Bedroom Adventures
~ Artist Rendering ~
by Scorpio

Chakotay came out of the bathroom with his maroon robe hanging open to reveal his freshly showered bronze skin beneath. A soft gasp caught his attention and he turned his head towards his lover. Tom‘s smoky eyes raked over his body like a caress, sending tingles of anticipation across his nerves.

It was with difficulty that he tore his eyes off of his wonderfully naked lover and glanced around the bedroom. Tom had said that he needed to make preparations for a surprise that he had planned for him. Chakotay was slightly wary. Sometimes his lover‘s idea of a surprise was a bit on the ,... ahem, wild side.

He noted that his soft cotton sheets had been replaced by a black plastic mattress cover and clear plastic tarps were arranged on the floor in a trail from the bed to the bathroom. On one night stand there were several hand towels and a bowl of warm soapy water. On the other night stand, there was a series of earthenware pots and a collection of soft bristled brushes.

Chakotay looked back at his lover. Tom was leering at him. He felt his cock lengthen at the sight of an aroused Tom Paris. However, as beautiful as his lover was, he still felt he should find out more about this surprise. He didn‘t want to have to explain another embarrassing sex related injury to the Holo Doc.

"Tom,... um, baby?"

Tom dragged his eyes from somewhere around Chakotay‘s lower torso area and grinned at the big man‘s cautious expression. One elegant eyebrow raised up in query.

"So,... what‘s the surprise?"

Tom‘s grin widened into a full blown smile. Chakotay didn‘t know if that was a sign to be encouraged, or a sign to be frightened. He briefly flashed back to the trampoline incident and the safe-sex lecture from the Holo Doc that little adventure had prompted.

"Edible body paint."

Chakotay blinked. He wasn‘t sure what he had been expecting, but that wasn‘t it.

"Wha... what?"

With a wickedly throaty chuckle, Tom glided over to the night stand with the earthenware pots. Tom lifted the lid off of the first pot with all the flare and drama of a Ferengi Used Shuttle Craft Salesman. Chakotay couldn‘t help but grin.

"In here, we have chocolate flavored body paint in a deep rich brown."

Chakotay could feel his cock thicken and lengthen at the thought of painting Tom with chocolate only to lick it back off of him again. To his growing delight, Tom gestured to the next pot.

"This one has a bright red paint that is flavored to taste like strawberries."

Chakotay couldn‘t stop the growl of hunger which rumbled from his muscled chest. Tom lifted the lid from the other pot and waggled his eyebrows.

"A lovely shade of green. Mint flavored, of course."

Then, with a dramatic flourish, Tom gestured to the last earthenware pot. Lifting the lid, Chakotay could see the bright yellow paint.


With a wicked glint in his lust darkened eyes, Tom nodded.

Chakotay looked at his lover, then at the plastic coated bed, to the paint, then back at Tom. This was a good surprise. It had great potential for being messy and very kinky, yet it didn‘t sound dangerous at all. His cock also thought this was a great idea. It was hard, throbbing and drooling.

Dropping his robe in a heap on the floor, Chakotay hurried across the room to the bed. Ignoring the slight chill of the plastic, he arranged himself in the middle of the mattress on his back. Arms and legs spread wide, he turned his head and leered at his lover.

"Never let it be said that I don‘t encourage and support the arts.

Come and paint me baby!"

The end