in the first place.

At last Gilbreth walked back to the controls and released Tom. "See what you can do!"

Tom wrapped his arms around Harry‘s limp form and clung to him as though he could prevent the younger man‘s spirit from fleeing. "Oh Harry...I‘m so sorry...if only...if only I hadn‘t gone back to sleep."

"Awww shut up, Tom!" Gilbreth shouted. "Just shut up and wake him up."

"He needs some help!" Tom retorted. He moved his hands down Harry‘s torso and felt some soft areas along where Harry‘s ribs were. And sighed at the feel vertebrosternals 5 and 6 conspiciously missing with a large intercostal space remaining. They had most likely been fractured. "He‘ll die if you do any more to him!"

Gilbreth tossed Tom a technologically inferior medkit. "Then repair him!

When he regains consciousness, we can continue.


Tom clutched Harry‘s image to his heart and sank into his chair. "My dear Harry....How you‘ve suffered. How many days they abused you, yet they always relied on me to keep you alive."

Tom stood up and walked over to their bed, the same bed Tom and Harry made love in, the same bed that Harry later hurt Tom in. "I made false confessions for you, but they never believed me and just kept hurting you... I thought you were going to die..."

Tom rolled onto his stomach and gazed with great sadness at Harry‘s image. A tear rolled off of Tom‘s chin and fell onto Harry‘s eyes. "One day they didn‘t watch me as closely as they should, and I ran off with you. Gilbreth may have been ruthless, but he was also very dull, and I learned how to deactivate the forcefield...I know I never told you this part. But I tied you onto my back and ran with you right out of the complex and back up the hill. I wonder how long it was before they realized we were gone."


Tom climbed the mountain in such a methodical way that he didn‘t notice the pain from his bruised body and bleeding hands. Nor did he notice that he was bruised or bleeding anywhere. All that he could think of was saving Harry. Harry would have to live...no matter the difficulties...no matter the cost.

"Tom?" It was Harry‘s faint voice.

"Harry!" tears of relief came to Tom‘s eyes.

"Tom...thank you...cold..I‘m so cold." Harry said, holding onto Tom more tightly.

Tom stopped when he got to a rocky plateau and placed Harry onto the ground.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaagggggh!!!!!" sobbed Harry when his broken body came into contact with the cold, rocky ground.

Tom cursed himself for running up the wrong hillside. The shuttle was far away from them. On the other hand, the aliens would probably go searching that area first, and this might buy them some respite time.

Gathering a small pile of dried wood, Tom prepared to build a small fire to keep both Harry and himself warm, but soon decided against it because the aliens were sure to see the smoke from their fire. The weather was starting to get worse, and soon snow began to fall.

Tom found a small cave in the hill, and after determining that it was empty, he carried Harry into it.

"AaaaaaGH!!! Owwwwww!" Cried Harry when he came in contact with the ground. "It hurts so much!"

Not wanting to cause Harry any more discomfort, Tom sat beside Harry then lifted him onto his lap. "Rest, Harry, use my body as your cushion....We‘ll be home soon."

"Thank you Tom...Can you promise me something?"

"Anything Harry...I love you."

"Please don‘t let anyone find out what happened here...please! No matter what, I don‘t want people to know!"

"But Harry, you‘re going to need treatment for this. I can‘t repair all the damage with what we have back in the shuttle!"

"TOM!!! I don‘t want anyone to know!!" Harry screamed tossing his head back so rapidly that it hit Tom‘s nose, making it bleed. "The Captain, Chakotay, B‘Elanna, even the doctor might look at me differently if this ever gets around the ship! Tom you can‘t tell! No matter what."

Wanting to argue, but not wanting to upset Harry anymore than he had to, Tom agreed.

Harry cried himself to sleep.


"And I‘ve kept your secret..." Tom said, looking into the glinting stars flying past the portal.

Harry burst into the room and ran over to the bedroom. Tom cowered in the corner of the bed, not knowing which Harry this was.

"Tom?" Harry said, approaching slowly. "Why are you crying? Why are you so afraid? Has that person hurt you again?"

Tom breathed a sigh of relief, this was the Harry which appeared less and less of late. The Harry that seemed to have taken a subservient role most of the time to the violent Harry that appeared several months after that fateful shoreleave.

Harry took a few steps closer then stopped abruptly. His expression turned to rage. "I did not give you permission to walk away from me!!"

"I‘m sorry, Harry!"

"Sorry?!" Harry drew his fist back and drove it into Tom‘s jaw. "You will be sorry Tom! You will be!"

To Be Continued...