Until Tomorrow
By:  Katherina Rosellini
Email:  rosellini23@hotmail.com
Date:  February 2002
Code:  P/T
Rating:  NC-17

Synopsis:  Coda to the episode Scientific Method.  Captain Janeway has given our favorite Lieutenants a lecture on upholding Starfleet principles and public displays of affection.  So now that they’re alone what will they do with their time?  Hmmmm?  I wonder? 

Disclaimer:  Paramount owns everything pertaining to Startrek.  Yada, yada, yada.  Pour salt into the wound, why dontcha?

Author’s note:  A few months ago a round robin was started on the PTCA board in regards to B’Elanna reading Tom’s logs in the episode Workforce II.  I wrote an entry and in it I had mentioned a dermal regenerator that Tom and B’Elanna used after their first intimate encounter.  I felt the need to expand on that idea hence my first NC-17.

Big thanks going out to Nancy and Brigid for their bodacious beta skills.  And a big shout out going to my homies!  BR, LA and Barb for encouraging me during my first foray into the world of P/T porn. Heeheeee.

Until Tomorrow 

He removed his comm. badge, and she, hers, leaving all vestiges of their command duties outside for the time being.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m curious to see how this experiment turns out.”

His hands cupped her face, gently at first.  Gradually his grip got tighter; his fingers entwined through her hair pulling her deeper into his kiss.  ‘This is it,’ he thought, ‘finally.’

Her hands clasped his elbows and slowly made their way up, grasping at the flexing muscles of his arms.  She was lost in his touch.  ‘Oh, God.’ She thought, ‘this is finally it.  We’re finally going to do this.’  She trembled.

It had been three weeks since they shared their first kiss, three days prior to that she told him she loved him, and just over three years since they tried to pretend that their love for one another didn’t exist. 

They had been trying to arrange this night, this natural step in their relationship, for what seemed like an eternity but every time they had a date planned, something had come up.  He got stuck working extra shifts, she got caught up in a problem in engineering.  There always seemed to be something, but not tonight.  Tonight was theirs.  All theirs. 

They pulled apart with moist swollen lips, his breath turning to steam upon her face.  She stood up, prepared to take the next step in their journey, holding her hand out to him, never saying a word.  He placed his hand in hers as they walked towards his bed, leaving the full bottle of wine and their dinners untouched. 

Facing one another she placed her fingers on his vest and started undoing his buttons as he rubbed his hands up and down her back amazed at the velvety smoothness of it, unable to tell where the dress ended and her skin began.  His hands traveled around her waist, up her arms and then behind her, trailing his fingers down her spine. 

She started unbuttoning his shirt while he undid his cuffs behind her back.  She pulled his shirt from his pants looking down at the warm, wrinkled fabric, feeling a certain intimacy in the knowledge that no one else had the privilege of seeing that part of his attire but her.  She ran her fingers through the russet-colored hair covering his chest, leaning upwards for a light, lingering kiss. 

His mouth opened over hers, their eyes never closing, his lips nudging hers in a silent command to keep still as he tormented her senses with the slow dance of a butterfly’s wing.  It was more of a kiss of breaths than of lips.  No tongues, no pressure just light feathery strokes across her mouth.  She stood with her lips apart, breathing him in as he continued brushing his mouth softly across hers, his fingers lingering on her spine. 

Pulling apart, he slowly walked behind her.  Her eyes closed as she felt the sensation of him pressing himself against her back.  She melted into the strength of his upper body, his hands tentatively running up and down her arms, his head ducking down to place a kiss upon her neck.  He unzipped her soft velvet dress and ran both hands up her bare back, down and back up again removing it, letting it glide down her smooth body, pooling on the floor around her feet.  His arms encircled her waist as his hands inched upwards to her waiting breasts. 

She turned her head for another kiss, their lips meeting over her bare shoulder, her arms coming up and around his head causing her aching breasts to press further into the palms of his hands.  His fingers began teasing her nipples into hard peaks as his mouth taunted and tormented her senses.  His lips, sliding their way back down her jaw and up to her ear.

She felt the warm, wet tip of his tongue glide around her earlobe then sneak into her ear.  She hadn’t meant to giggle. 

He smiled down at her and kept her eyes locked on his as he circled to stand before her.  “Did that tickle?” 

