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Summary: An totaly alternate universe. Voyager has never made contact with the Alpha Quadrant, even after twenty four years. They finally do, and Tom learns a terrible accident be fell his family. He must write a letter to his father, telling him the joy of his new life, in hopes to bring hope to his father.

To My Dad (P/T, PG)
By Sarah C.

"B'Elanna can you take the girls, I'm trying to write this letter." Tom yelled through the Paris-Torres household. B'Elanna came from the boy's room with their five year-old and his clothes in hand.

"Tom I do have two other children to get dressed. The letter can wait. They aren't due in until tomarrow." she retorted and started to turn back to the whining boy.

"Be I haven't even started my letter yet. This is important to me, please." Tom begged. On each hip were the two crying one year-olds. Tom tried to calm them down by moving about. B'Elanna took one look and saw the strain on his face. She didn't have to write a letter. She had no family in the Alpha Quadrant anymore, that had been confirmed. But Tom had. He had a father. That was it. His mother and sisters were dead, from a shuttle craft accident that had also take the lives of many of his cousins, aunts, and uncles.

"Give em' to me. I'll have Ryanne dress these two, while I take care of my babies!" she said laughing as she took her two smallest miricales in her arms. Tom grinned and kissed her on the lips.

"I knew I had a good reason to love you! I promise I'll make it up to you tonight." he promised, giving his wife a devilish grin. B'Elanna returned the grin with her own seductive smile.

"Last time you made up to me, I ended up with more children. I don't need you to make it up to me. Just go." she ordered, Tom picked up a padd and went into he and B'Elanna's room. After clearing the bed of
B'Elanna's engineering manuals and numrous toys, Tom flopped down to write.

"DAD! Tell Noah to get out of my room!" came Ryann's loud voice. She followed her brother into their parents room only seconds later.

"She's over reacting, I just came in to borrow something." Noah argued.

"He saw me changing." she complained.

"I'm the one who should be complaining too. Wait till I tell the guys!" Noah grinned.

"DAD!" was all Ryanne could scream.

"Oh thats all you do, whine to Daddy. I'd like to see you really fight for once. But I know you wouldn't want to mess up your hair or break a nail." Noah taunted. Ryanne's eyes narrowed.

"You wouldn't stand a chance. I'd kick your-" she threatened until Tom interupted his son and daughter.

"You two take this somewhere else. Just don't get in your mother's way, she'll take you both on and win. Now leave me alone. I don't want to be interupted." Tom ordered as his children filed out of his room. Tom then locked the door and sat down to write his letter.

Voyager had spent twenty-four years without any word to the Alpha Quadrant. Only within the last three weeks had they had the chance to make contact. An alien race was being kind enough to allow Voyager to use their massive communications array to contact the Federation. It only took Harry Kim a few hours to figure out how to make the needed adjustments to get the message all the way to the Alpha Quadrant, and finally they got word from home.

Most everyone had news. They were given updates by Starfleet on their families. B'Elanna was devasted to find that her mother and father were both dead. She had no one left in the Delta Quadrant. Tom on the other hand had been given a report saying that his mother, sisters Moria and Kathleen, their husbands, his three
neices, his two nephews, his three aunts, four uncles, and ten cousins were all dead. A huge chink of his life, twenty-four people, were gone. A few of them he had never met,  his neices and nephews, but he knew everyone he had been very close to. He had been assured that his father was alive and well in health. A footnote, by an old family friend in the high rankins siad that his father was very depressed. He had been for five years since his tragic loss. If there was anything Tom could do...

And there was. Tom was going to write his father a letter. telling him about his wife, about his children, about his life, and about him. It would not be bitter about past wounds. Those had been forgiven and forgotten by Tom years before, beofre his marriage to B'Elanna. She had made sure of that.

So taking a deep breath Tom began his letter. He started simply:

To My Dad:

I never thought I would be writing this letter to you. I had hoped that I could show you my life in person, not through words. But if this is the only way to let you see your family, I'll do myself to paint the truest picture possible.

Yup, old Tommy has a family. I have a wife, beautiful, intelligent, kind, and so full of energy. I also have kids, many of them. Seven to be exact, though only six are living. I'll get into them in a while.

I know all about the accident, I recieved the reports from Admiral Hatherway. Dad, I can't put to words how you must feel. I know I can't decribe the weight that suddenly developed in my stomach as I read the list of names. I wanted to break down and cry, in fact I did. I'm not sorry to say that I did. I love those people. I didn't have to mourn alone though. My family was there for me, they love these people also.

My loss isn't nearly as great as yours. I can hardly imagine having to go through it alone. I am proud of you, that you kept going. Hopfully this letter will keep you going.

I'll get into my family, I know your itching to know them. I can't believe those words, my family. They are all part of me. I love them all, with my life. These people are the reason I keep going. They make me laugh, they make me happy, they force me to be mad and disapointed but still want to hug them and take care of them. I hope you can meet them soon.

