DRABBLE SERIES: Thougts On Getting Home
By Ronda Sexton 

Janeway's POV

We're home. I can hardly believe it. I've actually done what I set out to do. I promised this crew seven years ago we would find a way home. My crew is happy to finally be home.

What am I going to do now? For the past seven years, my only goal has been to get my crew home. I feel at loose ends. My goal is met, now what. Starfleet will probably want to make me an Admiral. After meeting my future self, I know that is not what I want. So, what do I do with myself now?

B'Elanna's POV: It's About Time

I always wondered how I would feel when we got home. I can barely
believe we are really here. Tom's dad was part of the command team
preparing for what they thought was a Borg attack. He was surprised to
see Voyager flying out of that sphere.

I think things are going to be okay between Tom and his dad. Time will tell. I am not sure how things will go with my dad. He's my only
parent living, mother's dead. I hold my daughter close and wonder what tomorrow will bring. We all have a whole new future ahead.

Tom's POV: Surprise

I can't believe we've made it home. As B'Elanna delivered the baby with Doc's help, I brought us home. I really wanted to be with her, but duty called. When we had finally exited the conduits and the sphere, we were greeted by Starfleet ships expecting a Borg attack. I never was one for a dull entrance.

As I hold my beautiful daughter, I consider the possibilities. Dad
assured me that everyone on board will be welcomed with open arms.  He was delighted to hear I had made him a Grandfather. I can't wait to see what the future brings.