One Moment in Time
By: Katherina Rosellini
Code: P/T
Rated: PG
Date:  September 2001
Synopsis:  Told from B’Elanna’s POV.  Spoilers for Workforce parts 1 & 2, Drive, Distant Origin, Course: Oblivion, and Memorial. If you blink you may miss some of them.

A special thanks goes out to Brigid.  I promise no more stories for at least a week.

One Moment in Time

After all these years I would still get that... feeling when you walked into a room. You know, that butterflies in the stomach thing, or in my case, stomachs. You would just walk in, and I would get a chill. Did you know that you had that effect on me?

The casual way you would touch me. A hand across my back as you pass. Your fingers running up and down my arm when we were standing next to each other. Sometimes I don't think you even realized that you were touching me. It just seemed to come naturally to you. Almost like it was second nature.

When you kissed me, whether it was a soft brush of your lips against mine or a deep, passionate beginning to something more, I would melt inside. I'd crumble.

Some tough Klingon, huh?

I remember the moment I knew, truly knew that you loved me as deeply as I loved you.

We had been married for a few months, and I was pregnant with Miral. The entire crew was kidnapped, with the exception of Neelix, Chakotay, Harry, and the Doctor. We were put to work on a planet; I can't even remember the name of it anymore. They altered all of our memories, and we had no idea that we were married to each other, and that the child I carried was yours.

When Neelix abducted me, and took me back to Voyager I was petrified. I thought that they were going to hurt my baby, and that I'd never see you again. I only knew you for a short time yet I knew that there was something special about you. Something special about the way you looked at me, the way you wanted to help me, the way you took care of me.

The Doctor performed some medical procedure on me and in a few hours I knew I was where I belonged.

Neelix took me for a walk around the ship, and we ended up in our quarters. He showed me a picture of us on our honeymoon. We looked so happy, so in love. I walked around and familiarized myself with our home, our life. I felt like a stranger looking in on someone else's life. Someone else's happiness. Your television set reminded me of cartoons, the weapon on the wall, I couldn't remember what it was called at the time, reminded me of a bet, and the cradle reminded me that my child did have a father. I did have a husband.

I cried then. Cried for you, and me. For our child, and I wondered if you would ever remember us. I cried for not being able to remember you. Oh, I could remember moments, glimpses, but that was it. I couldn't remember you. I wanted to.

I walked around the room touching, trying to recall...anything. I don't know what prompted me to push the buttons on the computer that accessed your personal logs. I just did it without thinking.

Neelix returned, and we finished up our tour of the ship with the mess hall. It was there that I discovered just how much you loved me. How much you needed me. Your personal logs described me in a way that only a man truly in love could. I didn't know you very well at that point in my recovery, but I knew that you were the love of my life. My soul mate. You saw me with your heart, not with your eyes.

When you finally came back to me, I wasn't afraid anymore. All my fears seemed to dissipate. No more worrying that my Klingon temper would push you to the limit. I knew you could take it. You would take it. You loved me. All of me. Klingon. Human. Woman. Chief. Lieutenant. Mother. Friend. Wife.

What I wouldn't give to go back to that one moment in time.

I enjoyed our journey together, and look forward to our journey in the afterlife. I'll miss you my husband. My friend. My soul mate. Rest in peace.

The End