Star Trek Voyager- Betrayal‘s Sting
written by Ronda Sexton-

Series: Voyager-AU
Pairing: J/P
Parts: 1/1
Rating: PG13
Summary: After 30 days in the Brig, Tom knows things can never be the same again.

Betrayal‘s Sting
by: Ronda Sexton

Tom sleepily turned over and stared at Tuvok. He was finally getting out of the brig. The 30 days were up. He stood up and walked out of the holding cell, fully intending to follow Tuvok‘s suggestion about shaving. He walked solemnly down the corridors. Sympathetic looks came from the crew members he passed. He nodded to acknowledge them. Word had trickled in to him that most of the crew was not at all pleased with Janeway‘s decision.

They had agreed with Tom in principle.

He entered his quarters. They were the same as he‘d left them 30 days ago.

A stab of pain went through him as he stared at her pink gown and robe laying on the floor by his bed. The night before his fateful mission, they had made passionate love, Kathryn had called his name out over and over again as waves of pleasure consumed her body......

He banished the thought from his mind and walked right over them as he headed to the bathroom to shave and shower. As he soaped his body under the stream of blissfully warm water, he knew he had made the right decision while he was in the brig. He knew he could never trust her again. Why she‘d at first planned to destroy the Delta Flyer with him on board before she had to destroy the charge he‘d fired at the reactor. He had been devastated upon hearing that.

After changing into a fresh uniform, he began to pack up all of her belongings in a bag. He no longer loved her. In fact he could not feel anything.

A familiar emptiness engulfed him. He still had his friends here on Voyager. He knew that, but he no longer had a person he loved and cherished.

Kathyrn had killed every scrap of love he had for her.
Finally, when all of her belongings had been packed, he inquired of the computer to find out where the Captain was. He sighed when he learned she was in her Ready Room. This would make it so much easier. He did not want to see her yet. With a firm resolve, he took the bag and headed for her quarters.

Once he reached them, he keyed in the access code and entered quietly. He emptied her belongings on her desk, where he knew she would have no trouble finding them. Then he speedily packed up all of his belongings and left without delay.

He had somehow managed to perform the task with no one seeing him. He was glad. He did not want to answer any questions at the moment. Checking the time, he found he had enough time to replicate a pizza for is lunch before his duty shift began. The steamy pizza was comforting. He recalled asking for a pizza while in the brig, only to be told that he could only have basic nutritional requirements. He saw the apologetic look Neelix gave him on the days he had to eat the Leola Root.

Sighing, he put the leftovers in the replicator and pressed the recycle button. It was time to report to the bridge to fly the ship. Somehow in spite of it all, she had not removed him as Chief Con Officer. The turbolift doors opened and he walked onto the bridge without a word. He saw sympathetic looks cast his way by the crew. He forced a smile to show them he was okay. Without a word to anyone, he assumed the seat at the helm as soon as it was vacated. He listened carefully to the report on status and nodded.

The shift was uneventful. No attacks like the one that had occurred while he was in the brig. He was glad. He could feel her looking at him. He wondered if she held any illusions that they could still be lovers after her betrayal.

If she did, well that was too damn bad. Hell would freeze over before that would happen. He was glad when his shift was over. As soon as he had briefed his relief, he strode to the turbolift without as much as a glance to the Captain. He went to the mess hall to get a tray.

B‘Elanna, Harry, and Seven invited him to join them. Upon his quiet request, they began updating him on the happenings aboard ship while he was in the brig.

Kathryn Janeway entered the turbolift with a sigh. Tom had certainly done his job properly, but certainly had not been himself. She decided to have dinner in the mess hall. When she entered, conversation lulled for a few moments, then resumed. She saw Tom surrounded by his friends among the crew. She knew her decision had not been popular among the crew. No matter, she was sure Tom understood. Tonight, they‘d be together again. The thirty days had been hard on her too. She loved Tom with all her heart and did not want to see him suffer. However, he‘d brought it all on himself. Tonight‘s reunion would be intense and passionate she was sure. Deciding Tom‘s friends needed some time to spend with him without the "Captain," she sat at a table and watched them. Occasionally, someone looked at her with a disapproving stare. It did not bother her any more than the ones she‘d been getting since putting Tom in the brig. She put her dirty dishes in the recycler and headed to her quarters. As she walked, she planned the message she would send Tom. Tonight would mark their reunion. She walked in her quarters and stopped in shock. There on her desk were her belongings along with a PADD. She walked over to the desk and picked up the PADD with shaking hands.

She activated and read the message.

It is over. I have returned your belongings and taken mine back to my quarters. I could never trust you with my heart again. There was no signature. She dropped the PADD on her desk as tears began toflood her eyes.