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"The first time we met, I tried to kill her."

"He found me disconcerting."

"It was instinct and self-preservation!"

"At the time, I still bore certain external implants, which I was dependent

"After I had apologized profusely to her and several of her friends, we had our
first discussion."

"Icheb was quite enamoured of you after you begged him for forgiveness."

"He's such a great kid. He's the Chief Engineer on the Enterprise now."

"He thinks you are 'great', too. That is most likely why he asked you to adopt
him, so he could bear your name as well."

"That's m'boy!"

"Icheb and I had been liberated from the Borg. The ship we had joined - though
at separate intervals - had stumbled into a wormhole, which transported us much
closer to our intended destination: the Alpha Quadrant."

"Her ship - Voyager - came out of a wormhole forty-seven kilometres off my
ship's - the Potemkin's - port bow. Blew out every single relay on both ships.
We were both stuck. And I was currently on a deep-space exploration assignment,
so we were way the hell out of direct communication range. It had taken us
thirteen months to get there."

"We had taken many casualties. We had received no warning prior to entering the
wormhole. Most of our bridge crew perished, as did many of our engineering
staff when the rooms collapsed. The only survivors were those of us currently
receiving treatment in Sickbay for a virus that we had been exposed to from new
foodstuffs, or functioning in the various sciences and security posts.
Lieutenant Paris, the Doctor and myself were the only survivors from the senior
staff. Life support finally failed aboard our ship and we were forced to
transfer to the Potemkin, where we all worked to get his ship back under

"I sent a message to Starfleet announcing the less-than-stellar return of our
prodigals. Took a week to get there, and another two before we got our answer.
Problem was, when we got Starfleet's orders, we were told to destroy her ship.
Too much damage."

"That was a most unwelcome experience."

"I know, sweetheart."

"It was an experience which I have no desire to ever repeat."

"It got worse, though. I was ordered to incorporate - as much as possible - her
crew and to complete my mission, which was scheduled to take another year and a
half before we hit Federation space again. I was also told to collect and store
the bodies of the Voyager crew, as they were to receive a fleet funeral and
interment. Voyager also had several families."

"The Potemkin was less equipped and less suited to the influx of the increase
in personnel. It was a sovereign-class destroyer, but several of the personnel
decks had been converted into science labs. Quarters became a difficulty. In
most cases, we simply assigned personnel according to deparments and rank. I
was greatly impressed by his willingness to include my shipmates into his
ship's operations. He was not prejudiced against our crew's composition. I have
since discovered that many captains and admirals are not so tolerant or
inclusive of those who are not as they are."

"Nechayev always was a bitch. Anyways, I had lost some personnel as well. Most
of my helm, navigation and astrophysics departments, my medical staff and the
EMH, mark 12, had died during the explosion of the relays. Voyager had a
phenomenal helmsman, Tom Paris, who I promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and I
was really impressed by The Doctor and by Lieutenants Wildman and Meg Delaney.
It was too good a chance to pass up."

"While Lieutenant Commander Paris, though emotionally overwrought at the loss
of his wife and forced to become a single parent to his daughter, Natalie
Paris, became the Potemkin's chief helmsman and second officer, and the Voyager
medical staff became responsible for sickbay, I became the chief science
officer aboard the Potemkin."

"Naturally, we ended up working together. Which was pretty entertaining at

"I believe that I have discovered a correlation between inappropriate levels of
jocularity and pilots. You and Lieutenant Commander Paris enjoying seeing who
could drive Commander Bainsinger - the first officer - off the bridge first was
quite inappropriate."

"He was a jerk. I finally transferred him back to stellar cartography and
promoted Paris to first officer. Nechayev made me assign him the post, he was
originally some science geek relative of hers who she thought was the second
coming. Even Reg Barclay would've been a better XO. Bainsinger just didn't have
the interpersonal skills necessary to help run a starship that far out of

"Despite some initial friction and accounting for the mourning of the Voyager
survivors, our crews seemed to function at an efficacious level. Our new senior
staff also functioned adequately. When Captain Riker discovered that I had
never learned how to play poker, he insisted on teaching me. Then he made it a
standing order that I had to participate in two of the four poker games played
each month. This was in addition to his insistence that I learn to eat 'real
food' and sleep 'in a bed lying down', as opposed to regenerating constantly.
In fact, he programmed the computer to only allow me to utilize my alcove once
a week unless it was a medical emergency."

"The Doc was pretty pissed off that I had managed to achieve what he hadn't
been able to get her to do with nearly eight years of nagging."

"Your methods were effective. As was your gift of a teddy borg."

"Because Tom was a single parent, Annika and I worked the Alpha and Gamma
shifts. Annika and I ended up eating together a lot. We became good friends
through those experiences."

"Captain Riker became most beloved by the Voyager crew when he beamed all the
leola root into space and permanently assigned Mr. Neelix to security."

"I was obeying the Geneva-Helvetis Conventions. Seven, or Annika as we began to
call her, and I started to spend more and more time together, on and off-duty.
Especially after Deanna - my ex-wife - sent me a Dear John letter and notified
me that I was now divorced. She left me for an abstract painter. He paints the
big, goopy paint swirls."

"By the time we had completed the mission, and were nearly back in Federation
space, Will and I had become very close. Approximately two weeks from the
Federation border, he received a message from his former mate, inquiring as to
the likelihood of rectifying her error in judgment. I was less than enthused by
her intentions, and was dismayed by her reappearance."

"You were jealous."


"A few nights after I got the letter, Annika just showed up in my quarters and
asked me about my prior encounters with the Borg. I was a little surprised,
since she already knew about most of them, you know, collective consciousness
and all that. But I told her. Then she sort of just *slinked* across the couch
and asked if she could assimilate me!"

"I did not ask to assimilate you!"

"You invited me to form a collective with you, and told me resistance was

"As I said, I did not ask to assimilate you."


"We then copulated - "


" - several times and agreed that we should form our own collective."

"Remind me to get Tom to remind you about announcing your studies of mating
rituals in public again. Anyway, the ex was quite surprised when we reached our
port of call and found that I had, how did she put it?"

"Consorted with the enemy."

"Yeah. But I told her to take a hike. Annika and I got Admiral Paris - who,
incidentally, is a complete pussycat compared to Nechayev! - to marry us. That
was fifteen years and five children ago."

"We have been extremely fortunate."

"That we have."

"Is that sufficient for the Admiralty bulletin, Lieutenant Ryan? Or is further
information required for your biography of the new Commander of Starfleet?"

Hope you tolerated this little bit of insanity.

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