B'Elanna. She's my wife Dad. I can't believe, even after eighteen years of marriage, I still can't believe it. She is the chief engineer here on Voyager and is brillant. Captain Janeway has said over and over that she has never seen more creative, efficant, brillant work in her life. B'Elanna glows when she recieves pride. B'Elanna is half Klingon and pride is incrediably important to her. She was part of the Muquis that joined the ship. Actually I met her before Voyager, she was on the Muquis ship I served on for a while. She and I clashed for a number of years. Then one day I realized I loved her. It hit me, one day when she was calling me a pig. She hated me that much. But slowly, I began to win her over. You know that Paris charm, how could any woman
say no to it? After a long year and a half she said yes, to a date. It took another two years and a lot of fights before she would marry me. It was our sixth year in the Delta Quadrant when I made her my wife. Since then, it has been wonderful. B'Elanna is very opinionated, argumentative, loud, tempermental, stubborn, understanding, kind, loving, giving, outgoing, and so full of life. No matter how long I stand by her, I will never figure her entirly out. You probably guessed your son is smitten, I am and will be for the rest of my life.

Children, we wanted a family. Neither of us imagined how  it would turn out. We have seven children. Two boys and five girls, though our smallest baby didn't make it.

Our oldest is our son Noah Lee Paris-Torres. He's seventeen. Dad, if there was ever a carbon copy of me, Noah is it. Remember how I used to spy on the neighbors while they sun bathed, topless. If Tuvok (our security officer) let it happen, Noah would be there. He loves girls, fast cars, and being the center of attention. But underneath he is very kind, considerate young man. B'Elanna thinks I cloaned him. we love to tease the girls, shamelssly. Noah, like you, is very into playing and adoring baseball. You will have to teach him you curve ball when we get back.

Next, comes Ryanne Marie Paris-Torres. She is so much like Noah it's scary, but she would never admit to it. Ryanne loves boys, I have waited up many a nights waiting for her to come home from a date. She loves clothes and primping herself. She does a good job of the primping I must say, she attracts enough boys. But Ryanne is also very ambitious. While Naoh is more laid back and care free, Ryanne is very focused and driven. She knows what she wants to do when she gets old enough (she's sixteen now), she wants to go into command
for Starfleet. I don't think I need to even suggest what you two have in common.

B'Elanna and I waited a while until we had our next blessing. Mason Clark Paris-Torres is five. He is loud, talkative, curious, and full of boundless energy. Mason wants to know everything and anything right now. He will also tell you everything he knows if you ever ask him a question. B'Elanna has mastered the art of listening to him, without ever hearing a word he says. You will fall in love with him as soon as you meet him. I know you will.

Megan Diane Paris-Torres, pronouced MEE-gn, is our little three year-old. She is our quiet and conserved one. No one could be closer to Mom. I look at her and she even looks like Mom, with the soft blue-gray eyes and timid blond curls. She and I dance together, her on my feet. We sing together, she loves the piano. Even at three she can hammer a few simple oneline tunes. I have never seen a more caring and loving three year-old. She's mom double and you will adore her the moment you meet her.

Kalin Mkenzie and Kadin May Paris-Torres are part of a triplet. Their baby sister Karin Meredith, died only a day after she was born. I know that she is always with us however. Kalin and Kadin are two peas in a pod, always wanting to be the center of attention, laughing, being cute. B'Elanna says they will become more distictivly different once they become older. She also says that I am going to spoil them rotten, since they are barely a year old and they already have me eating out of their palm. I'm afraid she's right Dad, but I can' help it.

That's them, my wonderful family. Do you love them already. I hope so, because they already are in love with you.

What about your son? Well Dad, I've grown up. I am a parent and husband. I am part of a family. Not only my own kin, but also Voyager. These people have given me so much. I can never pay them back. I am happy, I only hope that knowing that I am alive and well will give you some joy. Please smile Daddy. I'm smiling here, a very joyful smile. You are in our thoughts every day, please think about us.  I love you Daddy.

Your Son, Tom Paris-Torres and family

Tom sat back and reread his letter. The only thing left was to add the picture of the nine of them, a picture taken just a week ago at Voyager's picnic. They were all smiling, so happy and joyful. Tom made a copy and attached it with the letter. As he finished this, the door opened.

"You didn't think you could lock me out could you?" B'Elanna asked smugly. She walked into the room and came over to the bed. She leaned in, her face only inches from his. Tom started to bring his lips to hers.

"Are they?" he wispered. Tom knew his children were either in bed or about to be because B'Elanna leaned into the kiss, pushing her husband onto the bed.

"I think you need to make something up to me." she seductivly said, after the passion filled kiss. Tom grinned, and pulled her down to follow orders.

Tom Paris-Torres was happy, he had everything he wanted. A loving passionate wife, a huge great family, a challenging job, great friends, a home. The only thing he needed was his father. Hopfully the letter was a start to that...