“Mmmmm hmmmm.” She said as she brushed the back of her fingers across his protruding bulge. 

He shuddered and closed his eyes basking in the feel of her small, warm hands leisurely making their way up his chest, over his shoulders divesting him of his shirt and vest, then his pants until finally all of their clothes were piled in a heap at their feet. 

They stepped into each other’s embrace, holding tightly; hiding. 

He sat on the bed’s edge and pulled her down into his lap trailing a single finger up her arm, over her shoulder and down her breast drawing tendrils around one nipple while lowering his head to bathe the other, making painstakingly slow circles with his hot, wet tongue.  Pressing the evidence of his desire against her bare hip, he moved his mouth to the valley between her breasts and continued upward in his path, licking his way up her smooth skin, nuzzling her neck.  Capturing her chin in his mouth, he nipped.  He tilted his face up and took her bottom lip in his mouth, sucking gently, running his tongue between her teeth and her lips.  His tongue explored her mouth learning her every texture from the rough ridges of the roof to the smooth underside of her tongue as he laid her back against the mattress.

She felt his warm hands spanning her face, neck, shoulders then covering her breasts and finally gliding down towards her hips gripping tightly, running his thumbs over her hipbones.  He swallowed her moans as she started to move her lower body in circles, lightly teasing his erection.  Her hands roaming freely up and down his taut buttocks, grasping at them, forcing him to press himself against her.  She felt the warm liquid coursing to her center followed by a swelling, as his mouth licked its way around her nipple, gently flicking then nipping then licking again. 

He lifted his face to look down at her and she felt the need to say his name.  “Tom,” she whispered.

“B’Elanna,” he sighed.

He could feel her shudder beneath him.  Watched as she attempted to control her more aggressive side.  Wanting desperately to satisfy the animal urges of her Klingon half he grabbed the back of her hair and snapped her head back, sinking his teeth into the flesh between her neck and shoulder.  With a low guttural moan, B’Elanna rolled her eyes up into the back of her head.  Tom slid his hand down along her inner thigh, feeling the heat radiate from her warm wetness.   ‘Yes,’ he thought, ‘I can satisfy that part of her, too.’

Her legs opened in invitation as his hand slid downward over her flat belly, through the mass of downy curls.  Finding her wholly aroused he placed one finger into her sleek satin, then two.  In, out, around, in, out then dipping in again.  Her hips thrust upwards of their own accord to meet his driving fingers. 

As he bit and nibbled on her neck, leaving teeth marks visible on her skin, he flicked his fingers across her stiff, brown nipples.  His other hand strummed her slick wetness with all the artistry of a classical guitar player.  He could hear her short, sharp breaths increase, growing louder.  Tom pushed her further into the downy comforter…yearning to replace his fingers with his swollen shaft.

Her hand took hold of his engorged flesh, as a thought came to her. ‘How can something so hard feel so soft?’ She continued deftly stroking his appendage, from its base to the ridge, lightly running her thumb over the tip then back down over his silky-smooth phallus, driving him wild with desire. 

His head swooped down, his mouth smothering hers as he delved into their kiss, darting his tongue in and out of her mouth, washing the interior with a circular motion, then plunging deep within.

She removed her hand from his tumescence as he placed himself between her legs and slowly pushed his hard, thrusting member up into her lustrous channel until his steel shaft was buried deep within her core. 



They stopped for a moment, holding each other’s gaze. Reveling in the realization of the moment. For weeks nervousness had encompassed them both as they had prepared to take this next step.  The one moment that had taken them years to reach, had finally arrived.  He was hers, she his.  Two lost souls finding each other and becoming one.  Timidity and uncertainty all fled as he began to move, shallow at first then pushing further into her willing body, plunging deep and hard, taking her like he instinctively knew she wanted to be taken.   He had heard the stories of how human men had been injured during couplings with Klingon women, suffering broken bones or worse.  This was one human male who was going to prove he could give as good as he got.

Pleasurable sounds escaped her throat as she drew him in to her tight portal over and over again, bucking her hips up against his.  The hardness of his chest pressed into her breasts, her thighs securely wrapped around his waist, her nails digging into his arms, their lips locked in a breathtaking kiss.  It was as though they were two pieces of a puzzle, clamped together, nothing could break them apart. 

His lips fell open as his breath scraped harshly. Her warmth encompassed him as he pushed his way deeper and deeper into her center, drawing out then plunging in again and again, his movements becoming faster, more powerful. 

Her hips lunged forward meeting his every thrust, his rhythm strong and sure.  She closed her eyes filling her nostrils with his musky aroma, memorizing his scent before losing herself completely to him.  His lips muffled her cries of pleasure as she prepared herself for the onslaught of her impending orgasm.  Spasms of heat pulsated from her stomach, spiraling downward.  She was unprepared for the force of the final seizure that gripped her.  Oh, the power...the rapture.  She growled before claiming him.  Her teeth bared, sinking into his chin, marking him as her mate.

“Ahhhhhhhhh.”  A surge of adrenaline rushed through him as he felt her perform the Klingon custom.  He watched as pleasure overtook her face. 

Her eyelids flickered open to reveal smoky brown eyes, then closed.  Her head thrashed from side to side.

He watched as her tongue poked out, licking his blood from her lips as she came and came again, her muscles tightening around him, clenching him.  One, two, three more strokes.  He leaned forward, nipping at her neck and collarbone.  Then sinking his teeth into the soft flesh of her shoulder.  Breaking the skin, he tasted the salty tang of blood as he ground himself inside of her, reaching his climax, exploding within, causing her to cry out in ecstasy once more. 

Their breathing eased. The wild drumming of their hearts eventually slowed to an unhurried tempo.  He rolled them to their sides and held himself within her for a few more moments, not wanting to break that connection.  Not yet. 

She leaned over and kissed his chin where she bit him. “I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“You didn’t.  I’m the one that should apologize.”  He traced a finger around the wounds he had inflicted on her shoulder, “I didn’t realize I was doing it until it was too late.  I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

“Oh, no.  No.  Not at all.”

“Wait here.”  He got up from the bed and walked over to his dresser, rifling through the drawers until he found the object he was looking for.

“Come here.”  He helped her to sit up and ran the dermal regenerator over her injured shoulder until the damage he caused was completely gone.  “Better?”

“Mmmmm hmmmm.”  She took the regenerator from his hand and ran it over his chin to do the same for him.  “Better?”  She smiled into his eyes.

“Yeah.  I just wish…”

“What?” she asked softly, “What do you wish?”

“Awwww.  It’s nothing.”

Just as she was about to pressure him a rumbling noise resonated throughout the room bringing a gust of laughter from deep within her. 

“You a little hungry, Chief?” 

Her stomach grumbled again as if answering his question for him.

“Wait.  Wait right here.”  He hopped up and grabbed a plate of food, placing both their forks on top.  Tucking the stem of a wine glass between his fingers, he grabbed the bottle of merlot with his other hand. 

They shared their salad, and drank the smoky flavored wine from the same glass as they talked late into the night.

He told her about the times he would watch her across the holodeck or in the mess hall and how it would drive him crazy when she would spend her free time with another man. 

She told him she knew and that she would intentionally taunt him by sending him those flirtatious looks or by laughing a little too loudly at someone else’s joke. 

He confessed to having a crush on her since their early years on board Voyager. 

She confessed that she was afraid of what she felt for him and that it wasn’t the ponn farr that did all the talking that day. 

When talk started veering towards their duties she placed their dirty plate and glass on the floor and straddled his waist, placing soft kisses across his chest, neck and ending at his lips, intent on restarting the beautiful mating dance they had done before.  This was their night and she didn’t want work to come between them.  It would be hours before the computer’s alarm would go off.  Hours before they needed to slip into the roles of senior officers.  Once they left his quarters their responsibilities would be Voyager and it’s crew, but now…tonight…they had nothing to worry about.  No responsibility.  No example to set.  No directive to uphold. They weren’t Lt. Torres, Chief Engineer or Lt. Paris, Chief Helmsman and Medic but simply Tom and B’Elanna, new lovers.  Tomorrow would come and with it their duty as upstanding members of Captain Janeway’s crew but until the doors of his quarters closed with them on the other side of it, neither one of them were going to let the outside world sneak in.  The morning would come soon enough…too soon.

The End

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